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Do Muslims have the most fundamental of Islamic beliefs is the belief in a hereafter, and a belief in a garden agenda that has been promised for the believers? When the Quran was revealed, the people of Arabia did not believe in an afterlife, they did not believe in resurrection, they did not believe in heaven and hell. And so the Quran came proving and describing and reminding and encouraging and therefore, you will hardly find a page in the Quran, except that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentions in its belief in the Hereafter, and belief in Jana, and belief in jahannam. And today's brief holds but I wanted to remind myself and all of you of this simple fact, because all

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too often we neglect we forget, we do not take into account one of the most simple objectives of Iman and our purpose of existence, and that is to achieve Allah's pleasure and in achieving Allah's pleasure. We shall achieve Jen itself. Allah subhana wa Tada mentions Jana, in hundreds of verses in the Quran. How many times is Allah say in the medina Ahmed Weimin Saudi hottie the home Jannat those who do good deeds and those who believe they shall have Jannat Jannati I didn't move a title, the humble Abba Jannat that they're going to live in forever and the doors will be open Swansea kala Dena Takara home Adel, Jannetty, Zuma, Rob, those who have Taqwa of Allah shall be ushered together

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in groups and drink Jana will you do you To whom will Jana to Rafa Allah whom Allah will cause the believers to enter Jana the same Jana he has described to them I refer Allahu Allah describes gender gender to in this world with either the failure to nafcillin with an alpha soon after describing Jana Allah says if you really want to compete then in this you should compete if you really want to win a race win a race to get into Jana. In fact, Allah's entire message is calling you to Janna will law who ye do evil Jannetty while Mo Farah TV even wala who ye do evil Jana, Allah is calling you to Jana wala Ahuja do Isla daddy's Salam, Allah is calling you to that as salaam, the abode of peace,

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which is Jana, and of course, Jana has been described in many, many hundreds of verses, you can cannot give only one lecture about the descriptions of Jana many lectures can be given about the descriptions of Jana. But if you close your eyes and you imagine the most beautiful scene you can, Janna is infinitely better than that scene. In fact, actually, the highest levels of Jannah have not been described in the Quran, because our Prophet salallahu it he was setting them said the higher levels of Jannah in those levels. If there is not which the eyes have not seen, the ears have not heard the minds have not even imagined Words fail to describe the higher levels of Jannah. What the

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Quran describes is the lower levels of Jannah. And the Quran uses words that we know in this world. But then Allah says these words, they only sound the same. The realities are totally different. What Oh, to be here, with a shabby hub, they're going to be brought something that resembles something in this world, but it's not the same thing. It might look like an apple, it might look like a date pump, it might look like a palace, but the realities of Jannah are completely beyond the realm of understanding. We learned from the Quran and Sunnah that Jana has been created under the Throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Jana has eight doors. Each one of these doors is for a specific good

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deed. Depending on which deed you are the most good at doing, you shall be called to enter from that door. Each one of these doors is as far as the eye can see our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us you cannot even see between the the length of the door and yet a time will come. He told us that every one of those eight doors will be packed to capacity and people will be jostling and shoving all going into Jana because Jana itself will be packed by Allah's Mercy Jana Jana has in it every single desire that the mind can imagine. And even that which the mind cannot imagine in it are palaces for every single one of its inhabitants in every one of these palaces is going to be private

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gardens beneath which rivers flow in the backyards will be tents made out of pearls. The bricks of these palaces as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us each brick will be made of a metal more precious than the previous one. When you walk outside Jana will have bazaars Jana will have souks, you will find public fountains there you will find rivers from which people can drink rivers of cold pure water. We

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rivers of milk rivers of honey rivers of pure wine in which there is no intoxication and no side effects. Wherever you look Jana is green and luscious. Wherever you look, it will be a sense of greenery and peace for every vicar we do. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us another flower will sprout in Jana, another tree will come thus Jana has shades everywhere. There is no direct sun, there is no direct darkness, there is no direct heat. There is no direct cold. It is the perfect climate as well in Jana, our eternal spouses their children each and every person will have a spouse male or female. There will be nobody single and Jana, you are not single in Jana, Jana will

