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Our first question for today, brothers setac from Indonesia, emails and asks about the ruling of nutmeg in Islam, because he says that he uses it regularly in his cuisine and spices. And yet he just heard a fatwa that says that it is how long

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hour to sell me Kobe dig in Reja learn No, hey, lay him first.

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So, this is a spicy question a shallow Pun intended not to make is of course, the name given to the seed of a particular plant. It's its biological name is I'm gonna butcher the name here. Rusty Shia Frank grants, which is mainly harvested in Indonesia, Indonesia is the largest exporter of nutmeg. And so our brother setec is emailing from Indonesia. And of course, it's also produced in India to a lesser degree and other places. And it is used as a spice or a flavoring in many, many cultures, and in particular, the southeast and Southeast Asian cultures. So India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and of course, Indonesia, Malaysia, especially in these but also even in the Western

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cultures, you know, there's a famous drink here, that is done in western lands that involves nutmeg and what not. So, it's a very common space here. And this the the term for nutmeg in Arabic is Joseph a three and is also called Joseph, Hindi as well ascribed to India, even though it does not typically originate from India, meaning it's not the main source. However, in the good old days, spices will go through India and then reach the Silk Route. And so, nutmeg in particular, it would Yes, it will be growing in India, but it will be brought from Indonesia in other places, and then it will be spread. And so it was called Jos. A hint, basically the seat coming from Hynde. And also by

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the way, just FYI

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according to many historians nutmeg was one of the main factors that Europeans wanted to discover the direct route to India so Christopher Columbus, his journey was because of nutmeg well not make and spice and

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nutmeg and also pepper and salt. They wanted direct access. So nutmeg actually played a very big role in the the incentive for Europeans to try to discover as they call the the new world they were, and that's all about the the the spice of nutmeg. Now, what is the problem? Why would why would our brother ask what the issue of nutmeg Well, the the the fruit or the the seed of nutmeg refers to seed, the seed of nutmeg, it has a compound called virus to seed. And this compound, if it is ingested in a particular concentration, and in its pure form, it can produce effects that are hallucinogenic, ie, the same types of effects that happens when you drink alcohol, or when you're

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doing Hummer Wiener or whatnot, or if you take some types of drugs or whatnot. So, this seed, if it is ground, and ingested in a particular manner, with a particular purity to particular concentration, it can produce hallucinogenic effects. However, if it is used as a regular spice, if it is cooked in a small quantity and mixed with food, and used in the regular cuisines around the globe, that in fact produces a very nice flavor, which any of us who have eaten and I myself have eaten that my plenty of times obviously, that we are very familiar with, and these types of food items, no matter how much you eat that food item, whether it is a drink, whether it is a spice,

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whether it is a curry, that if you were to eat or that or drink or the substance in large quantities, nothing would happen, because it is used as a spice. And so therefore you have the same substance. One aspect of it is primary usage is for spices, and it's a very nice spice and it is a international spice. And it is also possible to derive from the same substance, something which is without a shadow of a doubt how long because it is hallucinogenic. And there are people and there are cultures even but it's very, very rare that us not make to produce that hallucinogenic effect. And it is something that is very, it is done an acts of desperation when people don't have access to

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actual, let's say the hardcore drugs or they don't have access to alcohol, and they do have access to nutmeg and they are addicted and they need to get that high. So there are ways to do it. Again. It's not something No need to teach you all of this and not that I'm an expert at hamdulillah. But my point is that there are ways to use the same substance to produce that hallucinogenic effect. So therefore, what will the ruling be?

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This topic or this issue of nutmeg, it is not something new, it is something that has been discussed since the very beginning of it's a discovery amongst the out of and the Muslim populations and therefore, we do have a number of earlier ademma medieval or them actually not early because again the by the time this so I classify rhodamine to, you know, early and medieval and pre modern martyrs for for, you know large categories you can say. So, there are some of the earliest phases but generally speaking that make hadn't reached Arabian lens at that time. However, however, we do find discussions of this, Joseph or Kleber Joseph had hinted is called, we do find fatawa, from Roma for

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more than 1000 years ago. And it is true to state that quite a lot of them did view nutmeg to be in the same category as those substances that cause a scar that cause soccer, which is basically intoxication. And so they lumped it together with alcohol. And therefore, to be precise, therefore, the question of nutmeg actually is a very interesting discussion about the types of substances according to the classification of the Sharia, when it comes to how long or how long and if you were to consider anything that intoxicates no matter how it is, whether it's liquid or solid, and whether it is you know, just to the small quantities, it becomes a spice if you were not to not care about

