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The speakers discuss the history and success of the " booked of chemical transmission" concept, including the "immediate of chemical transmission" concept created by Frederick Jacobsen and Louis Litchfield. They also emphasize the importance of practice and learning to achieve success in personal development, particularly in mathematics and science. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a course on mathematics and science.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala shuffelin ba were more serene Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, thus leaving caphyon kathira former Baba, my brothers and sisters, we were talking about the story of Tao that is Salam. And we were, I was saying to you that we need to remind ourselves

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to be thankful to Allah subhanho data. And

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while being thankful to inventors of technology,

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there is no need to get intimidated by them

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and to feel in any way inferior, because ultimately, the superiority or inferiority of anybody is not dependent on

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on race or color, or any other factor it is dependent only on one thing, which is the result of Allah did the person get that or he didn't get that.

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And, and the, the first step for that the first very first step, to get the result of Allah subhanaw taala to get the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala is to believe in Allah and to worship Allah alone without any partners.

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So if somebody is not on 30, if somebody is not accepted Islam, then it doesn't matter what they did or didn't do, they will never be in that position which even the within courts whatever it means the smallest of the Muslims in

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because the Muslim is the is the person who has accepted

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the one truth in life, which is Shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah or shadow Namaha models will bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And that Muhammad Salah Salem is the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala then assumed and IB and the last and final of them after whom there is no other messenger.

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So talking about the

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role, that literally

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the role that Allah subhanaw taala plays in some cases very directly, when Allah subhanaw taala guides people to certain discoveries that he wants them to discover. And they did not read Muslims. I'm going to give you some examples.

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Penicillin, the fantastic antibiotic, which was a huge lifesaver. Alexander Fleming

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who is who was, you know, this is because when history is written, it is written in favor of whoever

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whoever's writing it, and they're kind. So, Alexander Fleming is given the

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the honor of having

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discovered it or see the see the issue. Now, he noticed a halo of inhibition of bacterial growth around a contaminant, blue green mold or a staphylococcus plate culture. So, he was actually doing an experiment with Steffel of stuff with staphylococcus bacteria, and he found that there is a ring of area around that, which is not infected, he concluded that the mold was releasing a substance that was inhibiting bacterial growth. So, he drew he grew a pure culture of the mold and discover that it was penicillin, no data withheld from a chemist, he isolated what he later named penicillin during the next 12 years, and this is we're talking about

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1928 actually used only 1940s He grew and distributed the original mold unsuccessfully trying to get help from any chemist that had enough skill to make a stable form of it for mass production. Now, of course, we have to

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we have to honor and we have to be thankful to people like this who persisted in making this thing and into and creating a creating something that is

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you know, that is usable and which can be transmitted and which can be shared with the largest number of people with the without the money and without the effort that goes into systematic research.

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We can never get products which are stable and which can be used across the board across the world. It will always be in the in the area of legends and

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some kind of cottage industry or

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or some some exclusive formula. Interestingly,

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from 1895, you're talking about 1940s When Alexander Fleming worked on it, or at 19

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about almost 100 years before, Arab stable wise, used to use this substance to cure horses, so for whom they use this and it helped them. And India and China use this right from prehistoric times. But the credit for the research for stabilizing it creating a product which can be mass produced and distributed, of course goes to Alexander Fleming, another one, auto Louie.

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Born 1873 died 1961, a German physiologist won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1936. For his work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses. In 1903.

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Louis had the idea that there might be a chemical transmission of nervous impulse rather than an electrical work, which was a common held belief until then, but he was at a loss of how to prove it. He let the ideas live to the back of his mind. Until 17 years later, he had the following dream and lo, he wrote this, that the night before Easter Sunday of that year, I awoke, turn on the light and jotted down a few notes on a tiny slip of paper, then I fell asleep again. It occurred to me at six in the morning that during the night, I written down something more important, but I was unable to decipher this crawl. The next night at three o'clock the idea of return.

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It was the design of an experiment. To determine whether or not the hypothesis of chemical transmission that I had uttered 17 years ago was correct. I got up immediately went to the laboratory, and performed a single experiment on a frog's heart, according to the nocturnal design. Now think about this. It took Louie a decade to carry out a decisive series of tests to satisfy his critics. But ultimately, the result of his initial Dream Induced experiment became the foundation for the theory of chemical transmission of nervous impulse and led to a Nobel Prize. Now, where does this dream come from? We know the man just saying that if you think about this, and how Allah

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subhanaw taala guides when he wants something to happen a lot more often it makes it happen.

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It doesn't happen necessarily only to a Muslim. Now think about another thing, which is Allah would not send a dream about creating an experiment to measure nerve impulses to somebody who does not know the first thing about science

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to think about is that when we talk about these things, it is not every miracle that comes comes on the tail of Illa mashallah, and again, we are not talking about them, but I am seeing others it comes on the tail of preparation in that line.

