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Tahir Wyatt
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Hello my suddenly was suddenly more vertical no man no Vina Mohammed while he was on my back the topic that I'm going to address and shallow ties are very important and pertinent topic because it deals with the subject of unity

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and Allah Subhana Allah has commanded all of us to be together and unified and he has prohibited us from splitting and the religion

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last panel data

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has made this command not only for the home of Mohammed bin Abdullah is a lie to someone but in fact is the foundation of all of the religions and lost parents either it says under Brian Shaw documented Dini Matt wasabi, he knew how well the D o hanaa. ileka or Maya was seen every he was a Hema when musawah Isa and a team of Dean will add to to photography. So a lot of parents Allah says that we have or he says Sharla come in and do that Allah Allah has legislated for you from this Deen or from the way of life that which he has commanded nor are they his Sunnah. And that which We have revealed to you any Mohammed Abdullah salario Salim, and that which we have commanded Ibrahim and

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Moosa, and he said, How many prophets 555 messengers Allah Subhana Allah said that he commanded them with this and these are no these profits are known as oralism. They are the messengers of firm determination from amongst the messenger of messengers of Allah, they are the best messengers May Allah subhana wa tada have sent his salaat and Salaam upon all of them. So he says that he commanded all of them with this one thing, and a chemo Dean, establish the dean uphold the dean will lead to photography. And don't be divided there in two things, establish the dean, and don't be divided in the establishment or in establishing the religion. The reality in many places, in many communities.

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contradicts that divine instruction. So we see them while hamdulillah striving to establish the deen, but not striving to be unified. And both of them are necessary. Establish the dean and don't be divided there in what we what we find is that sometimes people take their differing, and they allow it to lead to deficiency. And there's a difference between me and you having a different opinion about something, and me and you being divided, because of the fact that we don't have the same opinion, allowing there to be enmity in our hearts because we don't share the same opinion. And a lost parents Allah has prohibited us from these these factions or creating these factions and

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schisms. Now, the reality is,

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and are probably some informed us of this, that differing is inevitable.

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We're not going to see everything the same way. Right? I mean, if you if you think about it, Allah Subhana Allah has endowed us with different intellectual abilities. So we may see the same thing, but interpreted different ways, the experiences that we have in life, our ages, are going to color the way that we interpret things, the level or the degree of knowledge, Islamic knowledge that we have, we may look at the same text, we may read the same I

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and I understand something from it and you understand something different from it because we have different and varying degrees of knowledge. And this is something that that has happened throughout the history of Islam, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Allah cartuja Torah Buster b m fusina, filecenter. poodle, the one the divorced woman should wait a period of three Kuru, which is the plural of car, car in the Arabic language can mean menstrual cycles, it can mean the period between menstrual cycles, what they call period, the time of purity. Which one is meant in this particular eye? Well, it depends on what scholars looking at it and you know, through what lens and the other

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evidences. But the point is, they're looking at the same iron, and they have a difference of opinion. Because again, you know, Allah subhanaw taala didn't create us all with the same intellectual abilities and we don't have the same level of knowledge. But the point is that we shouldn't allow those differences to lead to Discord. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did inform us that there would be different in this amount. So this deferring is like I said,

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Natural and it's inevitable. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said may Yasmin come for sale of T laffin kathira whoever from amongst you all talking to his companions whoever from amongst who lives is going to see great difference Okay, what do we do when we see that different the prophesy Some say finally can be suniti so how fast to or adhere to my son My Teachings my way was suddenly till hola found it been and mighty em and baddie and hold fast to the way of the rightly guided caliphs who come after me.

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The process I'm Say what? stick to it, if you see a bunch of different then follow my way. But he didn't stop there. He also said follow the way of the whole affair Russia at this point is significant. And I want to know from you Why do you think that the profits of lightning was selling didn't just say follow my way?

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Isn't it sufficient? We say we follow the messages Alliance on why the prophesied, some also say follow the way of the full fly she beat I want I want you to think about this. I want you to give me an answer.

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Yeah, go ahead.

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Understand what?

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That is great. That is great. So let's let's analyze that answer. Because the prophets of lightning was seldom taught his companions. based off of the one the revelation that came to him the process I sent him wasn't interpreting.

