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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallavi's importance in protecting from evil behavior is discussed, including a woman who lost her job and lost money and a woman who lost money and lost money. The god system is also emphasized, with a focus on the importance of the statement "has been there" in death certificates. The death of the Prophet sallser is also discussed, with suggestions that the previous generation may have influenced his death. The ultimate decision is up to the fans, and the interviewer is not identified.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy about. So today we will take a pause before move on to a mobile photography a logline. And to be honest, I did not feel like departing from a vocoder yet. And I was wondering what could I do because I didn't want to leave a look at this. And I thought that you know, Subhanallah there's actually a tangent that is left. That is a very different tangent and it's a bit of a pause of the history that we're doing. And that is the a hadith about Abu Bakar and by Abu Bakar Okay, so what are the Hadith that are mentioned about a workers to do? And what are the Hadith

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that Oba seduce himself narrated? Okay, so we get an idea into the personality of what could have said this and also the idea that he narrated now, a workers who did not narrate that many a hadith Who can tell me why not as obvious reason? Why didn't Tina read that many a Hadith, he didn't live that long, right, there was no opportunity for him to narrate, because he only lived less than two years in something after the death of the Prophet Alayhi Salam and the number of IDT narrated without repetition with repetition may be 100, something without repetition, probably 30, or 40, very small number of a hadith that he narrated. And so I decided today to before we depart from over

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the city, to give a glimpse into what has been said about him, and what he himself has narrated. And as for what has been said about him, there are many books written about the football, it are the blessings of the Sahaba. And I chose one that is a contemporary one. It's not by an author that is very, very well known. It's just a contemporary author, who has compiled a hadith about the Sahaba. And as for the Hadith, by Abu Bakar, so do so I chose the most famous collection of Hadith ever, that is arranged according to the Sahaba and that is Who can tell me the most famous classical book of Hadith that is arranged according to the Sahaba.

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Know the book of Hadith.

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Muslims, Avi Mohammed. Okay, I'll talk a little bit about when we get there and shadow the Mr. Umar Mohammed. So we're going to go over the entire chapter of a book called A Study of minus the repetitions, so that we get a glimpse into the life and the blessings of oakcrest. So of the blessings narrated about obaku Sadek. So this is part two one of the lecture part two will be from the mystery Mama, which is one of the classic books of Hadith literature. As for the blessings of ovoca Siddiq, even Abbas narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out of his house, in the sickness that he died in, and his house his sorry, His head was covered with an extra

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cloth to tighten it from the pain because of the fever. And he sat on the member, and he praised Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he said, that there is no one amongst mankind who has helped me in his person. And with his money, more than abubaker it's been a b hofa. There is no one amongst mankind who has helped me with his person and his money more than a robot could even be a co hoffa. And if I were to take a hollywell, amongst any in mankind, it would have been abubaker as my Helene. But I cannot do so because Allah has taken me as his Colleen. So I suffice with the whole of Islam or the bonds of Islam. And that is better, that is better, we have the whole or the the Hollywood Of

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course, means the very close confidant. And of course, Ibrahim is kalido law, and our process is also Hollywood law. And that's the highest category of any human being. So the Prophet system is the Helene of Allah. So he is saying, I cannot take any other Holly, Allah has taken me as his padeen, I cannot take anybody else. If I were to have taken anybody, it would have been abubaker. But I cannot take him as a Holly. So the whole of Islam or the bonds of Islam, that will be sufficient for us. And then he said, close every pathway into the rescue, other than the pathway of aboubaker. Also the close every pathway, other than pathway a worker has to deal and he said this, of course on his

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deathbed, the very last time he spoke in front of the Sahaba. And the indication is very clear that a workers deal is the one that the profitsystem wanted to take charge after him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said that or it is narrated by Abdullah Ahmed of that house that his father would have been asked when he had first accepted

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Islam. When did I will accept Islam who can remind me of

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the first batch

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the last batch of analysis, the last batch.

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I'm moving houses the last batch that accepted Islam before, before conquest of Makkah, before the conquest of Mecca. So I'm going to be the US came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he said, O Messenger of Allah, Who is the most beloved of all of mankind to you. Because armor felt that the process of loved him the most, even though he was the newest convert, why did he feel this way?

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everybody felt that way. Everybody felt blessed in the company of the prophets a little low, send them so the prophet SAW said him said Arusha is the most beloved to me. So then amber said No, I meant amongst men. And the process of them said, What did he say about her? Her father, her father, is this most beloved to me? Then I said, Okay, after him Who? So he said, I'm a little hot top. Then I said, after who, and Ahmed says he mentioned a few names, until I stopped asking questions, okay. means he realized that look, I'm not and of course, I'm gonna pronounce his a great hobby, but he's not in the top 10. He's not in the top. He's not of the better to you. He's not of that, you know.

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So he kept on asking and the process of is, of course, he's going to give the honest answer. You're asking me, I'll tell you. Okay. So he mentioned a few names, then he stopped. So the point is that, the most beloved of all of the Sahaba.

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Amongst the men was Abu Bakar. Us. A bin Omar narrates had it is inside Buhari bin Omar narrates that we used to talk amongst ourselves in the time of the Prophet Islam, who was the best of us, and all of us would choose Abu Bakar and then Omar, and then earthmen, this hadith in Bukhari, so even Omar the son of Ramadan, hottub, he is talking amongst the other Sahaba and we would discuss amongst ourselves who is the best amongst us. So we would all say Abu Bakar is the best and then Omar and then Rosemont, karate Allahu taala. And another Hadith and body as well about the blessings, oh, bucket, and this is a very beautiful Hadith, and it is in Bahati. So make a note of it. Mohammed

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yBnL, Hanafi iya said, I said to my father, who is the father of Mohammed Abu hanifa. I live in Abu Dhabi. And why is he called eminent Hannah via if he is the Son of God even have you thought him?

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So why is he called after his mother when his father's ID

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because he's not from Fatima. So to distinguish Mohammed Abdel hanafy, from Hassan and Hussein, so has said and Hussein are from the children of ultimate and Fatima had no more children. After she passed away. The Isley married a number of women, not just one, and one of the women he married was from the tribe of the bundle hanifa, the bundle hanifa. And this lady had one son, Mohammed. And so he is called Mohammed, the son of the Hanafi lady, even though this is Mohammed the son of it, but why is he called the son of the Han efia to distinguish the children of Fatima from the children of other ladies from it? So he is Mohammed Hanafi. Okay. And Mohammed Hanafi have played a very

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important role in early Islam and that's beyond the scope of this, this topic here. He said, I asked my father, who is the best person after Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, this hadith is in Bahati who is being asked I'd even have you thought it who is asking him his son, his son is asking him Okay, so this had these should be memorized written by the the Inca gold. Who is the best person after the Prophet lucidum. Ali immediately said Abu Bakar

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so Mohammed said, okay after him

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a little the Allahu anhu said Rama bellhop.

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So Mohammed is narrowed in the Hadith, he said, I was worried that the third might be Earth man.

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So I didn't ask him that. And instead I said, you must be next right?

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You see the he wants to. He wants to like make his father.

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And there were and there were tensions rising between the blue omega and the blue.

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The blue Hashim, right. There were already tensions rising and Mohammed Han Fei did not want and of course, Earth monitor the low end is from the bundle omega. Okay, so but Mohammed Abu hanifa did not want a man to be mentioned right now. So he jumped in and he goes, You must be the third then right? You must be after these two right?

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The last one who of course, he is being modest and he says, Man, Roger roger miller muslimeen I'm just one of the people don't make me so big. I'm just one of the people. Okay, I'm just one of the people. This idea distance I Bahati and is authentic with the isnaad of gold. And its content is absolutely amazing that the Son is asking the Father and the Father says, I believe aboubaker is the best and then what is the best? And of course in modesty sing I'm just a regular person of the people. Of course he's not he comes after Earth man, or the Allahu anhu.

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Ahmad vinyasa narrates the famous Armada, vinyasa amongst the Sahaba narrates that I remember a time that along with the Prophet system, there were only five slaves and two women and Abu Bakr Siddiq.

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I remember a time because Amar is of the earliest of converts. Amada. vinyasa is the earliest of Converse. And it goes I remember a time when the only Muslims were five slaves, and two ladies, one of them is Khadija. So two ladies, one of them is his mother as well. Okay, so there's only five slaves, two ladies, and one person that is not a slave, one man, and that is Abu Bakar of Sudan. That is Abu Bakar of Sudan. And this is also confirmed in the next Hadith assign Muslim the famous story of Ahmed nabasa, a salami, who, who mentioned the long story that he says in the days of yahaya. He is narrating Ibis tsunami, in the days of jelenia. I had always considered the people to

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be misguided, and they had no religion, and they would worship the false gods. So I would not worship these gods. Then I heard of a man in Makkah, who was saying some interesting things. So I decided to ride my camel to go to him. And lo and behold, it was none other than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was not public with his people about this message. He was private with this people about this message. And I continue to be good and kind to him until I pulled them aside. And I said, What are you Ma, enter notman, enter, that's my enter, what are you? So he said, an A B?

