Yasir Qadhi – Masculinity & Femininity in The Shari’ah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Sh ideal requires men and women to act effeminate and dress in a manner that is outside of their control. The Shroom also requires biological male to act in theornell-like manner and a biological female to dress in the effeminate manner. The Shroom's app requires men and women to act in a certain manner, but not outside of their control.
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So every society in all of human history have differences in how women act, how women dress, how men dress, how men do things. This is a cross and universal. So to claim that this is cultural, and not from the fitrah, it goes against the experience of mankind. Therefore, point number two, there is something called masculinity, and there is something called femininity. And the Shetty requires the male to act masculine and the female to act effeminate. If a male goes out of his way to act effeminate, what is called cross dressing, what is called in a transvestite you know, drag queens, this type of stuff, if a male goes out of his way to dress like the female, or if the female goes

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out of her way to dress like the male by unanimous consensus of all of the muda hip, this is a Kabira a major sin and it is Allah is Lana upon this person, we have a multiple number of a hadith our Prophet system said that Allah has learner is upon the women who imitate to men, and Allah is Lana is upon the men who imitate women. Now somebody says hold on a sec, I cannot grow a beard biologically Hold on a sec, my voice is effeminate. Naturally, we say we're not talking about what is beyond your control. We're not talking about what you cannot control. We're talking about you doing something above and beyond you going out of your way to dress or to act in a manner that are

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you are forcing on yourself to act like the opposite gender, we say regardless of what society says, we have our Shetty and our Shetty. I says, Men should act like men and talk like men and dress like men and women should act like women and talk like women and dress like women when they said that Gurukul unfair, regardless of what society says our Shediac has this distinction, again, to make to make it very clear, though, some things are beyond our control. And yes, sometimes in some cultures, what might be considered masculine is considered feminine in another culture, small list here, very small list. And it is true. The Shetty might look at this small list and say, Okay, in this culture,

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this thing might be effeminate. And in this culture, the same thing might be masculine agreed, but that's a small list. You cannot use this small list to negate the overall reality that men and women act differently dressed differently and go about their lives in a different manner. And the Shetty app requires not encourages, requires a biological male to act in the masculine manner and requires a biological female to act and to dress in the effeminate manner. Now again, there's a gray area things might change a little bit in some aspects and that's fine, but the fact that there's a little gray area doesn't change the default which is men and women act and dress differently

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