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In the hamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay no horn Estelle, fiddle 102 bilLahi min shoe Rudy and fusina woman say to Mr. Molina, Maria de la Hofer la medulla. Juan Manuel Dinho Fela Hi Dheeraj wash do Allah Allah illallah wa the Honda share de cada wash her do Anna Mohammed and others who are pseudo yeah you hola Xena Armando Tapachula haka to call to one in LA one to Muslim on. Yeah Johanna SOTA hora de como la de Hala Coco Mina sin Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jaha Wahba salmon humare Jana and Cassia on one is what are called La Khaled he was gonna be he will or hand in Allah. How can I ecommerce diva yeah you hola Xena. I'm an otaku la Hawa, Kudo Colden sadita Useless la comme

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Ambala como la cama de Nova con woman alternate la hora Sudha, who forgot the fossa, frozen Alima. I'm about my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. In the famous incident of this era, in which our mother our Isha was slandered with an evil lie, where a very vile rumor was spread about her character. One of the people who was spreading this rumor was a person by the name of Mr. and Miss La. He was his mother was a cousin of a book called The Allahu tiga. And he was one of those who are spreading this rumor about his own cousin Asha. And to make matters worse, Abu Bakr Siddiq had helped Mr. Set up a household Mr. Who was poor, he didn't have money when he emigrated from Medina

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he had to Medina he had nothing so but karate Allah who and who helped him to help finance a household to purchase a house to become married. And how does mister who returned the favor? He actually says these vile lies about his own cousin and the Mother of the Believers and the wife of the prophets of Allah. Why do you show so when Abu Bakr Siddiq heard that his own cousin, Mr. was saying things about Russia and he had financed him. He said, I swear by Allah, I will never give a penny to Mr. As long as I live. How can he do this to me after all that I have done? So he swore to Allah that He would never pay Mr. Another Penny and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed in Surah Noor

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wala Yeah, Teddy Old Fourth name in Kumasi. Asante. Are you quarterback? Well, Misaki Dowell. muhajir dynorphin. SEBI de la. Well yeah, who was just Oh ALLAH to a bona and your federal law who loves them.

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And do not swear to Allah wala yet utterly. Let not the people who are better and wealthier swear to Allah, that they will never give their relatives and the poor and the emigrants in the way of Allah. Let them forgive and overlook and forget what Yeah, full Well, yes. Turn away, forgive, forget. Don't you want Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive you like you forgive others. So when Abu Bakar heard this verse, he said, I swear by Allah, I will continue to give him money as long as I live. What a noble verse in the Quran. And this verse forms the topic of our hope. But today, the hotbar will deal with turning the other cheek and forgiving Subhanallah if anybody has the right to be

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angry, it was a boubakeur. If anyone had the right to cut off the ties of kinship, it was Abubaker if anyone had the right to swear to Allah, that I'm never gonna forgive this crime. This was his daughter, not just any daughter, the Mother of the Believers, the wife of the prophets of Allah Almighty who was sending him and it wasn't just a sarcastic comment. It wasn't just derogatory comments, it wasn't just hardship. It was as lie the slander the evil vile slander, that touches upon the innocent character of our mother Isha. And not only this, it was a relative, not only this, it was somebody whom a worker had finance had given money, if anybody in the history of the world

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had the right to be angry, it was Abu Bakr and yet what does Allah say? Oh, Abu Bakr, you are all fadul. You are better than him. Allah called him in the Quran, old family was sad. All unfolded means you're the better person Allah testified you are the better person. Why don't you forgive? If anybody has the right to exact vengeance

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It would have been Abubaker. But what does Allah say? Yeah of a burqa, you are the better of the two. Allah has given you Fidel and Sam and here this means ALLAH has raised your rights and given you more money than him. Don't swear to Allah that you will not forgive and forget, forgive and forget, turn the other cheek. Don't you want Allah to forgive you? Allah to hipbone and young Pharaoh Allahu Allah come wala who have fought a Rahim brothers and sisters, it is human nature that we will get into problems with people. Well Allah he this is what society is, you will fight. People will be sarcastic, you will get angry back. People will take your rights and perhaps you will take