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have the choices to foods, the freshest of meats, the juiciest of fruits. People will not eat because they need to eat they will eat because the fruit itself tastes so good. They don't need the food to eat. There is no sleeping in Jannah there is no getting tired in Jannah perpetual bliss, perpetual happiness, perpetual comfort, as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that in Jannah is that which the mind cannot even conceive whatever you desire shall be in Jana, now sisters and brothers, some people when you describe Jana, to them, some people are embarrassed about the descriptions of Jana. In fact, many times people outside of our faith, they are sarcastic about our

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agenda and the pleasures of our Jana. And yet, we have to point out that when those same people who make fun of our agenda when they want to have fun in this world, what do they do? They go to the best of beaches, the most green of resorts, and they partake of the sensual pleasures of the body, the same things they make fun of that we believe in for Jana, they do in this world wanting to get the pleasures of this world. So we say to them, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Allah created us with desires, and Jana, we will be able to partake of all of those desires in a pure and a peaceful manner. So there's nothing wrong about the pleasures of Jannah. But we also say there are

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higher pleasures in paradise above and beyond the bodily pleasures, there are higher pleasures. In fact, Jana is whatever you want. A man came to the Prophet sallallahu I just sent him and said, O Messenger of Allah, I love to read your animals. I love to take care of horses, will I get a horse in Jannah and the prophesies that have said yes indeed, Allah will bless you with the choicest of fouls of baby horses you will be able to grow it to be it will become a stallion you will be able to ride it. So the man was so happy. Another man came and said, Yeah rasool Allah, I like to farm I like to grow trees, will I be able to be a farmer in Ghana, and so the process of described how he

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would be farming in Ghana, another companion said yellow suit Allah, this person, he must be from the unsought because we don't like to farm I don't want to have farming agenda. The point is that you will get what you want in Jana. So yes, Jana has pleasures, but the point is whatever is your pleasure for some people, the main pleasure will be conversation intellectual and the Quran describes the kalam or the speaking of the people of Jana, can you imagine in Jana, you will have perfect memory and you will know all that you did in this world. Every day, every conversation, every book you read, you will know it you will now be able to converse and talk with anybody you

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want. That is of the pleasures of Jana, you will have perfect memory and Jana, you will have companions and good friends friendship and Jana is guaranteed in the Quran. Allah mentioned so many times they're going to be reclining on couches, discussing with their friends in Jannah is the highest of the high far bigger and better than worldly pleasure and intellectual pleasure, you will have the greatest pleasure and that is what the highest blessing of Jana is the connection with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Jana itself is under the Throne of Allah and the higher you are in Jannah The closer you are to the Throne of Allah and everyone in Jannah shall be spoken to by Allah,

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Allah will greet them and Allah will welcome them this is in the Quran, Salam o Allah Mira, Abdur Rahim when they enter Jannah Allah will greet them with Salaam and they will hear the speech of Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu and that is of the pleasures of Jana and every Friday, there is no hope but in Jana, there is no Salah in Jana. We will not be congregating over here what will happen on Fridays we learn in the Hadith on Fridays, there will be there will be chairs and thrones and there will be pedestals and massive stools and everybody will know their spot in Jannah and they will all sit down like we are sitting here may Allah make a certain agenda as well. But there is no hope but

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what is going to happen every Friday Allah azza wa jal himself will unveil his job and the people of Jannah will be able to gaze upon the face of Allah

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Shalom Shalom woohoo. This is the highest blessing of Jana. The greatest blessing of Jana is the connection with our Lord the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala and that too will be dependent upon our level and the good deeds that we have done. So indeed Jana has all and even more than what we can imagine. And oh Muslims when we believe in Jannah when we believe in a hereafter when we believe in paradise, it will impact our lives. This is why the Quran is full of iman in Jana Eman in the accurate because it's not abstract. It's not theoretical. It's not something that is intellectual that doesn't impact you. When you believe in a hereafter and you believe in Jana it

