To Vax or not to Vax-The Truth!-Covid Vaccine

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the importance of taking precautions based on one's level of responsibility. They mention that some Muslims may say no to medication or medication, but it's okay to shake hands. The speaker also talks about the sharia and the need for people to say "slackly."

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vaccine or no vaccine, if you're going to get the disease, you will get it vaccine or no vaccine. If you're going to pass away, you're going to pass away. Medication or no medication, if death is written against you and nothing will stop it. But you have to take your own precautions based on your own understanding of things based on your own level, be it medication that you consider herbal, or it might be pharmaceutical, or it might be otherwise. Based on all of that, you have to make a decision and you are responsible in the eyes of Allah to take a few precautions. This afternoon after Jum'ah, I sat with a few of my brothers for lunch. And I told him brothers, let's be slightly responsible, we

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will actually, either, you know, shake we verbally say Assalamualaikum, 'alaikumsalam, but you can touch the hand or you can have the arm whatever else for now, I'm not going to shake the hand and you know, they were good. But I'm thinking in the back of my mind that you know, there are Muslims who say no is haram, you have to shake hands and you have to hug and that's a sunnah and you must, you know, eating red which is prohibited in order to save your life can become permissible under certain circumstances. So to to abstain from something that is not foreign, but it's sunnah at a certain time when there is a proof and evidence that shows, that you know, it could be, it could it, could be a means

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of spreading this virus. People say you're a disbeliever you don't believe in the sunnah, I believe fully in the sunnah, but you don't know the sharia or you haven't thought about it or your emotions are driving you, to say other things. Your emotions are driving you to say other things. Take it easy Relax, relax.