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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © A caller named Rosa Mohammed is asking two questions about a prayer. The first question is related to the width of the prayer and the second question is about Suna's actions. The first question is related to the winter prayer and the second question is about Suna's actions. The speakers discuss the importance of having evidence of these scenarios in order to make a decision.
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My name is Rosa Mohammed I'm calling from Andhra. Okay.

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My question is

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with with with context to your earlier answer to witr prayer where you said there is no limit to the width of prayer, sorry, the novel prayer when I have

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hobbies in

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where I should have Ilana and her mother, faithful believer sees that Prophet moments originally used to speak 11 Raka.

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So, can you clarify me on that and the second question is with regards to Suna, when in Book of Juma say Bukhari, the Omar Aviano and

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they are 12 rocket and he breaks down the cost of the resort to the garden. Yes, yes. So I appreciate if you can hear me out those things. Thank you. We come great question. Brothers and sisters. The first part of the question is the winter prayer. Now we know that there are many a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praying witr prayers and sometimes it would be tool cards sometimes off on not to work as one card sometimes it will be three little cards and actually there are even narrations that it was even five rockets, the solar to the winter. Now brothers and sisters realize when you categorize things, then things will make sense. Whatever has been specified

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in the Sunnah is specified we can change it. So for example, the witr prayer, in addition to that the sonoda carrots that we pray after our

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compulsory prayers, so the tutorial cards before fetcher, and the raw cards before and after the hora and so on. These have been specified in the Shetty or they've been specified in the Sunnah. They have explicit Hadees to show their amount. So this is important what is specified we leave it at that but the general rule is that if it is not specified, so let's say after you finish your winter prayers, or you finish the Sunnah prayers after salado, after salado, you pray to rakaats on when you are done, can you pray an extra tool rockets? Can you pray an extra four? Can you pray an extra 10? The answer is yes. Because after what has been specified, it's left open for you again,

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you can pray as many voluntary prayers as you like. So once you categorize these different scenarios, these different circumstances then things will start to make sense as long as we have evidence that there is an amount and we mentioned this in the first part of the question when we addressed this earlier. Once it is specified and there is an amount that you should pray or that you should perform, then there is no question that's what we stick to, such as local level hierarchy.

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