Opposing Extremist Groups in Islam (ISIS, Kharijites,etc)

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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and actions of the Prophet sallavi's teachings, including the belief that only the creator will be able to create the world and the belief that only the creator will be able to create the world. The sharia and Shia teachings are discussed, with the importance of following rules and following the rules of Islam. The conversation also touches on the overreification of the Hites' language and the confusion surrounding their actions. The segment highlights the mentality of Islam and its damaging to religion, with some groups calling for global power and greed. The segment also references false accusations and accusations of attacks on people, including those associated with the ISIS and Al Qaeda.
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And then hamdulillah Nigel Horner Steinhorn is still fiddle. We're not Oh they'll be la Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mejia had to hit la HuFa la Milinda warmer you will deal who further ha de la wash her do Allah Isla illallah wa Haider hula Sharika wash her do under Mohammed and I will do home water sudo yeah you hola Xena Armando taco la haka two quarter Walter moto one two Muslim moon. Yeah, Johan Nasser Takakura como la de halacha comin nevsun Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jaha waterbirth Amin Hammadi Jalan Kathy Romani is what taco la her Lizzie Tessa Luna v one or ham in the law. How can I leave Commonwealth EBA Yeah, yo, hola Xena Armando taco la Hawa. Kulu

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Conan studied useless. Armada como yo faire, la comme de Nova con woman, UTRA Illa, Huwa Sula, who for for the Pfizer, Fosun Alima, Ahmedabad, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, in the Battle of her name, or after the Battle of her name, when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was distributing our Nima or the booty of the war. We mentioned in our Sierra lectures that a man came to him as reported in the Sahaba body. A man came to him with a thick *gy beard, looking very Bedouin he was from the Bedouins, he had a wide forehead and a shaved hair. And when he saw that the Prophet system was not giving him the amount of money he was giving to the others, he accused the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of not being fair. He said, Yeah, Mohamed era dill. He addressed him with his first name, which is something that is extremely disrespectful. In fact, it is not allowed in our Shediac to address the process and with his first name, we say yeah, rasool Allah, Jana be Allah. But the Bedouin came and spoke to him in a harsh derogatory manner, and said to him, fear Allah and be just so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, way I quote to you, if I am not just in this earth, who is going to be just In another Hadith, he said, the one in the heavens trusts me, and you are not going to trust me. So the man turned around and arrogance and walked

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away. And obviously, this is the height of disrespect. In fact, this is Cofer in our religion to to mock the process and, and accuse him of being accused him of being untrustworthy. So the Sahaba demanded to execute him, but the Prophet says, some said, Leave him be, even if you kill him, they leave him be, you will not be able to kill him because from his progeny from his mentality, they will come other people, there will come other people, who are these people, they will come other people, they will recite the Quran, but it will not pass their throats. This is an expression in Arabic, it means they will not comprehend it, it will be stuck within them, they will recite the

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Quran, outwardly, they will appear to be Muslim, but they will leave the religion like an arrow goes through the the prey suppose you're hunting a deer, a very sharp and good arrow when you hunt it, it will come in from one side and leave the other side. So the prophets Islam said they will leave the religion like the arrow leaves its target a good hour will leave its target. And if I were alive, when this group will come, then I shall destroy them. Like Allah destroyed the coma, the people of odd were all destroyed, I will take charge of destroying them. So in this hadith, we learn of a prediction. And this prediction is that there will be groups that will come in our own, there will

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be people that will come in our Ummah, they are Muslims, we are not saying they are not Muslim, and they claim to be Muslim, and they recite the Quran. But they have nothing to do with the real teachings of our religion. And as I've been told me, and others said, there are over 10 a hadith authentically narrated predicting this group. No other group has been predicted with as many narrations as this one. No other incorrect group or deviation has been predicted by our Prophet system as this one in another famous Hadith. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there will be many differences in my ummah, but there will be one group that will come that year Kowloon I

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mean, how do you make your own I'm in hydrofoil every year, they will say the best of all speech. You are seeing Lunel column where you see own unfairly. They speak flowery speech, but their actions are very terrible.

