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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The Quran's use as a source of healing has been discussed, with the emphasis on finding answers to questions and finding guidance. The historical context of the Quran's healing process is also discussed, including its use as a booming area for spiritual health and the importance of guidance and examples for finding answers to questions. The healing process is emphasized, with the need for daily practice and personal counseling.
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And if you guys know if you're counting or not, but tonight is the last night that you're praying from the first third of the month of Ramadan, which means tomorrow at sundown, the second third will begin. You've already handled I have gone through nine days tomorrow the 10th inshallah tomorrow Kota Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala make the days to come better and the ones that we pass so far but I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Tala to conclude this month of Ramadan for us with full month Fira and complete forgiveness. Now Allah subhana wa Taala made this mother a mother a blessing to all of us out of Bananaman. Today inshAllah alternata chalazia. I'm talking to you about one of the

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aspects of the Quran as we've been speaking about this for the past few nights. And that is how the Quran Allah subhana made it as a source of healing. We mentioned if you remember the beginning of Ramadan, four things about the Quran, one of them that the Quran was sent to us as healing, meaning it's like a medication is like cure, cure for what, let me ask you this question. How many of us who can claim that their hearts are always at ease? You're never never fluctuates. You never feel feel sometimes anguish another moment, and then hamdulillah security some other time. And then you go back again, let's have some anxiety, and then sometimes depression, and God knows what else goes

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into our hearts. How many of us can claim that my heart Alhamdulillah is always standard at ease and handed over? I mean, anybody.

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So no one in general ready?

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That means we're on dunya that's the whole Dynegy man dunya was all about this, your heart is going to always be fluctuating between moments of ease and moments of pain and moments of anguish and a moment of security. It is meant to be that way. So how can I find healing for all of this because no medication I take, whether it's an herbal medication or chemical or whatever it is, none of that stuff is going to heal that pain that might be existing in my heart.

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So what do I do then? Allah subhanho wa Taala he sent us that cure in the Quran. Didn't he say Yeah, are you Hannah's Caja at kumara tomorrow become where she found him off a pseudo he said Subhana wa taala. There comes to your mouth, a reminder from your Lord talking about the Quran, where she found Lima for pseudo healing to that the thing that is in your chest, which means your heart or what goes into your heart, he said this, she felt there is for it. And he said Subhana wa Qurani Maharshi felt and what I mean and we have revealed to Ya Muhammad, middle Quran, the Quran itself, she felt that his healing was Rama and mercy to the beloved for the believers. So this is what the Quran is all

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about. It's healing, but he didn't for what it is healing for these things that happens in our hearts. You know, there was a psychological effect and emotional issue that we go through. Could it be also healing, physical healing? Let's see what Allah subhanaw says about this. And what the prophets has said about that as well too. In regards to what goes on our hearts, our Allah they say two things. Whether you go through the sickness of Shabbat or Shabbat, your heart is going to be exposed to one of these two ailments Shashwat which means desires and whims and thoughts or Shewhart doubts. No one can claim that their Eman is Marcia was always soaring high and going into a logical

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Rahman going into the skies. Now demands goes up and down up and down. So, there will be moments sometimes we start doubting yourself, Am I doing the right thing this the drive has been answered, you have these things, even the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he mentioned that he is part of a solar system he says Call your call man halacha mancala Chapin comes through and he says to you who created this and who created that and who created this and who created that and you keep taking into sequence of questions until suddenly you get to this question that existential question like wait a minute okay, so you keep saying Allah created this Allah Korea this but then the question comes,

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okay, but who cares Allah? He said when the shutdown comes they're with you just say oh, the Belemnite shutaura gym and stuff. Because you can't get that you can't cancel this. Yeah, but if you can let the shutdown do this to you what's gonna happen ALLAH SubhanA says call in Aladdin a taco with a Muslim toy from a shelter that grew further hummable soon. The believers in Subhana Wattana. Those who believe it there must be some type of an a Sherpa. And if a thought from the shaytaan the whim that goes cross their mind and their hearts from the Shaitan they immediately remember the remember for the home of a saloon and suddenly they can see the truth immediately. But what reminded

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that we're talking about over here didn't he says Subhana wa Tada jadco morellato Mirrabooka there comes to your reminder from your Lord, what is that the Quran? He says sod will Khurana the thicker sod and the Quran is thicker. It's remembrance of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when we go through this doubtful man as we need to come back to Allah subhanho The Quran, you will find answers there for yourself in everything that you're looking for. Now with regard to our emotional issues, I'm going through crisis whether because of

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My spouse because of my child because of the economy because of all that stuff and so on, how can I find healing from all these, you know, moments. It's all there in the Quran. And Allah subhana wa we spoke about this before Allah azza wa jal spoke about guidance in the Quran comes through or through stories, through parables, examples, answering questions. And that's why when when when I started going through something, I go back to the Quran and read about the story of new Holly Sarah, The Story of Us valleys around the story of this and the sort of that I reflect on this and realize I'm not the only one going through this. Okay. So how do they how did they manage to go through it? And