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And he said, what manner B what is an A, B? Because the Arabs did not have a concept of prophethood woman or be so the president said out of selling Illa Allah has sent me Allah has sent me to teach you to tell to guide you, and what has he sent you with? He has sent me to be good to their relatives, and to break the idols and that Allah alone be worshipped. So who is following you in this matter? One free man and one slave, how to run wild. That's all I have with me. So I'm going to says, As for the hood, it was a worker and as for the

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billet, okay, so this is a blessing of a vocoder. So this is narrated by a stranger, meaning not America, not Karachi, coming and talking, or seeing that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has only has only abubaker and Bilaal following him. And then a moment Buhari as well has another Hadith that mentions the blessings of ibaka. We mentioned it three, four months ago. And I mentioned again, because it's a very beautiful, very powerful Hadith that really shows us the blessings of Abu Bakar are so deep that it is mentioned.

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That Abubakar, so they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was his job was was on. He was carrying his job up and walking quickly towards the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to the other Sahaba as for your companion abubaker, clearly he has something troubling him, there's something going on. There's something troubling and he's not regularly like this. And

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aboubaker came to the process and said, O Messenger of Allah, I had some harsh words with almost no hot top. I had some harsh words with a hot tub. And I regretted saying those words, and I asked him to forgive me. And he refused to forgive me. So because the deal is admitting that my anger got the better of me. And Omar, I said, some words I shouldn't have said, and Omar rhodiola one who was also irritated with me, so he said, I'm not going to forgive you this one. So he goes to the Prophet system, basically getting his chef out that can I get this off my record basically between me and remember enough hot top and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, yo fiddle la Holika

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abubaker el Faro la hora loca yo yo la Holika yo

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abubaker and this means May Allah will forgive you, Allah will forgive you, Allah will forgive you now on what is not in the audience in the meantime, or Amato, or the Allahu Allah returned home, and then he regretted not forgiving abubaker and for sure that both of them had words. And by the way, I've mentioned this many times, when you study the CFO and you read this Hadith, you humanize the Sahaba and will lie in humanizing them, you actually can relate to them. They're no longer they're no longer superhuman and angels, Abu Bakar and Omar al de la jolla moraine are having the disputes that every two people have even the best of friends, they get irritated with one another, even the

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best of friends, they say things that they regret. And it is in their reaction to that we see their perfection, not the fact they don't fall into it. So Obama hottub regretted that he didn't forgive him back when Obama wanted him to be forgiven. So he went to the house of a worker, and the worker is not in the house or workers, but the processor, and he knocks on the door. And Obama his wife answers and says, No, she is not he is not over here.

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Go to the prophet SAW Salem, go there, he must be over there. He's not here. So Bob came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when the prophet SAW Selim saw him, his face became that of an angry man.

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When he saw Omar coming, his face became that of an angry man, until aboubaker, felt sorry for Omar that the process was getting angry at him. And I will Barker was sitting in the audience, and I will bucker stood up on his knees, you know, when you stand up on your knees, he stood up on his knees, and he said, O Messenger of Allah, I was the one who did vote to him. I was the one who did listen to him. And the processes ignored or or bucker said, and he said generically, to the people but of course is directed to

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Allah Subhana what's Allah sent to me to all of you, and all of you rejected me. But Abu Bakar said, I am telling the truth, all of you because Ebony and Abu Bakar sacani. All of you it took what a workers are dakini and a worker preferred me to himself and his family, with his time and his efforts and his money. So will you leave my companion alone for Anton Tarik? Only us Javi meaning Omar no matter what aboubaker did you have no right to get irritated at him? He didn't even ask the details. He did not even ask the details because the crude the CV of a worker the resume of a worker allows him to do whatever he wants now I'm gonna will hotdog has no right to get angry at him. So

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will you leave my companion alone and after this, I would die that is the narrator. He said no one ever destroyed a bucket ever again. Yeah, and he won the process of them got irritated and defended Oh bucket. So this, he was never irritated after that. And this, of course shows us again, the status of Abu Bakar also the

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the famous Hadith as well of the blessings of abakus which is metaphorically the famous Hadith narrated in almost every book of Hadith, that when the prophet SAW some was climbing or held with a walker and armor on earth man also began to tremble. And the Prophet system tapped boyhood with his foot. And he said, but should or should stay firm don't shake, because for in NEMA, it can be used also do con or shahidan. You only have one Debbie wants to do and Tisha hits on you. And this is of the highest testimonies, because abubaker is the only Sahabi that has been called us. And also this is the highest level after the profits, right. But when I can live in a normal level, I lay him in

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and Urbina was the Tina will show her that he was solid, right. So the deal is the highest level possible for nonprofits. And our Profit System gave the Shahada offered stock stop trembling, or heard was trembling, out of respect out of fear out of haber out of just like you have these glorious personalities are trembling and the process of is calming him down, calm down, calm down, you have on you and there be so deep and to Shaheed and this again demonstrates for us the the status of Abu Bakar so the role of the Allahu taala and who have the blessings of Abu Bakar so there is the famous Hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim that Abu hurayrah narrated that the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam asked the companions who amongst you woke up fasting today. Walker said I did. Then the process of them said who amongst you follow the janazah today a walker said I did

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Then the process was said who amongst you fed a Miskin today? A worker said I did. Then the president said who amongst you visited the sick today? aboubaker said, I did. Yeah. And he every single blessing that the process of them had asked a worker had done it on that day. Can you imagine on that day, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then said, these characteristics are never combined in a person except that he goes to Jeddah. So Abu Bakar just happened to be fasting on that date, visiting the sick on that day following the junos on the day feeding the poor on that day, all of this is occurring on that date. And the Prophet system gave him that testimony that he is going to

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enter Jannah because of that, in the Muslim Imam, another blessing is narrated over could have said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the

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the higher levels of Jenna will look at the highest levels those above them. So we're not talking about the lower levels. So the higher levels, we'll look at the ones above them, like you look at the shining stars.

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Like you look at the shining stars in the very end of the horizons. And indeed, Abu Bakr and Omar are amongst those group of the shining stars, meaning the highest of the high, we're in our main home, our work aroma is of that level, meaning the highest level that even the heart, the digital ruler, the person said, we'll look at those above them. As you guys look at the stars at the end of the horizons, and I will bucket and Omar is amongst those. So if the diraja to the ruler, or looking at a worker number over there, then where does that leave us? may Allah have mercy on us. Right. So Boubacar Amato, the Allahu anhu, more of the highest of the highest levels of the blessings of Abu

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which are mentioned also in the Muslim Ummah, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Ali and to Abu Bakar on the day of budget on the day of better, he said to the both of them, with the one of you is jabril and with the other is Mika, he and his Seraphin waiting to fight, and preparing in the soft with you. So the one of them had Jabri. And he didn't mention which has which ID and a worker were there. And he said on the one of you, you have GB with you and the other you have Mikael and his Rafi, and they are in the sofa with you waiting to fight. So one of these had jewelry, and the assumption is that worker, but even if it's not earlier, the 11 as well deserves

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great blessings as well. So on the one side, there was Djibouti with one Sahabi. On the other side, there was Mikael and dystrophy with the other Sahabi. And this is a very big blessing because we know that Juba deal came down to fight. We know that mega decipher came, we'd mentioned this when we did the Battle of butter, and the angels helped to the Sahaba. So who was the man whom jabril helped, either early or overcome, and who was the man who made guidance Raphael helped? Again, the other one of the of the two. Okay, so the greatest angels came down to help the get the best of human beings with the blessings of a bucket as well. And this is a blessing that I went over when we

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mentioned the evidences that I listened to have that Obama was chosen by the process and to be the halifa and this hadith is in Bahati that a woman came to the Prophet so solemn, and she asked for some money, and the process of said, Come back at a later time, I will give it to you. So meaning I don't have it with me come back, and I'll give it to you. And the woman was eager to get her share. She said, What if you are not here anymore? The insinuation What if you die? What if you're not here, and the prophet SAW Selim said, ylim tajine bakunin. If you cannot find me, then go to Abu Bakar He will make sure you get your shirt, okay. And this handy, even though it was said for this

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lady, of course, and as soon as extrapolated, because the wordings are what's important here, if you don't find me, who is the person you should go to in my absence, it is a worker, also, it is Abu Bakar also, they

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have the blessings of Abu Bakar has to do as well, is the honor that the Prophet system gave to the family of Abu Bakar. And this hadith is mentioned in Bahati in small detail and was the amount in a lot more detail in a lot more detail. That on the day of fat hamaca the father of obika Abou kochava was carried on a shield because he was too old to walk. He was carried on a shield to the prophets of Allah set up and he was placed in front of him. And his beard was completely white. Like a pigeon 100 This is the kind of woman was completely white, his hair and his beard was completely white.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lo kurata Shafi Beatty, he attained who Makkah Rama tele Abu Bakr in.