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They shall recite the Quran but it will not leave their throats and they shall depart from the religion just like the arrow departs from its prey. And they are the Shearwater Hulk. They are the worst of the creation. Our Prophet system called this group, the worst of the creation, even though right before he said they recite the Quran. So these are not non Muslims he's talking about these are people who believe in the Quran and recite the Quran. And in this hadith, the Prophet says, and I'm said, they call to the book of Allah, but they have nothing to do with the book of Allah. They call to the Sharia, but they have nothing to do with the Sharia. Pay attention to the words of our

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Prophet sallallahu. Either he was sending him, he is predicting a group that is calling to the book of Allah to the Sharia, but he himself said, they have nothing to do with the Sharia. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, those who fight them, those who do little of them are closer to the book of Allah than they are meaning those who oppose these groups, they have more to do with the *tier than this group that is calling to the Sharia. In another Hadith our prophets of salaam said that towards the end of times, it will be a group of people heard the thought will us nanny sofa will allow me your lunamon hidey hole but he heard the towel A snowman, young men suffer

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heart will alarm with foolish dreams. So this group is not going to be the elders of the ummah. They're not going to be the wise people with experience. They're not going to be people of knowledge. They are a young group of overzealous individuals who the thought will snag a bunch of kids we would say in our modern term, younger men, teenagers early 20s heard the sound is none you don't become a leader at the age of 20 years old. You don't become a leader of a movement and your heart bear the experience life No, not just this sofa heart will alarm they have the most bizarre the most the most ludicrous dreams or not dreams hear but goals is the point. They have these goals

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that are totally unrealistic, and yet their speech is very flowery your own I mean hydrocodone very Yeah, if you listen to them, you will be mesmerized because their speech sounds so good. And yet our prophets have said them said that they will leave this religion again the same analogy like the arrow leaves its prey. And our Prophet system also said that Dr. Rona salata, Combi Salah team, that your Salah, you will think it is nothing when you look at their Salah and your reciting of the Quran, you will think it is nothing when you look at them and your religiosity, you will think it is nothing when you look at these people, and yet he said they have nothing to do with me. They have

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nothing to do with me. And the final Hadith will quote, Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that these people are the worst of my own money, and those who kill them, or those who get rid of them are the best of my own. And the Hadith isn't bizarre and other Hadith books. So the prophets have some called them the worst of the ummah. Now who are these people? Who are these people? There are over 10 Hadith predicting this group of overzealous fanatics, over 10 narrations, each one of them describing certain things about these people. They are young, they are upstart ish, they are foolish. They have grandiose dreams, they speak good. Everybody that mentions their speech says

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their speeches mesmerizing, meaning what they're calling to is good. The other Hadees says they're calling to the Sharia. They're calling to the book of Allah. They're calling to Islam, but their actions have nothing to do with Islam. By unanimous consensus of all scholars of Islam, all historians, these Hadith, they apply to a classical group that came in early Islam by the name of the hottie giants, how hardage ism, the name of the hottie giants. So who are these people? And why are we talking about them today? Well, we will get to that both of these questions are shallow data in this group. Firstly, who are these people? Well, classical Hatha jism, the original group of

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heritage sites. They began historically in the year 36, or 37, after the hijra, very early on. And what happened was when I thought of the famous study for the fourth hadith of Islam, when it had never been thought it wanted to stop the bloodshed and bring about a truce between him and another companion while we had been Abby, Sophia, and they were having some, some problems. Some bloodshed was between them, but neither group accused the other of being an Islamic or evil. It was a political difference of opinion. And there was some bloodshed, some wars took place. So I think it'd be thought of decided to stop this bloodshed and call about a truce. So he called me out where he

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called the representatives of Malawi and the both of them they agreed to an arbitration and they said no more

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or war, we will have peace and they will hold a number of conditions put and both it and why we agreed to these conditions. So alhamdulillah it appeared as if the Ummah was going to be at peace. What happened? A group of 6000 men, a group of 6000 men from the camp of it are the Allahu Taala and who they broke away. And their leader was Abdullah Barassi. His name is Abdullah Anwar rossabi. Their leader was a fanatical person, basically, who accused Ali Radi Allahu taala, and who have now becoming a non Muslim. He or nobody, nobody's heard of him before, accuses the son in law of the Prophet system, the Khalifa of the Muslims, the fourth greatest sahabi, whoever existed, he said,

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You are not a Muslim anymore. Why? Because you have rejected the book of Allah, according to this man, you have rejected the Sharia. And you have agreed to arbitration by men. You shouldn't agree to arbitration by men, people should not be solving the problems. It should be the book of Allah, the Sharia. And in one version, one of His followers even threatened to execute it.

