Yusha Evans – The Power of Gratitude

Yusha Evans
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As salam o aleikum, wa Rahmatullah he were better care to who and everybody welcome to the stream. This is a unscheduled but scheduled internally stream for myself, Abu Hamid Ahmed and noon. All of us from Allison foundation. I am in the United States they are in Australia In Australia a cinematic on warahmatullahi over the care to boys.

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How's everything going? Um, did a very good bad Hamdulillah we are live everywhere right now. What time is it? There? It is 7:15pm here. On what date?

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What day is today Sunday? Sunday's and it is what? Nine 9/5 1015 1015 on Monday am 10:15am Yes, Hector Cruz we in Texas now my brother.

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I can see all the chat now. We got everything working. We tested all the kinks and all the bugs. With the last test stream we did now we have a different way that we're doing it I wanted to make sure that we show that we are going professional now that hamdulillah hopefully the end result ends up being very nice. Abu Hamid

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where you guys off to tell us about your your your your next journeys for Addison foundation.

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hamdulillah we're actually leaving tomorrow, tomorrow night 10pm. from Sydney going to Lebanon.

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We have a kitchen that that's

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giving out food

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seven days a week, seven days a week.

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So we're trying to promote that again, a lot of things a lot of people think that the kitchen was only running during Ramadan, but that's actually me running all year round hamdulillah and then we're off to Africa to Niger.

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And we're doing cataract operations that we're performing that we'll be giving it gives us

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500 500 Plus children. Some of the areas that we visited there, unfortunately, they don't have much at all. We did have a food we actually need to fit some some of the children that were there and honestly you should if you had seen

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how they ate again, we're not saying this to put people down but it's a reality of life Subhanallah where we would actually literally put down the foods that there was rice and and meat and they're the ones that cooked the sets not to our liking. It's to how they eat their food because everyone has a different taste or

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we put down the food within how long did you have the five seconds? Honestly, honestly, the the meat was literally eaten so I think there was six or seven children on each tray which was huge. The meat was one I'd say more than 600 like the the within five seconds the meat was gone to kind of like

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so so so touching and again I know what topic is going to be gratitude today but this is why I'm bringing up this this point here you know when we were seeing our food in front of us and us being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and then obviously after that we're going to be concentrating on the the quarter rainy season inshallah and making sure everything runs smooth from the inshallah so we'll be away for approximately 20 to 23 days Yeah about that

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we'll be having in Lebanon this year, inshallah. Inshallah. And my goal is, if my passport arrives in time, my goal is to fly out there and join you guys, for everybody watching, I am currently just waiting on the federal government to return my passport and as soon as it does, I will be joining them overseas in Sharma who

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has been waiting for you in the country.

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I have a room and every country hamdulillah but you know, this is this is

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this is what we do. You know, this is like and that's one thing that we talked about in the last stream is that you know what, what you guys are looking at right now lsn Foundation has so many moving parts, right? We are a global organization and there are so many people behind the scenes that make this happen. You know, but the three people you're looking at now are kinda like, you know, the faces and, and the top tier of the charity, but we don't sit in offices just waiting around for things to happen. We're the people who are going to be out on the frontlines, making sure that everything that is given for the sake of Allah subhanho to Ana reaches where it needs to reach.

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And I find that very unique. And that is why I chose the topic, especially when we're talking about Oban season coming up, especially when we're talking about going out you guys going out and feeding the needy doing cataract surgeries.

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When when when that they're asked me what was the topic I said gratitude, because this is what this is all about. You know, the whole season of Audubon is about gratitude, being grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we go and give the when you guys go and give these cataract eye surgeries, and these people have their sight returned to them. It's about gratitude about being grateful for the gift that Allah subhanho Atlanta has given us. And

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I want to ask both of you, wherever which one of you wants to go first? What do you think gratitude? What what does it bring to your life as a Muslim? What does having gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala bring to your life personally?

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I think being human in a way you like,

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sir, that's a cliche answer. But

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over here in Australia, like you're, you're desensitized to a lot of things, a lot of issues.

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You know, it's a rat race, especially here in Sydney, you tend to forget, like what's actually happening in life, between work home work home, you know, you're preoccupied with things, this whole social media storm, you just you almost become like a zombie.

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By, you know, by by seeing what we see Subhanallah and the sort of people that are in need, you actually you have that sense of realization that, you know, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has given you this opportunity, you know, to, to help other people. And, as I said, that's why I give that answer to not to be human in the sense where this is what this is what we need to do, as part of a Muslims, obviously, to help others that are in need, you know, as part of, you know, the five pillars of Islam, it is a cattle, man, you know, you need to you need to, you know, assist people that are in need and the likes.