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The prophets of light it was Selim was given revelation from Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. But the companions now had to come. And they had to take the revelation from the Quran. And from the Sunnah of the prophet Isaiah is Salatu was saying, which was also revelation. And they had to do what with it, they had to interpret that for the generation that they lived amongst. And so the process of it was something is indicating to us that there are going to be ways to interpret revelation because with the bigger things with it with what we would call the School of Islam are the fundamental aspects of the religion, there's no difference of opinion amongst the campaigns, or amongst the

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right, they got it. They don't have a difference of opinion when it comes to the fundamentals of the deen. But did they agree about every single aspect of Islam law, that they see every issue the same way absolutely mad that I'm talking about the Khilafat themselves. So the prophet SAW Selim is letting us know here giving us a window, that the way that they interpreted the religion, which may not always be the same, it's okay for us also, to have some difference in the way we may interpret those subsidiary matters of the religion. Those those issues, for example, though, we will not if we follow the way of the philofaxy team differ on the larger or the fundamental aspects of Islam. And

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so those are areas where censure and rebuke may be necessary, we see that there were early factions in Islam, that happened towards the end of the life of the low tide, and then throughout the life of both men and identity along with China and, and then after them, we find that there were major factions, theological factions, many of them being what influenced by external factors, whether that's external religions, ideologies, philosophies, and so forth. Those are pretty clear, we can see, oh, they've been affected by something outside of Islam. And that's what's caused them to differ with the main body of the Muslims. But a lot of the things that people differ over today are

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not those large issues. They're much smaller or subsidiary issues, regulated to fit most of the time. But yet we find people arguing and debating and fighting over these things. So let me give you example, as what I want to kind of, I want us to pay attention to because the majority of the differences that we wind up having amongst ourselves, and that because of these larger issues, you look at the story of the man Matic by him a lot and before I get to a story, let me ask you something.

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Did the practice of law to summon prohibit us from praying at certain times?

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Are we prohibited from praying a certain time? Yes, we are. So for example, after you pray, selects and fetchit before sunrise when I supposed to be praying during that time, after you pray a lot to Lawson and until the sun goes down, but I suppose to pray them prophesize on a perimeter that Okay, so right now you just pray for what humbly like I say you go to another messenger and you

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Get there at 415 for exam, Barbara was still 25 minutes away. You walk into the question

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do you pray?

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Or do you sit down without praying? Hold on You just told me that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, You can't pray at the time. And now you're saying no when you go to the master you pray. Why is that? Because there's another Hadith right? Where the prophets I saw him say that that's what I had to come and visit it for that is this. Had you suddenly rocketing? If one of you enters the masjid then let them not sit down until he prays to rise? Okay, but now we have two different evidences, right? One says don't pray. One says the praise, what am I supposed to do? The reality is, is that we're probably not going to agree on everything that's like that there are things that

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are like that in Islam. So you'll find that one scholar or a set of scholars for example, prioritized one aspect and you find that another set of scholars prioritize another set of evidences like in this particular case. So you may have Malik Rahim Allah to Allah was of the opinion that you do not pray at that time. So if you add to the message after so lots of lots of time, okay, it is before Mother's Day, but the sun hasn't set yet she don't pray, just coming sit down, because he was up the pain at the two rakaats that you pray upon entering the message. So now they're not waiting. Okay, there's certain and at the process of them has prohibited us from praying at that time. So

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that takes precedence the prohibition of the process takes precedence over doing something that is suiting them. So he came in to mention one day

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after awesome before mother sat down, it was it it was a Sabine Yanni a young kid and domestic. So yeah, she just like that is how the narration goes. Yeah, she confirmed can she get up and pray?

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Now I'm assuming from the narration, he didn't know that that was the man Malik or himolla. We tell them you say a shake, get up and pray. Hi, you just gonna come in to mention and sit down without praying.

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So Imam Malik Mahima. Hold on.

