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Ma Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala i should be able to personally my mother Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala al us there was a lot of disagreement, because

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we are talking about the the manners of consoling somebody who had a loss somebody who's some relative died or the bereaved. And yesterday I mentioned some of those. And the chef mentioned here some more

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Hamdulillah he mentions, bought or sold, or Salam said to masala Radha Alana on the death of her husband, Abu Salam, Abu Salah was also a very close friend of resources.

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So when he passed away she he sort of went there he closed his eyes and he said the eyes are open because the eyes are looking at the soul as it is departing so is it shut the eyes

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and then he made the eyes or ALLAH forgive Abu Salama elevate his status among the salah hey now on the guided people, and look after the family that he has left behind.

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And he's nearly continuous oh our of the universe forgive us and him comfort him in his grave and lighten his state.

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So this is the dua that was geared to Abu Salah man of Iran.

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Then he advised almost Elmira Delana. He said, You make dua that Oh ALLAH forgive my husband, I was Oliver and give me better than what you had given me.

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So masala Mara, and then said that I made the right because there was no reason and told me to make dessert I'm thinking what is better than I will survive because they were this was they were some of these couples among the Sahaba who were

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like this one I was or my Roma, Salma also

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Jafar Ibn Abu Talib, or the Alon, who the father, the brother of Olivia, Ron, and his wife asthma. So these were and others, they were a couple of these people who were legendary, their love for each other was so well known. And everyone, you know, talked about how these discover how they love each other. So almost Alma was our like this, and so almost no avail. And I said, Well, you know, originals told me to make the deal, I made the habit. I'm thinking to myself, who is better than nobody can be better than my husband, he was the best husband I could ever have. And then she received a marriage proposal from overseas or the law. She refused. Then she got a proposal from us,

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either our or the law, he she refused, then also doesn't propose marriage to her. So she said two years ago, I will accept your proposal. But before that I was telling you one is I'm an old woman. She said, secondly, I have children. Thirdly, she said I am jealous. So you have other waves.

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So it also knows that you are an old woman, I was

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also, you know, you need to learn languages and I was older is not I'm not a young boy.

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He said as far as your children are concerned, they're my children will look after them. And these are make the other last one that I should take over your desk.

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So, Allah gave a lot better than what he had was obviously

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better than what she had.

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So, then, we have some other

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handy law studies, what are the data or the Law No,

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used to say every day we are told that this person or that person has died.

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And one day it will be said that no one has died.

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And this is true, I say this all the time, you know, I'm sitting here talking to you, but one day somebody will do will get a message from Zulfiqar or whoever is doing it tomorrow then as of midday our big

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and big government that Allah forgive me, but this is the this of all of us that

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are out there Abdelaziz or the law or the law they used to say a person is not separated from other Malays salaam by a loving father.

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He is indeed fast approaching death

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has received orderly the grid the way he said, oh son of Adam, you are nothing but a mere collection of days. Whenever a day passes, a part of you passes away.

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Mama Javon Angela said, Life is a collection of breaths, number of bits. So every time you breathe it long gone. One God, we had the longest lifespan the day we were born as soon as you're born, this was the longest lifespan then imagine like like a stop stop watching for

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For a race, you have a stopwatch, the stopwatch is running backwards.

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It's not running from something. When it comes to zero, we got finished.

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So, everyone is in a state of

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in the state of being, at the moment in Hyderabad in my images, I want to do the whole bio push.

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I actually created on myself, because I began by saying, I just received news that I am dying.

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So everybody got very disheartened by what happened, whatever it is that I feel about hold water, and then they refuse to believe. As I said, this isn't what I said nothing. But this is this is the truth because we are all dying, right? Every one of us is dying. And when I say I received the news meaning I realized today that I am dying, there is no no no something has happened to us. Maybe this is so that's another avenue. See if somebody may Allah protect all of us. If somebody gives a news or you have pancreatic cancer or something Yeah, and you have got like

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one month two or three months ago, then immediately we feel the sense of oh my god only three months that's what I'm told us. When you make Salam on the right side don't even believe that you can complete this arm to the left when

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do we feel this? Here's a doctor says the doctor is only estimate his daughter does not know he's not he's not Allah, He does not know. He's estimating according to his knowledge, we are not bad talking doctor is a saying that according to whatever he knows, he's telling us something.

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But we have this really bizarre rasa is he saying from the way of Allah to answer the question, how much do we really

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believe this?

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Then some more. So Allah beautiful quotes from the son of Sally in the grid solar months or even as Aza and he said sorrow and sadness will increase rewards. As an advisor, Angela pointed out, that this painful state will gradually pass away, but our sins will remain with us forever. Whatever is there, what because the reality is, yesterday I was I was talking to a Brazilian chef.

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He told me a beautiful things and he said,

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Life is about converting man to Amman.

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Because mal will end an AMA will live in

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converting material into deeds action.