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The prophets are some said, Why didn't you leave the share?

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So he called Abu hanifa the sheer meaning the elderly man, why didn't you leave the chef at home? I would have come visiting him. And the narrator says, He said this, MK Rama Tenley Avi parkrun. To honor aboubaker. So to honor aboubaker he is telling Abu Bakar you should have left your father at home, I would have gone to visit your father. And abubaker of course said it is more befitting that he come to you for messenger of Allah. And then the Hadith goes on. And then the Hadith goes on, after that, of the blessings that will occur as well narrated by Asha and the very long Hadith of the the slander and they're very long Hadith of the slander that the one who slandered OSHA, one of

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the three who slandered Arusha was a second cousin, Miss thought was a second cousin, Miss LA. And Abu Bakar had been feeding him and giving him a stipend. Because he was out there Mahajan. He was poor. He didn't have anything. So Obama said this had been giving him a stipend. And when he found out that Mr. Was of those who spread this lander, he said what law he I will never give me a penny as long as I live. Well, I will never give Mr. Penny as long as I live. And so Allah revealed in the Quran surah a nor in which Allah azza wa jal says while I tell you we will live in Kumasi, it and you too little corba while Misaki in a while Mahajan, a few sebelah, while Yahoo while your spa who

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allowed to have bone on your foot Allahu Allah, let not the people whom Allah has blessed swear by Allah yeah tell you to swear by Allah. Let them not swear by Allah that they will not give to their relatives and to the poor. And to the Mahajan. Mr. was a relative he was poor. He was of the Mahajan. Let not the people who are more fortunate. So Abu Bakar is of those who is more fortunate. What is the meaning here of more fortunate? The primary indication is the one who has money. But of course, a lot is calling a bucket of the more fortunate because it's not just money. In this case, Obama had more money than misfire, but Allah azza wa jal says, You are the oil fluidly and we will

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follow here implies not just money, you have a higher rank than him in the eyes of Allah. So therefore Don't act like him. Be the better of the two. So Allah has made you higher. So don't make an oath to Allah. You're not going to give money to your relatives and to the poor and to the Maha Judean while Yahoo while your smile, let them forgive, let them forget.

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Move on, allowed to have bone and yell federal law, who lakum Don't you love that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is a fool Rahim. So when this ayah came down about canoed was for him. So he said, Bella will lie in nearly a hippo and your fara the oil on your federal law holy, rather will lie. I love that Allah subhana wa tada should forgive me. So he returned back to giving him and he continued to give him until he died.

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The very person who slandered his daughter, Oba Sadiq, continued to give him money until aboubaker died because he wanted Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive him, and of the blessings narrated and of the stories narrated about a vocalist that I did not narrate as of yet. It is narrated in a matter of bodies chapter regarding the purity of eating that how important should be held at risk because how that risk affects your da it affects your solder it affects your relationship with Allah subhana wa tada of the

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incidents narrated that our missionaries that aboubaker said they have had a servant who would occasionally cook for him and present to him meals. And one day, the servant said, Do you know the money that I use for this meal? Should I tell you the story where it came from? Meaning he wanted to strike a conversation he wasn't trying to play a prank or a dirty joke. He just wanted to have a conversation like Oh, let me boast to where I got this money from a story, an anecdote or incident. So because it were so he said this money that I used to purchase the food in the days of jaha Leah, I pretended to be a fortune teller.

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And I wasn't a fortune teller, but I was just deceiving the people. So it's double boom, right? fortune telling is how long and he's just deceiving the people and I earn some money with

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That fortune telling and he's trying to impress a worker like, you know, I'm so generous to you this money that I saved, I'm spending it on you. That's what he's trying to do. Right? But of course, he doesn't realize that this is not going to impress a worker. This is how money now, technically, somebody else's how money doesn't become out on for you when he gives it to you. Technically that's his business that he's done it otherwise every time somebody purchases anything from you have to ask Oh, where did you earn this dollar from? The shady has not that unreasonable? Okay, but aboubaker so this is not being mediocre like we are. He's gonna aim for the highest. When he heard this and he

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had eaten the meal, he put his finger into his mouth, forced himself to vomit until nothing remained in his stomach. Because he would not have that how long meal feeding his body he would not have that how meal feeding his body of the blessings narrated about avocados as well.

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Is the editing SIBO Hadith Sahih Muslim multifocal a, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned a story that

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the that a shepherd was minding his flock, a shepherd was minding his flock when a when a fox or a wolf came and took one of his flock took one of his flock. And the shepherd ran after this wolf to get the sheep back. And the wolf turned to him and said, who will protect your sheep on the day that there is no Shepherd, other than me, meaning when you have died or the day of judgment comes basically is talking about you don't have full control. So the wolf is speaking to the shepherd, and he says who is going to protect it on that day when there is no one to protect it other than me? And some of the people said Subhana Allah or messenger of Allah, a wolf is speaking like they're saying

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this a wolf is speaking. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, for any men will be valic what Abu Bakr in Warhammer brucato de la Noma. I believe this happened. And Abu Bakar believes that and Omar believes it. Now, this is a testimony of what

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testimony of faith, you might find this strange, but I believe it. And I know Abu Bakar believes it. And I know Omar believes it. And this is a clear indication that the process of his testifying to the truthfulness and the belief of Abu Bakar also do

00:32:45 --> 00:33:32

have the blessings as well. And we only have one or two left. And we mentioned the idea that oh boy, can I really have the blessings I will because they're very beautiful one that I mentioned as well. When we began talking about Oba Casa de narrated in Bukhari and Muslim What's it that doubleheader narrated that I saw a dream that the processor said I saw a dream that I was sitting at the edge of a well, and I kept on pulling water out of the well as long as a low willed that I pull water out. Then aboubaker took the well over from me, and he pulled out a bucket or two. And there was some weakness in his pulling, and Allah shall forgive him for that weakness. Then Omar took over and the

00:33:32 --> 00:33:42

bucket became a massive if you like, the you know the the things that the sheep and the cows and the camels drink from, you know, the big

00:33:44 --> 00:34:30

basins or whatever, right that thing that the camels and whatnot drink from. So that bucket became that massive basin. And Omar continued to get it out from our aquarium in a nasty si n zero nazzer Omar, I didn't see anybody pulling out like Omar did until all the people had fed their flock. So this hadith is motherfuck it and it shows that oh ibaka Siddiq will pull a year or two. And there was some weakness, meaning the wars that took place and he had to overcome those words. And the buckler to is a year and a year and a half. Just a little bit of time over got us to the whole room. And then unbearable. hubbub comes and the conquest began. And the oma is established politically as

00:34:30 --> 00:34:59

we'll get to. So this is a Bashara, a foretelling of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and of the blessings of ibaka Siddiq also mentioned in Sarajevo Hadi also mentioned this I Bahati that when Omar radi Allahu anhu died, even Abbas is narrating it. And Ibis is narrating when Omar rhodiola one who died and the his body had been covered up and he's in his bed so he had been stabbed. His body is covered up, he's in his bed, and I

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

Was there in his room oblivious to what's happening, meaning it's such a shock. He's in complete shock. And lo and behold, somebody put his hand on my back. And I turned around and it was highly abundant. Have you thought it? So this is another beautiful hadith of alley or the Allahu anhu talking about a worker and Omar. So it was either positive. Yeah, Tara Hamada Omar, saying, may Allah have mercy on you, Omar, a lawyer, humble, a loud, humble. And then he said, and he's speaking and he obviously has passed away. And even Ibis is in the room. He is speaking as if from what is alive, which is a common thing you just like it's not as if someone is hearing, but you're speaking

00:35:40 --> 00:35:41

to him that

00:35:42 --> 00:35:44

no one is left or Omar.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:26

How do we translate this, no one is left or a lot of that I would rather be similar to and meet Allah with those deeds as your deeds. In other words, nobody is left that I can look up to, nobody is left that I can consider that I want to meet a lot like this person. You're the last person that's gone now, from the eyes of a Navy pilot, I don't have anybody that I can look up to in that manner as a role model after you. And I always assumed that Allah subhana wa Taala would gather you with your two companions, meaning before Omar died, permission had been gotten For what?