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And by, you know, you know, just this, this particular pillar itself Subhanallah is so vital and important that you don't actually realize, you know, the importance in the actual importancy of it, or the vital pneus of it until you actually see it with your own eyes. panela

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What do you think about her? On the familiar? It's a little bit different. If I go back to my early years growing up, not understanding the dean, and he did ask about this personally, inshallah. I was very lost. I was around people that you know, we just live life or living life young. You know, no, Dean, no understanding of religion. I didn't grow up amongst the Muslims as you know.

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But going from school, not learning anything, you know, just too heavily involved in martial arts and basketball and things like this.

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Being school dropping out of school, getting a security job and this lead if you think about it now, this all led to this, And subhanAllah so I lost my job I was a cabinet maker for for a while. I lost my job, I got a security job. And honestly at that time, I was so confused. I went for Maroubra obviously, you shut your understanding of the areas but I went from rubra to black town, which is a good word, no 120 minute drive, everyday to work. I met my

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now wife through Halal hamdulillah just asked for a number of my mother to call up and everything. But that changed my life. Just everything from there to there. That changed my whole life in terms of not knowing the deen to knowing the deen and to you know, establishing an organization and moving forward from there and I think alert and I praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for this loss of a job. Many people think I'm going through a hardship but almost pantallas test individuals or he brings good out of view through certain ways to Pamela and I praise Allah day and night for that for that moment. And look at the head that's coming out of it. in it. There's many examples and this many

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things that people don't understand. There's so many examples. You know, you see the people that are always depressed or they're blaming, you know, that they hate their life and all this sort of stuff, but just a sense of smell, your taste buds, your eyesight, your hearing the hairs on your eyes, the hairs in your nostrils, everything is there for a purpose and we have to think you have to praise Allah for all this. Don't think that if you have walked that means that's the only time you become grateful to Allah subhanaw taala you have life you have immense especially for the Muslim in the believers in this day and age now you have to be so grateful for this and this is how I take it we

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have an ability to build this mosque we run a masala at the moment now we have a Quran school, we have all this and sometimes we forget look at all the hasnat that we're gonna get and see everything on the day judgment. So for me, I am so blessed and I praise Allah do not forget I have

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Hamdulillah you know, for me, like you it's kind of a two pronged when I look at gratitude, I could go on about gratitude for for ages, but for me, it's a it's a bit of a two pronged approach. Because for people who know about my past and they've watched my podcast about my childhood, and you know, all of these things that I had been through, like, statistically I should not have been anything you know, and that's what my step mother always told me when she kept banging that into my head that I was nothing and I would never be anything and I would never become anything and I was truly lost as a teenager you know, Obama you know, my story I was I was super lost. And for some reason Allah

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subhanho wa Taala decided to guide me and I went from being this last kid angry doing all kinds of nonsense in South Carolina, to being someone who travels the world has traveled you know, almost to every place in the world I wanted to go to help other people learn about the deen so many experiences so many people you know, even now like even though I don't travel as much anymore, I have people come up to me all the time like you saw like when we were in the office here in the United States people would just come up to me and say you know I've been a Muslim new Muslim came to our office and said you know, your your your videos helped me come to Islam I've I've met Muslims

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who have been Muslim now for like 15 years and say that your videos helped me come to Islam. So it's like, the gratitude that not only Allah guide me, but he also allowed me to be a facilitation to other people to be guided like I don't, I don't even know how to quantify that in any any real terms. There's no words, to express how grateful I am to Allah for guidance, and then helping other people find guidance. And then secondly, I've learned that, that gratitude sugar is a formula that when you learn how to unlock it, you can literally obtain anything you want in this world with the permission of Allah subhanho Tirana, when I learn the verse, where Allah subhana wa Taala when when

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he told Musa to tell the beanie Surah Al, you know that first remind them, remind them of the bondage that I freed them from, you know, remind them of where they were. And they begged me to bring them out of it. And I brought them out of it. And now they're complaining about all these little things and all you know, I'm giving them food from heaven and they're complaining, I'm giving them a cloud that follows them. They're complaining, water's coming from rocks, they're complaining. So he told Musa the very famous verse, he said, Tell them let him check Khartoum? Does he then come there? If you're grateful to me, I'll give you more. I'll give you more. So I learned that as a

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Muslim, when we are grateful to Allah for what He has given us, whether that's good or bad, it doesn't matter. Good times in life, be grateful to Allah for them said hamdulillah the bad times that come in our lives, be grateful to Allah said hamdulillah when you have that type of attitude, it unlocks the doors of Allah's blessings in your life. Allah He even if you feel like you're not having a good day, or you're not having it is unlocking that attitude of gratitude is unlocking countless doors of blessing to your life. I tell brothers who come to me and they're like, I want to grow my business. I'm like, be grateful for where it's at right now. Be grateful for it's that oh,