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Another one

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I hope I'm producing pronouncing these names correctly. Frederick August cool a fawn strand on its is a remarkable figure in the history of chemistry, specifically organic chemistry. Twice. kecuali had dreams that led to major discoveries. calcula discovered the travaillent nature of cava, the formation of chemical organic structure theory. But he did not make this breakthrough by experimentation alone. He had a dream, as he described in a speech given at the dois chemists,

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jello shaft German Chemical Society. He said I fell into a theory and low, the atoms were dancing gambling before my eyes. Whenever hitherto these diminutive beings that appeared to me they had always been in motion. But up to that time, I had never been, I've never been able to discern the nature of their motion. Now, however, I saw how frequently to smaller atoms united to form a pair, and how a larger one embrace the two smaller ones. How still larger ones kept hold of three or even four of the smaller ones was the whole kept whirling in a giddy dance. I saw how the larger ones formed a chain, dragging the smaller ones after them, but only at the end of the chain. The Cry of

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the conductor club abroad, awaken me from my dreaming. But I spent part of the night in putting on paper at least sketches of these dream forms. This was the art of this was the origin of the structure theory.

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Later here a dream that helped him discover that benzene molecule he discovered the benzene molecule and he discovered that the benzene molecule unlike other known organic compounds, had a circular structure rather than a linear one, solving a problem that had been compounding chemists. He said I was sitting writing on my textbook but

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The work did not progress my thoughts were elsewhere. I turned my chair to the fire and dose. Again the atoms were gambling were playing, dancing before my eyes. This time the smaller groups kept modestly in the background. My mental I render more acute by the repeated visions of the sky cannot distinguish larger structures of manifold confirmation, long rows, sometimes more closely, fitting together or twining and twisting in a snake like motion. But look, what was that one of the Knicks had seized hold of its own tail, and the farm world mockingly before my eyes, as if by a flash of lightning I awoke. And this time also I spend the rest of the night in working out the consequences

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of the hypothesis, the snakes eating its own tail, gave carefully the circular structure idea he needed to solve the benzene problem. Sara said an excited kecuali to his colleagues, let us learn to dream

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Madami you know this, this is something that we need to teach or learn again and again, I keep saying the same thing again, which is that remember, a dream about the structure of benzene will not go to a physicist, it will go to a organic chemist. So Allah subhanaw taala guides, but we need to be prepared to put ourselves in a situation in a place where this guidance will come to us.

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Another wonderful thing

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is the ordinary or so called ordinary sewing machine, folk sewing clothes.

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Las Howe invented the sewing machine in 1845. He had the idea of a machine with a needle, which would go through a piece of cloth, but he couldn't figure out exactly how it would work. He first tried using a needle that was pointed at both ends, with an eye in the middle but it failed. Then one night he dreamt he was taken prisoner by a group of natives.

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They were dancing around him with spears. As he saw them move around him he noticed that their spears all had holes near the tips. When he woke up, he realized that the dream had brought a solution to his problem. By locating a hole at the tip of the needle. The thread could be caught after it went through the clock thus making his machine operable key changes designed to incorporate the dream idea and he found that it work. Now think about how

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wonderful that is if you next time you look at a sewing machine. So you will not see it in the same light. And this is something that is was created by a dream which was given to this man. Again from Allah subhanaw taala this is the this is the Hand of Allah subhanaw taala in everything that we say and do and in all our works and we asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us to appreciate his greatness and glory and to help us to do what

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pleases Him.

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lots of Abdullah

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said about now that Salam wa SHODHANA MOLKO Who are they now we'll take matava Fossil Free Thought we get we made his kingdom strong and gave him Pigma which is wisdom and prophethood and sound judgment in speech and decision. And last round that I gave the other he said I'm a strong kingdom and the time of him and his son, sir Mr. Lee's Ram

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was the most called the golden age of the money side. Allah gave it it gave him wisdom and decisiveness and the ability to take decisions, which is to be to make good judgments and for a leader are king and don't have to be a king for anyone who wants to be in leadership position. decisiveness is very important, dilly dallying and sitting on the fence is no use. Even in the court, decisiveness is necessary necessary so that you can deliver a clear judgment and not vacillate.

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The VRS enforces that thou that SLM reached this, this stage, by the training that Allah subhanaw taala put him through, we learn through learning in getting information learning, getting knowledge and life experience, the Sahaba went through test after test in the School of hospitals and Salem and then emerged that in any situation they will not fail. Or I'm not no Katara Delano. Not praying the church in Jerusalem is a classic example. Because when

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Jerusalem was opened, and the keys are versatile, were handed to the Muslims.

