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I read the same verses mentioned above on some pure honey

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bring honey pure honey right and you can read these verses on honey and eat one tablespoon tablespoon a day before breakfast

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before breakfast take one tablespoon tablespoon of this honey and eat it before you eat anything in breakfast and then we'll talk about the other honor But honey and about some other dates and other stuff that you that too when we talk about safeguarding

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the same verses that we talked about recite them on honey if you have some pure honey bring them and recite you know these verses read them on honey and then take you know, eat one tablespoon a day from from this honey before breakfast.

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And repeat the entire process for a few months until Eliza brings the Shiva

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the Shiva the cube is from Allah. The cure is from Allah Xhosa.

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The kidneys from Allah so excited. It's not for a day or two or a week or so they decided four months. Some people take them years just to let you know.

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There was a sister

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from a Muslim country.

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Also Paula suffered from this for years. years. But Subhanallah I said in the beginning last week that one of the signs of one of the reasons could be a test from Allah Xhosa. This woman was actually well into dunya she didn't know Eliza.

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She's wearing you know, she was very well known and very wealthy.

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But she didn't know

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subhanaw taala she was hit by this disease.

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She started losing hair. And she was done you know feeling sick and you know becoming very sick to the extent that Subhanallah she got even cancer

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what a big big test from why Xhosa and so hello happens in Asia, praying but hamdulillah and then after some time she went back to Makkah

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to perform the AMA and she was eating honey from there and and

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if that water that I mentioned in the beginning could be from zum zum that's even best if you have

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to recite these these verses on it. That's even Mashallah, that's best.

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And she took a bath from samsa

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Subhanallah she came back to her home country she went back for some analysis and x rays. The doctor said Who did you see? Did you see any doctor she says I didn't see no doctor is that it's impossible.

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It's impossible. He showed her the X rays that terminated disease that she had was gone.

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And you know what she wrote that book?

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She wrote the book it's in the market. The book is called why Latin Salah Don't forget Allah

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does the book snake.

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That is her story. What happened to her

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Don't forget to like

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the hijab is today before tomorrow.

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The Salah is today before tomorrow.

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So repeat the entire process for a few months.

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Let's talk about cues from generic generic witch crafting or generic black magic.

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So we talked about specific like you know separation and fertility. Now let's talk about generic witchcraft.

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Put your right hand on the forehead of the patient

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right and then come so close to you to his or her ear if you can.

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Oh, can I touch a woman because she's mama cannot touch a woman she's a doctor. When you go to some some some Grace I'm sure they don't like to touch that's fine. But they take the hokum of doctors, when you go to doctor doctor gets to check you has to touch you is a doctor, this family this person who performs this Rokia is a doctor. So he gets to touch on touch what only you know that say the forehead.

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So you need to go to somebody who feels Allah because the luck out there that we know of that do not feel that there was a claim that the the they do it by the end. But when

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they if you know the people have realized that actually they're the only cons

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Put your right hand on the foreheads of the person who's sick

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and they

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You decide the following the law versus the stuff in fact you have

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and the first four verses of alibaug Allah,

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Allah Allah

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and the four first verses of the of Al Baqarah

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and it's good like I said, if you come close to the air as close as you can get

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and then I could see

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I could see

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at the end of circle bacala Hillary Murphy Samoa Joe Murphy until the end,

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the end of Salatu bacala

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and that's what a moron 18 to 19

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shahidullah Hola, ilaha illa el mercado de la McCollum and we'll test

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all right

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and Milan 18 to 19

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and so, that the Nisa 110 to 121

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and the Sir 110 to 121.

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So, the two are off, I have 5455

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Alright, Ira 54 to 55 for the sisters just you know, assure them inshallah, that we will upload this online.

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So, let me know in 115 to 118.

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If it has symptom and number

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one chameleon Allah

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Do you think that we have created you in vain

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and that you shall not come back to Allah, you reciting these verses

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and if this person is possessed, and then you telling this person this idea of a hospital

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Do you think that we have created in vain that you shall not be brought back on by social the Zinn is listening to this

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these are very desire that we have mentioned he'll have direct impact.

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Satya seen one to 12

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a soft fat one to 10

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of soft fat one to 10

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so let's graph 123123. Rafa, hannington, zero keytab may not line as easily

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and then you decide

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one to 16

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or one verse one to 16.

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And so often Tasha 21 to 24

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decides to hustle 21 to 24

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now and then for another job Elijah who

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also have a heavy one to six

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and headed added one to six

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Elgin one through nine

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for the hostname and for dominant gene Elgin one through nine.

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So let's Zehra

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sort of

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saw that as a way to liquidity homosassa

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so that l feel

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Zilla Salah al Correa

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Allahu Mazza, l feel

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I'll care for your own party or your healthcare for your own

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anessa either.

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As I said,

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the batea database I have a last follow

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up follow up follow up and and put out a bit of business. So this is the opia

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