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the rights. This is the reality of living in a society. People will hurt you and you will hurt them back. What does our religion tell us? What is the philosophy of Islam in this regard? Our religion tells us our Lord commands us and our prophets has demonstrated for us what is the reality of our religion and that is a disarm or turning the other cheek Allahu Allahu fron, forgiving overlooking ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala commands us in so many verses about the reality of forgiveness. He links forgiveness with entering Jana, he links forgiveness with the people of Jana. Allah says in the Quran was Sadhguru in Amalfi Rotimi Ravi Kumar Jannette in Doha, Qatar this summer it will grace

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with one another for Allah's forgiveness and for entering a Jana who's with is as big as the heavens and earth Who are these people who are the people that will enter this Jana and Allah says they are those who give a love you know, if you're gonna feel sorrow, it will Dora they are those who are generous, whether they have money or not, whether they're wealthy or not, they will be generous. And what else will cow the mean alive when fina and in us will Allahu Akbar sinning, they are those who control their anger. The people of Jana, the people of Mo Farah, or those who control their anger will calcium in Ohio, they control their tongue, they don't get angry when they deserve to get

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angry, when it is their right to get angry. They don't get angry, when our fina and in us and when they're angry, they also then forgive the people. They forgive the people. And when Allah says they forgive, this means some wrong has been done. It's legitimate, because if the wrong is not legitimate, you don't have the right to forgive. If the wrong is not legitimate, you don't have the right to forgive. So when Allah says you have the right to forgive, and then you forgive, this means a genuine wrong, you have a legitimate cause of grievance somebody has done something to you they should not have done. And what is the response that that you have? Well, fina and in us, they

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forgive all, not all people, not just relatives, not just close people, not just friends, not just acquaintances, what is fina 99 us all of mankind, they will forgive it doesn't matter who the person is. And Allah subhana wa Taala also tells us that those who forgive are demonstrating the reality of Taqwa one tactful Acropolis taqwa, if you forgive. This is closer to the Taqwa of Allah. This is the reality of being of the moutain one antiflu Acropolis taqwa, if you forgive, then you are closer to the Taqwa of Allah. The more you forgive, the more closer you are to the Taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada describes in Surah Assura, the characteristics of the

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believers, the characteristics of the meaning, and of those characteristics, we all know those who pray, those who give charity, those who do this and that but in this series of verses, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, watchers will say yes and say yes to Matthew firma. Natha was Lucha Giroux, who Allah Allah. And if somebody does wrong to you, Allah says, you have the right to do the same wrong back to them. What Jezza will say yeah, 10 say yeah, don't miss Lulu. If somebody does wrong to you, you have the right Allah is saying, and this is what Allah he have the mercy of our religion, that Allah did not require forgiveness, He allowed us to take revenge. This is permissible, but Allah never

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encouraged it. It is permissible because Allah knows we are have different levels of faith. Not all of us have the reality to forgive, and some of us will want to exact vengeance. So Allah says, witches that will say yes and say, This is the law. The law says you have the right to do the same amount of wrong that somebody did to you. But what does Allah want family

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Natha was Lucha for a judo who Allah Allah, whoever forgives and makes up the problem repairs the faultline because when somebody does wrong to you what happens? Your relationship breaks, your relationship breaks. This is the reality of humans situation when your colleague back bites you when your boss does something, when your friend is sarcastic, when your son when your daughter when your wife when your husband when your relative is mean to you, the human nature reaction is to be mean back to them. But what does Allah say from an alpha ASLHA whoever forgives and repairs the bridge I'll slow how you're repairing you're mending you're putting the bandaid you're solving your the

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wound or your your bandaging the wound from an Alpha was law for a judo who Allah Allah will Allah who you have Bullmore cine Whoever does this, Allah will reward him and know that Allah loves those who are righteous and do so. And so that means you do more than what is required of you. Yes and means you do more than what is required. So Allah says when you go the extra mile, I will also go the extra mile and when I go the extra mile, what do you think will happen? A Juru? Who Allah Allah, Allah doesn't even say what will be the Agile? Imagine? Allah does not say you get 10 rewards, you get 50 rewards? No, Allah says I know how difficult this is. So you leave the reward to me. I want