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will make your life completely different. How So? of the blessings of believing in Jana have the benefits of believing and Jana is that when you believe in the hereafter and Jana, all of a sudden the troubles the stress, the worry, the pain, the suffering, all of the problems of this world, they become manageable, you have something to look forward to you understand and realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how difficult this dunya is, when you believe in Jana, this dunya becomes much easier because you know there's Jana afterwards no matter how much pain and how much physical stress and how much anxiety and grief when you believe in Jannah it makes this world so

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manageable and you look forward to the hereafter not that you enjoy the pain but the pain become sensible. You understand why a woman came to the Prophet sallallahu either he was setting him she suffered from a severe form of epilepsy. She had a massive you know, medical issue and she said yeah rasool Allah make dua to Allah to heal me and cure me I want to be completely normal. So the Prophet says that if you want I will make dua and you will be completely normal. And if you want remain as you are, be patient and Allah will give you Jana. Now this is something only the process and can promise obviously we cannot speak like this. Any of any one of us is having a problem. We make dua

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to Allah to solve the problem. As for the Prophet system, he gave her two options. If you want you will be cured of your cancer or your stroke. If you want 100% gone and then you have to deal with your odds heaven or hell. But if you want remain as you are, this disease, this problem this suffering, Allah has tested you. If you are patient, I guarantee you will get Jana when the woman heard this she said okay in this case, leave me as I am and I will get Jana instead. See, this is what happens when you believe in Jana. The pain the suffering not that you look forward to it, but it makes sense now and you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Jana is the abode of peace there is

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no anxiety there is no pain there is no suffering. This abode is the abode of pain and suffering as for Jana, that is the abode where there is no pain and suffering. Hudy Joe Gibidi came to the process and said Tell her deja tell your wife Khadija. Allah is going to reward her with a house in Jana, in which there is no tiredness and there is no chaos and fitna meaning maca was a difficult place the problems that Hadiya had with the Quraysh the constant politics of the Karachi assassination attempts it grieved Khadija, life was difficult for Khadija, the constant stress of Maccha was difficult for Khadija. So Jibreel came and said yeah rasool Allah, Allah has sent me

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Allah has sent me now with Quran with good news. What is the good news? Tell her deja Bashir Khadija but shahadi Jima de jure good news beach Beighton Phil Jana that she's given a house in Jana, la na Sofia, there's never going to be any tiredness and never going to be any low any evil talk any type of talk that's going to harm her. So you look forward to the abode of peace of Jannah of the blessings when you believe in Jana is you look forward to reuniting with your loved ones. We all lose loved ones, we all lose people whom we love. When we believe in Jannah we have something to look forward to we have in the Hadith in Sahih Behati that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said that Allah Himself says this is a Hadith could see that when Allah takes a child from this world, when Allah takes the child, Allah asks the angel and he knows the answer, but he asks them, how did my servant hear or bear the news of me taking his child, the angels will say that he praised you. And he said in the law, he were in danger on your own and he was patient is he was sober. Allah says, Give him glad tidings that I'm going to build a palace for him in Jannah that shall be called the palace of praise because he praised me at a time of distress. He praised me at a time of

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Just comfort and we have in the other Hadith Hadith as well, when the mother of my eyes and in the Bible of mother when she came to the Prophet system see she said almost drove Allah tell me where is my son now? Is he in Jana? I want to calm myself down. Tell me where is he and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said Jana. No, he is not in Jannah. He is in Jannat. He doesn't have one Jana, he has many genders that he is in right now. It calms the soul, it brings comfort to the heart, your loved ones are not in limbo. They're not forever gone. Your loved ones are waiting for you and they shall be reunited with you, every single person who you whom you lost, that was of our

