Ibrahim Hindy – The Story of A Verse #17 – Selling Themselves

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © A man named Abraham had a successful interview with a Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, who had been a slave and a slave. He approached them and went to his place in Medina, where he had been spying on him and killed him. He later went to a rich man named Quraysh, who had been a vagrant man and had no money, and he said to him, hey, I am the best archer among you. And he said, if you want me to shoot every arrow you have and hit my target, then you come and fight me. And he said, if you want me to take some of you down, I will shoot every arrow you have and hit my target. And he said, if you want me to take some of you down, I will shoot every arrow you have and hit my target. And he said, if you want me to take some of you down, I will shoot every arrow you have and
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When the unsought accepted Islam and they provided the city of Medina as a place of peace and security for the Muslims, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded the Muslims of Mecca to perform their his right to migrate to Medina, amongst them as to Hey Rumi or the along line. So he had been a slave, but he worked his way to freedom, and he ultimately became wealthy. And Christ always felt entitled to the wealth that so he had achieved, because he had been a slave there and somehow worked his way into that wealth. And they oppose him leaving and continued to spy on him. He tried to leave to go towards Medina and on his way there Quraysh because they had been spying on

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him, they caught up to him, and they surrounded him. And so so so Abraham, Allah, one went up a small hill that he found, and he got on top of it, and he yelled out to the people from Qureshi who had pursued him, and he said to him, oh, koresh, you know, I am the best Archer amongst you. He said, so you will not come near me, except that I will shoot every arrow that I have. And I will hit my target every time. And then I'll fight you with my sword until my sword breaks apart. Meaning that if you guys come to attack me, I'm going to fight back. And for sure, I hope to take some of you down with me. And so Quraysh responded back to say, hey, and they said, You came to us as a poor

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vagrant man, you had nothing. And now you want to leave a rich man. So Hey, bro, the long line understood that their motivation was money. So he responded to them. He said, Come forward, if you want me to come fight me if you want. Or if you want, since your motivation is about money, if you want, I'll tell you where all my money is. And you can go take it, believe me and my affairs, meaning leave me to go to my hedger to the Prophet sallallahu. I do send them. And so they agreed. And so he began to tell them go to this place, I have some money there, go to this place, this person is holding some of my money, go over here and dig, and you'll find some money. And he told

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them where every single piece of wealth and possession that he had was, they even took the camel he was traveling on. And so so he gave away everything. And he walked the rest of the way to Medina. And as he was entering into the city of Medina, the Prophet salallahu alaihe, Salam had already received revelation of what took place I use waiting for so hate. And he said, Robbie Helvetia, he has to hate sitting on the doorsteps of Medina, he's yelling out too. So hey, what a trend what a successful transaction also, hey, what a successful deal that you made. And so he responded back to the profits A little while later, he sent me the companions. And he said, may your transactions also

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be profitable, but he didn't understand what they were talking about. He said, What are you saying, What are you talking about? Because, hey, this incident had just taken place, and there's no way they could have found out about it before he himself arrived in Medina. So he's like, what are you guys talking about? And the Prophet sallallahu instead of informed him that he already knew what had happened, because the loss of health data revealed this verse wamena, nurse email ye I should enough sample that do ma Latina one law who will not

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be naive.

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Allah subhanaw taala added describes to him as someone who sells himself or minute nassima yesterday enough, so he sold himself so panela so many people tie their self worth and their self identity to their possessions, but they are their possessions. And so hey, I gave away everything so unless Powell says he sold himself he gave away everything that he had, he sells all of it. What did he sell it for? What was the reason him to Ah, I'm a robot in that he was seeking the approval of Allah subhanaw taala the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and what's the gift of seeking the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Allah who are often believe that

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Allah is kind to his servants, when you seek the approval of Allah subhanaw taala even if you go through hardship, to attain that approval, what Allah azza wa jal gives you is kindness. You weren't kind to yourself and seeking the approval of Allah so he instead becomes kind for you. And he makes everything in your life easier and better and more blessed Subhana Allah and Allah Subhana Allah when he describes the story of sohaib he says one minute ness And of the people are those who do this who sell themselves for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And by doing so, Allah subhanaw taala is saying the door is open. These verses are built, so hey, but they're also about everyone

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else who wants to be like So hey,

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