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And it said Woe to you, you are going to kill me because I disagree with you. In other words, what fanaticism you want to kill me because we have these, these Khilafah these differences, but they insisted that it was mistaken and it tried to reason with them or the Allahu Allah. He tried. He tried to reason with them, they would not listen. And so 6000 of them marched away, and they started their own group. And this was the first cult and the first sect ever in Islam ever to break away and theologically differ. The camp of it. And the camp of Mahwah went to war, but they did not consider each other to be deviated or misguided. They knew it was an issue of, of politics, really, they knew

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this, that it was an issue of politics. But this group, they were the first group to break away with a new understanding of Islam. And the term that was given to them from that time by the camp of it and perhaps even allinone Allahu Allah Himself was the term breakaways hottie, geez, you have broken away because how did you how Raja means to exit How did you means he has broken away so they were called Hatha giants by the Sahaba themselves, you have broken the unity of the Ummah, you have broken the unity of the Ummah and you have exited, so you have courage, you have courage you and therefore they were called hydrojet by the sahaba. themselves, and Alia tardive sept said to them,

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as they departed, he said to them, as long as you stay by yourselves, and you worship in your own methodology, and you have your own masjid, we will not harm you. But if you harm others, and if you start spreading mischievous on the earth, then we will have to fight you Now notice here, they threatened to kill it, it did not threaten to kill them. And this is Islam. Just because you differ with a group does not mean you have to force your opinion on them. He did not go to war with these 6000 He didn't kill them. He didn't massacre them. He said to them, okay, if you're going to insist, then to you your religion and your way to me mine, you have your methodology, I have my methodology,

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we have no right to harm you unless you harm others. This is the spirit of Islam tolerance. He didn't agree with the hydrogens, he knew they're wrong. Of course, they're wrong. But what you're going to do, you're going to kill them, you're going to force them to follow your grade. No. Okay, so he said, Go Go your way, but don't harm anybody else. So they went to a land or an area or a plane called how to rock and this why this is why some of the Sahaba also called them how Rudy Yun because that's where they all congregated, and ally of Nebuta them sent Ibn Abbas to debate with them had been Abbas was the young budding scholar, the cousin of the Prophet says, and the great

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Adam alum, he sent Ibn Abbas to debate with them. And they've been Abbas told us their story. And again, the Hotbird does not have the time to to mention all of it in detail. But even Abbas says when I entered their camp, and it was at the midday when everybody's supposed to be sleeping, and the whole camp was buzzing with Quranic recitation. And I jumped he said, I was amazed. Everybody's sleeping even in the camp of the sahaba. You after though how do you go to sleep? It's very hard, you cannot do anything but to camp of the Hutterites is buzzing with Quran, and they're all seeming to be religious. And so when they saw him, they said, What are you doing here? So he said, I'm here

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to find out what is your problem and what not. So they convened their their seniors. And if an ibis said to them, What is your problem? Tell me what is your issue? Why have you broken away? So they gave three points. And again, the whole book does not allow us to go in but the number one point it became a coffered because he didn't follow the Sharia. So these not following. They didn't use the term Sharia. This is the book of Allah, which means the Sharia. He didn't follow the book of Allah, and he agreed for arbitration. So and they gave two other points, and even Abbas debated with them and he showed

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then this understanding was incorrect. How do you follow the Quran other than by scholars interpreting the Quran, and he gave examples from the Quran, Allah says in the Quran, that if a husband and wife are having a fight, Allah says in the Quran, they cannot resolve the fight, then let the husband get one arbitrator and let the wife get another arbitrator and let them solve this dispute between them. So even Abbas said, Do you think that a marriage of a man and woman is more important or the OMA they said, of course, the OMA so if an ibis said If Allah has allowed arbitration in a marriage between a man and a woman, you bring in arbitrators and you solve the

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problem, why can't at the end why we are who are far more important than any one marriage bring arbitrators to solve their problem. And they were silenced. They could not respond, because the Quran clearly allows arbitration clearly allows arbitration. It's not going against the Quran to actually have an arbitration between disputing people. They couldn't answer that. So then they moved on to the second, then the third, and even Abbas answered all of them, and the time does not permit me to go into what he said. And after he debated and he won the debate 2000 of them 1/3 They left the camp and returned to the camp of it a minute of your time, and only 4000 remained. However, what

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appears to have happened is that those 4000 that remained were the real fanatics, the 2000 At least they had a misunderstanding, they came back to the truth, the 4000 that remain, they were really the overzealous arrogant people. So what happened was, they began irritating Muslims who were passing by, they began stealing, they began doing this and that, and eventually, the worst thing that they did, was that one of the Sahaba or the children of the Sahaba, who was now a young man,

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Abdullah bin hubub, not the son of hubbub about him not up. He's one of the earliest Congress in Mecca. And we mentioned him in our seated lectures, many times his son, Abdullah had no hubbub. None was traveling with his family in the desert, and he happened to pass by a group of them. And they captured him and he became frightened. Because he's a Muslim. He's in Islamic land. What are you doing what? I'm a Muslim? I mean, I'm not in enemy territory, that I should be terrified. So they captured him in his family, and they began to quiz him. And they said to him, What is your position about Allium Nebuta. So of course, he is a brave young man, he's not going to lie. He's told them

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the truth. Ali is more knowledgeable than me and you, who are you to criticize our ally is more knowledgeable than me and you and He is the Emir of meaning he is the legitimate Khalifa. And so they said, You're a Kaffir. Because you have accepted it as your Khalifa. And his wife was nine months pregnant. And in front of him, the hotel hotel, a biller, they slit open her stomach, the hotel, a hotel, a villa, and they kill the baby, and then they killed her. And then as he is bound and tied, they butchered him in a second and other say, like a sheep is slaughtered. Now, this was very important here, because in our religion, if the Islamic State captures a criminal, a rapist, or

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murderer, and that person needs to be executed, the manner of execution, yes, it is. In those days, they would cut the head off, but it is done from the back, you protect the prisoner and you cut him off. And in our times, the scholars say that you may execute a prisoner in any humane manner, whether it is by injection or by guns or whatever. However, execution is done. But in our shoddy if we do not execute a legitimate criminal, a legitimate murder, ie the execution should be done, we do not executing like we execute animals, like we kill animals. But how did the hajis execute Abdullah Lebanon above him and rot by beheading him from the front? Keep this point in mind, because you

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obviously understand the linkage between the modern people. This is not from our Shetty at all. This is the methodology of the hotspots. And when they killed others of his family, they massacred his whole family, his wife, his children, and he was with a group of servers, all of them were killed. Now are the IP Nebuta. What was the condition he put on them? He said to them, as long as you don't harm others, you have your freedom. Now they massacred a Sahabi and the son of us are happy they killed his wife in this brutal manner. And by the way, the books of history mentioned their fanaticism that as their bloods are dripping with the blood of Abdullah kebab. They pass by the

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garden of a Christian and one of them he plucked some grapes to eat. Another of them he killed a pig that belonged to the Christian and their leader went berserk. He freaked out How dare you eat this hat off? Because not allowed for you to plug the grapes of this Christian and how dare you destroy this property of the Christian How could you have killed the pig because that is legitimately owned by the Christian you have no right to kill the pig Subhanallah they have just massacred a Sahabi and the son of a Sahabi. They've just butchered his wife and in their fanaticism. They think it is haram to take a grape from the garden.

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and eat it. They think it is how Of course it is how long I'm saying you don't take other people's property, but look at his look at their fanaticism that after killing somebody now they think they're so holy and righteous that you cannot kill a pig and they paid Recompense to the owner of the pig and for the for the pig and for the grapes, they paid him money or we're sorry for killing your pig. We're sorry for taking your grapes after they had just killed the sahabi and the son of the sahabi Subhanallah look at this overzealousness and when I leave never thought I've heard of this. He fought them in the famous battle of Narayan in 38 hijra, he went to war with them and he

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destroyed them and he eliminated them from how to rock however, groups amongst them fled to other lands. And so they remained in the OMA here and they're Helter Skelter. Eventually a group of them emigrated to what is now the modern country of Oman, and they established their own kingdom over there. And to this day, many of the people in that region follow a pacifist version. So what happened was over 14 centuries, cottage ism had many splinters many different groups. They continually irritated the OMA years and the Abbas's they continually fought against the rulers and and fought against other Muslims. Until finally, all harder giants of extreme mentality were

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eliminated, and only the most pacifist version, and this is called a Buddism. It's the most pacifist version of hostages and where they don't fight other Muslims. This is the only version of classical hostage ism that remains alive today. The earliest split in the OMA even before the Sunni Shia split even before this split, the earliest split was the hottie Jade split and to this day, less than 1% of the Ummah follows that about it theology and they are found only in two regions in the world places in North Africa and our Algerian brothers and whatnot know though they know there's a valley somewhere in their lands that they are they are hotter died still bonded over there. And as well in

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the land of Oman in the land of Amanda are also hotter days. However, the hotter dies that exist in those lands are not like these classic ones, they have toned down they have a different now much more than mellowed down theology, but they are the descendants of those people. Now the question arises, why are we talking about these historical issues in this hotbar and inshallah I'll answer that question in the second part of this Hooda Baraka liberal Khurana. Aldine when I found it to be Matthew hit it with Victor Hakeem according mattes. Marone was stopped for a lot of the money welcome. What is the aim was to manipulate the Memphis tofu in the Humala for Rahim.

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Al Hamdulillah unhemmed Alhamdulillah helwa. Hidden ahead are some of the lady Amelia Voila, mula. Whenever you call her hoof went ahead. As to why we are talking about this classic group, then it is obvious in light of the current political affairs, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted in the Hadith in western Lima Muhammad, that this group will continue to rise forth with small with small cults with small reoccurrences until the day of judgment. So it is true that classical Hatha jism this group that came in the time of it, that group by and large dwindled away and one small sub sect that is pacifist and toned down remains, but others of that ilk, others of that fanaticism will

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continue to rise until the day of judgment. And this is exactly what we see my dear brothers and sisters in light of the current circumstance in light of these groups that are in Iraq and in the sham in light of the beheading of the American journalists, and also the beheading and the death of hundreds and 1000s of those who oppose these groups Sunni and Shia, Muslim and non Muslim men, women and children, they have all been butchered in the most radical and the most crude manners by these people who are claiming to one the Sharia claiming to want to Khilafah claiming to want the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And yet exactly as our Prophet sallallahu sallam said their speeches

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flowery, but their actions have nothing to do with me exactly as a prophet. Six of them said they their actions demonstrate they leave this religion, like an arrow leaves its prey, and Subhanallah we are currently facing two extreme trends in our Ummah, the first extreme trend is perhaps more predominant here in these lands. And that is a lackadaisical attitude, not caring about the Shetty out, not wanting to follow Islam, that is one extreme. And I have spoken about this and lack of spirituality in so many hotspots. And today's clip, I'm speaking about the other extremism, and that is fanaticism. overzealousness taking a misunderstanding of the religion and then thinking that you

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are the holiest person alive, this is the other extremism and that is the extremism of cottage ism. And the fact of the matter is listen to what I have to say here. Each of these extreme isms feeds off the other. I agree

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Pete each of these extreme isms feeds off the other. Many non practicing Muslims will tell you Oh, look at those fanatics. That's why I don't want to get too religious. Look at what happens when you have too much religion. You go berserk, you go crazy. And the Haughty giant mentality are the extremists. They say, look at these lackadaisical Muslims doing nothing to help the problems and Philistine the problems in Iraq. The problems here they're, they're just living their life selfish, selflessly, completely absorbed in the dunya, not caring about the Ummah they need to be roused up. So each one of them feeds off the other, each one of them needs the other to exist. The fact of the

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matter, my dear brothers and sisters, when you look at these fanatical extremist groups, you find the same symptoms that our prophecies and predicted in the hajis of old, these are modern manifestations of those groups, you'll find amongst them, that they have this perverted understanding of the Sharia. Everybody wants to follow the Sharia. That's a good Muslim, all of us want to follow the Sharia, but their version of Sharia is so bizarre, it is so perverted, they seem to be calling to it, but what they do has nothing to do with the Sharia. And by the way, the bulk of them if not all of them are totally ignorant of what the Sharia is, just like the hydrogen one they

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have this very superficial understanding of the Quran, they take one verse and then an Halas that's it, that's not the way Islam works. Study the religion become a scholar, Ibn Abbas debated them, he answered every one of their points. We also see in these groups that just like the hotter dice of old, anybody who opposes them, automatically, he becomes a Kaffir. You cannot have disagreement with these people. And Wallah he I and every single day and call it to Islam, who has criticized them, look at our Twitter accounts that respond back to us and Facebook comments from the supporters with this group, you Kaffir you sell out you American dog, you this you that there can be no disagreement

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instantly, you become a non Muslim, and I have gotten death threats myself. And I know others who have criticized them have gotten death threats online from these fanatics. SubhanAllah. We are only saying don't kill innocent people. Even if you disagree with this, does that mean you're going to now call us Catherine and when I feel but this is the mentality of Hodgetts that there is black and white the world you're either with us or you're against us. And this is not the mentality of a Muslim with a different opinion. Our religion has differences of opinion in it. Suppose I disagree with one act doesn't make me a non Muslim, even if you disagree with my interpretation doesn't make

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that to be a non Muslim. And yet, this is exactly what we find. Also, my dear brothers and sisters of the characteristics of the hundreds of old is this blood thirstiness that you want to just kill, kill, kill, killing becomes a goal in and of itself, and blood becomes cheap. And this is not the methodology of our religion. What did our Prophet system even say to the first of those HotJobs, the one that said to him? I did yeah, Muhammad, he said, Don't kill him. Let him be Let him be. Let not the people say that I killed my own followers, he allowed this extremists to go free because he knew others would come even if I kill one. So what another will come? bloodshed and terror and violence

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is not going to solve problems. It will create more bloodshed and more terror and more violence. Also, these groups say how come you only criticize us and you don't criticize the foreign powers? You don't criticize America? You don't criticize Israel? Wallahi this is totally false. How many times have all of us criticize foreign policies, the Iraq invasion, the Afghanistan invasion, Guantanamo on this member, I have criticized and all of us have criticized. But we concentrate on these fanatics for many reasons. First and foremost, what a nation and a country does. We don't expect them to follow Islam when they don't believe in Islam, a nation our own nation. We all know,

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Political analysts say it's not a religious point that they're more interested in oil. This is one of the main reasons of all of these conflicts. The false invasion is because of greed is because of money. the pretext of going in was not because of religion, it's because they want global power. This is the reality, so we don't expect them to act morally. However, people who are Muslim, we expect them to have a higher standard people who claim to follow the Quran and Sunnah. It is our duty to correct them even more. Also, when Israel bombs the Palestinians and whatever is happening there, they're not doing in the name of Allah in the name of the religion, but when these groups

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kill those who oppose them, they say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and then they kill the person. No doubt we have more of a right to correct those who kill in the name of Islam than those who kill in the name of power and greed. Yes, Wallahi. We are not naive and I say this as explicitly as possible. It is because of the false in

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Asians of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is because of the foreign policy that this country and others have generated that the circumstances have been created to allow ISIS and Al Qaeda to come forth. We didn't have ISIS 20 years ago, we didn't have that with its threats and whatnot. 1530 years ago, no doubt, this is undeniable reality. And this is not a religious person speaking, this is simple political analysis. Go read any genuine political analyst talking about the circumstances that are needed to create extremism. When these people have seen so much bloodshed, so much lies when they have been bombed and killed themselves. What happens is the mentality then amongst the overzealous

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fanatics, is, we will do the same unto you what you have done unto us. Yes, we are not naive to this. But we tell these young brothers and they're all young brothers, by and large, there are young 20s and whatnot there. You don't find amongst them senior leaders in the 60s and 70s. You don't find seasoned through the AMA, you don't find people that have world experience amongst them. They're all a bunch of young rebels with naive utopic notions of establishing a global caliphate, we tell these brothers read the Quran and Sunnah read history, find out the classical Hutterites of old and see what their problems were brothers and sisters, the damage that these groups are doing to Islam.