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faith, every person that person shall be with you forever and ever. And that's why in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Tada says, whom was wired to whom they and their spouses in the Quran, Allah says, Allah whom was reata, whom we will cause them to enter Jannah along with their children, Allah azza wa jal talks about families together in Jannah. So families will be reunited in Jannah. This is consolation for those that have lost loved ones of the blessings of believing in Jana is that it encourages us to do good deeds. When we believe in Jannah we become more ethical, more moral, our Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom in so many a hadith encouraged us to do good. And then he

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incentivize us with Jana, for example, in the famous Hadith, he said, The one who takes care of an orphan will be like this with me in Jannah. He put his fingers together. So the one who takes care of the orphan me and him will be like this in Jannah. He incentivize taking care of an orphan and so many other a hadith that mentioned a good deed and then link it to Jana. In other words, Jana incentivizes us to be better Jana warns us against doing evil deeds when we want to get in Jannah we minimize doing evil in one Hadith and Sunnah Timothy, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned us, he said, The one who is addicted to drinking alcohol in this world, the one who constantly drinks

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alcohol and doesn't repent. Allah has made the Hummer of Jannah haram for him. He's never gonna drink the Hummer, the real Hummer, the Hummer. That is pure, the Hummer that has no negatives, no intoxicants, the sweetest wine that has no negatives that's up there. The one who is addicted to wine here and does not repent, obviously pure repentance although you will get it but don't who doesn't repent and dies in that state, there is a fear what is that fear? The one who is moved middle Hamid addicted to hammer, Allah has made the hammer of Jannah haram for him. This is an incentive for us to not get involved in sins. When we are pure in this world, we will get the purest

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of the pure in the next world when we abstain from evil when we control our desires that are impure. Allah will bless us with the purest of those desires, all the desires we have, they will be a pure and we will be able to fulfill them in Jannah if we curb them in this world, this is the blessings of believing in Jana of the blessings of believing in Jana is that Jana is one of the main incentives for us to be more ethical to control our anger, to be more moral, to be able to have the better o'clock our morals and our manners. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I guarantee the one who gives up fighting and arguing he shall be in the middle of Jannah and I guarantee the

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one who stops lying he shall be in the high place of Jannah and I guarantee the one who has the best manners he will be in the highest of the high of Jannah. Notice controlling your anger controlling lying being the best manners, it is all linked to Janna and therefore one we believe in Jana, it will impact our lives at every single level our good deeds will increase our bad deeds will decrease our o'clock and manners are going to be the best of the best. And we can go on and on but of the wisdoms of believing in Jana, of the wisdoms of believing in Jana, a very deep wisdom we understand the purpose of creation, what are we doing here? What is the purpose of life? Why is there life in

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this world in the first place? When Allah created the first two people, our mother and father, when Allah created Adam and Hawa, where did he put them? He did not put them on this earth. He put them in Jannah. The default that Allah wants us to be, this is where we're supposed to be. This is what Allah created us to be. He put our parents not in this world. He put them in Jannah first and foremost to indicate Oh, people are children of Adam. Oh, Bani Adam, I created you and I wanted you to live right here in Jana, but for a period of time, and that's why when Allah sent Adam and how far down he said to them, Isla Hain for a period of time, you're going to be down here. This is not

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our permanent place. This is our temporary abode. Our ultimate destination should

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be up there. But in order to get there, we have to live morally upright lives we have to live ethical lives. And when we do so, when we put in a little bit of effort because here's the point, no matter what we do, no matter how pious we are, no matter how many good deeds we have, Jana is too precious to be earned by our good deeds. We do not barter bargain with Allah. We do not hand over our good deeds and say give me Jana in return. Our good deeds are measly meager, nothing compared to the preciousness of Jannah. To give you one example, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the hair dress of one of the people of the hood of Jana, it is more precious than this whole

