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Our next question is from brother orchard. And he asks that he has noticed that people pray with it in different manners. And he is now confused, he says that he is coming from a particular background. Now he has come to this country and inter alia and in other situations he has seen people are praying with it in different manners. So he's asking, you know, what is to be done in this regard?

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The response, my dear brother in Islam is that the wizard is one of those prayers in which pretty much all of them either have or have, you know, slightly different answers. And so whichever method that you were upon, you may choose that method and follow it No problem. It is a very, very, you know, trivial matter, whichever of the positions you follow. In sha Allah, they're all telling you to pray with it, and they're all wanting you to do the prayer. The differences are in the minor or the minutiae, if you like. And the witted prayer is, of course, called Witten, because the term within means odd, and the width of prayer is an odd prayer. It's always an odd number of records. So

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three riccar is the default position of most of the metals and it is

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the Hanafi madhhab specifies three in particular, and it's an odd number, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam strongly commended the people or strongly suggested depending on how you want to interpret it, the people to pray with it in the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Abu huraira are the Allahu and said that my friend meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded me with three things he strongly was slow means to put it very strongly. Three things number one, too fast three days of every month, number two to pray to the car at Sala to Doha, which is basically between fudger after an hour after frigid until salata door, and number three, and to pray with it before I

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go to sleep one Ooh, Tara cobbler and, and so the Prophet system wanted to reach a high level, and he's putting on Abu hurayrah certain, you know, extra things that he should do, and so fasting three days of every month, praying salata, Doha, also called a short prayer, which is, as we said, the early, sooner prayer after the sun rises until so out the door, and then number three to pray Witter before I go to sleep, meaning that in case you are not waking up for 200, you pray, waited before you go to sleep. And it is reported a Buddha would that Allah rhodiola one who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, Oh people have the Koran pray with her, because Allah azza wa jal himself is written meaning one, and he loves the winter meaning the winter prayer and he loves winter. So this Hadith, saying oh people of the Koran, some have said that all people have the Quran means all Muslims because we all believe in the Quran. And others have said that the Prophet system is especially saying to those who have memorized the Quran, that those who have memorized the Quran in particular, they should not spend the whole night asleep. They should pray witr prayer and pray some extra prayers above and beyond the five prayers. And in another Hadith reported in Muslim Imam Muhammad, that is also the

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last one he gave a whole talk

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on the day of Juma and public and he said that the prophets of the law while he was seldom told us so he's giving the holdover and in the hook, but he's telling all of the people there what he heard from the prophets of the law of windy who was selling them that Allah has added a prayer for all of you to pray. And it is the prayer of Witter. And so pray the Witter between Sadat and marisha until Salatu treasure there's a hadith reported in Muslim Imam Muhammad, Allah has added a prayer for you. So pray it between Asia and fudger. Now, these Hadith all mentioned some of the blessings of witted and there are other ahaadeeth as well. And based on these a Hadith, and also based upon the Hanafi,

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schools, categorization of actions, pause your footnote I mentioned in another q&a many many, many, many months ago, I think almost a year and a half ago, that the HANA fees they have seven categorizations of all actions, and the other mme have five categorization so the honeybees take the photo and the wajib and they make it to different things and they take you know

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Crew, and they say, a crew, Tansy, me and my crew to help me. And so what they have basically is two categories obligatory and two categories of sin, whereas the rest of the schools have one category of obligatory and one category of sin. And therefore based on that, so they say forbidden wajib is the same, whereas for the higher fees followed is higher than the wajib. And the same goes for the other side of the spectrum. So, the Hanafi, say the five Salawat are formed. And the winter is wajib. Meaning if you do not pray with it, you are sinful in the eyes of a lot subhana wa tada because they have that category, that wajib is something that it is obligatory to do, but let's just

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be simplistic not to the level of the for the other three schools, they don't have that distinction. And they simply have strongly encouraged and obligatory, and based on this categorization, Witter cannot come under obligatory and so the other three schools basically have it at the very, very highest level of strongly encouraged, in other words, right, underneath obligatory they would have selected winter. Okay, so then if you don't pray with it, according to the other three schools, you know, Allah is not going to, you know, punish you in Gangnam, for not praying with it. But you really falling short. And it's the most important of all of the sunon prayers, all of the non wadjet