00:36:27 --> 00:37:12

For the burial, so everybody knew where he is going to be buried. Okay, before overdyed permission had been gone for his burial. So Ali said, I always knew that Allah would combine you with your two companions, because I cannot even count how many times I used to hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say they have to enter obok Omar what the * to Ana obok Omar well harsh to Anna well, Baka Omar meaning Ali Baba de la Honda saying every time the process of said something he would always mention a walker Norman Norman, Oklahoma. So I knew that you three would be combined in depth as you will be combined in life. And this idea Is Buhari and Muslim with difficulty. And this is

00:37:12 --> 00:37:56

another testimony of the loved one. And again, we need to understand this from the Muslims. We don't have we believe that the last one, there might have been some minor tensions as happens in human beings and we talked about them a few weeks ago. But in the end of the day, our leader the Allahu anhu was a loyal supporter. In the end of the day added to the law, one who understood the status, our workout and more about the law who and whom he married. And the second to last, sorry, the last Heidi sorry, this is the last Hadith that Bob used to say in his philosopher Bob used to say, Abu Bakar say you do know what to say you Donna Abubakar, say you do now what are Taka? Say you Donna,

00:37:56 --> 00:38:27

Abu Bakar is our leader. And he freed our leader, meaning Beloved, beloved, so baugher is sacred and beloved is sacred and of course who freed Beloved, it is a worker acidic. So these are around 20 a hadith about the blessings of a worker So okay, we now move on to the a hadith that obaku studiocanal rated. And I chose a book that every one of you should be familiar with. And I'm just going to very quickly introduce it because this is something that

00:38:29 --> 00:39:17

even Muslims that are not knowledgeable of the Islamic sciences, you should be knowledgeable of the Basic Books of Hadith. Just like we're all, you know, heard of Bahati and Muslim for example, you should be aware of this book as well. And it is the Muslim Ummah had been humbled. This is the Muslim Ummah where they've been a humble, humble die 241 and he is of one generation before Bahati Muslim and the rest of the six so he is earlier than them. Okay. 241 whereas body dies 256 and Muslim days 261 So, Imam Ahmed even humble actually predates body and body met and steady with him and Mohammed. So Eman Buhari is like a student too. Mm hmm. A mom was in Baghdad, Imam Buhari

00:39:17 --> 00:39:59

traveled to Baghdad and study with him and Mohammed. Okay. And the Imam Muhammad time was the time when had these science reached the pinnacle, then the next generation, they began to be written down and codified as bodies generation, a madman time when it reached its Pinnacle, and many books were written, but most of them went disappeared and missing a mom. Ahmed's book is the most important contribution of that generation. And it is considered to be the largest collection of Hadith that has reached us. And perhaps that has ever been written. Some say there's one other book that was slightly larger than this by 10 15,000 Hadith, but Imam Ahmed

00:40:00 --> 00:40:31

Muslim is the largest collection of Hadith that has reached us and it consists of over 30,000 a hadith over 30,000 a hadith and it has been printed in 45 volumes This is one volume of them, this is one volume of them 45 volumes of Hadeeth collection of this nature it is literally I kid you not to extend your hands It is that much of a Hadeeth collection. And

00:40:32 --> 00:40:36

the moose nut is different than the other six books.

00:40:37 --> 00:40:56

by one simple factor many factors the most important one, how is it arranged? The six books what are the six books Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim sunon and Maasai Jama with Timothy sunova with a wood and the sooner we've been mature, okay, these are the six books okay.

00:40:57 --> 00:40:59

They are all arranged topically

00:41:01 --> 00:41:38

topics, the book of the blessings of will do the book of tissues total Fatiha the book of praying behind the Imam, the book of this the book of that and they keep on going chapter this year. So it's topic you look up the table of contents you go, you check down what you want the car how much the car is on jewelry, you look up hedge? Where do you stand in order for what do you say adminer? So you look it up in chapters. The moose net is a whole different type of book. It is not at all arranged according to topic, which is why it's difficult for the lay person to read. Because there's not arranged according to topic, how is it arranged? It's arranged according to Sahabi.

00:41:39 --> 00:42:15

It's arranged according to Sahabi. That's why it's called Muslim. Muslim means the one who narrated so it's arranged according to Sahabi. And therefore, if you wanted to look up a Hadeeth, you don't care the content, there is no 30th of the content at all, which is why even today in the next 20 minutes, you will see one Hadith the fifth one hadith of theology, one Hadith of the it's all Helter Skelter, no content 30 what is the 30 The 30 are the arrangement, the arrangement is from the narrator's and the book begins with a worker.

00:42:17 --> 00:42:46

So the Muslim Ummah begins with a worker, the northern Earth man alley and then goes on. Okay. And then it goes on and on in order of Mr. Mohammed's understanding of how he wanted to put the Sahaba. So it's not even an alphabetical order. So you need to know, roughly and of course, these days at hamler, their index, you can look up the index, there's three volumes of index this how big it is, you have to look up, there's an index for the index, even some Hello. So these days, you can look at all look it up. And of course, it's all even computerized now.

00:42:49 --> 00:42:57

But Imam Ahmed wanted to compile not every Hadith that he had heard, because that would have been too much. But the more famous Hadith.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:44

So Imam Ahmed must know is the largest collection of Hadith that has come down to us ever, over 30,000 traditions, as I said, and we get an idea, therefore, of how many a hadith were narrated, but it is not comprehensive. So even though we're going to go over 20, or 30, Hadith, don't think that these are the only editable because there are few edits will find here and there. But by and large, these are the most famous ones, these are the most famous ones. So let us go and begin with and I'm going to I didn't, I'm not going to go over all of them, I have chosen from them so that we get an idea. So that we get an idea of abubaker. So the rhodiola one and what he would be narrating so of

00:43:44 --> 00:44:13

the Hadith that we're going to go over? Well, let's just go over the first one very quickly. And this one is repeated many, many times that our workers stood up when he gave a whole tuba. And he praised Allah subhana wa Tada. And he said, Oh, people, you read a verse from the Quran and you misinterpret it. And he quoted verse 105, or you who believe, worry about yourselves, whoever

00:44:14 --> 00:44:28

is misguided is not going to harm you. Yeah, you will live in la conferencia como la yurikamome bonda. Today to what was the interpretation that some of the people were having, they were having this interpretation that

00:44:29 --> 00:44:48

let everybody mind his or her own business. You don't have to tell people what is right and wrong. You mind your own business and let other people commit sins, and I will walk you to the dark side. And I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, if people do not stop evil when they see it, then the Isaiah will come on all of them.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

So this is a narration where alberca is giving a whole tuba and he quotes an ayah and he quotes a hadith. You understand? He's giving the whole Torah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:33

He says, You are misinterpreting a verse of the Quran. And the verse of the Quran says, Oh you who believe worry about yourselves. There is no sin on you. If another person is misguided as long as you are correctly correctly guided, and I will work with the Zodiac says this doesn't mean that you don't say something. What it means is once you've said it, you cannot force him to do it. This is horrible cursing, you have to spread the truth. speak out against evil, then it is up to them to do and of the Hadith narrated by Abu Bakar. So deal

00:45:34 --> 00:45:40

of the Hadith narrated by Al Booker's to do that Alberto urban USB narrated

00:45:43 --> 00:45:49

lava lava spit too loud, we have to pause for this. That ultra nasm narrated

00:45:51 --> 00:46:05

that Abu Bakr Siddiq purchase from my father, a camel for 13, Durham's and at the bottom and as his father as it as it allows, it was from the unsought and when he came to pay us the money.

00:46:06 --> 00:46:30

I'll borrow it. Sorry, Isaac said to abubaker to pay the money to pay them the money. Then Abu Bakar said, Tell borrow your son to bring the camel to my house whenever you're done with it whenever you finish, bring the camel to my house. Okay, so a bottle of bananas is supposed to bring the camel to the house of abubaker. Then as it says, No.

00:46:31 --> 00:46:37

The money has been given. No, until you tell me the story of the hedgerow

00:46:40 --> 00:46:41

he wants.

00:46:42 --> 00:46:43

He wants

00:46:44 --> 00:47:40

knowledge. There was knowledge, you will get the camel when you tell me the story of the hero. Okay, tell me what happened, then I'll send that back out with the camera. Okay, so I will workers did send some stories of the hero. And he said we exited any Vodaphone and we camped at night and we spent a day and a night in travel. Until finally one the sun had risen high. And the heat was beginning to hit us with its the sun was going to hit us. I looked around Was there any shade that I could shade the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in and there was a large rock in the distance. So we wrote there. And I sat the Prophet system down in its shade. And I put a feroce for him to sit

00:47:40 --> 00:48:21

in, because it's just him and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And I said O Messenger of Allah, you take a nap here, you take a nap over here. So the process that took a nap he laid down, and then I went to see Is there any food or water I could get? So I saw in the distance, a shepherd with some of his flock, and I went up to him. So this Oh baugher summarizing the hijra details from the hydro, so he's giving him taking care of the processes, so they sell them. So I went up to him and said, Oh, hold on, or young man or or servant, who do these sheep belong to? And he mentioned the name somebody from the corporation, and I knew this man. So I said, Can you give us some lemons?