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So beautiful, I mean, this is so true. Because Allah subhanaw taala said one minute ago we are Virgo. Oh my god I buck, what is with you will finish will perish will be bigger, but what is with Allah will remain. So the key thing is this transfer of wealth, how can I transfer what I have which is temporary which will perish into a state where it will be safe,

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safe without Masada. And then when Allah Subhana Allah returns it was he will it or it was in his own way. A lot of Allah will not alone not a year or three bad Salah that you gave me you.

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You're gonna have to be back so I was like no, with Allah will accept. This is the best or the best. When we get it back. We get it back in the with the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala jelly jello, finally do other things sending flowers and reading Quran during funerals. Sheikh Abdel Fatah Botha rounds releases at the death of a dear person many people bring flowers and reads, And after proceeding with the funeral, they take them to the home of the disease. Thereby the best flowers to show that deep sympathy and concern to do this is forbidden, whether presenting it at the funeral accompany the funeral with it or bring it to the house of the of the disease. All of this is not

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permissible in Islam. This is wasteful imitation of some non Muslims, who will do this which is a unwholesome innovation, be that and you must not do this. And therefore there is no reward it is another misguided innovation is having the car carrying the disease and they have different cultures have different things in India they will recite louder, so don't lie, lie, lie lie. I love Allah Allah azza wa jal loudly they will read it all there. This is not Zika is in the heart to shout it out in the street. This is not from the tsunamis of Serbia, they never did that. In some other places. They will have loud speakers playing

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mushy Rashid or reciting Quran or something. This is not the way of doing that. Finally reading Quran during a gathering of condolence,

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the chef says it has become common or many Muslim for the family of the disease, to invite or higher harvests to recite Quran during a gathering for condolences, so they will have in our culture every after the third day, they call it Xerath. So third day and then they will have a function on the 20th day then they will have

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version on the 40th day then they will have a version on the annual anniversary of this all of this is not permissible if you do it believing it to be religion this is b that is haram This must not be done we make dua for the do it every single day make love for the person who passed away in our third day for the fifth day What is the meaning of zeros the aim is to meet them so using them a third day he comes then what we'll do

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like people have all these innovations

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so it is very important so not to do all this right

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however to read or an and to make God visible visible no problem but don't make that into a custom into a ritual on the third day we do this on the fourth day we do this on the fifth day we do No not all this area get together hamdulillah and then deciding chorales is not loudly everybody, just individually you play recite after this you can make dua Inshallah, because dua after something good and Hamdulillah this is good. The dua after sadaqa do after salah but even I would say for example after Salah we in India Pakistan we are after every first salah the Imam will make dua loudly and everybody says I mean this is not

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to make dua after first Salah individually this sunnah hamdulillah no problem after verse Allah first do the Afghan with a Salah maybe he did the carvaka which are very very important finish the Oscar then make your own personal do Alhamdulillah no problem. If there is a reason for something somebody died something good they have a bad thing. You can ask them object please make glass over there no but Alhamdulillah I'm gonna go but to make this into a habit after every every Salah there should be God. This is all Johanna this is all misguidance after Juma they do this in Joomla you are making dua in the hotbar right before the second the second you make God then there is a after Salah

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make dua again, which will be made to already

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set out to Janaza after

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Salah to Janaza is dua what is to Janaza is intercession it is shafa

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little minute

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which is to do after this drill that itself will do. So this is very important for us to educate ourselves and educate our families and children so and say in the name of something good don't do something which is haram or which is micro or which is bad. Do you want Allah to be pleased? The best way to praise Allah is the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu there is nothing which is superior to the Sunnah of the era Salah

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My villa of vigor for example we have gathering of the gondola should we do speaker of course unless we're interested further kill in Zika then Volvo Vinod very good liquid is good for us. But you make this into a ritual. Every Thursday we will sit we will turn off the light we put on a green light now we have you know, make this thicker loudly Allahu Akbar Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah all of this is harder. All of this is better all of this. So you take a good thing which is liquor or guru or something and you convert it into something which is haram This is what shatter this is all from shattered because shaitan cannot tell you or me to go and drink alcohol or go to the bar or you will

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II knows you will not go so what to do drop you in something good.

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So we are doing this thinking this is the end of it. Oh my gosh, I love it feels so nice and holy. Oh fantastic. You know, I did something good. No, brother, you did something very bad.

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So don't do that. hamdulillah by all means, get together, do dhikr Dubois but do it according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam Alhamdulillah. This deen is clean and clear. The Prophet Salah Salem explained everything clearly they did not leave any doubts it did not leave any fog it did not leave any mystery cloudy thing clear. The handwritten letters follow that. And what we don't know if there is somebody to find out find or don't do anything with without that. And if there is someone who brings some new thing from somewhere, no, this is what is done in Turkey. That is what is done in Pakistan these words. We don't follow turkey or bison we follow Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi

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wa Li was I was under.

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We are scholars rather to keep us on the straight path and to take us with him or to take us on the path when we are doing something which is pleasing to Him and He's pleased with us was SallAllahu Karim Allah Allah He was with me and been able to get away