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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us an insight on the life and times of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (RA) and how his virtues and good traits have been explicitly explained via numerous hadith on and by him. Many attributes can be imbibed and emulated from the life of this great companion like his generosity, kindness,truthfulness, loyalty to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. A few that can be enlisted are as follows:

  • Amr ibn al-’As, (RA), narrated that he asked the Prophet ﷺ “Who is the most beloved person to you?” He said, ‘Aisha.’ I asked, “Among the men?” He said, ‘Her father.’“ [Agreed upon]
  • Abu Said al-Khudri, (RA), narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said, “There is no one who has done more favor to me with his life and property than Abu Bakr ibn Abu Quhafa. If I were to take a Khalil (very close friend), I would certainly have taken Abu Bakr as one but the Islamic brotherhood is superior. Close all the small doors in this mosque except for that of Abu Bakr.” [Agreed upon]

  • Anas (RA) said, “The Prophet ﷺ ascended the mountain of Uhud and he was accompanied by Abu Bakr, ‘Umar and ‘Uthman. The mountain shook beneath them. The Prophet ﷺ hit it with his foot and said, “O Uhud! Be firm, for on you there is none but a Prophet, a Siddîq and two martyrs”. [Reported by al-Bukhari 3686]

  • Jubair bin Mutim narrated that a woman came to the Prophet ﷺ who instructed her to return to him again. She said, “What if I came and did not find you?” as if she wanted to ask, “If I found you dead?” The Prophet said, “If you should not find me, go to Abu Bakr.” [Agreed upon]

  • Ali, (RA), said, “The best people after the Messenger of Allah are Abu Bakr and ‘Umar. Loving me and hating Abu Bakr and ‘Umar do not gather in the heart of a believer.” [Reported by at-Tabarani in Al-Awsat (the Middle)]. Ibn Al-Qayyim, therefore, said, “It is sufficient for us to abide by the words of Ali (RA). We have accepted for our world what the Prophet ﷺ has accepted for our religion [The Benefits by Ibn al-Qayyim, pp. 111-112].

  • Abu Huraira [RA] reported that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ has said, “Who has observed fast among you today?” Abu Bakr replied, “It is I.” He (the Prophet) said, “Who among you followed a funeral today?” Abu Bakr replied, “It is I.” He (again) said, “Who among you visited an ill person today?” Abu Bakr said, “It is I.” Upon this the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Anyone in whom these good deeds are combined will certainly enter paradise.“ [Reported by Muslim 1028]


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