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any of this, and you were to consider all such substances to be Hummer, then you would apply the ruling of Hummer to not make what is the ruling of alcohol. What is the ruling of vodka of wine, what is the ruling of gin of beer, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mascara Kathy Ruth aka Lulu how long that which intoxicates in large quantities will be how to arm in small quantities. Now, this is the ruling that is given to alcoholic drinks. And therefore, if you know 510 glasses of beer intoxicates an average person then one drop of beer to add to your food for the for the sake of that, you know beer, it will be considered how long and this is the photo of quite a number of

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aroma. And in fact, even if you log on online in Arabic or English fatawa, you will come across a number of allameh that have said nutmeg is how long based upon this principle. And this is not a strange or unique or bizarre fetch where this is a mainstream traditional photo. And there's nothing wrong with this fatwa. And one of the great scholars of our medieval tradition even hedgesville hate me who died 974 he jostle 600 years ago 500 something years ago, he was asked about nutmeg. And he said that the scholars of Makkah and Medina and the scholars of Egypt have deferred over nutmeg. So this is a noun a controversy taking place. So the controversy is now taking place this is now the

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time that nutmeg is spreading in Muslim lands. And so you have various groups of early about so groups are allowing it groups are not allowing it and then he himself said that I like to follow even Dr. Collins fetter which is another great shot for a scholar who said that it is moose Kira it is the same ruling as alcohol and another great scholar even though they're a mad he said that just like hashish just like you know, the drug hashish it is how long so to nutmeg is going to be how long and he then quoted the Hadith called loose Kirin Hummer wakulla hombre in harem anything that in toxic case will be called a Hummer. And every Hummer is how long so this is the photo of ibn Ali

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read and have even remembered and they've been hijacked. Al hate me. This is not by the way. They've been hedger, half of the last Karani who commented under 10 body. This is another advantage of who's called Nigel hate me there's two famous even hedges, there's 100 years between them. So the point being you do have that photo and you find it online. No problem. Is this the only photo? No, there are a number of other olema, who looked into this deeply. And they said and this is the key point here, that nutmeg does not fall under moose cure, it doesn't come under that which is intoxicating. Rather, it comes under something else called Maha deer, or they say more fat, or they say mifsud. So

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there are and again, this is a much more advanced topic. I'm not going to go into all of this. Some of them I categorize such substances into one that's your skill. Others say no, there's two other save three other say four. So here's the point, how do you categorize all of these substances that will then make your distinction but of the fact was that not all of these substances are the same and a number of greater allameh said that these types of substances that are used as spices in some some areas, and perhaps as as types of drugs and others, they cannot take the ruling of the musket especially because they are not something that the Sharia has come explicitly for

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bidding. So we look at other factors as well. The shadia has forbidden Hummer. And Hummer is a type of drink that has alcohol in it. As for more than that the mojado is typically a solid substance that effects the body by bringing about a sense of lethargy or also sometimes bringing about ecstasy, ask for more factor. This is something that brings about a generally speaking type of sleepiness, or even a move suit is that which basically knocks you unconscious. And according to another group of scholars amongst them as the famous Imam or romley. And the the medic is called al Qadhafi in his book book alpha, which is a really encyclopedic book that he talks about the

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differences between that which might be considered the same. He goes, No, there actually differences. So he says difference number 40 is between the moose scare off and the Mahabharata because these are not the same categories. And he says that, it's that those substances in which there is a need to use them, not for pleasure, but for some medicinal purposes, let's say, okay, and the body finds a healing mechanism through them do not take the same verdict as alcohol. And he gives a number of examples. And he also ended with this photo, by the way, it's not something new, a member normally was asked about nutmeg, and he wrote a fatwa in his famous book called fatawa, in

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which he said that it is allowed to ingest nutmeg if it is done in small quantities. However, if it is done in large quantities, then it becomes how long? Why, why is this distinction made, this distinction is made, because the concept of mahad is not the same as that of mosquito. And the reason for this is the following that there are many differences between the mojado category and the mosquito category. For example, the punishment for drinking alcohol, which is the lashes in the *tier will not be applied to somebody who takes, for example, not to make this not it's not the same punishment, for the sake of Hi, I'm saying if he takes it for the sake of becoming high, that

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punishment will multiply as well. The issue of an adjuster nutmeg is not religious. However, according to many scholars, hammer is not just now again, the position that I hold is 100 is not an adjustment we talked about. There may be another lecture. I know I gave a longer lecture about this. But the point is they distinguish between the hog deer and moose kill. And they said mojado is not nudges, whereas mosquito is nudges, and other punishments as well, that differ between 100 and mosquito. So the point being, what this group of scholars said is the following, they said, those substances that are solid, and that do affect the body, we look at the goal and the purpose of those