00:48:21 --> 00:49:10

some milk? So the shepherd said, Yes, I can give you some. So he took a one of the the sheep and began to began to milk it, but I first cleaned the other, so he doesn't want any dust to come into the cup. I first dusted away or cleaned the other. And then I gave him my my pouch or my water. So you know, that had that water canister canteen, I gave him a water canteen, and he puts some of the milk into it. And then I put it in the shade to cool it down. So that he gonna give it to the process and I'm cold. Then I came to the process a little I sent him and I stood there waiting until he woke up. So kind of look at it, you know, because of the look at how much he is doing. Bit by

00:49:10 --> 00:49:54

bit. He finds the shade. He puts the bed. He then goes and he finds some something for the person to drink. And then he stands there waiting for him to wake up. And then when he woke up, I said, it should be out of sutala here drink this on messenger of a law and he drank until he was satisfied. Then I asked him Is it time to leave? So we continued on and the people were still behind us. But none of them found us other than Soraka Gibney Malik in New Generation Soraka, the famous orapa that we talked about his story, and we saw him in the distance. And I said O Messenger of Allah, this is the envoy or this is the the guy who's basically at the, the, the the emissary or the one who's

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

gonna basically if he catches us, the rest are gonna follow. So the scout the Scout, isn't he

00:50:00 --> 00:50:46

This is the scout. This is the scout if he catches us, then the rest are going to follow. And the Prophet sallallahu. I said him said, law has been in the law minor, the same verse that he said in law, they thought he said it again, law hasn't in the law minor, until finally there was only the distance of one, one arrow. So when you throw an arrow, one arrow between us and Soraka, and I began to cry, a worker is saying, I began to cry because rockers galloping on his horse, and a walker and and the process, Myrna Campbell this already tired and Soraka has his horse. So there's only a distance of one arrow and I began to cry. And the President said, Why are you crying or worker? So a

00:50:46 --> 00:51:29

worker said, O Messenger of Allah, I am not crying over myself, I'm crying over you. I'm crying, what will happen if you are caught? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hands and said, Oh, Allah, protect me with however you want a law McPhee. Now he'll be matshita. This is a headed attorney, he'd be my shit that you should memorize this, oh, Allah, take care of it in whatever way you want. However, you want to take care of it, but take care of it. And so the first two feet of the horse immediately fell into the ground, and Soraka fell out. And as soon as the President said, Aloma pre-negotiated immediately Soraka fell down. And of course, this had his does

00:51:29 --> 00:51:46

not mention the details. other books mentioned happened three times. Okay. Walker is just summarizing, and not giving all of the details. And so Soraka stood up, meaning on the ground, and he shouted out, yeah, Mohammed, I know this is from your deeds, meaning you're the one who have caused this. So

00:51:48 --> 00:52:33

make dua to Allah and stop, I'm not going to continue onward. I'm not going to continue onward. And I promise you that I will hide your tracks from the people behind me, ie I won't tell the other people about you. So Soraka is now convinced, and of course, he's going to accept Islam. So Rocco is now convinced that the process of them has powers that Allah has given him more or less protecting him that he cannot get to him. And Soraka said, I will give you my my arrow pouch, and you can go to my people, they will give you food and drink, meaning I am the chieftain, I'll give you this as a sign that is from me, and they will give you food and drink. And the prophets I send them said, keep

00:52:33 --> 00:53:19

your error pouch, we have no need of any food and drink. And the processor may draft for him. And he went back to his people, and a worker continues. And I went on until we went on until we reached Medina. And the people greeted us and they all came out into the streets and they all looked upon us from the rooftops and even the servants and the children. They began shouting out Allahu Akbar, the prophet system has come jam Mohammed Giada sudo LA and the people began disputing with one another who will honor the prophets of Solomon, who will he be a guest of and the prophets have said, tonight we will sleep with the bun in the jar. The uncles of Abdul motala remember the great great

00:53:19 --> 00:54:00

grandfather possum and married with a balloon job to natural Soobin in a job and I will honor them with this and then the next day we will go wherever Allah wills to go. So this is the hadith of workers summarize before he could get his camel from Varanasi. Okay, so this is an interesting narration and again, is humanizes look at the bottom and as you say, as if the father, he wants knowledge, and he's like, I'm not gonna give you the camel until you give me the story. Okay, now bokaro de la Honda gives them some of the stories from from this era from the era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of the a hadith of okra Cydia and this is perhaps his most famous

00:54:00 --> 00:54:44

Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and Muslim by Mohammed short sweet to the point that Abu Bakr Siddiq said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, using the miswak is purifying to the mouth and pleasing to Allah. Simple Hadith, using the miswak is purifying to the mouth cleaning to the mouth, and pleasing to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. This is perhaps the most famous simple habitable bucket that basically keep a clean mouth of the hospital workers to do that. The workers of the UK said, the product that I said to the process in one day, or messenger of Allah teach me a door that I can say in my sweater.

00:54:45 --> 00:54:59

I limited to an Adobe happy sadati so the process of them said, say Allahumma inni, Valentina. uhlmann. Kathy, Rob Walla, yo fuzu, but in the end, fulfill the Mo Farah terminal.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:20

harmony in Nick untell la foto Rahim, this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and Muslim and Mohammed. Now this is beautiful because of what is obvious. Abu Bakr Siddiq is asking the Prophet system or messenger of Allah, teach me a dua that I can say after every single seller.

00:55:24 --> 00:56:07

So faesal allottee. And it could be in the end of the salon when you sit down towards the end, so you should say this, yeah, the one before that this name, but this drug can be set at any time, obviously. And the prophecies on teaches him to do so how blessed must that be that obok are asked and the process and responded. So He then told the other Sahaba what was this dua, that Allah I have wronged myself immensely, and no one forgives wrongs other than you. So forgive me a forgiveness coming from you and have mercy on me. You are the food and you are the Rahim You are the who for Rahim. So this is of the dogs we should memorize of the dogs we should memorize of the Hadith

00:56:07 --> 00:56:35

narrated by Obama. So do and this is a common theme that we have at least 15 narrations and it was the moment and we're not going to go over all of them but one of them that felt a man a bus or the Allahumma came to the Prophet sallallahu came to obaku sudip asking the inheritance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the lands of Fedak and the shares of habanero. And remember, feather can haber were given to the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

00:56:36 --> 00:57:24

When when the Battle of labor took place. So a worker said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, we meaning the prophets do not give inheritance, what we leave behind is going to be a sadhaka. And the family of Mohammed Salim shall eat from the Bay tomorrow from the Treasury. They're not they don't have to worry about money they're going to be taken care of, but they're not going to be given my money specifically. In other words, the process of saying, all that I have will go to the oma and my family will be taken care of, but not directly the money will go to them. And then I will back her said that, and I will never abandon what I heard. The Prophet says that I'm saying,

00:57:24 --> 00:57:34

meaning I cannot give you this money. And I talked about this controversy. From the very beginning. I talked about this God very we talked about the whole issue of the haber and fedrick and all of that of the Hadith

00:57:36 --> 00:58:18

that I said to the Prophet sallallahu it he was selling while we were in the cave of sold I said to him, that all messenger of Allah if one of them looks down at his feet, he shall see where we are. And the Prophet system responded back to me. Yeah, but couldn't malvani Luca with naini Allah who 32 Houma obaku What do you think of two people, Allah is the third of them. So Oba is narrating this, who else is going to narrate it, who How do we know this incident, he is the one narrating it so he is telling the people when I was in the cave, this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, of the famous Hadith as well of a vocalist to death and this pretense to the Day of Judgment

00:58:20 --> 00:58:32

pertains to the Day of Judgment. Oba coulda said the accent that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that the job will come from a land in the east by the name of Horus, and

00:58:33 --> 00:59:18

that the jar will come from a land in the east by the name of Horus, and, and a group of people will follow him whose faces look like hammered shields, whose faces look like hammered shields, meaning their faces are perhaps more flat than other faces or other people have different interpretations of this. But the point being that Abu Bakr Siddiq has narrated to us with the process of said the gel will come from a land that is called hora sand. Okay, and Horus and we all know to this day where is the land of what are some of the Hadith narrated by Abu Bakr Siddiq, I will not go over all of it is one of the longest Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and Muslim Mohammed is like four pages long. I'm not

00:59:18 --> 00:59:59

going to go over all of it, but just the beginning and then I'll leave the rest because you should all know this hadith obaku said get married that one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed Salatu will federal with us. Then he sat until the sun rose. And he laughed. He laughed. And he stayed there until he prayed for her. And then he prayed outside after that, and then he prayed Muslim, and all day long he did not speak. And then he prayed to Asia, and he was about to go back to his family. When the people said to me, why don't you ask him? What does

01:00:00 --> 01:00:27

happened? Why this happiness and laughter? Why isn't he telling us what happened? So notice here, the people said to Abu Bakr Siddiq, you asked him, which shows what? They knew the status of obaku in the eyes of the Prophet of Islam, because they're trying to get to the process and through him. So abubaker radi Allahu anhu said O Messenger of Allah, you did something today, you have not done before.

