Daood Butt – Names of Allah Al-Kafeel (The Witness)

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © Bethlehem talks about the names of Allah's sub consistently, while Kafeel talks about his witness over all promises and not breaking promises until he made it. The importance of fulfilling God's promises and achieving rewards from actions is emphasized, along with planning and activities for the upcoming week. The speaker emphasizes the need for planning and preparation, including forgiveness, and offers guidance on achieving health goals.
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a new survey

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in the candela national monastery you know one So Phil when our wounds will be learned even truly and fusina women say Tierra Marina Maria de la Fela mobila Woman young lil further the

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karma Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala burn the arrows will bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Yeah, Johan nurse in Toccoa de como la de Hanukkah ko menacing. Wahida Wirkkala come in Georgia. We're Bethlehem in Houma region and Kathy on when he saw what Tacoma lady Tessa gonna be he will or how in more how can our lady come ropey

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my brothers and sisters.

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Today in shot one, two Allah, we will continue to learn about the names of Allah subhanho wa taala. But we will also tie it in with the beginning of the ledger.

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As we know the importance of preparing ourselves for those 10 days, 10 days at the beginning of the next month, which is to begin within a few days in sha Allah, Allah to Allah, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam encouraged us to take advantage of

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before that, we learn of Allah subhanho wa Taala as l caffeine

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and caffeine. If you ever lived in the Middle East, if you ever lived as a foreigner in particular, in, for example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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You are probably familiar with this term. Convene. Someone who is your guarantor, someone who is a witness someone who is risk

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sponsible over you in pretty much everything. That is a confusion for a resident living in a country that is technically not their country of residence or their country of citizenship.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala as Al Kafeel, he is responsible over us. And he's the one who takes ultimate responsibility over all of His creation, whether it is human beings, whether it is the plants that need rain and water to drink, whether it is the seed that needs to be split open, to sprout and to grow. Al Kafeel takes full responsibility over all of His creation. And curfew takes care of all of his affairs. He looks after everything and takes care of everything. And then caphyon fulfills his oath as well. So when Allah subhanaw taala, promises something to us, he fulfills it. When he says something will be. It is when Allah Subhana Allah says something will come, it will

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come. When Allah subhanaw taala promises His mercy. It is promised when Allah subhanho wa Taala promises His punishment upon those who disobey those who disregard the commands of Allah, it's promised, and it is fulfilled.

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So I'll Kafeel fulfills his oaths. And then Kafeel is a witness over all of the oaths that anybody takes. So when we make a promise, when we say we are going to do something, when we testify our belief in Allah, when we submit to Allah in all that he has put forth before us, and caffeine has told us what to do, prepared it in the best way, laid it out in front of us, looks after it takes care of it, and promises what's good for us, if we do good promises, what's bad for us if we do bad, and then make sure that we fulfill

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and if we fulfill Hamdulillah.

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But if we say that we're going to do something, and we don't, then Allah subhana wa Johanna's witness over all of the oaths, all of the promises that we make, that we say that we will fulfill, but don't, and then that gives an Kerviel the ability to take action against the oath that we failed to fulfill.

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Now Allah subhana wa to Allah says in the Quran, and sunnah to Natalie, with regards to taking oaths, he says, what a mobile aim, Bernadette tell ki the Allah subhanaw taala says, Do not break an oath

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after you have already made it. So if you say that you're going to do something, you promise that you will do something, fulfill it one atom cuddle, amen America Toki dia. Once you have stated that you will do it, make sure that you do it don't break it. He continues to say walk by the giant turbo Maharani Caffee.

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And when you've taken that oath,

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remember that you took a lot as your Kafeel.

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Remember that you took a while as your witness that you told so and so person you will do this. You promised Allah Subhana Allah when you can afford to hide you will go, you promised Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in our belief, that when I'm mature, and it's time for me to pray, I will pray. You promised Allah subhanho wa Taala when the month of Ramadan comes around, you will fast.

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And remember Allah says, Don't break the promise once you've made it. And he says and remember that you took as a witness, or why you took as your caffeine, Allah in the wireless metaphor alone. Verily Allah subhanaw taala knows what you do. So Allah azza wa jal is reminding us, he is an caphyon. He knows he promised he will fulfill. We also have a responsibility towards Allah subhana mortality, because he's witnessed over everything that we do. He's witnessed over everything that we say he's witness over every action that we fulfill, or don't fulfill. And so we ask for what Subhana wa Tada to have mercy upon us. For those that have failed or those of us who have not fulfilled our

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promise, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to strengthen us and to grant us the ability to fulfill what we stated what we what we truly submitted to Allah subhanho wa Taala as part of our belief in particular, that we will fulfill that mean, a Buddha probably heard our stuff

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Feel manifested through in a Warren Buffett?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala alihi wa Taala tapping in what will suddenly will suddenly move either NaVi Hill Kenny in our lady of Salah to ultimate asleep and

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my brothers and sisters

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through the prophet Sallallahu I think he was sending them.

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Allah subhana wa to Allah promises many things to us.

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one example is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he says, Man, I'm in a Yeoman, a Lamelo, Saudi hoffy Her husband in Allah,

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there is no day that is more beloved, for us to do actions to Allah subhanho wa Taala as it is most beloved to Allah, for us to do good deeds throughout these days and Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, mean heavy hill a young then during these days and those days, he is referring to the first 10 days of the legend. Man in a young allow me to slowly hopefully I have you no more Manhattan in a year. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us that Allah subhanho wa Taala loves when we do good deeds more than any other day throughout the whole year, these 10 days. And you'll see that within the 10 days of villager, what is an important day that we

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the day of our fun.

