Religious Blackmail during Corona

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Masjid Al Falaah, 10 July 2020


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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted individuals, particularly in the use of negative language to portray their beliefs and claims. It is important to take precautions and avoid getting sick, and avoiding drastic measures is key to preventing deaths. The "roach economy" is also discussed, with individuals being infected. It is crucial to avoid trusting Islam and avoid becoming annoying, while also addressing the issue of fear and avoiding getting into trouble.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. upon all conditions we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless them, to bless every one of us and to grant us every goodness my brothers and sisters.

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We all firmly believe nothing happens except by the will of Allah.

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Nothing, nothing can ever harm you, except by the will of Allah.

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You can never suffer a loss except by the will of Allah.

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You will never gain anything except by the will of Allah.

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Nobody can touch you,

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except by the will of Allah. Nothing can reach you. unless Allah has written for it to reach you.

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Nothing can ever miss you. Except

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if Allah subhanho wa Taala has written

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that it is going to miss you.

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masaba Callum yaku

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wama aka Callum yaku Lucy back.

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That which got to you was never meant to miss you.

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And that which missed you was never ever meant to get to you.

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That is what we believe. It's my firm faith. It's my conviction

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and Subhana Allah, it is something that I firmly Stand by.

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my brothers and sisters, people are abusing these statements in order to blackmail us.

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What does that mean?

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What did I just say?

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You will never get sick. unless Allah has written it for you. I believe that

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nothing can ever happen to you unless Allah wrote it for you. I believe that that is aqidah. That is my faith. That is my belief and my conviction.

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But some people are using that statement to arrive at a conclusion that is against the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and against Islam.

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What do I mean?

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We know that we are struggling with a virus. It has not yet started in our country, it is only going to come in the next few months. May Allah protect us. It has not yet started. Perhaps by December we will be speaking a different language. May Allah protect us. But we are not fools. My brothers my sister's we watch Allah has given us a brain. Allah has given us eyes. If Allah allowed you to see what is happening in other places, and you did not learn a lesson from that you are a fool.

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That's what it is.

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Common logic. I said before and I'm saying it again, one of the blessings that Allah has had on Africa is that Allah let us be the last wave of this virus so we can learn a lesson. But the fools are not learning a lesson. That's what it is. Why? Because they say one truth and they lie with the truth in order to deceive you and blackmail you using religion. So they tell you, Brother, what are you worried about? Nothing can happen except by the will of Allah Why do you have a mask? Why are you

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using or doing anything precautionary when you know that nothing will happen except by the will of Allah. Oh, you see how they marry the truth with the falsehood. One side of the statement is right, the other side is totally wrong.

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So don't allow people to fool you my brothers and sisters. We are not stupid.

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Allah has allowed us together with the knowledge of Islam.

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To watch what is happening in the world and take precautions that's all. No one is saying that

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Subhanallah Nothing is going to happen.

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No one is saying that nothing is going to happen to you. It may. But did you take the precautions if you did and it happened to you. You are not to blame.

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It is a blessing. It is a gift of Allah. But if you did not and it happened to you, you are foolish. You are answerable to Allah and you might also

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So go down as a person who threw himself to destruction or suicide. When Allah says Allah to be a de la De Luca, don't ever throw yourself into destruction your body is not yours. When you die it's going to decomposing the soil and returned to Allah mean half Allah con con wafi han

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woman Han creado Quinta rotten okra, that verse in Surah Taha proves to you, your body is not yours, Allah made it, he put you in it, he's going to take the body away, you're going to carry on Allah will resurrect you with a different body from the same source perhaps on that day. So what does Allah want you to do about your body? Look after it. Take care precautions, make sure you don't drop it. That's why we say stop your smoking and quit your bad habits. From a long time we've been saying that because we know it's bad for your health and your health is an Amana Allah entrusted you with. So behave yourself. That's all we're saying. Right now. Also, there is a camp of people who are

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saying, they are laughing at you. Why are you not wearing a mask? My brother I am looking after and Amanda, Allah gave me if you think this virus is not true, you are actually blind. They might be a conspiracy theory as to how it started. Yes, I know, you all know, we I don't know who started it may be someone might have started it for whatever reason? Or maybe it started naturally or whatever. That's not my field. The fact that it is there. I know it, you know it, we all know it. If you don't Well, what do you want to wait for? Go and check other countries, if you have relatives or cousins in the UK or South Africa or in other places and ask them what's going on? See?

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People say but a small percentage is dying. I'm a Muslim, even if one person is going to die, I must be worried Subhana Allah?

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So they say no, but where's your trust in Allah, we have full trust in Allah, the only thing we are teaching is take precautions. That's all. No other statement. No other statement. take precautions. That's what someone says. But no one knows exactly what the virus is. I know, you know that no one actually knows everyone is learning as the days passed. Does that mean don't take precautions? Not at all.