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substances. If it is done for the sake of this same high the same, you know, how those eugenic effects that Hummer produces, then it is how long However, if it is done for medicinal purposes, or if it is done for a spice, and it does not have the hallucinogenic effects, then in this case, this group of scholars argues that the Mahadev does not take the ruling of the muskie. And this is the footwear that I personally follow because it is the common sense, and it is the logical one. And it is one that confirms with the goals of the shediac. And I'll give you some simple examples. So what do we do when we need to take a substance to numb a part of the body for an operation? What do we

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do? What do we need to knock ourselves out? For an operation, you know, the, the person will give us that substance? And it is of course, you know, just sometimes it could be liquid, sometimes it could be, you know, inhaled or whatnot. Now, these types of substances affect the mind these types of cells. So morphine is a good example, right? What do you do when somebody is in pain, and he has to be given morphine and morphine does have a type of ecstatic effect. However, that's not the primary goal. That's not the intention, the intention is to numb the pain. The same goes for those things that add logistics, for example, or those things that will cause us to go to sleep for the sake of

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an operation. Generally speaking, we are not allowed to ingest or inhale substances that are going to interfere with our minds, yet it is allowed before operation to you know, knock a person out and to ingest or to inhale or to put this liquid into the person's body. Why? Because this is not of the musky rot. It is not taken for pleasure. It's not taken to produce at a high is not taken to escape from the problems of this world is being because that's what people do when they want to get drunk. They want to escape from the problems of this world and they want to produce this temporary high that causes them to feel that ecstasy, that euphoria that hallucinogenic effects, they're

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daydreaming and they're in a you know, a type of

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phase or whatnot, that type of of pleasurable ecstasy, which serves no purpose and it harms the body and the soul. It is how long in all circumstances However, what if the substance is taken for another purpose and not for that aesthetic purpose? Now, if the substance is hammer, there is no leeway because the Sharia has come with hammer, forbidding copper, and the Hadith forbids hammer. And our professor said, It is not a cure, it is the disease itself, there is no cure in hammer itself. You don't drink vodka or gin or beer or wine for any medicinal purposes. And one drop added to your food will make it hold on does not make take the same ruling. Some group or scholar says

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Yes, it does. And another group says No, it doesn't. And they said, Those who ingest nutmeg in those quantities because it requires a much larger quantity. So FYI,

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many cultures use not make as I said, it's something that is done around the globe. And none of the, you know, items, the food and drink items that are consumed around the globe. When they are produced properly. None of them causes any effects. There's no hallucinogenic effects. I mean, children eat these food items. And you know, adults and pregnant ladies and elderly people that eat and drink from these nutmeg products, and nothing happens. In fact, I guarantee you, many of you watching this YouTube video right now are actually shocked to discover that nutmeg is a hallucinogenic substance, it can be used as one, it's not the primary purpose. And the majority of people who have it in their

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shells don't even know that it is potentially hallucinogenic. Because the when you buy it from this, the stores By the way, it's actually diluted. And it's something that you know, you really have to go a little bit crazy and overboard to to to become hallucinogenic offer the product that you buy, if you wanted to do do that, you would get the actual nuts and you would ground in a particular matter, particularly concentration, those people who No no, and the the end product that we buy from the market is actually very different. And it is very difficult. I'm not saying it's impossible, you know, it's very difficult to use that substance to become high. And therefore, and also, by the way,

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those who are, you know, wanting to go down that route, they don't use nutmeg, because there are so many other substances that are easier, accessible, and do the job better nutmeg is only done, you know, for by those people who are so desperate, and they don't have any other alternative, and they figure out how to do it. Otherwise, it is not something that is resorted to therefore the bottom line, there is a good position a solid position that considers not meant to be the same ruling as alcohol. And so they would say that the small and the large of it is how long and that is a respectable position. It is backed by the generalities of the concept of moose skill. And the chaos

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with the analogy of nutmeg being the same category as the muskie or author as the alcoholic drinks. However, there is another position which is also mainstream. And it is also you know, early settlers of medieval Islam. And it is also something that our earlier scholars 500 years ago discussed, and I would say the majority of researchers who understand food and medicine and modern science, in our times, the majority of scholars who have a chemical background, seem to sympathize with the fatwa that nutmeg is not the same as alcohol. And I'll give you a number of examples. So there was a very well attended very large conference that took place