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I will see that how Allah subhanaw will help them out with that I'll find is that I'm not alone in this if the Gambia had to go through these troubles, who am I to complain then? Also Allah subhanaw taala says about the Quran itself basically in them and Mama Lillian ADA Dukkha Allah was you that Gulu boom, wider to that array him it was at a time Imana why don't I be metal karoun The true believers Alladhina ADA Luca Allah when Allah subhana wa Taala has mentioned what is what Allah has mentioned in front of them, watch it at colloquium there heartstart now trembling, which means is our humbling themselves to to Allah Subhanallah that mentioned of Allah azza wa jal what it has to

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do with Allah him it was added to Iman and when the recitation of the Quran when the words of ALLAH SubhanA being recited in front of them, which means that they were reminded by the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna is that a term Imana that a man starts soaring high increases, which means what overcomes any emotional difficulty might be going through.

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There is so much in the Quran, that Allah will heal the heart from anything, even when it comes to the desires you remember that you remember the story of us about Santa Monica the hammock behind MOBA, like almost got there almost was tempted by the by the insistence and the pressure, he was going through because of that lady that the wife of the Aziz, but he remembered Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Subhan Allah but he saw the reminder from Allah subhanho wa Taala and a believer when he saw the reminder on the Quran. Immediately mobile soon your eyes open to the truth and you run away from the fitna. You just run away from the fitna. You will find healing therein. Brothers and

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sisters ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada summarizes that particular part in Allah hater baraka to Allah call.

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Out the William Shatner regime.

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Aladdin Alladhina amanu what dogma in no Paulo boom medical Allah, Allah, Allah He taught my annual kolu those who have faith, those who have believed what dogma and no collusion with the Quran, Allah and their hearts find peace and tranquillity through the remembrance of Allah because indeed, through the remembrance of Allah the hearts will find peace and tranquility

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you're anxious all the time. You're worried so much. How much are you connecting with the Quran? Not saying how much you read the Quran? We talked about this in previous session actually. It's not about reading it. It's about what how much you connecting with it? Am I really connected with the Quran? On my own pace, my own understanding and my own level? How much of that are you doing? How much you reflecting and you're pondering on the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada there you will find that the healing so this is now in terms of the emotional and the psychological and spiritual healing that comes in with the Quran. Now, what about the physical one? The physical one, sometimes

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you got a doctor to tell you Look, there is nothing we can do for you. Or sometimes they say, well, everything is negative, you look fine. What about this pain where this is coming from? Where could that be coming from? The profits are some according to the law, the anhand product can either stuck out Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam so Muslim. When the prophets I was amused to use to feel the pain in a second when he used to feel the pain SallAllahu Sallam called Karna Canada I will do a yoga NFC Bill Maher with that. He used to recite them what I would call our bill Phillip called all robbing us young folks with Vemma via datememe. Salah just said he

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he would recite Salah Salem and he blow into his hands

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and then he would wipe over his body where it would hurt where the pain is. So if something if for example, have a stomach ache and you have let's say your your arm is hurting or leg hurting and you have taken all the medication, but nothing seems to be working. What about you in the Quran for healing? He used to do that Salawat Allahu wa salam ala and one time a lady she came to the house of Ayesha because Ayesha was was complaining about something she was she was in pain. So when the prophets of Allah sent him he came and he saw that ad trying to make some medication for her he goes look, allergy habla Quran Don't forget about LA Quran treat her with the Quran as well to allergy

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her will Quran which means treat her with the Quran robbing her bank.

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Now, also in terms of the physical treatment of the Quran, that's what we call the rokeya. The rokeya It is so powerful a German the words of ALLAH Subhanallah they're so powerful

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For Allah it brings you ease when you listen to the Quran and pen Subhanallah Binzhou that is remember our brothers or sister the young children even from Gaza as they're on the operation table and they've been just kind of like a Subhanallah the treat their arms and the legs and there is no anesthesia What was that exactly their way of finding comfort and peace in that moment. reading the Quran the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada they found powder.

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They found healing they find patients they find strength and power, no medication can match that as your ma SubhanAllah. It's to that level.

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And in the in the store of the seller for him, I'm Allah Allah, sometimes when they are in need of a specific treatment such as amputation, for example, they've been told by the doctor, hey, you're going to have to drink alcohol until you just get waste and then we're going to have to cut your foot. He goes no. I want to pray to America. Wait for me. Once you started saying you see me crying then you could do your business.