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The people who are in charge, who were the the Christian

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He is and who were in charge of Jerusalem, they

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said that we will give the keys to the leader of the Muslims, the Khalifa says in our data that we know the story came from Medina, to take the keys of Jerusalem, he came, and he came only with one server. That's it. Nobody else he came all the way from Medina to Jerusalem to Palestine, with one sermon, and they had one animal between them. So they will take turns to right. As they got close to Jerusalem.

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The man, it was the turn of the seven, right. So the seven said to set an hour Takata. Delano, he said, I suggest that I don't write you right, because we are getting close to the city. And they will see you. And it does not look nice for me to be sitting on the anvil and you are leading the animal

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said no, whatever is our agreement, that agreement goes which is that if it is your turn, you will do right. And what people say Don't say doesn't affect us. Another thing which he did was that when he came close to the Jerusalem,

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the Muslims came out to meet him. And if I'm not mistaken, there is there was also

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among them with an agenda of Delano

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who suggested to set an hour there to change his clothes, because he was his clothes was stayed we traveled he had come all this way and you know there was splashes of mud and so on. So, they said when to change your clothes will be brought some nice clothes for you please wear them when you go inside the city. Because these people they are impressed with these things. So there are there are there are no said that you want me to adopt the ways of the losers. He said we won because we are on the Sunnah for socialism. And you want me to change that, and adopt the ways of the people that we conquered? See, this shows this whole issue of tarbiyah. The whole issue of keeping Islam

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not as prominent, but keeping Islam as the criterion for all decision making. Right? This is what our soldiers are drawn to.

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This is what the Sahaba learned, and they learned it so well that they practiced it, no matter where they were, obviously. So then on one of the laterals was facing this situation of taking the keys of a conquered city for the first time in his life. This was not something that he had learned before or what to do, but he knew instinctively he knew what to do, because he had this third we have some. So then when they enter the,

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the priests and so on, they said this is the

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and we believe that he is the leader, because in our books, it tells us this, that the leader of the Muslim will be somebody who who will be like this, and he will be simple. And he will wear simple clothes and he will

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come come in this way. And the fact that the servant was riding and he was leading the horse, or the camel, whatever it was,

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he said this shows that integrity of the leader which we believe so hamdulillah instinctively he did the right thing, and that turned out to be the right thing.

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Then it became it was time for Salah. So the the chief priests the bishop, he invited southern Amara Delano to pray inside the church. So the number that unreduced because he said that if I do that, then maybe tomorrow, My followers will just take over all your churches. I don't want that to help you preserve your place of worship, you worship in and he

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did salah, and there was

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on the opposite side of the road from this church and today in Palestine images, overall sutra was there, they will demonstrate that that place where he was to when he prayed for us for the first time. And that was his opposite the church you can you can see it even today.

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Allah subhana DataPort or saucisson himself through training 40 years of training before he was given about 40 years. And then Musala CERAM went through training for years and years in Egypt and then Medea, before he was sent to Rome, today we forget the importance of Serbia. So we fail even when we have knowledge. All the training that I mentioned to you all the training that the MPLA was salam are given by lots of data, all the training that the Sahaba

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got from resources was the all of it or the vast majority of it was a fluff was behavior was decision making. It had to do with the tarbiyah it was not book learning, not book learning.

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And this is not because they didn't have books. The Quran was there. But Susana was not taking

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You know, lessons specific classes in treasuries or in Tafseer, something, even the learning of the Quran nothing think about this. This is not an aside because it relates to the whole issue of learning and thermia. This famous story of of a woman of Abdullayev never are they Ilhan Omar who said, he took 10 years to memorize the burqa. So they and then he had a, he did a volleyball he called people for, for a meal to celebrate that. So they asked him, Why did you take so long? I mean, to memorize just one. So not one of Joe's, you took 10 years to memorize this? Why did you take so long? So he said, our way of learning and by our images and learning means at the feet of

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the assessor. He said, our way of learning was that we will take from a salsa Santa, say 10 Out of five islands. And then we will memorize them, we would read them memorize them, we would understand them if there were any questions, we would go to the powers of Salaam and have them clarified. If there were if these is related to any action, if there was any common these if any, any orders of Allah subhanaw taala then we would practice that we will bring those things into our lives.

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And only when we were satisfied with that, then we would go to Resources salon for the next set of hair. Now this this kind of approach to education is what is so important, where a person who is who study the young or old

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is given the opportunity and he the way this course is structured is that all theory is learned and then practiced, experienced, understood. And the wisdom that is gleaned from it is conceptualized and recorded. And only then does the person go to learn some more theory. Today we have our very mela Mela. For us our learning is almost entirely theoretical.