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You know what he did? Did he argue with the young man and say, wait a minute, you know, you're talking to Imam Malik. And this is my letterhead. Right? And this is what the prophets like some say, you know what he did? He got up and he prayed to recognize

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what his students said to him afterwards. He said, She's, you got up, and you pray to Rockcastle. And we know that you say that you shouldn't pray and then time, he said, I feared to be from amongst the people whom Allah subhanaw taala said about them like the P lillah. For motor power or layout of power. I fear to be from those people. Who about whom Allah Subhana Allah says, and when it is said to them, Erica Yani pray, they don't pray. So that young man said to me pray, so I prayed, because I didn't want to be for most those people. So again, he's putting he's given precedence to one thing over another. And this there are many, many, many examples of this, throughout the Sunnah of the

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prophet Isaiah, so like to say, and of course, how it's been interpreted by the fuqaha. So if somebody comes into the message now and they don't pray, or we didn't argue with them, should we allow that arguing to lead to a point where there's empathy in our hearts that we owe this mate? First of all, the fact that he's come to the masjid shows you that he has some fear of Allah subhanaw taala that he's trying to please? Allah subhana wa. Tada. So the point of mentioning all of this, is to get to this final point, which is, what are we supposed to do?

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When we find that there is different on a particular issue? If I don't, for example, have the tools to navigate through all of the evidence? I don't, I don't know how to get to that point. And maybe I don't have a shape or a teacher that I follow that can just kind of direct me to the right way, I'm kind of navigating this thing by myself.

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What am I supposed to do? Or even if I do have a shake, what am I supposed to do?

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Number one, number one is to make your intention to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and him alone. Many times we approach these issues with the intent

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of either finding the position that is easiest for us, and most convenient, we're not looking for the truth. We just want we want what's easy. Some people might even go to the sheath and explain their situation in a way that they think is going to give them the answer that they want.

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And they think that that's going to help them when they stand in front of a lot of hands on but it's not.

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your intention with all of this when you're when you're looking at how do I get to the bottom of this and I want, I want to know what the truth is in this issue. your intention has to be to arrive at the truth that is, first and foremost, that you are objective in your approach to truth. Not that you're looking for evidence for one particular opinion or another, you already believe something today, we're gonna try to find evidence for this. That's not that should not be our approach.

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The second thing and this is this is more important, or as important as the first one because that first one is your class. The second one is asking Allah subhanaw taala to guide you to the truth. And the reason why is because no matter how much knowledge you may have, you still need a las pantallas guidance to get to the truth. And this is why our Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself and there was nobody by any stretch of the imagination who came close to his knowledge. In fact, he received revelation from Allah subhanaw taala our Prophet sallahu wa sallam himself, used to ask the last panel to Allah for guidance in the last third of the night, when do I is most likely and more

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likely to be accepted than then other times? I shall not be alone China and when she was asked, what was the do either the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would make at nighttime. She said that the prophets of lighting was Sunnah upon standing up at night in the last third of the night before his night prayer, after saying Allahu Akbar, he was saying Allah whom Raja Isla Mika Isla is Rafi fell to the semi whitey will up, I email her up with Shahada and to tackle more binary bedika female can via telephone, I'm going to translate that part of the doula.

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In this part.

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The province of Assam says, Oh Allah, the Lord of Gibraltar in America, he and his Safi, who were brought in and McCain and his coffee and more than they were angels, were they just any angels. They were the most special angels. Because a lot of hands Allah entrusted them with life.

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Who was gibreel he was the one that allows for hands on and trusted with revelation. And revelation brings spiritual life is the life of the heart. It's more important than physical life. Mika, he was the one who lost hands out or is the one who lost friends Allah has entrusted with with rain. And rain is the basis of physical life. There's no vegetation, no crops, no water without without that rain.

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In it Safi

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is the one whom Allah Subhana Allah entrusted to do what to blow into the horn, and blowing into that horn, is the start of what life after death, it's the start of the resurrection. So all three of those angels, Allah Subhana Allah entrusted with life and the prophets of light, it was one of his calling upon Allah Subhana Allah as the Lord of all of those who bring life to the Lord of those whom Allah Subhana Allah has entrusted with life. And then he says, originator, Creator of the heavens and earth, Knower of the hidden and the unseen iPhone, knowing Knower of the hidden or the unseen and the seen.