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If I told you there is a lion out there, and another man says, There is no lion, just go Don't worry, nothing will happen to you. Except if Allah wills and then you went in you were eaten by the lion, who was the fool Subhan Allah. And if there wasn't a lion, you still stayed safe here anyway.

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May Allah grant us understanding. So to think that those who take precautions don't believe in Allah is absurd. In fact, they are the ones who truly believe in Allah because Rasulullah saw Selim taught us many, many examples. He says about the camel. He says, You tie it, and then you lay your trust in Allah. So the general trust that we have in Allah is from the beginning, because we are believers. But the particular trust that we develop about a certain matter is after we have done what is in our capacity, and it's a god given capacity to protect ourselves, and then we actually say, oh, Allah, I lay my trust in you. Why do we lock our doors? Why do we close our homes? Why do we switch? Or why

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do we go to work when we know that our sustenance comes from Allah, because Allah tells you sustenance comes from me, but the effort I want you to make it then I will decide how much you get and whether you get or you don't get. But if you didn't make the effort, a man comes according to one of the narration Stormer will have at his time in order to be punished because he stole and he said, How can you punish me when it was written that I was going to steal? I was going to steal it.

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So he says, Well, it was written that we were going to punish you also. So here's the punishment. Simple as that. So let's not be complacent, someone to tell you a lesson. What are you wasting your time for? This is all rubbish, nothing will happen to you except by the word of Allah. They have married the truth with falsehood and they are lying to you.

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I know of people who used to say that who have lost loved ones you might survive, you might be healthy. What about your folks? What about those who are not so healthy? What about sometimes those who can't make it? What about you who might not make it? So what people say, Well, this virus is all over. This is a lethal one. It's a little bit different. If you don't believe in its in how lethal it is. Just go and find out from people who have been in it. And they'll tell you it's not what the usual flu is all about. We will probably most of us will make it out of it.

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But it's gonna come to us. It's gonna come to you and I may Allah protect us. But do I do. I have to continue with precautions, try and build my immune system in order to be

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Be able to protect my body so that I can worship Allah.

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Then when it comes, we'll tackle it at the time, inshallah we'll survive, a lot of people would survive. But because some won't, we all have to take responsibility. So my brothers and sisters, I encourage you, from this pulpit today telling you, please take precautions. That's it, we have no other, we cannot tell you, you're not going to get it or you're going to get it. It will spread and it will spread like wildfire. I told you, it has not yet started here. It's not even called the beginning. It's coming. within few months, give it a few months towards the end of the year. How to On what grounds Am I saying that? We are saying it by watching the graphs of all the other countries

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one after the other? You think it's not going to come to you You're silly man. so silly. Because if you put a list of nations from one to so many, you start finding one ticked off too ticked of us sitting on 160. You lucky Zed is Zimbabwe. Zed is the bottom of the alphabet man Subhan, Allah is going to come to you but probably at the end, after you learn so much. Let's make dua that perhaps some medication can be found. By that time when we are fortunate. Let's make do our perhaps they might be a little vaccine By that time, Mashallah then we are fortunate if they allow it to get to us.

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That's another thing. But for now, we have to have a narrative that is filled with wisdom that is filled with clarity. And it is not a doubtful one completely. What are you losing? By practicing precaution? Don't think you're a big brave person? No, it can come to anyone. We are sitting in the masjid today beautifully. Are we not taking some precautions? Can we not see every single person here has a mask? Subhanallah? Can we not see the people being responsible? May Allah reward you. It's not normal. This is not normal. But the situation is also not normal. In Islam, a borrower to be moderate when there is a necessity even the prohibited can become permissible for that particular

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moment. You're dying and you can't survive and the only food available the only food for your survival available is that which is haram. Allah tells you the prohibition of allowing yourself to die is worse than the prohibition of that item. Eating for your survival only and when things get back to normal you don't have to eat it anymore. So on a lesser level because of the Aurora to the Ruby country, hmm you know, the necessity is gauged. Or that necessity is gauged according to the level of it. Today, we have a certain necessity as soon as it's over. We're going to be back to normal inshallah. In the meantime, by the will of Allah. take some precautions, take it seriously.

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You know, you love yourself. That's one thing. You love your loved ones. Sometimes if you think I'm strong enough and I'm this I'm that you might be asymptomatic. There are so many who might have the virus and don't even know or they won't know it's happening in other countries. I told you here it is still coming. If you watch figures you're gonna see and what I detest, as a religious person, as a leader. What I detest is when someone says How about a small percentage of people are dying anyway. Subhan Allah so you mean even if you are dying, it's okay for you. What if it's your own folks? What if it's you imagine how irresponsible that statement is when the Quran says about

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catalana be vain enough for

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America patelin NASA Jamia? Whoever wastes a single life is equivalent to the to the one who has wasted the whole of humanity. What about that? So don't say a few people will die We know we all know but your duty is to try and save even those few because life was given by Allah Your duty is to preserve it.