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world and all the gold and all that it contains. You couldn't purchase one hair dress, you couldn't purchase one hijab you couldn't purchase one piece of cloth of Jana for all of this. Dunya so do you think that our good deeds will by Jana? No. That's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No all Muslims, that none of you shall enter Jannah because of his good deeds, none of you will enter Jannah because of your good deeds, we do not earn Janna they said Not even you ya rasool Allah, He said, Not even me, until Allah surrounds me with his Rama, his Rama, His mercy is what causes us to enter Jannah so we show Allah our meager deeds. We show Allah whatever little we've

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done, Allah will then bless it, Allah will make it manifold Allah will give us much more than our good deeds are worth we don't earn Jana, but we try we strive and in that trying, Allah will bless us for the effort not for the result for the effort. And because of that effort, Allah subhanho wa Taala within sha Allah to Allah give us Janna realize all Muslims, Allah explicitly says in the Quran, our levels in Jannah the blessings of gender will be proportional to our effort with typical gender to let you audit to more Habima quantum tambien on this is the Jana that Allah caused you to inherit because of your Amel that you did. The amount of ammo you did, the deeds that you did will

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cause you to enter Jannah and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us if you truly believe in Jana, it's going to show in your indication in your effort in the famous Hadith and Timothy Madhava, a village woman as Elijah Bella Holmen ZIL Allah in Sal Atala he Alia in silat. Allah He l Jana Madhava de leche, whoever is truly fearful fearful of what of not entering Jana of not getting where he needs to go, if you're truly scared of not getting there at the ledge of the ledge means he's going to exert himself as much as he can. And technically, Internet has a very interesting, interesting definition. You know, when you're walking in the desert, you take, you

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usually stop right before sunset and you take a rest because now you're tired, you've walked the whole day. Now you need to take a rest at the ledge means even when the sun has set, you will continue walking in the twilight for a little while you're going to exert yourself after a long day of work, you're not going to give up you're still going to put in 110% and then stop for the night. That's what the ledger means. So the Prophet system is saying if you truly have the hope of Allah, you're going to put in not 100 110% You're gonna put in that little effort even at the sun is setting you're gonna continue walking woman at the ledger, Bella Holman ZIL, and whoever puts in

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that effort, that person will reach the destination you will get there the first and the best and whoever gets there will enter the silat Allah are the Promise of Allah and the merchandise of Allah and what is the merchandise of Allah the merchandise of Allah is Jana itself. So if you truly want Jana, don't put in 50% Don't put in even 100% put in 110% put in everything you can and when you do so, what does Allah say in the Quran? Hello Jessa will Sonny ill son what shall be the reward of those who exert themselves the most except that Allah will give them in perfection as well. Al Hassan Basu said, there is no verse in the Quran that is more optimistic than this verse, because

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when man does whatever little man can do, and when man strives to be as good as he can, Allah says, Allah will be as good as he can. And is there any comparison between the good of man and the good of Allah? No, there is no comparison. Yet when we do our little bit of your son, Allah will give us infinite Ersan you really want Janna exert your best do what you can live more lives live noble lives, live ethical lives and if and when we do so then Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell us as the Quran says year a year 200 BCE on Motomachi in Iran theory in Arabic you're all the atom murder yeah for the Holy theory body word holy Jannetty oh you saw that is at peace with itself. Come back to

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Lord this will be set when you're about to die come back to your Lord. Allah is pleased with you and you are pleased with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada oh you soul enter into my righteous servants or you soul enter into my Jana May Allah make us amongst those who hear this phrase we ask Allah subhana wa Allah to bless us with and through the Quran and make it May He make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness you as well ask him for his food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is when we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the week and he hears the prayer of the oppressed they are Muslims. Realize that one of the biggest responsibilities we have in this world that we find ourselves in, especially in this country we find ourselves in is the protection of our next progeny, the protection of our children. We talked about Janna, we want gender not just for us but our children as well. We need to protect Iman and the Kadima and the Quran and the love of this religion, the love of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and much can be said, but one aspect,