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in Kuwait 20 years ago in 1995. That was done under the organization of the Islamic conference, one of the largest councils of the world, the network, the fifth year, the medical network, fifth year, the eighth Council and they discussed a number of things and they said the Mohammed did the Mohammed did generally speaking are held on except if it is done for medicinal purposes for a need and for the level that is needed. In other words, there's got to be a need and the level has to be appropriate for what you are doing. And then in the same fatwa, they said and there is no sin on using Joseph tree which is not Meg in order to affect the flavoring of the food, if it is done in

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small quantities as long as that quantity does not bring about a sense of euphoria or ecstasy or induce have estrogenic effects and fatwah. So this is a fatwa from the one of the largest field councils of the world. And generally speaking these councils they bring experts and specialists and they bring people who know these matters better than I because again, there is an element of chemistry that is involved. There's an element of fully understanding the realities of of the substances. And of course, because of this, we do have this this, you know, debate or controversy on so many issues between

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generic scholars who you know they have a good understanding of the Sharia but maybe not fully aware of the specifics of what they're talking about versus those who have other speciality is another great scholar who's a member of the International Union of Muslim scholars, one of the largest councils of the world. He is actually the president currently, Dr. Ali Mohammed the mohiuddin, Cora dalgety very great Adam, and also one of the senior Rhoda ma he actually is taken over from sheer Calcutta bawi the fifth Council and he has a fatwa as well about nutmeg. And he says that the usage of nutmeg is permissible, if it does not lead to a state of ecstasy or euphoria and it is used in a

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small quantity for food in order to bring about the taste. However, if it is done for other than this, if it is done for euphoria or ecstasy, then it is not going to be permissible and quote, and the great scholarship guava zu Haley who has written many, many, many volumes of work, and his most famous work, I forgot his name, he won the lotto, which is a multi volume work, which goes over all of the issues of filth and a very contemporary manner. And it is an encyclopedic reference for every single student of knowledge. I use this book also a lot all the time shawanda Zhu Haley gave a fatwa about this that llama neera Minister mother colleague palaemon Joseph isloch at the army will khaki

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wanna he will usually Milka theory and Mahavira there is no problem in using a small quantity of nutmeg to bring about a change in the flavor of the food or a cake or anything of this nature. And it is not allowed to ingest a large quantity because it will become a Masada. So Dr. Haley and the fifth Council and Dr. Ali, Mohit Dino karate and before them she rumbly. And before the mocha Rafi and all of them, they basically said that nutmeg is not the same as alcohol. And the same goes for many other substances that come under this category, that they do have a purpose that is not hallucinogenic. That is not meant to induce a euphoria. And that purpose is holiday, it could be

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medicine, or it could be flavoring, as long as it does not produce that effect, then it is permissible to use in that realm. It is not take the ruling of Homer. And this is also the photo of the dowel Iftar of Egypt, which is one of the senior in fact it is the senior fifth Council of Egypt consult composed of many rhythms of the Lhasa University in particular. And so the official photo of the Torah, if that is that that make is allowed in small quantities for cooking. And this is also the federal, of the Federal Council of Georgian as well, that they too have given a fatwa in this regard. Now, again, as we are aware, usually that's why we ask these questions, you know, generally

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speaking, the questions I do, would have some, you know, back and forth. Otherwise, if somebody if something has been unanimously agreed upon, generally speaking, there's no question about this. So our brother was using nutmeg. And he came across a French word that says it is how long so this confused him. And I conclude by stating that is a legitimate and valid Fretwell. We respect your lemma who said that, and there's no problem to follow that factual, however, there are many rudiment dare I say that in our times, those who understand the science of you know, these products and those who understand the chemical nature of food products and of herbal substances, generally speaking, we

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find that they do not agree with this somewhat simplistic notion of viewing all food categories that might potentially affect the mind to be the same as the category of Hummer or alcohol no Hummer is a category and so the moose kill is like a which is a liquid intoxicants that have alcohol is one category and we'll have that is another category and we can even say more fact it is yet a third category there should be at least three categories if you ask me But anyway, that is a more longer topic in a nutshell, pun intended, in shallow data, nutmeg is halaal when it is used for the sake of your spices and your food, and if somebody uses it for other than that and to produce hallucinogenic

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effects, then there is no question that it would become how long and it would take the ruling of all other types of drugs that are taken for hallucinogenic effects and for ecstasy and the sin would be upon that person. That does not negate the fact that it is permissible to use then but not make for holiday and that is the default of what man can use it for. And Allah subhana wa Taala knows best.

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he can