01:00:28 --> 01:01:10

So he actually asked, then the Prophet system said yes. And then he went into the long Hadith that today, Allah showed me what will happen in this world and even in the next and I saw that on the Day of Judgment, all of mankind will be gathered together from what the first of them and the last of them until they will go to Adam alayhis salaam, so this is the famous hadith of Shiva, okay, then they will go to North Dakota Ibrahim, then they go to Mossad and go to Isa then they will come to me. And he mentioned and that had it goes on and on in a lot of detail. I will fall down such that in front of Allah subhana wa tada in this hadith he says, I will stay there for a whole week in such

01:01:10 --> 01:01:58

depth. For whole week in such depth I will remain in front of the throne of Allah. Then Allah will tell me, oh Mohammed, raise your head. arafat Saku Smith was far too short for that speak, you shall be heard and give chef, your chef I will be accepted. So the Hadith is basically about the famous chef. And what we learn here is that Abu Bakar acidic was the one was the one who asked the Prophet system about the details. And he was the one who basically told us what to this. The Shiva is of the Hadith narrated by obaku so deep that one of the one of the one of the Tabby rune says that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died, Abu Bakr as Siddiq stood up in the very first year of his

01:01:58 --> 01:02:12

khilafah. And he started giving the whole tuba and he said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood right here in this place. And then abubaker began to cry.

01:02:13 --> 01:03:01

So he is overcome with emotion, thinking of that scene that the process himself was on this place. And then he said, and he and then Abubakar said, the Profit System set, so understand what's going on. The tab Erie is narrating a worker's football. And it will occur during the whole tuba. He gets emotional, and he begins to cry. And he's crying because he is standing on the member of the profit, so send them and he is saying the process of them stood right here. Now, by the way, we learned from other traditions that Abu Bakar is never climbed the three steps that when the process and him passed away, he never Walker never gave the hood but from the top step, he would always give it from

01:03:01 --> 01:03:02

the second step.

01:03:03 --> 01:03:46

And then when Omar became the halifa, he went one step down, even. And then when earthman became the halifa, he had to build a new member. So the The concept was not there for not going down but a worker so they're always able to hold back from the second member, he never went to the top where the profits was at about stood. But the point being is that the process of stood in this place, and then he began to cry, then he composed himself and then he said and he said, so a worker is narrating a hadith on the member, what is the Hadith on a complicity for in the hoh Malbin wahama agenda? I command you to speak the truth, because speaking the truth is righteousness, and the two

01:03:46 --> 01:04:11

of them will be in agenda. And I warn you from lying, because lying is evil, and the both of them will take you to jahannam and I asked you to make dua to Allah for Elmo alpha or for Allah, Allah here, what is allowed here. So we should always make to our to Allah alone and so local alpha alone is adequate alpha or more alpha and alpha means what does it mean?

01:04:14 --> 01:04:41

Is is not the best translation. And alfia means to be free of calamities. alfia means to not be afflicted with tests and trials. We don't want to be afflicted with tests and trials. So we ask Allah for Allah Sophia. So the process is saying and ask Allah for our fear, because no one has been given anything after faith that is better than our fear.

01:04:42 --> 01:05:00

We don't want to be tested. There are people that are being tested right now around the globe. There are people that are being tested with food, with hunger, with poverty, with fear. They're being tested in their founders and being tested with sickness. We don't want to be tested. So we asked a lot for a laugh here because no blessing after a man is

01:05:00 --> 01:05:41

is better than afia. And then I heard the process that I'm saying so because the deal is narrating hided from the member, then I heard the process that I'm saying, do not break bonds with one another and do not stab one another in the back meaning by by no not not backbiting, by plotting and planning, plotting and planning against one another and do not hate one another and do not be jealous of one another, but rather be servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala all of you together. And this hadith is a famous Hadith narrated in so many books, but in this version, we get other details obaku Siddiq, narrating and in the hot tub, he is crying when he narrates it. So these are details

01:05:41 --> 01:06:32

that you will not find in many other books of Hadith of the Hadith narrated by ibaka so deep that it is narrated that when the Prophet has been passed away obachan acidic was in the outskirts of Medina, and he rushed back and he took the cloth off the face of the profits of the law while he was selling them and he kissed the face. And he said Fidel laka Abby will only tip the Haitian woman yet and or multivac haomei eaten me my mother and father be given in ransom for you or messenger of Allah. How beautiful are you in life and in death multibagger Haiyan when they eaten, Mata Mohammedan water bull Kava tea, the hammer system has died by the Lord of the Kava, and then it goes

01:06:32 --> 01:07:06

on until it says, I will book it and Omar went to the unsolved and I will buckers spoke to the unsolved and he didn't leave a single blessing that the Prophet says had mentioned about the unsolved except that he mentioned it. And he said to them, oh, unsought. You know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that if all of mankind were to go in one Valley, and the answer were to go in the other Valley, I would take the Valley of the unsought and you Oh, sad, you know, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and you were sitting there, now, what is you mentioned sad,

01:07:07 --> 01:07:51

because sad was the most qualified, and the contemporary and the first convert of the unsought. And if anybody would have been the leader, it would have been sad. So Barker says to sad one until you're sad, you are sad, you know, one taco I do, we're sitting right there, I remember you were sitting right there, that the Profit System said, Corporation would have to had an MD fabbro necesitaba only liberate him, liberate him with fibromyalgia God him, that it is the Quraysh who will take charge of this affair. So the good of the people will follow the good of the orange and the bad of the people will follow the bad of the kurush so sad said, You have spoken the truth, oh

01:07:51 --> 01:08:10

backer, we will be the helpers and you will be the leaders. So this narration once again, we went over other details, but this one is in the first person. abakada Sadiq is telling the people, this is what happened. And I said to sad, you were sitting there and this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

01:08:11 --> 01:08:15

of the Hadith mentioned as well by Abu Bakar so deep

01:08:17 --> 01:08:31

that his son Abdul Rahman Al Roker says, I heard my father mentioned. So Abdul Rahman is narrating from his father, that I heard my father mentioned that I asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam once

01:08:33 --> 01:08:45

are our actions, or our actions, something that destiny has already written, or we are creating our own destiny.

01:08:46 --> 01:09:20

Okay, are our actions something that helps us is already decreed? Or are we the ones doing our own destiny? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said balada amberlynn called the fullier woman who rather The matter has already been decreed. The matter has already been decreed you're not going to change the color of Allah, nor will you invent it. So I said, for female Amalia rasulillah Why then should we do anything or messenger of Allah? What's the point of doing anything? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

01:09:21 --> 01:09:32

Could loan Maria Serrano, Lima Haleakala, who every person will find whatever he has been created for. That is what you will end up doing.

01:09:33 --> 01:09:48

And another version so this is an interesting version because Obama was telling his son and he says I asked the process of him and other versions we basically learn in other versions By the way, it is not mentioned as a worker somebody asked, so I will hurry to narrate someone asked the process of them.

01:09:49 --> 01:09:59

Should we do any deeds or is it already father, but a worker is narrating that was me. I am the one who asked the question. And of course this is very interesting because the

01:10:00 --> 01:10:41

This shows some very deep thinking. It shows a worker is thinking in a very different line, very profound line. It is the same question that every human being at some point in time asks, and he asked the process of directly, or messenger of Allah Has everything been decreed, or we are doing our destiny right now. And of course, we believe we believe everything is credit. And the President said, No, this already been decreed. So all Booker asks the logical question. So what's the point of doing anything? Why should we do anything if Allah has already decreed everything? Is the question that everyone asks. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the other version erema, do

01:10:41 --> 01:11:17

you continue doing, don't just give up, you have to do because whatever you do, whatever you do, whatever Allah has decreed, that is what you will end up doing. Meaning and this is a very beautiful, I spoken about this and other Holocaust, I've given over here. When I went into the theology, one, I spoke about this idea, notice the process of did not go down the philosophical tangent of trying to explain color. Because your mind will simply not go down that tangent. Rather, he said, don't worry about that. You do what you have to do.