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Subhan Allah. Secondly, don't panic. Harris Allah Ma Yun farakka was in Bella Hema la just we're in a Saba cache, la de colo omniva al to Canada or Canada for in the low Doctor Who Baba shavon Oh Amala shape and is Santa Maria and folk work hard towards achieving that which is beneficial for you. That's what Allah says, What's that? It's called in the Arabic language and we'll ask Bob

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to do that. Which is going to be the means of getting to what you want to achieve. You want a job, get up every morning, work hard. You want a wife get up every morning, go and talk go and search go and look. You want a husband, make sure you tell your people to open their mouths and to keep an eye and if you want to talk you must open it without opening your mouth. Nothing's going to happen. You want a job you need to search you want sustenance you need to look for you want to be protected. You need to do something about it yourself.

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Why don't we dive into the lake and say, Well, you know what, I don't know how to swim. But if I was written my death, it's gonna happen. Nothing will happen except by the decree of Allah because you know, you're gonna die.

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You're not foolish. But why are you letting other people do the same when it comes to something like this? And the reason I'm addressing it is don't let someone fool you to become complacent. This will last a while, be patient, one month, two months or a year or perhaps two years, it will last a little bit. It's not the end of the world. We will get used to it. I tell you, we all will probably be tested by it. May Allah make it easy for us the day we are tested by it, may he protect us. No need to panic. Once you've taken the precautions and you tried your best. And your aim was to save others lives and yours Allah will reward you already. Then, if you're affected, you see how Allah

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helps you.

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Then we are not fearing death. No one fears death. We prepare for it. We are concerned that we can't be so fearful that suddenly Oh, now what do you know, if you tested positive today? There is nothing to panic about because panic makes it worse. Panic switches off your immune system depending on the level.

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So don't allow that. Nevermind, take it in your stride. What should you do? Well, I tell you what, wittmann d, vitamin C, some zinc, some magnesium, some black seed oil, etc. Before you get medical assistance because if you look at South Africa today, it is very, very difficult to get a single bed at most of the hospitals. They go and ask the people I know of one scholar who was saying this is nothing you can catch it. It's only what Allah has decreed will happen. Allah he got the virus. He was very sick. He went into the hospital. They charged him 30,000 rounds a night. He spent eight nights there. He came out he's okay now but he has a big debt on his head and he doesn't know how to

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solve the problem. So there's an even bigger problem. Now I've heard that some of his family members are also sick, but you are the one who went around making other people are fooled by lying to them to be complacent I call it religious blackmail and I have not minced my words. I explained to you what is a religious blackmail, to use a religious text in order to promote complacency in the people. Come on. You married the truth with falsehood. Look at the prophet SAW Selim. He tells you clearly tie your camel and then

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lay your trust in Allah. Don't just leave your door open and say but Allah is great. I believe in Allah I trust Allah. That part of your statement is right. But what you did as a result is wrong. I want to end with one quick example. Hadith the prophet SAW Selim says about sustenance, we all want sustenance. We all need to live we all need food and drink low and our calluna Allah Allah Hakata coup de la raza takom cameyo zapato

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that's only half the Hadith. Let me translate it before I get to the other half. He says, If you lay your trust completely in Allah, He will feed you like he feeds the birds.

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You can stop there and say, Okay, let me go home Go and sleep. And I lay my trust in Allah. You can write ayatul kursi on your wall. Look at it. You can write super fatty hair on your ceiling and check it out every day. It's not going to bring you one penny Subhanallah You know why? Because that Hadith is not ended. You didn't finish the Hadith, you didn't understand it. Together with the DA together with reading the Quran together with ayatul kursi together with whatever other suitors and whatever you are you want to make. You need to get up and make an effort. So what do you say? The Hadith says, Just imagine what a robot on the bed leaves the nest early in the morning with an empty

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belly. It flies all day looking for food. It comes back at the end of the day with a full belly that shows you

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it shows you that it made an effort so don't just read part of the 33 the rest of it. If you lay your trust properly in Allah He will feed you like he feeds the bird the bird leaves the nest in the morning which means you get off your bed and go out. Look for a job look for work every single day. And when you come back you'll come back with at least food for your belly May Allah grant us all and understanding and May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors protect us all like I said no need to panic No need to panic monger, but there is a reality we need to address as leaders we need to talk about it clearly. Without any doubt without any murkiness. We need to address the matter and say

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that you know what, we know what's going on. And we will marry what we know from the religion together with what we have seen as a reality coming from the ground and we will give you good advice to say brothers and sisters make dua rely on Allah. No need to panic. Just take your precautions. If the day comes when you test positive, it's not the end of the world. 99% of us inshallah will make it through

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Little bit of difficulty and hardship but for the benefit of the one to 3% we don't know who they may be it might be more or less, especially in a country like this Like I said, we are waiting and seeing, may Allah grant us ease and May Allah protect all of us in Sharla we're in it together we will support one another we are here for one another, that is what the communities therefore and inshallah we will come out of it together and the day of celebration that I can't wait for that we will be returning inshallah back to normal May Allah let that happen sooner rather than later. akula Kohli hava sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad