Surah ‘Asr and Afghanistan

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Yeah, you handed in a couple I have a party. Taco party well tambu

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Taco rock

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and that's where he will hold on Carmen has Oh, I bet seminary Jan and Kathy are all one

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word couple. Lady test. Una de he was our ham in law How can I look them ropey back? Yeah.

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copper wire well hold on hold on. So do that your selection of

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all you look on Google, when they go in there, what are pseudo chapada 30,000 albina and biographer in the US stock I've had EPG tab a long while for your real heavy head you Mohammedan some Allah while he was said that was shorter on more on that to have

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that in that I will call a bit out in Bala

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he led he had an early half hour nap.

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Year no land had no law Alhamdulillah in lydians Allah Allah Abba de him keytab or will never get Allahu

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen All praises due to allows us this with Islam in an alley. Ravi, Allah who

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is reputed is related to have said in a minute he met dunia and he acts to kill Islam. On the other hand, from the blessings of this world, Islam suffices as a blessing. Now what kind of bless us to appreciate the magnitude of this blessing, and to try to give adequate strikes or sugar, or

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Hamdulillah, the last football we were discussing Sora for us, as well as in San and, of course, in London, and what analysts for the hat, what are well, for

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what a while sober stop. And so we arrived that so by the testimony of time or by the declining date,

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rarely, humanity is lost, except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and they cancel each other with truth. And they cancel each other with patients. So we arrived that the consultation with truth what a while, so we'll have

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counseled each other with truth,

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the truth, the foundation of truth for us, as Muslims, is revelation.

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Some people argue, specifically more oppressive, or the rationalist that the foundation for truth is the intellect.

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where the intellect is a console product of its experience.

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And our experience changes

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from one age to another, sometimes from one year to another. Our experience leads us to believe that something that we held to be untrue yesterday is true today, as something we held to be true today might be untrue tomorrow.

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So the internet is not a stable foundation what one society holds to be true and right.

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For another society is repugnant.

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So, for example,

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what the Nazis under Hitler held to be true and right.

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For virtually the rest of the world was repugnant. And rejectable. And the Nazis had their arguments, flawed arguments, of course, don't anyone get me wrong? I'm just making a point. How the intellect and what the intellect holds to be true or right, varies from one society to another, from one people to another,

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within one society.

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The thing is very look at how polarized our society is, on certain issues.

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What does the left wing generally speaking how to be true concerning the whole LGBTQ eye plus issue as compared to what the right wing holds to be? True? What does the left wing and this

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Aren't we alone? How to be true concerning the issue of abortion compared to what the right wing posed to be true?

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and each has their rational arguments? This is why revelation is so important.

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So the question becomes for the believer quarters, our Lord via his prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what does the Quran and the Sunnah hold to be true. And that's something that has sufficed, thus age after age after age, from the Malay Archipelago, to endou, sia when the Muslims are present in Spain, or present day Morocco, or Maddie or synagogue, or the western lands of Islam, including this land, we say the West now, we have Muslims in California.

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That's the first significant Muslims, maybe upwards to 2 million Muslims.

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In California,

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the firm is Qibla. Once you go to Hawaii, you face west or the Qibla.

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In California, you face east, northeast, and Hawaii, you face the west or Northwest. And so now this is young, the farthest West. In any case, they counsel each other with two based on the foundations of the religion.

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Based on the foundations of the religion, they cancel each other concerning their a data concerning their worship, concerning their worldview, concerning their interpersonal relations, concerning their relations with other people, they're more omelette, because they counsel on the basis of truth

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as revealed to us through revelation and as derived by our scholars based on principles that themselves are rooted in Revelation.

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So very quickly,

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because this will be a separate hook.

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Not everything is mentioned in the end, in terms of what we might encounter in modern life.

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So for example, cigarette smoking isn't mentioned in the end. So

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before the 20th century, generally but not all the great Moroccan scholar jofra catellani said is haram and wrote a whole book explaining why well most of the stuff that they say cigarette smoking is not cool.

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Well, when the 20th century, and modern medicine revealed that smoking leads to lung cancer and throat cancer and other disease earning mostly that's worth his turban said is her arm and those who said otherwise it was politics.

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Says Haram. Why because there's a principle now religion, Abdullah rule us and harm is to be removed. But this principle itself is rooted in Revelation. The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Dora will be wrong, there is no harm or reciprocating harm. So based on that, how do we get a legal principle at Dollar use, no harm is to be removed. So when we know that cigarette smoking is harmful, then we want to remove that harm by declaring it to be Haram. So again, there's there there are maybe 200 of these principles. In any case, they cancel with to water while soccer soccer and they cancel each other with patients and patients as a free basic types, patients and

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dealing with the difficulty that comes in obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala as several pa patients that comes in dealing with the difficulty and avoiding those things that are haram as saguru anila athlete and patients and dealing with the calamities and tragedies that visit human beings or human societies from time to time, such as we see now unfolding in Afghanistan as subdue and then we'll see that a subgroup Allah ta or sobre Anima animosity I saw in the last three that being patient in the face of afflictions

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and understanding them from a mis Islamic framework. We shouldn't allow our minds to be second arise when we look at things from a liberal or individualistic framework from Islamic framework as an end of the as, as a individual liberal person.