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Then he says, You judge between your servants and those matters about which they differ. So all of this, the promise I summon is a prelude to his request. Right? We all we start our do as always by praising Allah. So he's praising Allah and he's mentioning that he is the one who judge between is between between his servants and those banners about mistake different than what is the request of the prophets of light in something he says, and to tackle a reading if he McAfee after the phone. He then says it Dini Lima, 2d for female half TV it Nick and Nick attack demons a shout out to Mr. King, he says, guide me to the truth and those matters about which they dispute or guide me in those

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matters about which they dispute of the truth and be you guide whom you will to the to the straight path.

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the straight path is gender.

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So when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is making this, he's saying that a lot of data is asking a lot to guide him in those matters about which people what difference about which there is dispute. Now notice the prophecy Selim chose the last third of the night. And he starts it off with this.

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And that's important because it shows us the importance it shows us the importance of asking the law for guidance, and all of these matters about which there may be dispute. Because the bottom line is what we know that Allah is going to judge between us and those issues. And we want to do, we want to be on the side of the truth. We want to be doing that which is pleasing to Allah subhanho

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To add, that should be our aim.

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And then once you know what the truth is, it is your responsibility to follow that truth. Again, the conclusion that you come to, may not be the easiest one for you. It may not be the one that's most convenient for you, I'll give you a perfect example of this.

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Traveling. Okay.

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Somebody might come to you and talk to the man with a message sheet. You know, I'm, I work out of town. And I leave on Sunday night, and I come back Friday, before July. How many days is that, by the way?

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Yeah, they leave on Sunday, and they come back. They come back on Friday.

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How many days is that

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That's five days. It's five days. Okay, so according to some, according to some of the scholars of Islam, major method,

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anything over 20 prayers, and four days, anything over that you're not considered to be a travel from the time you get to that place. So let's just say you work in New York City, you leave on Sunday night, you come back Friday, before July, you've definitely you're definitely going to be in that area for more than 20 years, from the time you get there. You don't take the concession of a traveler.

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Okay, so now let's just say that it's easier for you to be considered to travel to get to shorten your, your prayers, you get to not fast and Ramadan if you don't want to, or whatever like that. But if you now, if you now have done your research, and that's the conclusion that you come to you feel more comfortable that that's the correct opinion. But you have to follow that. Even if it's not the opinion is easiest for you, or most convenient for you. And this is why the prompts I assume you select another drive. And this drive is easy. You should memorize it like right now. He used to say, what do you need while you're sitting. In other words, a lot of maggini were sitting who Delhi, Oh

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Allah guide me and make guidance easy for me, this should be part of your drive at all times, oh, law guide me and make guidance easy for me. Because sometimes, you may actually know what the truth is, was not easy for you to follow. And so you wind up not following it.

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And this is this is actually turning away from a loss of hair without his guidance and is dangerous because you don't know when Allah subhanho wa Taala may not allow you to be guided. And so asking Allah for guidance, and to make the guidance easy for you is very important. In this particular case, the last thing that will say inshallah tada double close

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is that, once you've reached your particular conclusion, and you believe that something is the truth,

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do your level best not to allow that to be a source of enmity between you and other Muslims who may not have come to the same conclusion that you came to? Many times we find Muslims, they go on website, so they go on certain social media platforms, and they air out their differences with each other over these platforms. And they create this toxic environment, not realizing that this is very harmful to those who are new to the deen. But to those who are trying to come back and practice their religion, you know, not everybody that says that they're Muslim or necessarily very religious, if you will.

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If their impression of religious people and religiosity is that they're always at each other's throats, they're always arguing all of this lamb is just so confused, because there's all this different,

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that we have to be concerned that we may actually be pushing people away from practicing the faith. So it's very important. You know that when you come to your own conclusions, but you also have the proper manners, Islamic manners and conveying that to others, and that you know, we should be those people who truly follow the messengers of Allah. And do as a last parent, Allah has committed his messengers, which was what a team have been established with me. While I tend to follow Goofy, but don't create factions there and we asked a lot of parents either to guide us in those matters about which people dispute of the truth. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to the guidance easy for us to kind

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of go along with the handing a shadow leg line and stop Furukawa to do that.

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