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I remind myself in all of you, one aspect that I encourage all of us to think about is the importance of raising your children in an Islamic environment. Make sure your children see the faith as it is lived out and not just hear about it on Sunday School. And in order to do that two are the primary mechanisms. Number one without a doubt your households, your houses, your families, you and your spouse, you must be living Islam, your house has to be a house of Islam, they should see the manners of Islam, the clap of Islam, they should see the love of Allah, the Sunnah of the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam in that household. And number two is their school environment after the

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house after the parents, where did the kids spend 18 years of their lives. Number two is the education and that is why I have always said and for my own children have always done the same Islamic schools are of the most important mechanisms to preserve the Islamic identity of our children in this very, very sensitive age. When they absorb everything that's thrown at them from five to 18. This sensitive age, we want them to be amongst like minded people, we want them to hear the event. We want them to stop everything for the Salah, we want them to be taught the morals, the love of our religion, we want to try to avoid for them the evil, the fat who should the nudity, the

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drugs, the licentiousness, we cannot protect 100%. But without a doubt when you're surrounded by like minded people, it is better and therefore my advice has always been not just for myself and my children for all of us. We should try our best. It's not possible all the time. But try our best to prioritize Islamic schools for our children try our best to put our children in Islamic schools wherever they may be. And Alhamdulillah in this community in Dallas, we have so many schools we thank Allah for that I have lived in cities in this country there are no Islamic schools where are you going to do in that case? We have no choice I live in other cities one or two schools for the

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whole city for Dr difficult to get to here in Dallas we thank Allah there are so many Islamic schools there should not not really be a strong excuse it May Allah help for those that are I know financially sometimes there's an issue speak to the school sometimes there are concessions that can be given but for the sake of your children try your best to put your children in Islamic school and obviously we are so grateful to Allah our community already has a girl school we're now building a boys school I can think of no project that is more noble than the protection of Eman of an the next generation and Alhamdulillah for us our community to be taking the lead I already have a girl school

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now we're gonna have the boys school then inshallah the stage after is going to be the high school for them as well right now is the middle school. So inshallah this is of the projects to preserve our deen, this is southern Nigeria have the highest magnitude so please sisters and brothers, overall the concept of Islamic schools and then the Islamic school of our community, prioritize this help out whatever you can and for the sake of your own children prioritize putting them in Islamic schools again, look at the reality around you. We're losing too many of our youth they're straying away from the deen, one of the best ways to protect the deen number one you yourself and I'm never

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going to change this aspect. Schools are always number two. Number one, you yourself and your family, your house, your spouse, your wife, the parents. Number one is always the family. But number two is going to be the schools and so prioritize this help out wherever you can send your children to Islamic schools, lots of love lots of dua, if you show them that in this world, the goal is to be with them in Jannah together may Allah make us amongst them Allahumma inni Dinefwr aminu Allah Mala

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He had to meet him and in love Africa while Muhammad Allah for Raja whether they in in LA Kadota whether Maria on Illa sure feta whether I see Ron Elijah sarta Allama Filipina well it one and Alina Saba Kona Bill Iman Walter Dr. Reuben al guilderland Latina Amman Robina in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Houma is an Islam I wouldn't Muslim in Allah Homam and Aradhana or the Islam or misdemeanor be sue in federal who've been FC which outed me wrong feet at bat here call you yo Aziz everybody Allah in Allahu Allah Amara Weatherby he'd been FC within Nabi Medaka. They were selling that had become a U haul movement on him and JR he were insane for all as

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in Allah Muhammad Cardoso Luna Allah Nebby yeah you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a slimmer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Al Abdullah Katsushika Mohamed while early he was a big marine rebels Allah in Allah to Allah yah mudra will Adley will ehsani Wait either orba Wayan had an fascia it will carry what Valley you're either Camilla Isla come to the karoun Oh the Quran Allah Allah Allah He may come wash crew who yesterday. What are the Corolla? heeta Allah Akbar Wa famous salah.

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