What’s the Islamic Ruling on Divorce

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What’s the Islamic ruling on divorce? Is it halal, haram, etc? Let’s find out…


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Santa Monica Monica de la heat a lot of cat, what's the ruling of divorce?

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So many people think that divorce is something

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permissible or basically not allowed, unless there is a necessity for it. So what are Muslim jurists said about divorce there's one common Hadith it's been used by say many scholars and you might heard it before abode halali in the light bulb off the most hated Helen thing to Allah is divorce and this hadith from but we're studying this not open if you found out that this heading is handed mosa and it is one of the category of weak heads is not a very authentic hadith and also the the words and give Hadith is a problematic because that has nothing had a loss but Allah hates it whenever loss or hate something isn't halal anymore. It's became hot. But definitely divorce is not something that

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Allah is encouraging us to do. Or it's something that pleases our last panel with that it's actually quite opposite. It pleases the shape on the Muslim report in a certain authentic hadith that a chiffon put his throne in the water, bring his lieutenants and his the shout being of his and he starts asking them, what did you do today? So one, I said, I basically convince him or her to steal, to kill to do this and to do that, and one of them would say, I convince him to divorce his wife, and she thought, hey, come closer to me, you the best of all of them, because he knows by breaking the family, he breaks the community, you know, divorce is something not encouraged something that it

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should be a last solution and resolution that we go to. Many scholars also said that divorce. So they would say divorce is highly not recommended for the person and only allowed would if there is a reason for it from the woman's side or from the man or from the man side. Also, the sad divorce can be sometimes Hallam is not a lot. Like for example, the scholar said it is forbidden to divorce your wife during her menses it is how long is not allowed, or forbidden to divorce your wife after having intercourse with her. You should wait until her period until she got her period and she finished her period and after that, if you want to divorce or you can initiate the divorce

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scholar said divorce can be sometimes mcru dislike when that live is possible. You know you live in with your wife in peace and everything's going good but you know, maybe for over small things you just want to divorce her or she wants to divorce and they said that will be not recommended as sometimes permissible. And let me give example permissible if there is no love, there is no attachment there is no attraction between both of them, sometimes divorcing lmsw It is recommended when the person feels that he abused her when he feels that he's not really giving her rights. And sometimes divorce is watching. And Emma said when the divorce will be watching if a person abandoned

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his wife for months, okay? Or a make an oath and he said well, I will not approach my wife.

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So in this case, we give him a period of time, if he does not go back to her and he take her back and live like normal life in this guest who said he must divorce her and cannot keep her hanging like that. Or watch him in a case of someone that his marriage to her will cause harm to her life. Maybe he has some sexual transmitted disease that she cannot protect herself from it that she will take that disease by just being around him.

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infected by it in this case, we said we separate between them if there is harm happening to both one of the both parties in this case then the divorce will be watching.

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And in order for any divorce. Also there is another important point to be discussed here which is the divorce in urla. categorize it to two category divorce versus Sidney any according to the center and a divorce which is it which is harm is not allowed. And this is need its own

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episode talking about the difference between the Sydney divorce and the divorce a shallow dog