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Abdullah Oduro
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I want to over to cat to to move on to the more Kadima Fibonacci payment Josie and his beautiful book go to sleep, which can be translated as the shower of good utterances or what is translated in English and one of the books, translations called the invocations of God. He does as the aroma. I've always always do Ramadan low to Allah and this is from the person and from their good manners and from their, their allegiance to the deen and their allegiance to teaching the people and the people themselves. What he says after the election on June Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and my old alma jewel Javonte I get to Allah COVID dunya will ask and he says Allah is the one that is asked the one that is hope for his answer that he will proceed your follow you or take care of your affairs in the dunya and in the accurate in this life in the next life. Well I used to build I lay company I'm a hula hula Balti now and to shower upon you or to to cover you with his blessings the apparent and that which is hidden while you enjoy Allah commandment either. And I'm Allahu alayhi Shakur way the Tulia subway that has never stopped for these three things. So he goes on to make the DUA and he says that he's asking Allah and he's saying in a

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different way will load Elon Musk. He doesn't say us Allah Allah. He says Allah who must school Allah is the one that is asked which is implying that I'm asking him now being that I'm going to make dua for you. But he says for three things. He says

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I used to be the Navajo Valhalla Balto and to, to shower upon you or to put upon you the blessings that are hidden in the parent. But then he says what are your other commandment either and I'm Allah Allah, He Shakur, and you make you from those that if Allah was to bless him, he is thankful he thanks him, were either totally sober and then he if he or she was patient, if he or she was tested, that they are patient way that has never stuck for and if they were to perform a sin, then they would be they would seek forgiveness. For in the heart, well, that is the last in the heavy mortar forever. On one side, I just think it is really these three, three, these three things are the

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affairs, the affairs of the happiness of the servants, why lemma to follow he for dunya O'Hara and the sign of his happiness or his success in this in this life, and in the next next life, the afterlife. Well, they in fact, what I'm doing I'm a burden. And the sermon is not does not separate from them at any time or any any shape, form or fashion. For end of the day, Emanuel Takadanobaba been a heavy hit after Balclutha really the servant of Allah flips between these three or goes between these three situations and this is important to hear to explain this event. Okay, I'm Rahim Allah to Allah is giving you the introduction and showing the look, all of us are human, and that

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we're going to fall into these situations and it's between these three. If Allah blesses you with something, you're thankful, and if you if you

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if you were to be tested your patience, and if you were performing sin, then you would seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala just stop and think about each one of these. Either I'm Allahu alayhi Shakur, II, I cannot be Econet, Bucha kind of stain. So not to let them know I'm talking to him, but Sirata Latina and I'm telling those that you have your blessings upon particularly, he's talking about those that are following the deen of Islam that are following the religion that are doing their best to follow the Kitab in the Sunnah of the book and the son of the prophets of Allah who it was some of them but even generically, more generally than that is when

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Allah gives you something are you thankful there will be moments where you will not be thankful? There will be moments where you are forgetful. And that's why he says it an AMA Allahu alayhi Shakur and also to remember that all of what is good that has been given to you. It has been given to you from Allah subhanho wa Taala ultimate ultimately, which reminds you of your purpose of life, which is to show gratitude to him. On top of this, you may be tested those tests from Allah subhanho wa Taala is to condition you those tests from Allah subhanaw taala is on purpose and it's for an ultimate reason and that test is there to make you a better person but depending on your Outlook

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firstly depending on your Aki that your belief, that is the anchor that is going to keep you strong to make you of those that are assaulting those that are patient. Well, best shit is sobbing as Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to congratulate those that are patient when he mentions the trials and tribulations that one may face as even says here when enabled or when the Combi che imminent have your jewelry, they will test you with some portion of or some account of or a shade of fear and hunger when I'm assuming I'm wily with them right and deficiency and money and loss of lives.

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Well that sheet is sobbing and congratulations to the patient once the patient doesn't mean you may not have feelings, but the patient means that you withhold it away

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They are you withhold it from that which is not beneficial for you in this life which shows displeasure we that totally as someone who either has never stuck for within this process of being patient, you may not be at times, you may fall short. But Allah subhanaw taala says we're either as never, if or when he wants to perform a sin is stuck for they seek forgiveness from Allah. Verily, these are the three situations that the servant you and me will fall into. And it's important for us to recognize what our response is, and inshallah the rest of this book is going to be that which is a form of remembrance of making use of those that perform all three of these inshallah Tada being

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the result of them. Insha Allah was sent Mr. Aiken Rahmatullah. He'll better get

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