Muslim Tidbits 3 – The Dog And The Bone

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Episode Notes

Do you know why you shouldn’t envy a dog when he’s eating a bone? Listen to the third episode of Muslim Tidbits.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah? Why shouldn't you envy the dog eating the bone?

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This is episode number three of Muslim tidbits. In fact, this is a old Arab proverb. And Proverbs, as you know, could pack a lot of wisdom in them. Not all of them do. But this one does. And the proverb goes as follows. don't envy the dog when you see him eating the bone. Because when it is time for him to deprecate, you will feel sorry for him, you will feel sorry for him, the end of the proverb, and this is based on the belief that the dog cannot digest bones. So it is time for him to pass this out, he will experience great pain.

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And this proverb is teaching us something very important about our relationships and the way that we relate to people and look at them. When we look at other people, and we admire them, and we start to envy what they have. A lot of times, we're only looking at part of the story. We're looking at the surface, we're looking at the bright side, we're looking at one angle only, and ignoring the rest. And if we were to look at the entire story, we would see the consequence, and the price, and sometimes the pain that comes with that thing that we are envy. So if we were to look at the entire story, we will start our envy, and in fact, stop our admiration, and that envy and admiration may

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turn into sorrow, regret, and pity.

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One of the stories that really presents A good example of this journey, from initial joy into pain, and from admiration and envy into regret and pity and sorrow is the story of our own in the heart.

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and soul of hustlers. This is Chapter 28, The story begins with is 76. And a law tells us that Harun was from the people of Musa Moses Alayhi Salam

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and that Allah had given him immense wealth.

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To the extent that Allah says Marina Murthy How will let her know over the last 40 years

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that the keys that hold the or the keys to the chest, and the rooms that hold those treasures that Karen possessed would be difficult to carry by a by a group of strong men. A group of strong men would be burdened by the carrying of these keys. This is just the keys. So imagine how much wealth did he have? how rich was he? In today's terms? We may be talking about a billionaire or at least a millionaire.

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And Allah says hodeida homie, few zenity. And one of those days he came out with all of his clamor with all of his wealth, parading everything that he has in front of his people.

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And of course, some of them reacted in a typical fashion. Allah says, Allah levina you return and higher to dunya Yeah, they telenovela OTL Harun in hula, who have been serving those who desired and wanted this life they were concerned with this life and this life mostly, they said, We wish that we had what qarun has, indeed, he is very fortunate.

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So this is the joy that our own experienced, and the envy and admiration of the people who witnessed his glamour.

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But then Allah tells us

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how certain abbyy will be daddy Hill out of that allied caused the earth beneath courtroom because of his ingratitude and arrogance. Allah caused the earth to sink beneath him and to swallow him and to swallow his residence.

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Then what happened to the people who wished for what our own had and who envied him? Allah says, what the hell Idina termino McKenna Whoville MC alone, we can aloha Yep. So tourists Kadima, Yeshua via their Lola Mina la Elena. The hustle for Bina those who wished for what qarun had yesterday, started saying expressing regret and saying, Indeed Allah gives wealth to whomever he wishes, and he takes it away from whoever whomever he wishes. What do they mean by that? They mean that wealth is not a sign of Alas, fever, unlike what qarun was saying and claiming wealth is not a sign of Allah's love. Allah could give it to anyone or take it away from anyone.

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Then they continue on say, Lola, amen, Allahu Allah. You know

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hustle, Sabina had a lot not been generous with us, he would have destroyed us like he did destroy Tyrone and cause the earth to swallow us and sink from underneath us. Why? Because if Allah had accepted their request and wish and supplication and had given them what he has given our own, they would be arrogant as Harun was, and then they would be destroyed as a consequence, as our own was. Also they may have meant

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just the fact that we wished for this thing and asked for this thing is an offense in the sight of God, because we shouldn't be asking for it. And had Allah not being generous with us, he would have punished us for us for it. But Allah pardoned us, and he was merciful with us.

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Now, when we envy people around us when we wish for what they have, especially when they have things that they acquired through the wrong means, the wrong ways, or it had made them do and start acting in ways that Allah hates, for instance, fame, money, wealth, power, when we envy them, we do not see the entire story behind what we envy. Same. For instance, we don't see the isolation, the loneliness, how they become subject for gossip, and rumors and attacks, and even hostility, how that fame could breed arrogance inside a human being pride that will destroy them, and how that person may not be able to adjust to life outside of the limelight. And it's the same thing with power when

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you lose power. When power corrupts, it's the same thing with money and money also corrupts and what happens when you lose that money, just living on the fear of losing that money is torment in itself.

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So, when we are faced with something, ourselves with a choice of something that could bring us initial joy, but then greater pain later, if we were wise, if we were intelligent, if we had a man in the last panel with data and strong will, we will decline that choice and we will not accept it. And when we see others making that bad choice, then we should not admire them. And we should always remind ourselves when we are weak and email and when we forget or remind ourselves that there is always a price to be paid. If you choose such a thing. Remember, always the story of our own. And remember the dog and the bone.

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