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it's not doing good. Doesn't matter. Be grateful. Because Allah says and it's a promise

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Latisha cartoon zeylanicum If you're grateful to me, I'll give you more. So that's that's the way I view gratitude in my life is that I'm grateful that Lord guided me. I'm grateful that he allowed other people to be guided because of anything that I've done and may Allah accept it. And then I'm also grateful that through my gratitude, Allah opens up countless doors of blessings in our lives, because I bought him and you might want to chime in this is something that a lot of Muslims don't understand. Because at the end of that verse, What does Allah say? If you are ungrateful than what? Indeed my punishment shaadi.org It is, it is My punishment is severe. So the what is what is the

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what is the balance between how powerful is gratitude versus how harmful is being ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you should I think that a lot of people get confused in terms of being tested. And the thing is almost Prandtl in the Quran has given multiple examples of you know, the, the prophets, the Gambia and the messengers in getting tested time and time again. If we just think about Maria Mala has Salam Subhan Allah think about this, this is a chaste woman that's never ever touched them in coming to people pregnant. You know, everyone has a diverse is very, very clear. But imagine you being in her position, that back then what would be the punishment for falls in a standing? Standing? Yeah, that's not the sort of thing so supplement her coming to the people. Obviously, she's she's

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pregnant. And unless testing her because of a piety, and this is something that we have to understand when you get close to Allah and Allah, Allah is going to test you. Number one, he could be working out the way of since he needs to test you to give you a high level agenda. And the example is that the process Salam and all these different righteous people in the Salah when they were tested, but they stay patient, and they were grateful even for the test. So mighty Emily has Celemony, even to the point when she knew she was under the tree. She's about to give birth, almost Frank that made her you shake the trunk of the tree as well, so that the fruits could come down, the

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data would come down so she could sustain herself. You know what I mean? Hardship after hardship, after hardship, and then she comes with Risa Ali salam to her people. And she was ordered to participate and to stay quiet to panela. So when she came, and they asked, What is this? Yeah. And she looked at ESA lesson and Allah subhanaw taala, one of the miracles of very sadly, slim being able to tuck in the cradle, as an infant as a baby. And this proves to them that she was a testing individual. So look at this with the hardship that you're going through Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you what a blessing, many of us won't get it in dunya. But they'll get it in the Hereafter. And

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this is what we have to keep reminding ourselves with this hardship with this hardship, stay patient, stay patient, because maybe even all this frontality is removing something from you to protect you from something. Imagine everyone was rich, what would happen? Imagine seriously, everyone got bananas already the world's bananas here. In a budget, everyone was magic. Everyone had a had power.

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Remember, doesn't mean wealth is nothing in terms of hereafter in terms of the agenda doesn't mean if you're rich, you're gonna get it done. You could be the poorest person, the poorest person on the face of the earth as long as you've got faith. Yeah. And you're thankful to Allah subhanaw taala you're gonna get the agenda inshallah. So I think people, a lot of times they mix up things, Pamela.

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Yeah, they absolutely do. That's one of the things that when I, you know, I in my counseling sessions, I have a lot of people come to me that are going through difficulties. Right. And one of the biggest questions they have for me is is USIA is what I'm going through a test or a punishment, you know, I mean, am I being punished for my sins? Or is Allah testing me? And I? And my answer is always the same. That there's no way for us to truly know that there's no there's not going to be any like litmus test to know that because we all deserve to be punished on some levels. Kulu Benny, Adam Harper, every son of Adam commits mistakes, I said, but the end result is that both of them are

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beneficial for you. If Allah is punishing you for your sins, that is a benefit for you. And you should be grateful to for it because anything that we're punished for in this life, then Allah does not hold us accountable for it on the day when we meet him because we've already had it in this life. And if Allah is in so that's going to free us of sins, as you said, and that's a that's a benefit. And if Allah is testing you, then you have to remain patient just like if he's punishing you because if you are patient, if you are patient, then you will be rewarded as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the affair of the believer is higher in its entirety, it's

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good its entirety. If good befalls the believer, the believer is thankful to Allah and Allah gives them a blesses them for their gratitude literature cartoon is identical. But if you are tested by Allah and you remain patient, if harm befalls the believer, and they're tested, and they remain patient, then Allah rewards them for their patients. So I said either way, whether or not we're going through a test, or we're going through a punishment

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it, our response is to be the same patients will Allah subhanho wa Taala and being grateful? You know, I mean, so in I said, if it doesn't matter at the end of the day, all of us need to be tested and all of us need to be punished. It's just, it's just a fact of life. And I've said it many times, that if you're a Muslim, and you know yourself, we know ourselves, right? And we do things all the time that we shouldn't do. If Allah is not putting you into any difficulty in your life, then you should be worried. You should be deathly afraid if you're not going through any hardship as a Muslim because the path to Paradise is a path of hardship.