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you to who either Allah you leave the reward to Allah. There is no numeral given there is no exact if you do X Allah will give you why. Why? Because to forgive and forget is the most difficult thing. And Allah knows this. So therefore he doesn't link it to any number. He just says Leave it to me. I will take care of your reward for a Jew who are the Allah so what do you think the reward will be when Allah Karim the manaan? The result there are over the right man when Allah the one who controls all of the treasures of this heaven and earth. He tells you don't worry, I will take care of your budget. How much do you think the budget will be? And this is what Allah has said to the one who

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forgives and forgets whoever forgives and mens then his reward is with Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has demonstrated this over and over again in his lifetime. Look at the characteristics look at the incidence of the zero in our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his lifetime when I was asked to describe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam she said in a longer Hadith the shorter hadith of course, it's kind of oil Quran, but there's a longer Hadith and Timothy, she said that the prophet has a magnification when I'm with the vibration, he was neither vulgar nor vile, he was neither loud, nor did he return evil with evil, rather, he would

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overlook and forgive when evil was done to him. This is how I should describe the Profit System. In five words, you had to describe five sentences, what are the main characteristics that come to mind? And so she said, he was of good tongue of good spirit, always optimistic, not vulgar, not harsh, not loud. And he would always forgive and overlook when people were mean and nasty to him. This is how I remembered the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and all of us all of us have heard the beautiful stories from the Sierra, we don't need to be reminded of a thought if we don't need to be reminded of that disastrous occasion when the people stoned him and he had every right to exact

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vengeance. And Allah azza wa jal gave him all of that power through the angel of the mountain do as you please, and you will be listened to. But what did he say? He raised his hand and said, No, forgive them forgive them, as the blood has not yet dried from his face, as his body is still aching, as the wounds have not healed still, he raises his hands and he says, Forgive them, Oh Allah, for they don't know what they are doing for Camila and the moon, they don't know forgive them, Perhaps Allah will guide them or their children after them. And this is the reality of what happened. And the stories of the forgiveness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are simply

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too many to mention, and we talk about them in our Sierra classes all the time. How often did the Prophet system forgive so much so that when Morocco was conquered at the conquest of Makkah, at the Fatima QCCA when the prophets Assam forgave the very people who tortured and persecuted him for 20 years, even abou Soufiane, the leader of the Quran, and at that time, not a Muslim, even Abu Sufian was astonished. He was simply astonished. How could you do do this? And he said, ma Namaka ma SVA Ma, I forgot how generous you are, how gentle you are, how forgiving you are. This is the abou Sofia, who is not yet a Muslim, but he sees with his own eyes how much the Prophet system is

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forgiving, and he says my

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Hola Monica. I am just amazed how much you can forgive and forget and overlook and get and get rid of all of these graduates in your heart. How can you do this? How could he do this? Because he was Ramadan did Allah mean he was Rasulullah sallallahu? I think he was selling them and he is showing us what is the reality of our religion. So my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, when we forgive others, especially, especially when those others are not Muslims, we are demonstrating for them the reality of our faith. It was the forgiveness of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam that caused so many of his enemies to realize the genuine nature of the religion of Islam, and we hope that

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Allah Subhana Allah will bless them with Islam, but what if they are not guided to Islam? Even then Allah says, Don't worry about it. Your job is to forgive my job is to take care of them. What does Allah say when the mushroom coin when the pagans of Mecca were ridiculing the Prophet system? We're making fun of him. What does Allah say in the Quran, Allah says in the Quran, for wasa who had to Allah Who be somebody, you turn around, turn the other cheek, neglect them, ignore them, forgive them, and Allah will bring the command to them, whether it is guidance, whether it is punishment, your job is not to punish, leave it to me. So some of them they were punished, others were guided.