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Abdullah Omar Abdullah anima,

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an Arab Person of the language, the student of Rasul, Eliza salah, nobody can get a better teacher that nobody can be a better student and have to live with Mr. Avila, his father is one of the top or the Law No, he takes 10 years to memorize one surah two and a half, two and a half years. Whereas today in our mother is in the data fees. The students memorize the whole Quran 30 Jews in two years.

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And if if a student is takes more than two years, say about three years or so, then he's considered to be slow. And more than three years they check them out. They say no, this this person is not capable, doesn't have the memory. I think about that. What is the what was the result of the of learning in the way of the sahaba? And what is the result of learning, the way we teach?

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The result of learning in the middle of Sahaba was that they were fit to do any to face any challenge in their in their lives. Right? Then they had the understanding, to face any challenge in life.

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And today at the end of memorize into

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two years of everlasting Quran, what is the target? What is he capable, he's probably capable of doing something, right? Nothing more.

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Nothing more because he has not learned anything more. And well, I'm not even talking about those who memorized the Quran without even understanding the meaning of it. I mean, this is

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I don't want to I don't want to go there. But you know that a huge number of people, I won't say a majority, maybe it is a majority. But definitely a huge number of people just memorize.

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Just the sound.

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Right? They they do not know the meaning of what they're saying.

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So we something that we need to really seriously think about and ask ourselves,

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you know, what we intend to do, because we have these examples of the available salon before us, for us to understand from them for us to learn something from them

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and for us to benefit from them. And that is not going to happen unless we practice. What we

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practice what we learn, practice what we preach, because that's the only way of benefiting. It's only practice it's only actions, which can be converted to reward, whether it is material reward, or whether it is spiritual reward. It's only the actions which will feel that nothing else. If the action is not there, then there cannot be any reward no matter how much we learn, no matter how long we might be or

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Feel there will not be any reward unless there is some action,

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which supports that

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we really have to, must look at the, the way we teach and learn that I think is a, to me that is the really the root cause of what we have our problems.

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I'm talking about the Dyneema. That is I'm talking about the mothers. I mean, the schools, the secular schools, and we forget it, I mean, they are equally bad. They also teach only theory. But here we are talking about playing with the ACA. Right?

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We teach subjects as discrete subjects as if they have no relation to each other.

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For example, the class of Dr. Sarah Kurama, teaches purely the set of Quran, it is not related to anything in the hadith is not related to anything in the fifth, where all of that is related.

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Huge part of the thesis of Sarah

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where do we which is the primary document, primary source for extracting ruling And fifth, the Quran, Korea.

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But we teach each of these as if they are distinct, discrete subjects, unrelated to each other.

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And also, these are one of the reasons why a lot of a lot of students if not, you know, majority of them, it's all very boring. And it's always difficult because you have to draw it by rote by by memorizing that's it, because there's no understanding.

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Right, no one understanding

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but if what if we learn to teach in a way where these things will be related to still be able to see the same thing I'm not saying about to do something else, who will still be teaching the same thing, but the way you teach them will be rooted in actual practice.

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And that is what will give the the the spark to it.

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Practice of it.

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So when we are talking about salah, we actually practice Salah we, physically we stand and we practice Salah, and we focus on it and we pray to her God and we focus on our hearts and say what is it doing to my heart is it doing anything at all is not doing anything, all of these things must come into us when we

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are practicing the religion because if unless these things, these things happen,

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we are not going to get any benefit from this. So that is why I think it's so critical for us to ensure that we

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learn our deen in a way which is very practical,

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only then will we be able to benefit from the learning of the so what would be the practical way of

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of understanding that the and learning it that is something to for us to think about. Now.

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This is what the

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you know, the Sahaba as I said, this is this how the Sahaba learned and this is our solos are seven taught them. And they asked us to

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help us to also learn in a similar way and to create our institution of learning where students can get a taste of the

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taste or the beauty and taste of the of what they're learning can actually get them. Right. It's very, very important to do that. In think about how also for example, would we

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would we look at

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the issue of

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the issue of you know,

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in terms of learning issue of what we call practicals for example, in,

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in other language in other subjects, like we have practicals of

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you know physics, chemistry, whatnot. How about practicals of Islam, Islamic knowledge, so when you are looking at any issue or any of the ACA practicing them. The practice, for example, in Israel is a whole series of things about o'clock about speaking softly about our approach to the

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to the Harris also Salah Salem, about not doing very well for example now, if we monitor that and say Okay, now here's our last monitor saying this is how bad Backbiting is now I will remove all backbiting from my life and I practice that I monitor that

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as a teacher as a student, and this is something which will be truly truly beneficial. That's what I

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advise you. And this is what I keep saying all the time that relates the

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knowledge to let the text relate the theory to actual practical work in our lives. That is the way to get results. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to learn from the beautiful story of the other insula and to enable us to implement those things which we learn in our own eyes was Allah Allah will kill you. While he was always mean but I have to go

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to labor