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Right? I'm in the new new No, this very famous Hadith, right when Prophet Salah salem said that Allah created Jana, and he created jahannam. Right? And he told Jabril to go look at it. And when Jabril went to look at it, what did he say about Jana? They said, it's the most beautiful thing, if anyone lays the eyes on it, there's no way that you know, though, I don't even think about doing any sins at all, or anything like that. Yeah. He said, if anybody hears about this place you created all going there who's not going to show up at the door this place. And anyway, it sold your hand numb. And he said, if you tell anybody about this place, they're not going. But then what did he do? He

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took Jana? And did what?

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Yeah, he put hardship up koi that and he put

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the temptations if that's the right word to use as well. Yep. around that. Yeah, he put all the hardships and temptations around it. And then he did Jen ated Jahannam and surrounded it with what

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with the patience of the dunya. To, you know, to tip people away from

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you know, Jana, and make it make it worthwhile for people to actually strive in this life to get agenda insha, Allah 100% and Abu Mohammed, what did you have to say after he went back and saw it again? He told Allah told you to go look at it again. But

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yeah, what did he say when Gibreel came back? He said that I see that no one will enter.

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He saw a paradise he saw a paradise and he said, I'm afraid nobody's going to make it. No one's going to get into this place. And he saw jahannam. And he said, I'm afraid that everybody's going here. So we have to understand that as Muslims, in order to make it to Paradise, there's no shortcut. You can't boomerang yourself, you can't catapult yourself over everything, right? There's a lot of Muslims who feel like just being a Muslim, we should be putting a catapult in their judgment and just like shut into paradise. And that's not how it works. You have to go through it. You have to go through it. And every Muslim who makes it to paradise beyond the people who were

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born, you know, died before they reached age of puberty, they would have gone through it to get there. That's the reality. But it won't matter once we get there, right.

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That's all that's it. That's what that's the power of gratitude when you're grateful to Allah subhanho wa taala. For all of it, it makes the journey of this life which is difficult, so much easier.

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Also, you should with that question, if Allah is testing me, or is he punishing me, none of us should ask that question. That's, that's a question that no one should ask. Because again, as you mentioned, you'd still have to put up with that test or trial regardless. So shaitan Well, actually the same individuals getting their mindset is Allah doing this? Or is Allah doing that and people lose faith? People lose the Eman in this situation. So there has to say firm, no matter what I'm going through, Allah Subhana Allah knows best. I know that I don't know what Allah knows. And that's that's our belief. And Allah knows my path in whatever I whatever path Allah puts me on

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Alhamdulillah for everything, I'm rich, I'm poor, maybe I'm rich today but I'm going to be poor tomorrow. Tomorrow or whatever one barber shop, we ask Allah spanner to make it easy, but the shot holy, we mashallah he's been all his life. We heard last night that he had an accident. That's right. Allah knows best. You know, when we do make that, that Allah gives him back his, his health, and everything goes well with him Inshallah, but this is life one day, you're good. Let's say you're gonna be tested. And we said, Hamdulillah. And many people fall off the den due to this because of the constant trials or tests, but you have to be thankful, you have to be thankful. What's more

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important document? Would you prefer a house in dunya era? Now, of course, their house in general. But how do you keep that in your mind? And this is the crucial thing, how do you keep it keep that in your mind? And I guess, you said the good thing about us, we have good people around us. And many people don't have this

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immediate morality Nicolelis that the person is upon the religion of his friends, many people have bad friends. And this this, I think, is one one big topic that we're gonna have to delve into one day in Shama, in terms of who are your friends, because they're the ones that are going to be dragging you. Yeah. And there's, there's a Western saying that you are the company you keep, you know, I mean, if you if you have four friends who are idiots, you're the fifth your domain. There's all these all these cliches out there. It's just reality. You know, I mean, if you you know, it's they say in business as well if you want to be rich, don't hang out with broke people, you know, I

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mean, like, there's just, it you are kind of the circle that you create. So it's come

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Money is another whole nother topic we have to discuss, especially for our youth, especially

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for our youth in sha Allah Who to Anna. But when it comes to being grateful, being grateful unlocks those doors to allow us, like when people are going through hardship, I tell them like gratitude is is kind of like the medicine to get through difficulty. It really is because it doesn't matter, as you said, whether it doesn't matter what Allah is putting us through, or why he's putting us through it. The point is, it's in front of us, and we have to take it, we have to go through it, we have to grin and bear it, just like you said, Nothing lasts forever, nothing is permanent. In this world, it's all temporary, the good times are temporary, so be thankful for and when they're there, the bad