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But what was a prophet is commanded to do far for was for who your job is to forgive, and to neglect this, ignore it until Allah subhanho wa Taala brings the command to them. And what is truly amazing, therefore, is that our religion commands unconditional forgiveness, the better thing to do in all circumstances is to forgive not just to Muslims, not just to wives and children, not just to relatives or friends, but everybody unconditionally, as Allah says in the Quran, Allah fina and in us, they forgive all of mankind. And as the Quran commands the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who the love for what motivates all of you, well, Adam and Eve Johannine, Allah commands him who

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they are, for, I command you to forgive. And this was a command to the Prophet system, and for us, it is something we strive to. For us forgiveness is an option meaning we can take the vengeance to the same amount. But for the Prophet SAW Selim, Allah commands him, who did I for you must forgive them and turn away from them and what motivated or free come on what is best and turn away from the Jahai lien. Don't act like the jaw Hill in response to the jaw Hill. Don't act ignorant when somebody acts ignorant. If somebody acts foolish, you act dignified and turn away and do not act in the same manner. And the Quran tells us with regards to a group of people who had broken Allah's

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covenant and had attempted to trick the Muslims that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Five who was for who? That Allah azza wa jal tells the Muslims turn away from them and forgive them for indeed in Allah who had been more cine, even with regards to the murder in the Quran, and murder, as we know is the greatest crime aftershock What does Allah say quotevalet como que SOS Phil cut la que source has been prescribed what is the sauce Mina Life for life? This is a sauce. Allah says I have allowed you to sauce ally for a life. But what is the very say not the next verse, this the same verse in the same verse? What does Allah say? Feminine roofie Allahu alayhi che but if you forgive your

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brother, something, if you forgive the sauce, then let him follow that up, build my roof with good deeds. Subhan Allah, in the same verse that Allah says, you have the right to practice this sauce. If somebody kills your relative, you have the right to go to the Islamic court and say this murder should be executed by the state. This is the Islamic right. But Allah says but if you forgive, then it is good. And let the one who has been forgiven follow up that forgiveness with good back to the family. So even the murderer Allah azza wa jal encourages, and he uses the term of he that if a Muslim murders another Muslim, still his Islam is there, and Allah calls him lie, even though this

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is the one who murdered your relative, yet the relationship of a whole will Islam. Allah says if you're able to forgive, then do it. And that will be the better thing to do. And of the most difficult matters My dear brothers and sisters to forgive of the most difficult matters is when somebody whom you love wrongs you Wallahi it's easy to forgive a stranger. If you're walking on the street and somebody says something you don't know him. He makes fun of your religion. He makes fun of your appearance. You say hello as he doesn't know Allah will forgive. But when your wife or your husband, when your son or daughter when your mother or father, the one whom you've done so much for

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and you love so much when they stab you in the heart when they

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A say a harsh word. When they show you disrespect, rudeness. impoliteness will law he then it is very difficult to forgive. And yet even this Allah subhanaw taala explicitly commands in the Quran. Allah says in the Quran that yeah you heard Athena Amen Oh you who believe in them as Rajeev Kumar Willa to come, I do welcome via the room, some of your spouses and children's they will be like enemies to you. What does this mean they will be like enemies to you. So scholars say that it is possible in the most extreme circumstance. And this happened in Makkah, some of the wives were begging their husbands not to embrace Islam, and they threatened if you embrace us now, we will

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leave you so obviously this is a clear case of animosity, but even a loving Muslim wife or husband could possibly be a type of enemy. And even Abbas explain how that in your love for your spouse, you might disobey Allah, you want to please them you will get out on money to to please them, you want to do something to help them but you don't care about the Shetty out of Allah. So Allah and they might ask you something. And this is in the case of even we have in the case of the wives of the process, and they were asking for more halaal money and it is halal for them but we know our process and would not give them the luxuries of this world. So this might be a type of friction animosity