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prayers, the three months have say it is the strongest level. So this is in terms of its its, its nature, is it obligatory, or is it not? And each of the school has its, you know, evidences to do so. And in the end of the day, you know, I think as Imam Mohammed and others said that, you know, how can a Muslim not pray with it? You know, I mean, he considered the one who doesn't pray with it, as somebody whose testimony should not be accepted in a court of law, for example, like, he is such a, according to that paradigm, like, how can he be trusted if he's going to be so lazy as to not even pray Witter, you know, in the end of the night? And so, let's not really get involved, whether

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it's obligatory or not, let's just try to play with it. Because it is definitely something that the process I'm strongly strongly strongly encouraged us to pray and his own actions of the law, why do you send them he never ever stopped praying with him even when he was traveling, he would pray with him when he was traveling, he would not pray the other regular you know, sunon of the lohar and Mercury

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and after Isha, but he would pray with him, and he would pray the two other guys before surgery, these are the two that he will pray when he is traveling. So let us make sure that we pray our winter. Now, that's the first issue the second issue, what is the timing of winter, here we have basically no controversy at all amongst the scholars that the timing of wicked is, any time after you pray, salata marisha, until the crack before the time of fudger, basically right until the the dawn basically breaks Okay, not the sunrise, but the dawn breaking IE that line that comes and signifies the time fudger. So winter is from after Isha. Whenever you pratyusha after that, until

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the timing of budget, it can be prayed at any time. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a famous Hadith in Sahih, Muslim and others, that whoever is worried that he's not going to pray with her at the end of the night night, then let him pray with him in the beginning of the night. And whoever thinks that he can pray at the end, let him pray at the end of the night, because the prayer at the end of the night is going to be witnessed by the angels. And that is more blessings and Hadith. So this hadith tells us then that the ideal timing for widow is pre fragile. And this leads us to our next point, and that is that the concept of Witter is linked to but not necessarily

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attached to the concept of tahajjud. Okay, so witr could imply all of tahajjud and you can call all of tahajjud witr. Because in the end of the day, you will pray an odd number of records. So you will pray eight, you know, plus three that is 11. That's like all of your tahajjud. Therefore, sometimes when the term witted is used in the Hadith, it implies all of the 200 and the three records at the end. And sometimes it only applies to that very last, you know, three Raka. And so for example, in the hypothetical hora, which is in which he said that my friend advised me to pray with her before I go to sleep. What he means here is salata to hygiene, and what he means here is that, you know, so

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let's give an example, that suppose that he is at 8:30pm and you go to sleep at 11pm and for whatever reason, you know, you don't wake up for 200 you wake up frustrated. So what Abu huraira is saying is that I will pray at 830 you know, then whatever needs to be done. Then before 11 o'clock.

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before going to sleep, I will pray the whole tahajud and then go to sleep. Okay, so Abu huraira because he was busy with Hadeeth because he was, you know, for a period of his life he was very, you know, engrossed in memorizing whatnot. So he would pray to Him before going to sleep and that is a permissible time for to hedge and he called winter to hedge. Now, most of us when we use the term Witter, what we mean by it is the specific you know, three records only and that's fine, nothing wrong with that terminology, but most of us want to use the term with it. That is what we mean. Now the NFL as we said, they said that the three witr prayer is going to be just like skeletal muscle

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that you will pray three regard you will sit down in the second record, you will say that the show hood and then you will stand up and then you will sit down to the third record, and you will then have one to slim at the end. Okay, so for the Hanafi madhhab, McRib and witr resemble one another, as well. The hunter fees are the strictest out of all of the schools when it comes to pollute. A lot of the Hanafi brothers are not aware of this that the other three mazahub do not have the connote as such a necessary part of Witten.

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Some of them say it is allowed or most of the hab. But and in practice as we're going to come to, basically none of the other modalities in practice, ie the followers of those without him, generally speaking, they don't do a minute in Witter, but the higher fees as we're all aware, those of us that are from hannity background, the high fees associated with it with Hulu, and for the other schools are note is a separate app. And it is not necessarily linked with Witter to the level of the entities the humblest and the shaft series they allow the Witter in sorry, they allow the root in the winter, as I said, the shaft series and the hem bellies, they allow an in fact the humbly state

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is encouraged even but they do not make it something that is basically an integral part. And in practice, most of the followers of the shaffir is school and most of the followers of the Hammadi school in practice they do not do with it because the the method is not you know that strict upon it. It is something allowed if you want to do it, go ahead and do it. And the the Hanafi school is the strictest when it comes to the drop of the winter. And the special drought they call the dog pollute, as we know, and it is done before the last record. Now other methods are there's also reports within the company might have as well. They say that the Witter should only have the note in