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times are temporary, so be patient with them when they're there. Your health is temporary, one day, we know we're gonna get sick, you know, I mean, we're gonna you know, never know what happened, you can be healthy today. And two weeks from now get diagnosed with terminal cancer, I've seen it happen. You know, you can be rich today, as you said and be poor tomorrow, or you can be poor today. And you can be rich a year from now, like life has its ebbs and flows, that we have to learn. I guess in Australia, they'll understand this a lot more you have to learn to ride the waves, you know, I mean, you have to learn to you have to learn to surf the waves, you can't fight them, you

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know, that's a surfing term, you can't fight the waves, you have to ride them. And this is the way it comes in life is that we have to ride these waves. Because if not, we are fighting a system that cannot be changed. Allah's father is inevitable, you know what is going to be is going to be we cannot change that we can only work with the conditions that had been put in front of us, as Allah says in the Quran in surah Torah, I will not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves. So I tell a lot of people if you're not satisfied with your condition, if you're not satisfied with your condition, and a lot of people complain about the condition of the

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Muslim ummah, and I'm like I don't, I don't see any surprise in the condition of the Muslim ummah. Because look at what's inside of us. Look at us. So if you want to change your condition, you have to change. It's as simple as that. And no change happens, I Barham and you can chime in on this as well. But this is something I learned in my in my psychology training is that nothing will change about your life until you change what goes on up here. If you don't become a person who has control of his own thoughts, his own his own desires, his own his own

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his own mental process, you can never change the external acts of your life. You can never change them because if your thinking remains the same, your intentions will become the same and your actions will be the same. So we have to change our intentions. We have to change our thoughts. How important when it comes to gratitude is our thoughts and the way we think about Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that's, I think the biggest problem when someone gets into the deen they have to understand that everything you need the way they were brought up. You know, the culture everything has to move aside. And if you remember the hadith of Ahmed when he went to the Prophet salallahu Salam and he said Yara, love you more than anyone apart from himself

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in Jamar he is saying Yara Salah love you more than anyone anyone in this world he was number one or more. Yeah. And then the prophets of salaam he rebuked him and fixed up his words to explain something so crucial for the ummah. He said, You're not gonna have true belief, complete belief until you love maybe even more than yourself. Meaning it doesn't matter what you think. I mean, personally, you have to shut that aside. Doesn't matter how you brought up on your parents, you have to shut that aside. The Deen of Islam is the deen of Islam and you have to love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone. You might not like something, you know, you maybe you don't like to fire

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someone. But these are what you have to do. It must be because this is an article of faith. You know what I mean? There's certain things some people for instance, I get some people even shiver at the point of 2.5 being paid is such a small amount being paid. Some people don't pay their Zakat, and there's a massive, massive

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punishment for this. But again, you have to move this mindset. Okay. I believe in you jasola I believe in you, whatever you have told me I'm going to follow and this this is crucial for everyone Move away, move away this mindset. I might not like any, for instance, you forgot to bring up polygamy. You know, there's many topics that are coming around. You know, most women will say this is wrong, but who established this hmm, well, that's fantastic. I know you don't like it, but it doesn't mean that you mock it. You can say I like this like something but Allah has allowed it so be quiet That's it.

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That's all it is. Indeed, because there's not an answer for everything right 100% There's not a and that's what I have. You know, I talked to a lot of youth in my counseling sessions are well they're having doubts about Islam, right? They're having weakness of faith, etc.

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Sister stitch on on YouTube just said something very beautiful about the Hadith. You said, Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. That's That's reality. Show me your friends. And I'll show you what your future looks like. It's very true. But you know,

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

there's a lot of things about the deen that we're never going to understand right? Certain rulings that Allah has put in

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

place that we might not ever grasp the meaning of like for instance, if somebody came and asked us why do you pray five times a day? Why not seven or three or six? Or why is this ruling this way? Why does Why does the witnesses of of two women have to equal that of one etc so on and so forth? We can try to logically explain this like well, why don't you eat pork? Okay, we can explain all the modern sciences of the diseases of pigs and but at the end of the day, the reason why is all Allahu to Allah, Allah said, so that's it. And if I believe him, then I am going to accept that why? And I explained this to some young man who was very close to losing his faith not too long ago. I said,

00:30:40 --> 00:31:19

because everything that I have read in the Quran, none of it has ever been disproven, not one single verse of the Quran has ever been disproven. Therefore, if all of it that could be proven up until this day, and modern science is revealing more truths about the Quran, if every single bit of it has always verified itself and millions and millions of people over 1400 plus years, have tried to disprove this book and failed, then I am going to take everything that is in it on face value, on face value and accept it for what it is even if I don't understand it. Even if I don't understand it. That's just the way the deen works.