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Israel is not damaging. Islam is reputation. Israel is massacring Muslims. That is true. But the reputation of Islam is not being affected by Israel. America is killing with its foreign policy, so many people, but it's not damaging the perception of Islam. Isn't that the case? But what these people are doing is damaging the religion of Islam just a few days ago on Fox News that we don't expect much better from Fox News. One of the people there commented all Muslims should be shot after the American journalist was beheaded. Why are we adding more fuel. This is not about religion on innocent civilians and innocent journalists who should not be executed and then in a gruesome

00:31:55--> 00:32:36

manner, and then displaying the video and whatnot. This is not just an Islamic It is foolish, and what is going to happen with this hate except more hate being generated. My dear brothers and sisters, for all of these reasons, we have to always be critical of these extreme isms, even as we are critical of foreign policy of Guantanamo, of Iraq, of Afghanistan of Israel, we always are critical of any oppression, and we stand with the oppressed against the oppressor. But there is no doubt when the Muslim oppresses in the name of Islam, which is what is happening now. Then our rear our honor, our jealousy for Islam, our our reason to criticize becomes much more not in our name,

00:32:36--> 00:32:51

you're not allowed to kill people in the name of Allah, in the name of the Sharia in this brutal manner, innocent people how many 1000s have been killed by Dear brothers and sisters and Wallahi we need to be as vocal as possible for the sake of our religion for the sake of the of the,

00:32:52--> 00:33:35

of the perception not just amongst non Muslims Wallahi even non practicing Muslims. And this is perhaps the saddest thing that there are many amongst us who think I don't want to become too religious. I don't want to become like those people. Subhanallah My dear brothers and sisters, what these people are doing, it's not religion, religion, religiosity, Islam, Eman. The more you have, the better it is for you. Do not misunderstand false religiosity with genuine religiosity. Religion will never harm you. Quran is never going to hurt you following the process him is always beneficial. These people do not represent our religion. Our Prophet system was the most religious

00:33:35--> 00:34:14

man and yet he was a mercy to the world. He was the most religious man and yet he was a mercy to the world. My dear brothers and sisters don't fall for the trap of this binary this two situation scenario Wallahi religion is nothing but good, but it has to be good religion. Religion is nothing but good if it is done properly, genuine love of Allah subhana wa Tada following the Quran, according to the Sunnah of the prophets and the more you have, the better it is, Let not the hatred of one group cause you to go astray. Be fair and just the middle path and good religiosity this is what we want. My dear brothers and sisters much more can be said time is of the essence here Subhan

00:34:14--> 00:34:53

Allah fanaticism, fanaticism is never going to be helpful. Our Prophet says that I'm never reacted emotionally because of something that happened to him. Well, Allah He all of us are angry at the political climate in Syria, in Afghanistan and Iraq. All of us are angry at the bombing of innocent Philistines, civilians all of us are angry at our own foreign policy, all of us, but we don't react in haste. We don't react in blind rage. We don't react mere emotion. Our Prophet system was tortured. And the Sahaba were tortured more than what is happening now. But they never once did a foolish act. They never want did something that would cause more harm to them. And that is the

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in it is our life and it is our ultimate success in this world.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

And the next My dear brothers and sisters, be careful of these groups and the opposite. Be careful of those who mock Islam amongst the Muslims who mock religiosity and be careful as well of those who have gone to extreme fanaticism. The middle path is always the best path and that is the path of Islam. May Allah subhanaw taala always make us upon that path. Allah in the middle Allahu Allah don't know if you had to deal with them but the love of Archer wala Hamid Illa for Raja while ideen and in LA Kadota What am I read on Indonesia feta Allahumma is Islam or when Muslim in Allah humma isn't Islam or when Muslim in Allah who isn't Islam or when Muslim in Allah mon Aradhana or other

00:35:40--> 00:36:14

Islamic Muslim may not be so infatuated will be enough so watch out at Mira Javita DBT he Jaco will ya disease everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Amara combat emblem better behavior NFC within the Medaka the Odyssey was held as a become a Johan moment when I mentioned they were insane for football. Lima, in Nola home and I saw Luna Nebby yeah you handed Adina Armando Salguero Allah he will sell them with a cinema Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Abdullah Sudha Mohammed and what are they also a big marine about Allah in Allah to add a motor will add they will assign a

00:36:15--> 00:36:25

value and manufacture it will Moon collywobbles you're able to come ladder come to the karoun Oh, the Corolla has come, which guru he has come. What are the crew Allahu Akbar. Welcome is Salah.