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that Allah says they might be enemies to you in a minute as YG como la vida room, so be careful of this. But then what does Allah say? We're in tafel? What does for who were tofu for in the LA have a photo Rahim? Three separate verbs when it comes to the family. Never in the Quran. have three verbs of forgiveness come together as they have for the family. Ponder over this point. My dear brothers and sisters, not for the courage not for the murderers not for the who then the Aliki tab for the family. Allah mentions three verbs of forgiveness why? Because the most difficult to forgive is the family. The most difficult to forgive is the family and all of us know this from our personal

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experiences. What does Allah say? What in tough who what tasks were who were thankful for in the Lucha for Rahim? If you're able to erase the sin away or thus far who just turn it over? Don't think about it too much, or tofu forgive it any of these three things or all three of them? Just erase it away from your memory or cover it up with another memory or actually go ahead and forgive it? Whatever you do know that Allah is awful Rahim. So notice here how Allah subhanaw taala encouraged us to forgive our family members to forgive them overlook their faults just wipe it clean from your heart because I feel means to wipe it clean. Safa means to just cover it up throw it throw something

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on top of it and of course go for a means to forgive from your heart and Allah uses all three of these were intact for what us what tofu for in Allahu la foto Rahim. Now it is true, my dear brothers and sisters it is true that on some very rare occasions in the Sierra, our Prophet system did not forgive and it is very common for Muslim to say oh with the process. Some didn't forgive this person Ebola for example, or Abuja health for example, and he didn't forgive or may even have now my dear brothers and sisters yes, it is true. You can count them on the fingers of one hand, but Subhanallah Are you going to compare your relative to Abuja? How are you going to compare your

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relative to Abuja and realize these few exceptions, each one of them repeatedly was insolent and arrogant to Allah and his messenger repeatedly, not just once. Never in the entire Sierra, did anybody come to the Prophet system asking to be forgiven, except that he forgave them? Never, not even once did a man come to the process that I'm asking to be forgiven and accepting Islam accepted the process and forgave including the son of Abu Jamal, the son of Abu Jamal, whose name was on the list of Most Wanted kill dead or alive and he couldn't even be Jahan. This was a crema, the one who did so much at Buddle did so much in Makkah. The process of did not forgive him in the conquest of

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Makkah. His list comes there were two men, or some say three men that were not to be forgiven. And number one on the list, Nkrumah had been Abijah hell, but even at crema when he regretted and repented, and he wanted to embrace Islam, he covered his face up and entered the Muslim camp and walked up to the process. And he asked for forgiveness. And so in front of all of the Sahaba the process and forgave the son of the founder of this home and out of the sun was Abuja, and this Nkrumah was his son, and he forgave him because he came to him asking for forgiveness. My dear brothers and sisters, this is what our religion teaches us that for Muslims unconditionally, we

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should forgive without any questions, the better thing to do is to forgive and for those who are rejected

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Islam, even then the general rule is to forgive and overlook and even if they're enemies to Allah and His messenger, Allah says you forgive, I will take care of them in this world or the next Ask for the process and a few exceptions, those they have their wisdoms in the Sierra, those are the exceptions. The general rule as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Whoever forgives and whoever overlooks then Allah loves those who practice Yes son may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them BarakAllahu or confocal on them whenever anyway yeah, they may seem to addicted Hakeem a hold on matter Simone was stopped for a lot of stuff for a lot of the mighty welcome what is sandwich maker

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if you don't know who was a photo Rahim

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Allah Allah Anita.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit LLM yet welcome EULA Walla Mia colo Khufu and well that you can ask the brothers to move forward, we are already out of space in the back. My dear brothers and sisters very briefly before we conclude there are four levels of how we react to a rung that is done to us. One of these levels is haram. The second level is permissible, the third level is good. And the fourth level is encouraged. I repeat, there are four ways to respond when somebody does something wrong to us. If somebody is mean sarcastic, nasty, belittling. If somebody takes our right hand property, there are four ways to respond. The first way is how long