00:31:20 --> 00:31:59

No, there is nowhere Ebrahim and correct me if I'm wrong, or I'm a noob and correct me if I'm wrong, there is no way in the Quran that Allah says you must understand me in order to obey me. You must understand me the only thing that Allah tells us to understand the only time I see and this was I was talking to Sheikh Abdullah and PT of Allahu Allah about this in Medina one day, he said the only time Allah talks about us having understanding in the Quran is when he says lamb, and hula ilaha illallah have understanding have knowledge and understanding of Trailhead. He said hate is the thing that we must comprehend to its fullest extent, he said, but beyond that, once you have to hide after

00:31:59 --> 00:32:40

that it is Kaboul it is acceptance. After that you accept every single thing that comes after it. He said, because this is the way the Quran was taught in Islam was taught the companion to the Companions, they were taught to heed for so long, that it was such a firm fact in their mind that anything Allah revealed after that summit now Wattana, they listened and they obeyed. So that's the process that we have today. But chime in on this, you guys, one of the things I think that we are missing, especially when it comes to our youth, when it comes to these subjects is tarbiyah there is no process of tarbiyah which means, you know, like actually learning the deen in a concise manner to

00:32:40 --> 00:32:48

actually affect, you know, the o'clock effect the mentality effect, we're missing tarbiyah are we not? Would you agree?

00:32:49 --> 00:33:15

I think it's overall, the overall therapy or with everything like even, you know, as parents, to the children with even day to day lives as well. Like that actually plays a major part. But what's bringing up our children, they says, the internet, YouTube and the internet and social media, that's that's the problem. Because when they there's an absence of a father and a mother, then obviously, you have an absence of that that'd be itself, whether it's, you know,

00:33:16 --> 00:33:55

even even respectful, you know, olders, there was there was something that I read a couple of weeks back, and someone put one of the things was there that I actually thought about that was actually didn't actually come to me, but it was actually very true. They said, if someone older than you comes to say hello to you, you have to stand up and shake their hand. Yeah, that's, that's a normal day to day thing that we generally think about in our generation. But looking at the generation after me, I don't actually see that as an implementation. And that's predominantly like, our generations fault for not instilling that all these sort of values and analytics and others into you

00:33:55 --> 00:34:32

know, our children and other things as well, because we rely on the social media to teach our children these things. And that's a major issue. If we all think about it, but the U shaped yourself. I've made those speaking two brothers in the other day as well. In our children generally in the house. Where are they on a gadget in the room? Yeah. And because I have a gadget because actually busy before in our days growing up, we'll be outside in the backyard or around the TV the family would be around the TV was there was one set isn't had multiple TVs around the place, and not everyone. We didn't even have mobile phones growing up. That's right. So again, this device is

00:34:32 --> 00:34:36

ringing up so this hardware is coming from this thing. Well, these devices and

00:34:37 --> 00:34:44

they're the ones bringing up our children in our days at watchmen going into your room was punishment. You got sent to your room for punishment.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:56

Now it doesn't work. You send your kids to the room for punishment that like all right, good, great. This is where I want to be anyway. Now sending our kids outside is punishment for us going outside was like we wanted to be outside.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

So it's completely flipped backwards.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:16

But but a big thing that we have, I think is well, and I was sitting in a in a in a in a holiday I was checking off Sinhala bed in Medina many years ago, and he said something that stuck with me for a long time. He said that in the times of past,

00:35:17 --> 00:35:54

obtaining information was difficult like about the Dean obtaining knowledge about the Dean was difficult, he said, But luck was prevalent, manners was widespread, you know, like everybody had manners, even though it was hard to obtain knowledge. He said, Now we live in a time where knowledge is so relevant and everybody's got some knowledge. But he said a HELOC, a HELOC, mannerism is hard to find. And that was just such a profound thing for me because I remember the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where he said that the most heavy thing that's gonna go on our scale of deeds on the Day of Judgment is hostile holo is our good manners. It's not going to be how many books you

00:35:54 --> 00:36:16

have memorized or how many Salah you prayed hammers, okay, you gave it it's going to be did any of that have an effect on your manners? Because we have if you look at the online sphere today, everybody's a scholar of some sort. Everybody can quote to you left, right and center. But where's the mannerism? Where is the, the the way that we are supposed to treat one another and deal with one another and treat humanity? Where is that?