01:11:18 --> 01:11:43

Don't worry about what has been other than what has been decreed you'll never understand that airman will do your stuff. And whatever you do, that is what Allah had already been decreed for you. Okay, so we don't just sit back and say, Oh, it's already been decreed. We have to do the deed. And we have to get to the goal. And it's already been decided for us, but we don't, it's not something that is affecting our will.

01:11:44 --> 01:12:00

We're not being controlled like robots. And we know this. And the President said, you have to do your deed and you will find out or you will do only what Allah has decreed for you. So this hadith is important and interesting because it demonstrates into a workers the perception and

01:12:01 --> 01:12:16

profundity and asking the Prophet system some very deep question of the Hadith also narrated by Oba Casa de and we're running out of time and I don't want to continue this next time. So let me just quickly go over some of the more important ones that have the narrations obaku said

01:12:18 --> 01:12:51

that our workers sent yazeed a bin Abu sufian to Syria. He has it it'll be Sophia is the uncle of z in La Jolla. Okay, Josie even abuso fan is the uncle of yours even while we're while we have interview Sophia and had an older brother, he has eat interview Sophia. Okay, so this is not the holly from yazeed. This is the Sahabi is it? There's a habeas EAD. And then there's a halifa ziet, the halifa Z, there's not a Sahabi.

01:12:52 --> 01:13:13

Clear. So this is the older brother of ours. And he was the first person to go to Syria. Before more our our worker sent him to Syria, then years, he passes away then while he goes to Syria and the time of Roma, and he then eventually stays there for the next 50 years. Okay, so he sends yazeed and he says, Oh yazeed

01:13:14 --> 01:13:25

you have relatives, and I'm worried that you will choose them to be people in charge. And that is my biggest worry for you.

01:13:26 --> 01:13:28

This is a worker speaking to the Romania

01:13:29 --> 01:14:12

and he had some premonition that I'm really worried about this disease, that you have relatives that are high and mighty whatnot, you have pedigree you have prestige your family is known. I'm really worried. So yazeed did not fall into this trap, because I was warning him right now. He is he is told by a worker I'm worried for this. And I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever is given charge of my oma and he then places his relatives and loved ones in positions of power allows lionize on him. In other words, nepotism is how we know this. nepotism is how long so this is interesting that Oh, Baka Siddiq has this premonition and he warns, he has to be careful I'm

01:14:12 --> 01:15:00

sending you in charge, but don't fall into nepotism don't fall don't fall into nepotism of the Hadith of the hadith of Abu Bakr Siddiq are missionaries that Fatima the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to obok acidic after the process of died asking for her inheritance. And our banker said I heard the Prophet says solar Selim say we do not leave any inheritance, whatever we leave is sadhaka. So Fatima became angry and she left Abu Bakar and did not speak with him until she died. And she died six months after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam now, this

01:15:00 --> 01:15:34

Had it. I've talked about this before as well, that, in fact, Arusha did not know. We learned from Ali and others that Abu Bakar visited Fatima on her deathbed. And he made up with Fatima and Fatima was basically fine with him right before she passed away. Okay, so we learned this from the other narrations, and the most other of hacking, and others are he narrates that when Abu Bakar was dying on his deathbed, I began reciting poetry, and I reached this line.

01:15:35 --> 01:15:45

Well, I'll be able to use the SCADA hamama be what she he or be earlier Tamar is made to live around MIDI, which translates as, and His face is shining bright.

01:15:46 --> 01:16:00

Even the rain clouds will seek His face in order to rain, meaning that which was already plentiful, we'll find more plentiful pneus from his face,

01:16:01 --> 01:16:47

and he is the spring of the orphans, and the rock or the pillar of widows. Now avacado Siddiq heard these lines, and he said, that koala hero pseudo law is the law it says, That's not me. That is a pseudo law so seldom don't praise me like this, that is Rasulullah meaning he's just being modest here. Arusha is basically realizing your father's passing away and he she's, you know, it was the customer of the time you would write this poetry, the, you know, nostalgic or sad poetry and the and I will because the Duke says that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of the Hadith narrated by Oba Casa de it is narrated that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away, the people began

01:16:47 --> 01:17:29

to wonder where should the processing be buried? And abubaker acidic said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, LAN yoke Barnaby Yoon in Haifa moods, this is the Hadith. No prophet is buried except at the place where he dies. So take his bed away, and we will dig under his bed. So that's what they did. So this is the highlight we all have gone across this idea as well. That a worker Siddiq was the one who told them where to bury the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we just have two three heads left and then inshallah we're done. That of the Hadith narrated by obaku has to do that.

01:17:30 --> 01:17:47

Earth man even a fan narrated that. I said to obika once, how I wish that I had asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how I wish that it asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how we could get rid of the word swosu shaytaan

01:17:49 --> 01:17:55

I wish I had asked the question how to get rid of the word suas of shape on a worker Siddiq said I already asked him that

01:17:56 --> 01:18:13

already asked him that. So he said what? So a worker Siddiq said the prophet SAW Selim said what will save you from the Westwater shavon is that you say what I commanded my uncle to say but he refused to say

01:18:14 --> 01:18:14

which is

01:18:16 --> 01:18:16


01:18:17 --> 01:18:22

okay, that is a high or low so this is a beautiful holiday shows us what

01:18:23 --> 01:18:43

was my name and iPhone wanted to ask a question. Lo and behold aboubaker has already asked how much more did he ask how much other knowledge did he have? It is now gone. But the question is man had obaku this deal has already asked him and of the and I love this beautiful Hadith and inshallah let me just try to finish up.

01:18:44 --> 01:18:54

The more important one. This is one of my favorite high detail vocalists the defendant is also in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim as well. And in Musa Lima Mohammed were workers who do wear

01:18:55 --> 01:19:06

a burqa alberca Sudhir and Ali. Both of them are walking after praying salata Lhasa after the processing has died by a few days.

01:19:07 --> 01:19:33

So this hadith mentions that a worker and the Levant are walking outside the masjid after a few days of the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they passed by Al Hassan ibn Ali playing with the children. And hasim nalli is playing with the children little kid running around, and aboubaker picked him up and put him on his back.

01:19:34 --> 01:19:49

And abubaker then gave lines of poetry while the abbey ship wannabe Lisa shabby, Han Balian that, Oh, wow. Oh, great. This child resembles the nebby he doesn't resemble at all Ali.

01:19:50 --> 01:19:59

Okay, so he's basically teasing that, you know, he skipped a generation doesn't look like you he looks like the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And I Lee began to

01:20:00 --> 01:20:44

laughs at this why the young, your heart? And what does this show us? I mean Subhanallah it shows us that no matter whatever minor issues happened in the end of the day they were together. And that to me exemplifies real. Whoa a real brotherhood that Abu Bakr Siddiq is playing with Hassan cracking a joke with Holly that he skipped a generation it looks like his grandfather. He doesn't look like you at all. And the prophets Allah Allah, Allah, Allah one who is laughing at this, of the Hadith obaku Siddiq, that when the words of riddle were going on, a robot could have said this appointed Khalid al Walid Waleed to lead the reader the words of the day. Then he said, I heard the Prophet solo

01:20:44 --> 01:21:13

seldom say, so this gives us the reason why is Khalid being appointed the commander, I heard the Prophet system say what a great man is highly limited, worried, he is the safe zone minzu filler, he is the sword that Allah has unsheathed upon the co founder monotherapy. So this is the Hadith about Khalid, and a worker is narrating it. Then a worker says because of this, Heidi, I'm going to put Khalid in charge. Okay. And that's of course why he put Khalid in charge

01:21:14 --> 01:21:57

of the a hadith of a worker Sadiq and I mentioned this one last week that when Obama was about to die, he asked Ayesha, what day is this? And he was told it is Monday. So he said, so I will be dying tonight. Don't wait for me till tomorrow. I'll be dying tonight. I'm not going to be doing dying tomorrow. Because the most beloved days and nights is the one that resembles that of the process of the most. Okay, so we already mentioned this Hadith, and he said this on his deathbed, on his deathbed of the Hadith about aboubaker. So this rhodiola one is that even urban Malaika narrates that once a man said to Oba Casa de ya halifa de la

01:21:58 --> 01:22:27

and it will bucket acidic said, Anna Holly for Torah, Su de la, one or all the metallic, oh halifa of a law. And Obama said no, I am the halifa of Rasulullah. And I am happy with that. I'm halifa Rasulullah and I'm happy with that don't make me halifa of Allah, that's too big of a title for me. I'm calling for to rasulillah of the Hadith narrated by obaku Sudhir from our borders and eslami that he says that once I was with the Bakula studio,

01:22:29 --> 01:22:45

helping him in some affairs, and one of the people there became very angry at him and started cursing and getting extremely angry at him. When I saw this, I said, Yeah, Holly, Fatah, rasulillah. Should I execute him?