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the very last days of Ramadan. And this is a report also from the mighty Kima as well, that the whole note the prayer the drop should be associated with the witted only in the month of Ramadan and some even add in the last half of Ramadan, like the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So these are all positions about the old Visser v. The Witter. All of them are, you know, narrated and permissible as well there is quite a lot of you know, difference of opinion

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about the procedure of praying with it. I said that the Hanafi is pray three Raka continuously with one to sneem the Maliki school, they said that it is better to pray to America, then you make it to slim. Then you stand up and pray one Raka on its own. Okay, so for the Maliki school, they break the three Raka into two halves. And they base this on a hadith of I should have the love on her that she said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray witted when in my room in my hotel room in my chambers or a compartment and I was in the house at that time, and he would separate between the two Raka and the winter. And I would hear that the slim between the two of them. So they use

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that narration over there. And the other

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evidence that they have is a hadith reported in that opening and most ethical hacking, that are profits of the law, while he was selling was reported to have said that Lula to be Salah seem to be who alma zareba do not perform the Witter with three Raka or else it will look like Sadat and Muslim. Okay, so this hadith has been interpreted by the other schools to basically say that and especially the Maliki school to say that the Torah cache should be separated with a sneem and then you stand up and you pray one Raka the Maliki school did not associate pollute with winter for them, which is simply the odd number and they also allow even though they didn't encourage the allowed one

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Raka if you're going to be you know, not want to pray the tutor can just pray one Raka

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It will still be winter. The Shafi school they said that the three Raka is the minimum of perfection and you can pray more. So the shafter he said with it is five and seven and nine no problem. And they said, yeah, if you really want to, we'll allow you to pray one, but that's like in Nakuru, you really shouldn't pray only one, three is the minimum or perfection. And it's even better to pray more than that, because again, for them, the concept of witr and tahajjud is kind of combined up and so when you're praying like with it, it is kinda sort of a two headed, you might as well make it, you know, five, or seven, or nine. And for the shaft series, they said that you pray all three Raka

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all three Raka continuously without sitting down in the second Raka. This is the preferred position, and some said you pray to God and then you do to sneem and then you do one rocker. So, the Joffrey madhhab did not want to resemble the motive prayer based on the Hadith that they have. And so they wanted to go a different route and they said you either pray three, continuously without sitting down in the second number one, number two, you get back up and then number three, then you make the two slim, and of course, both the shaft and the ham buddies. They also said that it is preferred to recite Salat Allah Allah in the first Raka and then sudo till caffee rune in the last in the last

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and the second Raka and then fell off and Klaus and now as sorry, as lost and fed up and us in the third Raka. Also the Sharpies were the madhhab that said, who knows should only be done in the last part of Ramadan during winter, and not throughout the year. In fact, the Shafi school has do alkaloids in federal Salah By the way, and that's why all of the the our brothers from Jordan and from Egypt and whatnot, they're aware of this that the shofar is cool praise coup note in fudger. And the Hanafi school in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the owner is done in winter. And in the hambly School in practice, in theory, it is also in width, it is encouraged, but in practice, they really

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don't do Kanoute except at times of you know,

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calamities when they will do that. So this is the shaft for school, the Humphrey School they said that it should also be done in three. And to do less than three is allowed. But it is not something that should be encouraged. You can pray one, but it is mcru yet it is also accepted. And they also encouraged to pray two plus one. And they also allow the hanafy way of doing it as well. So the humbling method, as usual, has plenty of positions about this. And they said that Knute is encouraged to do but as I said, in practice, they did not actually do the DA alkaloid. Also, by the way, for most of the families, the route is done after the record, whereas for the Henan fees, the

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opponent is done before the record. Okay. All of this was a quick, you know, Kaleidoscope to explain to you that all of these positions have been narrated, in the end of the day, dear brother in Islam. Don't worry about the other schools, you have heard your particular school most likely I'm assuming you're from the Hanafi background, no problem then you pray the hanafy procedure. These are things that very trivial issues whether you pray to and then to sleep and then one or you pray to three, or do we do it the whole route before the record after the record or you don't do it at all of humanity and shot free, no problem, whatever is done. These are all trivial things. The main point is that we

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pray selected Witter and that inshallah to Allah, we strive to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet system disregard because we know that winter is one of the most encouraging of all of the Sunnah prayers.