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In this enthralling series on Abu Bakr, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi continues his talk on the battles of Ridda.

We are introduced to another false prophet- Tulayha Al Asadi who was key in the battle of the Trenches but accepted Islam later and then made huge contributions in the battles of Yarmouk and Qadisiyah.

In this talk, Shaykh explores the people who regarded themselves Muslims but did not give Zakah and how Abu Bakr RA addressed and raised concerns about this issue and how it was sorted eventually.

Differences in interpretation are discussed at length which make it clear how the events that led to refusal of Zakah by the Muslims transpired. Citing a connect between Eeman and Amal, the incidents that happened are shed light upon.

We are also acquainted with the types of people in connection with Eeman and Amal:

  1. Believe and Action - True Muslims
  2. Lack of Belief or Action - Non Muslims
  3. Belief is prevalent but Lack of Actions - Hypocrites

What is required from Zakah and Salah to be a Muslim? This question has been answered with support from the Qur'an through various pairing up of verses.

The conversations between Umar RA and Abu Bakr RA, Khalid Ibn Waleed and Malik Ibn Nuwayra, the Chieftain of Banu Tamim is given a mention and how it sows the seeds for laying importance on the giving of Zakah and how blood money is only paid to Muslims, showing the status of people who refused to pay Zakah.  

The Shaykh explains that people who withhold Zakah due to greed will be classified as sinners and rebels.

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