01:22:46 --> 01:23:10

When I said this, Abu Bakr said the change the conversation and moved on to something else. When everybody had departed, he called me and he said, Oh, Bursa, what did you say to me before? So I had forgotten what I had said. And he reminded me, and he said, didn't you say that you would strike his neck off? And I said, Yes, I did. And I'm willing to do it. Now if you want.

01:23:11 --> 01:23:25

Tell me and I'll go do this. So our workers said they said, Woe to you way Heck, that is a honor. That no one after the process of deserves Meaning what?

01:23:28 --> 01:23:28

Meaning what?

01:23:34 --> 01:23:37

If someone insults anybody else that's not Cofer.

01:23:39 --> 01:24:11

Other than the processor, Scylla let this man insult me. He doesn't deserve to have his head cut off. That's what he's saying. Right? Whoa, too careful. The fact that he did this does not allow me to take his head off. That is something only the process of had that high of a respect that somebody who made shut them or land in front of him. He had that right. It's the right of the process maybe wants to and if he does not want to have the hadith of our workers to do

01:24:12 --> 01:24:45

is that a walker was riding his camel once and his the stick that you hit the camel with it fell down. And so he paused the camel had it kneel down. He got off the camel and then he got the stick and came back up. And we said to him, oh, Holly photo Rasulullah Why didn't you command this? We could have given it to you? Why did you have to stop the whole Campbell and get down? And he said, My beloved commanded me that I should never ask favors from anybody.

01:24:46 --> 01:25:00

never asked anybody a favor. And such a nuisance to stop the camel. Get off of it. Pick up your stick, and there are people there. And it was just handed to me. I mean from Allah what monsters would not do that.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:18

Write this and there's nothing wrong with asking, but obaku Siddiq said my part of the process of My Habib said that not to ask anybody any favors, so I didn't want to ask anybody any favors, and the final tradition that we will do inshallah tada the final tradition that we'll do inshallah tada is

01:25:20 --> 01:25:21


01:25:22 --> 01:26:06

the final Heidi's which word talked about this as well, that they didn't have it said that obaku said, the accent for me, after the massacre of yamamah. And Omar was there with him. And he said, Oh vaca said, Omar came to me, and he was worried that the Quran of the Quran would dissipate, and that the Quran would be gone because of all of the Quran being killed. And so I think and I suggest and advise that you be in charge of the, of the compilation of the Quran, because you are a young, intelligent man whom we trust in nikka, sharp one afternoon, learn to tell him Look, you are a young, intelligent man whom we trust. And you also used to be the one who writes the way for the

01:26:06 --> 01:26:52

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So they didn't have it says, will law he if they had told me to move a mountain, it would have been easier for me than assigning me this task. And then the deed goes on. But this narration again, directly from Xavier from aboubaker. So do that he is asking him to compile the Koran in the lifetime obaku also do and there are other repetitions as well. But by and large, what I quoted you is the bulk of the Hadith narrated by Abu Bakar has to do in the Muslim of Imam Ahmed and insha Allah which either next Wednesday, we will begin the stories and the Sierra and the lifetime and the blessings and the Islam and the philosophy of honorable kebab. And most

01:26:52 --> 01:26:55

likely that will take at least four or five

01:26:57 --> 01:27:25

weeks because I'm going to help Bob, really his fate alpha was when the political domain of Islam was established, we're going to have to go over some of the more important battles but as I did with Oba close the deal, we're not going to go over in that much detail, because this is not a history lesson as much as it is a biography of the Sahaba. So we'll summarize the battles but nonetheless, it'll take a few weeks in shallow data, any quick questions or shallow before we? Yes, go ahead. Yes.

01:27:40 --> 01:27:51

Authenticity does not have to do with when it was written, because the motto of Mr. Maddock was written two generations before your mama hammers Muslim.

01:27:52 --> 01:27:56

The motto of Mr. Maliki Mr. Malik, died 179 Ah.

01:27:57 --> 01:28:10

And in my day 241 that is 62 years. Mr. Malik is two generations after him I'm sorry, Mr. Mohammed is two generations after Mr. Malik.

01:28:12 --> 01:28:30

Yet we don't say that Mr. Malik is his motto is the most authentic book, it is one of the most authentic and it's not is the shortest typically, it's three people might acknowledge a bit more of the process of literally, Maalik. Now for even more nebulous and this is the the golden chain, but it's not a matter of

01:28:32 --> 01:28:37

when it was written. It's a matter of conditions that used in my Malik, among others,

01:28:38 --> 01:28:51

they were willing to have minor gaps in the chain. They're willing to use people that were Grade B grade C, not just Grade A, any man Buhari, wanted to only use Grade A.

01:28:52 --> 01:29:40

And he made a very conscious decision to only compile the greatest of the narrator's in each level. And he was the first person to do so to make this condition that every narrator I'm going to use is going to be of the highest caliber. So because of this Mr. Mobile Holly, so here was the very first attempt at writing a sloppy collection. Mr. Hammer did not attempt to write a Sufi, that wasn't his goal. He just wanted to compile the most famous Hadith from every Sahabi. The Muslim, Mr. Malik did not aim to compile the Sahara or even a hadith. Much of the more thought is not Hadith. It's simply narrations from the Sahaba. And that's why the Mata is not put in the six books, because it contains

01:29:40 --> 01:30:00

fatawa of the Sahaba as well. It's not just a Hadith, and it contains the customs of the people of Medina in mmamoloko, saying I found the people of Medina doing this. That's a part of his book, because he considers the actions that people of Medina as a source of evidence. So because of this the motha he

01:30:00 --> 01:30:05

Even though the Hadith in it are very high level, but because much of the book is not Hadith

01:30:07 --> 01:30:36

it's not even put in the six books and because it's very small, it's literally some versions of it you can find it little, you know, small booklet whereas, and so it's basically less than 700 600 heads, whereas Bahati others three four or 5000, a Hadith, Muslim imams 30,000 heads So because of this the Malta is not put in, does that answer your question? inshallah and with that inshallah Tada. We will pause for this and then continue next Tuesday with the physical sutra and then Wednesday with the

01:30:37 --> 01:30:39

life of a model for the beautiful Bob Smith.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us an insight on the life and times of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (RA) and how his virtues and good traits have been explicitly explained via numerous hadith on and by him. Many attributes can be imbibed and emulated from the life of this great companion like his generosity, kindness,truthfulness, loyalty to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. A few that can be enlisted are as follows:

  • Amr ibn al-’As, (RA), narrated that he asked the Prophet ﷺ “Who is the most beloved person to you?” He said, ‘Aisha.’ I asked, “Among the men?” He said, ‘Her father.’“ [Agreed upon]
  • Abu Said al-Khudri, (RA), narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said, “There is no one who has done more favor to me with his life and property than Abu Bakr ibn Abu Quhafa. If I were to take a Khalil (very close friend), I would certainly have taken Abu Bakr as one but the Islamic brotherhood is superior. Close all the small doors in this mosque except for that of Abu Bakr.” [Agreed upon]

  • Anas (RA) said, “The Prophet ﷺ ascended the mountain of Uhud and he was accompanied by Abu Bakr, ‘Umar and ‘Uthman. The mountain shook beneath them. The Prophet ﷺ hit it with his foot and said, “O Uhud! Be firm, for on you there is none but a Prophet, a Siddîq and two martyrs”. [Reported by al-Bukhari 3686]

  • Jubair bin Mutim narrated that a woman came to the Prophet ﷺ who instructed her to return to him again. She said, “What if I came and did not find you?” as if she wanted to ask, “If I found you dead?” The Prophet said, “If you should not find me, go to Abu Bakr.” [Agreed upon]

  • Ali, (RA), said, “The best people after the Messenger of Allah are Abu Bakr and ‘Umar. Loving me and hating Abu Bakr and ‘Umar do not gather in the heart of a believer.” [Reported by at-Tabarani in Al-Awsat (the Middle)]. Ibn Al-Qayyim, therefore, said, “It is sufficient for us to abide by the words of Ali (RA). We have accepted for our world what the Prophet ﷺ has accepted for our religion [The Benefits by Ibn al-Qayyim, pp. 111-112].

  • Abu Huraira [RA] reported that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ has said, “Who has observed fast among you today?” Abu Bakr replied, “It is I.” He (the Prophet) said, “Who among you followed a funeral today?” Abu Bakr replied, “It is I.” He (again) said, “Who among you visited an ill person today?” Abu Bakr said, “It is I.” Upon this the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Anyone in whom these good deeds are combined will certainly enter paradise.“ [Reported by Muslim 1028]


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