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Like once I get to that moment, I'm I'm in the zone, Mrs. World, then you can do your business. Am I not going to feel anything after that? My Subhanallah how can people connect with the Quran to that level? That physical feeling is no longer there for them. It's very powerful. And under so here and say hi Bukhari and Muslim. Besides Rodrigo de la noir Don said a group of people one day they were traveling. So they came to a tribe to ask for shelter and ask for for hospitality. They will deny that hospitality. So they were then they stayed outside of the boundary of the tribe waiting for the next day to move on. So and that night, their leader, the leader of the tribe, luteal, 3g, got

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bitten proudly by an insect or something. So he got home. He got fever. So they tried to, to find way of healing him they could not. So some of them suggested goes those people that you guys rejected earlier. Could you go and ask if they have a healer among them?

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So they went to them? They said, Do you guys have healer, a healer who can heal our our master, our leader, our chief? And they said, Yeah, we do. And said, okay, so goodbye. We're not going to help until you give us something like you have to pay us something for the service. Because fine, we'll give you this many number of it because if you heal him, we are going to give you so and so this much of sheep and goats and so on, like a whole herd basically. Now, the searcher, so he went, well, the Sahaba went there, and he decided surat al Fatiha Alabama rot, four times the result of Surah Al Fatiha with a full conviction in the heart that Allah will heal this man. And he came and I'm not

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sure how many you recall he just kind of like he got up as if he was just was tied, tied up and then he just like was released. So they realize Oh, mashallah, I mean, yeah, he was healed so they gave him the herd. So when they came back, and they got the herd the Sahaba in the spirit among themselves, like, come on, I shouldn't be taking the price for the Quran. How did you know that is the right is a wrong? No, we're not going to do anything about the sheep. So what are we going to do with it? We have to take it with us. Let's take it to Rasul Allah first. So they went when they arrived in Medina, they asked Rasulullah but what happened? So the Prophet smiled, and he cried, he

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said, God, why am I Greek and Heraclea? How did you know that it was nuclear? How do you know that the Father has this power, just basically like Allah subhanho feet from Allah azza wa jal for him, but with the baraka of the Quran, this man was healed. So in order for that for them to feel comfortable with the with the journal or with the the price that they were given for that or the price that was given to them, the brothers asked him says, yes, you can divide this amongst yourself and give me a shirt as well.

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That shirt he got from them Salah Salem to make them feel comfortable, it's absolutely Hala. There is nothing wrong with that. So even if the profits that would share take that share, you should be okay inshallah. So what I mean is your ma the Quran Allah Subhan says she found him after so do you say that is healing it means in all aspects of it, use it daily. Make sure every single day you protect yourself and your body and your children with the Quran as well too. Now, it doesn't have to be a cold over fella cola robinus cannot be ITIL could see anything in the Quran is good for Rukia because it's the power of the word of Allah subhana wa and finally, to show you how powerful this

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was from the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam. It was even that physical healing. The Prophet saw some he used even in the last moments of his life. When he was on his deathbed SallAllahu sallam. He was reading and wiping over his body bone it became too weak even to use his hand to move his hand and his arm Salah Salem, I should have Alana she said that I was holding him and she was resting his back on her chest. And his head was under her chin. And she was reading the Quran for Rasulullah hustlers and she was reading the Quran, holding his hand in her hand and wiping with his blessed hand over his BA

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Maria, she wants to do the best thing of the Prophet Sessoms and on his own body while she was reading the Quran for him to try to ease his pain. That was some of the last thing the provinces did and what actually the Torah Sorolla has a lesson to find healing from that pain. So even in the last minute, you can still find that comfort and at peace with the words of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala May Allah azza wa jal fill your heart with comfort and easier Bananaman. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the healing of the Quran, the healing in our soul in our chest in our hearts, healing for our body pain, Jabal al Amin healing for our lives Rahmani Raheem, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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protect us with the Quran. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it. We ask Allah subhana to show us the guidance of the Quran. We ask Allah subhana wa to show us the power of the Quran and empower us with the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala with the Quran We ask Allah subhana to give us that tranquility in our hearts and by the Quran era Benalla mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give that power of healing to a brother the same as they are but Allah when we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for healing for the Mirabell Allah mean, we ask Allah to protect them from their enemies Yara Bill Alameen ya Allah we

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asked for all the mustard our fee in all the other week around the world you're given your Allah give them give them your Allah protection now Rahmani r Rahim Allah we asked to give them healing in our hearts and in their lives there have been I mean your Allah we ask you for brothers and Reza to give them victory out of the element protect them era Manuel Rahim when the whole world shut all their doors your Allah we ask you to keep your door open towards them Allah provide for them from sources that no one can imagine out of the aisle. I mean, be there for them when no one else is with me out of the line Amenia Allah the way we all get in this place we ask where we gather together and

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denoted with us Allah Allah with the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lhasa masala Haman hamdulillah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala cannabinol. Muhammad Anwar earlier was Salam Alikum Lavaca

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