What is the Right and Wrong Way of Divorce

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Divorce is a legal matter, in both civil and spiritual areas. There is a correct and incorrect way to go about it.

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We have in Islam a concept called a Sunni divorce and a bitter divorce as Sunni divorce, it doesn't mean that you will be rewarded for doing it. No, but doing it correctly according to this to Islam. A lot of brothers or sister don't realize that divorce has conditions and format. Is it like marriage? You know, you just don't get you go to the sheriff, you asked what is our requirements are there steps you have to take until you get married the same thing with divorce, the same way you start an initiated this relationship, you just can walk away. Also there is a certain procedure, you have to follow certain rules you have to follow. And that's became really very disturbing for me as

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an Imam, when they here and they see so many cases when people get divorced. And they don't care about the rules anymore. They cared only a lot about it when they're about to get married. But after he got the girl, she got the guy and they got married to each others. And now you know, they don't care for the rules anymore. No, we should care for the rules in the beginning and in the middle. And in the end of the of this relationships. So that Sydney divorce is like this is when you divorce your wife during her purity, that means she is not, she doesn't have her menses. And also during that period, you did not have an sexual relationship with her. No intimacy took place between both

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of you. So since her last period, or if she is pregnant, she is known to be pregnant. In these cases, you're allowed to initiate the divorce.

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And also it should be done one time you say I divorce you or you are a divorce just to put at one time, what is bidri which is not right, which is wrong. And which is considered a sin, that when you initiate the divorce, not an appropriate time, which is why she has her menses or

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let's say she finished her menses but you had a relationship with your wife, or after her menses, you cannot initiate the divorce, you have to wait until she finished her period. And after she finished her period, you can initiate the divorce. And also if you divorce her multiple times in the same time, you know divorce you three times or you divorce your divorce. That's also not the right way to do it. At one other thing I would like to say also, whenever divorce took place, you should have witnesses over the divorce and some even without consider this watch. But yes, the correct opinion it is recommended. But I believe it's very important. You don't know how many cases I have

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to deal with where the dispute Oh, he divorced me two times before no adverse or one time you chef, when was the divorce or at the finish not didn't finish. That's why we say we have to have witnesses. When divorce take place. Make sure that you go to if you live in a Muslim country, go to the court and document the divorce. If you don't love living in Muslim country, go to the master document the divorce. It has to be documented written when it took place in what state you were in what the wording of it. Because divorce is case by case I cannot tell you just one rule apply to every scenario. Some statements if you said we might consider a divorce in certain certain certain

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cases, certain scenarios might not be a divorce. So it's like going to a judge to judge this case. That's why I recommend you if you going to do a divorce, make sure that you document this divorce. You're going back to your husband you document the return we call it a ledger. That's a very important

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point to be kept in mind because he didn't know how many problems that we have to deal with. And if they just follow the right procedure of divorce, things will be much easier. May Allah Spano Tata to bring happiness to all of us.