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for us to respond. Unfortunately, that is all too common. And that is that we hold a grudge and we reply to the evil with even worse, evil. If somebody made one sarcastic comment for the rest of our lives, we will make sarcastic comments about him. If somebody said one thing about us for 10 years, we will say bad things about him. And in this case, my dear brothers and sisters, what has happened is you have changed from the one who has been wronged to the one who is doing the wrong because Allah only allows you to take back the same as what has been taken from you. But unfortunately, most of us we go beyond. And if somebody says one thing we will say 10 things back, if somebody says

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something mildly sarcastic, we will be extremely nasty and mean. And we think this is our right. And the minute we do this, realize that the table has turned now and you are the volume and you are the tyrant and the one that has initially made fun of you. Now he is the one you owe him your good deeds. So we have to be very careful about that. The second level, which is halal and permissible, but it is not encouraged is to respond to evil with the same amount of evil. So if somebody is sarcastic to us, it is halal in his face, not behind his back. It is halal, that we are sarcastic back at him. It's not encouraged. But Allah knows our shady, or our nature, Allah has knows that not

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all of us can forgive. So Allah says, if somebody does wrong, you have the right to do the exact same wrong back to him and has entered bossley commented on this verse he said, and how do you know you did the exact same? What if you want more than this? Because in the end of the day, when he makes a sarcastic comment, you're not going to make the same sarcastic comment or you you will have to change the joke and have sarcastic comment at him. What if your comment went beyond what he did to you? How do you know on the Day of Judgment? So has anybody warned us? He said, How do you know that you want the exact same amount? How can you apply this rule 100% with precision who amongst us

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can do this meaning what was anybody's point forgive and move on? That was what his point was. So this is jazz and Hamdulillah we thank Allah that our religion allows us to do this. And this leads to the third point and that is the third way to respond. And that is to forgive and move on. And this is good. We don't hold a grudge in our hearts. We expect Allah subhanaw taala to reward us but at the same time. We don't mend if you like a broken relationship we simply are are lukewarm about it. We don't if we had a good friend once a bad thing happens call us we say Salaam in the masjid but we don't go back to that friendship status. We are good to him in our hearts but we don't have

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the same friendship. This is no doubt good. We have forgiven but we haven't quite forgotten and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada encourages this, but the highest level is to forgive and to forget to move on and to mend, to go back to how the relationship was. This is the highest level and this is what Allah says from an alpha what US law. You can forgive but you don't have the solar. That's good. But if you forgive and you have the solar so that means you mend you make it back

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If you repair that is the highest level and this of course Allah azza wa jal praises in the Quran in so many verses, Allah says one artist that will have center to what I say that good and evil are not the same. being good and being nasty are not the same. In fact bility here I send when somebody is nasty, return it with good when somebody is mean be nice back to him. What will happen for either levy by Nico Urbina, who I doubt we're gonna know who will even harm him, you will find the one who was your worst enemy will become your best friend, when you will call her Illallah Dina Sadhguru Why am I will call her Allah to help them Azim only the people have great patience and only the people

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of great fortune and reward will be able to get to that level that is the highest level the fourth level and that is to return evil with good to forgive and forget and repair and mend up to be the better of the two to practice what Abu Bakar practice with his cousin Misbah. After all that Mr. had done, Abu Bakr in fact increased the stipend he would give Mr. Until the day Abu Bakr died, Mr. haggadah and increased typing after Mr. Had slandered his own cousin and the Mother of the Believers. This is why Allah called Abu Bakar Odle fogli Minh come the people of dignity and character amongst you. And that is the relationship that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to have very

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quickly before I conclude, how does one go about doing this? And much can be said two simple points psychological and Islamic. Two simple points. How does one forgiven forget? First point psychological second point Islamic as for the psychological point, nothing to do with religion, human nature, my dear brothers and sisters realize, the more you hold the grudge, the longer your heart is burning. The longer you feel the pain. The fact of the matter is, the longer you are letting the other person control you and your happiness and your freedom.