00:36:17 --> 00:36:59

You know, one thing I've realized, is, in today's ages, if you're if you're rude and arrogant, it's a sign of good manners. And what I mean by that is, it's like, they have to wonder whether we will say fake it till you make it sort of thing. So if they, if they, if they have that sort of personality, built or instilled in them, they're gonna make it or they're going to be somebody, but by them having good manners and being humble and being an all around, you know, a very good mannered Well, person, this person will never get somewhere. And that's something that's, you can say, almost subliminally instilled in today's culture that if you're if you're not that if you're a you know, if

00:36:59 --> 00:37:28

you're not someone that is going to like push and, and hustle, if you want to say that you're going to get nowhere and this goes back to the you know, our era now, for instance, you know, the internet in forms before you had keyboard warriors that empowered the person who'd never speak when you face up and she knew face to face, if someone had talked against you online, then you seen face to face they put down their head, they won't even say boo. You know what I mean? This empower the people to speak up and this is a big, big problems Pamela?

00:37:29 --> 00:37:57

Everyone's again, no, rude, arrogant, you know, use straightforward. Now you say it how it is, in our day has been brought up. Hey, don't do this. My mum, for instance, we used to go visit a family. Be careful what you eat. Be careful. Don't just sit and eat up everything. Now. You go visit and children just there's no more winners. Yeah. Reality is what we were brought up with. It's not been brought up anymore. It's like you do what you want. It's almost like energy. Just do whatever you want. There's the there's no, there's no.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:04

And online, what is the very famous people or people or lions online and their kittens in person?

00:38:05 --> 00:38:39

The same people that are so loud online, you see them in person, and they don't have a peep is a you know, what is it Mike Tyson said, Mike Tyson said people have become too comfortable with say what I'm saying whatever they want without getting punched in the face. Like, it was just different. When we were growing up. If you had something to say to someone, this is just based off luck. And this was me, like I was born and raised. For those who don't know, I was born and raised in the south, like I've moved back to the south. Now I'm back at home. But the South has tremendously changed since when I was here when I was a kid. But if you had a problem with someone, my grandfather taught

00:38:39 --> 00:39:11

me that that problem is not between anyone but you in that person. I don't want to hear about it, I don't want you to tell nobody else about it. If you have a problem with someone, either take it to that person or shut up about it. That's it, you know, and that's what we did as kids, you might go to someone and have an argument with him have a problem. You might even test it out. You know, you might fight it out. This is what boys used to do. We'd have a little scruff and little scuff, and then once we're done, we get up guess what we shake hands. We're all good. Done and dusted. You know, the world has just changed so much that it's created so much, you know, sensitivity. The funny

00:39:11 --> 00:39:49

thing is, everyone is insensitive towards other people, but super sensitive about themselves. Right? That's, that's That's the craziest thing about it is that people are so insensitive to anyone else, like they will just rip anyone else apart. But the moment they themselves get ripped on. They can't handle it. They fall they fold up like a lawn chair in a windstorm. You know, I mean, it's really just, they're ruining people's lives, even in terms of divorce in terms of ruining the business where they actually go out of business. You need because of online pressure and bad reviews and people just troll they just say everything under the sun. And people couldn't care less if they lose

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

their livelihood. Let's just say they lost their business. They lose their house, they end up in a divorce. Just because of these people. No one's thinking and this is so so sad in my eyes. Pamela we knew well

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

Well, what would you do something for instance, if you have a problem as you mentioned, go to the person email and talk to them personally and say listen XYZ happened to you source in when was a few weeks ago when I saw that brother at the cafe. Remember when you were waiting in new vaping Telemedia i Brother actually had written something about me once online on Facebook and I couldn't believe it. So when him as usual, I don't like to get into these little scuffles online. He mentioned something about the global Moon setting opinion that we take. And obviously he didn't have the knowledge. But again, I just walked by and deleted his comment. I saw him me as a as an old

00:40:37 --> 00:41:07

timer. As you saw me, my my heart was I went straight up to him Salaam Alaikum. Brother shook his hand or said, Brother, you said 123. Okay, how could you say such a thing? He looked at me, he goes, please forgive me. Because I didn't have the knowledge back then. Now, I have the knowledge. And please forgive me, I hugged him, I kissed him. So just go ahead, and I went away. But I didn't let let it go. And I didn't go online to sit down and beg him or bring out some of his errors. Colors. I left it when I saw him face to face or when no one knew.