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perspective, let's say why all of this suffering, Why us? And then from this avenue people become angry with the loss of kind of autonomy. People come to question a lot. So kind of what Tyler from an Islamic framework, one of the things we understand, help us to understand patience, either below Coleman, if teleco If Allah loves people, he casts them into tribulation. Well, how is that mercy from Allah, His mercy because I live in is not confined to this world. being patient in the face of tribulation purifies us of sin. So we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we're pure. And we're amongst the servants, who are patient in the face of calamity patient in the face of tribulation,

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who persevered and conveyed their acts of worship, who dealt with the difficulty that came in avoiding those things that are Haram. Then for 60, or 70, or 80 years in the world that was their state as they prepare for eternal life as

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a lawsuit. subhanho wa Taala says to them, they're a Yeti.

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In your

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tomato, the feather holy theory baggie with Holy jannetty, then Hello Allah, and that this will be forgotten. The pain of labor that the sisters experience in birth is pain men, we probably couldn't bear.

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If men had babies, we'd all have one after that pain. So I'm not doing this again. Sisters, five 610 babies. Why? Because what she sees that beautiful new life, all the things forgotten, just like that is gone.

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When we enter into even our graves as believer, as believers in our graves, a perfume, and they're made into a garden from the garden of Jenna. And there's a window in our grave showing us our place in general. And Allah says the angels to accompany us. And they're pleased with our answers. When we're asked who is our Lord, who is a prophet who is what is our religion, all of that pain and suffering in the world would be forgotten.

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And when we meet our Lord,

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when we meet our Lord,

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we not only will that have been forgotten, will experience bliss, that we can't even begin to imagine in this world. I'm below ladies that have fallen ahead, man,

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Walla, hotter, rather hungry Bashar, Allah has prepared for his writing service that which no eye has ever be held. That was no ear has ever listened to that which no human heart has ever imagined.

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So we constantly each other were patient.

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We mentioned the two forms of patience, patience, and dealing with the difficulty in implementing the commandments of law and patience in dealing with the the difficulty involved in avoiding the forbidden things.

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They say this is covered by hacking, because revelation guides our, to our religious duties. We don't make up I think I'll pray for our parts of sajer because I'm not at work. And I have the time. And I'll pray to for God because I'm not working as hard to find time to pray. No, we pray what Allah says to pray. So the truth in that regard is governed by revelation. And so this is tawassul, Bill,

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and a bad and then dealing with the difficulties and calamities. This is an idea of forming our server to a law that yell law, I am your servant, you can burden me You can test me in any way you please. You are the Lord and I am the servant. So that's an affirmation of our servitude our will be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we pray that Allah Allah blesses us to be dutiful servants, to be patient servants, to be servants who submit in the face of truth, as our religion defines your provides a foundation for it to be servants who are pleased with our Lord, and He is with us.

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We said that in energy law

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For all the pleasing to have more pleased with them when we when they Allah blesses to be amongst those servants upon new power we have what stopped for Allah you will reset even meaning you're comin stop

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sena minor see even more city see the you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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in the lives of women at the movies or do not and maybe Yeah, Lady in Amman while he was suddenly mootness li Allah Most of us animal their careers Medina Mohammed. He was he was sent them are we we referenced the ongoing crisis has led us to minus

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Again, this could be a separate cook

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firstness He

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not to become obsessed

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with how the party ban or miss representing a slap. So that's not Islam. That's not Islam.

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They're saying they're honeybees. The Hanafi madhhab is the one that advocates your hijab, as opposed to the part where are they getting their account from? This isn't this time that's not as we could do that, but we can't control what they do.

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What we can control we do. So we make sure that we're representing Islam in the best way possible.

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That we're representing Islam in the best way possible.

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And we're not putting you on others to do our job. As one of the poet's Alyssa Fetterman. pettman, Allah can Abby, whether it can affect men of color hair and adapt? Our courageous young person isn't one who says my father's vision that a courageous one person wants is one who stands up and says, Here I am. I know that. Here I am. I'm not perfect. I make no claims to righteousness. But I will assume the responsibility to the best of my ability that a lot of Tyler has put on. The second advice is we should be very careful and accepting ideologically determined frameworks.

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For for understanding what's going on. I'll give you one example. And this is nuance.

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So we don't Don't, don't miss read what I'm going to about about to say

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good the western

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ideology of liberalism and feminism says we must save the Afghan women.

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We have to save the Afghan women, how can we abandon the one women of Afghanistan. And yes, the sisters, to the extent that we can contribute to relieving any oppression, that's our obligation. But our obligation is wider than that. Every single one of these people on the television screen on NPR on the radio, you have to save the Afghan women, when Afghan woman goes were being kicked down by your special forces are dragged out of their homes in the night clothes and shot. In many instances when the bombs were falling, killing 1000s of Afghan women and 1000s of Afghan girls, there is not a single one of them who raise their voice.

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Why? Because the men will always also being killed. So we want to abstract the women from their social context, and then interpret this suffering. Who that means we have a wider human context

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where we want to say the women the goals, the boys, the men, everyone.

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More women or more men killed by the Taliban the first time around.

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Overwhelmingly more men.

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So our framework is Mendel kokkola nuts then be a lady and that's an old satin fill of the second and the most popular NASA.

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Whoever kills an innocent human being no female, black or white, younger Oh, it's as if they've killed all of humanity. So what am i

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Saying, should we say no, that's bad? No, it's good. whatever we can do to assist our sisters is good. But we shouldn't isolate our sister from their families and from their society. And that's our sole concern.

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When the suffering is widespread, our compassion should be widespread. And this is the Islamic approach mellow give us perfect. Malaga Vickery. She'll make things easy for us all Haemophilia muslimeen almost, well meaning Mina