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And then we think to ourselves, wait a second, the hydrophone reminds me of those who are going for Hajj. And so we start to think to ourselves as believers, well if I'm not going for Hajj this year, if I'm not able to go and fulfill the Hajj, or maybe I've already gone and performed my hunch, I also want to benefit from these days. I also want to maximize and to earn rewards from Allah. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam promised us by telling us that there is no days throughout the year that are more beloved to Allah for us to do actions, not nights. Now talking about nighttime, because some of you might say what about Leila, to cuddle, that's the night we're talking about the

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date. These days are days that are upon us in a few days. The first being next Thursday in sha Allah Hotel. So next Thursday, will be the beginning of the ledger. And this is why I chose today to open this door of discussion, to start talking about these 10 dates so that we can plan and prepare. One of the things that we need to plan and prepare for is how many good deeds we're going to do and what those good deeds are. So we might think to ourselves during the day, I can fast we don't fast at night. So that's an action of the day, during the day I might give sadaqa during the day, I might be as honest as I can be, during the day I might fulfill what Allah subhanaw taala has requested of me

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during the day unlike recite more Quran during the day, I might be, you know, looking after my family as best as I can. During the day I might do this and that and whatever good deeds that we can think of. And so it's important for us to begin now and plan and one of the best things that we can plan for throughout those days is to prepare for wood here. Prepare for the quarterback at the sacrifice the animal that is offered as a sacrifice and something that we do fulfilling the Command of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that's upon us. This is a sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we'll learn more about next week. And the week after in sha Allah, Allah Allah as well

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because we have two more dumaos Before read and shout along to Anna, learn more about the day of our fun next week, so that we can make sure that we're fasting and that Dave Arnulfo will most likely fall on Friday, two Fridays from today. And so that's important for us to learn about as well. And in addition to that, we also see that these days are days when people go for Hajj and they fulfill so many rights. They fulfill so many good deeds and actions, and we wish to have the same rewards. But we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala has put certain rewards for certain people in certain places at certain times.

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So you can't expect the rewards of Layla to cover in the middle of Mahara.

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You can't expect the rewards of the attendees of little Hijjah during suffer you

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Can't expect the rewards of going for Hajj while being in Milton. But we can expect rewards from Allah subhanho wa Taala while being in Milton as a means of hope Allah subhanaw taala gives us this ability that you may not have been able to afford going for Hajj ever throughout your life. But that does not mean that you can't attain forgiveness. That does not mean that you can't come closer to Allah. And so my brothers and sisters, remember the importance of the idea of Ghorbani the sacrifice, if a person plans to sacrifice an animal, then they should plan to do it before the 10 days of the hinges as in we should have our intentions and prepare that animal have the animal ready

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or at least have the payment ready and in place done. So that we can fulfill that sacrifice. In addition to this is from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah Allah and the US seminar. Listen carefully. It is from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, for the one who will be sacrificing the animal themselves.

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to refrain from clipping their hair and clipping their nails, so refrain from trimming your hair, cutting your hair, refrain from clipping your nails or trimming your nails from the beginning of the hedgehog until the animal is sacrificed.

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Say that again. It is from the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam for the one who will be offering the sacrifice and doing the sacrifice themselves to fulfill this sunnah by not clipping their nails and their hair for the entire 10 days of the ledger. Now a person says but I want to look like a million dollars on the day and reads, I want to you know, come for each prayer in my nice clothing, trimmed beautiful nails are fine hairs perfect styled up gelled whatever, I want to look like a million dollars. You look like a million dollars and more to Allah subhanho wa Taala by submitting to him in this action.

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We live to please Allah. We don't live to please the people around us. So when we fulfill actions

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that are found in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is our submission to Allah.

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And there's no price that any human being can put on that.

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There are times when people will say I wish I can fulfill this sooner, but I can't. Because of whatever health reasons or whatever is going on in their lives. They can't fulfill that some. Some people will say I wish that I can fast a day of Ramadan,

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which is not even a Sunday. It's a compulsory act. But because of certain health issues, maybe they have stomach ulcers, maybe they have some medical condition. They can't even fulfill affirm something that is compulsory. There's no price that we can put on that. And so my brothers and sisters, we need to step away from just saying oh, this Dean and take everything easy.

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sacrifice a little bit. Put in the effort. Let the moustache grow, let the nails grow. We look scruffy, no problem. We look scruffy for the sake of Allah.

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He appreciates our submission, just like during the month of Ramadan when our breath smells because we're fasting but to Allah it is sweeter than the sweetest scent of mosque.

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And so my brothers and sisters planned for these 10 days and ask Allah Kafeel to be the one who looks after what we plan to do. For when we have intention to please Him. You will follow through with the rewards when we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us goodness and ease and to make it easy for us to fulfill his deen and a lot more Saudi Arabia Mohammed Mohammed colossal later and I think we're all human we're all human need and Majid regarding that Mohammed Laila Ali Mohammed come about dominate our human wherever anybody might come into Majeed a lot more to learn our home now as of now we're having a lot of multiple Mina Arabella now Saudi Hey up hello I mean, alarm

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aeroseal Islam Muslim in alarm Z Islam Muslim in Allah increase us acknowledge Yet Allah please make it easy for us to come closer to you in the knowledge of this Deen that we find within the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah please make it easy for us to submit to you in the ways that you love Allah please make it easy for us to put our own enough suicide into fulfill when it is what is that you love from us? lol please make it easy for all those that are suffering and struggling and going through hardship and difficulty in different regions of the world or here within our own town. Now Allah please remove the hardship from upon them and make it a means

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of forgiveness and attainment of the highest level of paradise and for those who are that mean yellow below the mean in the volume are we likely write yourself into it that way inherent in fact shattering

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I'm gonna tell you what

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was going on while here are the rules surgical or ethical? Allah we are meant to sell

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a lot

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of home seller components

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