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The longer you hold that pain in your heart, then the longer you are allowing the person who has caused you the pain to win, because in reality, you are a hostage to him and his emotions. Your happiness is kept in check because your heart is suffering grief because of him. So even from a purely psychological standpoint, let go of that grief, cut off that anger, get rid of that grudge so that you can enjoy life, enjoy the positives that this world has to offer you. Even from a psychological perspective, people that have nothing to do with religion, they tell us it is better to be forgiving and cheerful, to turn the other cheek just to get rid of that grudge. Why? Because

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when you're holding a grudge, you are depriving yourself well Allah you know this and I know this, that when we hold the grudge, we don't even notice the beautiful air, the nice, the nice breeze, this the smell of the flowers, you know, our wives and children. We ignore all of this because that grudge is in our heart, we are held hostage to the very person whom we don't want to be hostage to. So even from a psychological standpoint, my dear brothers and sisters, just cut off that grief. Just get rid of it. Have your heart clean and pure so that you can enjoy this world and the next and then of course from the Islamic perspective, realize that when you give up that pain and that anger,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will give you much more. It is true that Revenge is sweet, but the reward from Allah is sweeter. And this is what we need to realize and believe my dear brothers and sisters that Allah says in the Quran from an alpha will also have a Jew who and Allah whoever forgives and men's Allah will reward him Allah says in the Quran will enter for Accra Buddha Taqwa if you forgive that is closer to piety. Allah says in the Quran or in tofu for in Allah Allah for Rahim if you forgive then Allah is afford Rahim and Allah said to Abu Bakr Why don't you forgive him? Allah to a boon and yellowfin Allahu Allah come? Don't you want Allah to forgive you? My dear brothers and

00:34:07--> 00:34:48

sisters realize the more you forgive others, the more Allah will forgive you and that should be our main incentive to keep on forgiving because will Allah He if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala were not to forgive us what are we going to do? So the more we are forgiving to others, the more ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will forgive us. And I conclude by quoting a beautiful Hadith of the process in this regard narrated in Sahih Muslim that our prophets I send them said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala only increases in honor the servant of his who keeps on forgiving when you forgive you are not the weaker you are the stronger This is what our process and I'm said Allah will only increase you and is when

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

you practice lawful, fraud and alpha when you forgive you are not the weaker party Wallah you are the stronger party and Allah azza wa jal will raise your rank and respect and your status

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

In this world before the next My dear brothers and sisters let us learn from today onwards to forgive those who wronged us even if they're especially if their family and friends especially if their parents and siblings and brothers and sisters especially if their sons and daughters if we're going to hold grudges and they're gonna hold grudges How will any family flourish let us forgive and forget let us turn the other cheek. Let us be the better of the two people like Allah subhanho wa Taala told Abu Bakar to be and when we do this, what will happen Allah has promised us that when we repay evil with good, the person who is your enemy will become your best friend. I swear by Allah I

00:35:39--> 00:36:16

have seen this in my life because Allah said so and you as well. When you try it in your own lives, you will see it as well because the Promise of Allah is true. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us of those whose hearts are pure and clean. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to the best of all manners for none can guide other than Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala turn us away from all evil manners for an unclean turn us away other than Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us righteous wherever we are. May Allah subhana wa Taala bless us in our families, in our wealth in our progeny in our lives in our health. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause us to live as Muslims to die as

00:36:16--> 00:36:55

Muslims and to be resurrected amongst the believers. May Allah Subhana Allah subhana wa Tada return honor and glory to this ummah as it used to be May Allah subhanho wa Taala give is to the Muslims wherever they are, may Allah subhanho wa Taala get grant peace and security to all tribal lands. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the Shiva of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, everybody Allah in Allah to the American Embassy in Baghdad BBFC within Nairobi with the Hodo see with her let her become a Johan Moon engineer, he will ensue so called as an accordion anima in the law home and Erica do saloon either. Nebby Yeah, you heard Adina Amman or Solu Allah he was suddenly motors NEMA

00:36:55--> 00:37:08

Allahumma salli wa sallam were vertical abductor suka Mohamed in WA they will started big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah yeah moto will deal with so anyway that is all about warrior and manufacture a well known carry well belly your

00:37:09--> 00:37:15

karoun Oh god Allah had the critical watch guru here. What did they call Allahu Akbar? What else they miss Lila?