00:41:08 --> 00:41:43

But handle it. I guess, these days, everyone's very, very, very different when it comes to these sorts of things. But one thing I if I can please just if we get to the topic of practice what you preach one big thing that we have, in this day and age, people don't practice what they preach. You have preachers, you have their art, you have people online, that talking about the dinner and all these sort of things. But it's only Cullen. There's no action with this. Because in academia, you neither there's the image you have in your heart. You practice with your limbs, drone, people are forgetting the practice with the limbs. And they're leaving that off. And that's one thing I know

00:41:43 --> 00:42:13

for sure your Sofia, her brother, your mother Raja afternoon as well. And many of the people that we know me, they talk less but the apple. And this is something that we have to re energize our Alma in terms of learn to sit down and talk about that in practice. Because you notice people they have a lot of knowledge when you sit down with them, they'll throw a throw a hadith, but when it comes to the action, it's totally opposite. Yes. And they forget that this talk that they're saying is gonna go against someone that they judge and especially if they're doing the opposite.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:51

We fall from time to time we commit sins from time to time. But in general, you know, somebody, you know if he's upright, if he's practicing what he's preaching on. So this is something I think that really needs to come back. And that goes back also to gratitude. Because this island that Allah has given you. It's not just to have an island, it's also to action. Yep. Hassan Abbas Rahim Allah Allah said, the faith. Faith is not just words, right? He said, faith is that which settles itself in your heart belief that settles itself in your heart, and then it becomes manifested through your limbs. So faith is not a belief, faith is an action, it's actually something that you you do. But I also

00:42:51 --> 00:43:29

think that what happens right is that we need to practice what we preach, but we also I think, there is this fine balance online between the way we see each other now with social media, social media has set unrealistic expectations of so many different things in life. And the dean is one of them. You know, they people see like speakers, you know, you see these all these Islamic preachers and speakers, and you get this idea about them, right, like they must be like the most amazing people they must be the most pious people they must be, you know, like, literally they go home and get good buzz after dinner, probably and you know, and pray every night. Like they also have to understand

00:43:29 --> 00:43:57

that there needs to be a fine balance between what they see and what is reality, which is that every single one of us is a human being before Allah ne before being a Muslim, we are human we are in sin, and in sun, that very word that Allah named all of us and an entire chapter of the Quran about means that we are forgetful and we are unmindful and we know we're going to make mistakes. But at the end of that hadith where I just quoted earlier, that every son of Adam sins, how do you make yourself better than everybody else?

00:43:58 --> 00:44:32

Alfredo Hatha INETA wound the Best of those who sin and repentance, we acknowledge it is different between acknowledging, rather than thinking that we sit on some high horse, you know, like, oh, like, you know, I'm so amazing. That is another huge problem I see with social media is that everyone as soon as they enter into that portal, it's like, the moment I pick up my phone and I log on to social media, all of a sudden, now I have become some esoteric you know, I mean, angel like, figure who gets to sit on a throne and, and look down on everybody else through the end of my nose. Every one of us has to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment. That is what we

00:44:32 --> 00:44:58

need to be thinking about is yes, we're going to commit mistakes, we're going to do things but at the end of the day, what would I bought him and what you think about me doesn't matter. What I bought what I think about you what I think about the noon none of that matters, it is what Allah subhanho wa Taala how He judges us on the day we stand in front of him. Right? That's what matters. So we need to become as Omar mo hottub said we need to be our own acid in our own accountant before Allah takes the account from us.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00


00:45:03 --> 00:45:20

any, any anything from your end in terms of you know, he pretty much summarizes everything that I wanted to say no, no you can't that's a cop out that's a cop out Mr. De noon. For those of you don't know, I meant the noon is is always got something to say about something until he's asked to say something about something

00:45:23 --> 00:46:02

that's the same and so that is that is your that is your catchphrase, I got something to say about everything until you ask him to say something about anything. That's right. And then he's got nothing to say. And then as soon as we get off, he'll have something to say about everything. But um, you know, one thing I want to ask before before we start closing this up and wrap it all up, right? is I want to know, from all of us, because at the end of the day, you know, we are here as well as as as members of Allison foundation. You know, Abu Hamid, you're the you're the founder, and the Newman co founder, I came on recently I'm the newbie on the team, but you know, I'm trying to do

00:46:02 --> 00:46:13

my best to catch up with you guys when they insure on Alterna here in the States and make this a global family all over the world. Why did you do this? Why did you do it?

00:46:15 --> 00:46:45

Like why did the charity work? Yeah, because when we met right and a lot of people don't might not know this is watching. We met each other under the banner of IDC a write down this was this was this is where all our hearts are united to that is down, right? But and this was before the found the the formulation of Allah Hassan foundation. Correct. So why did you get into working in charity? Why why why going from the Dawa to the charity? And have you left doing Dow? Or do you see that as part and parcel to each other?

00:46:46 --> 00:47:01

Okay, to be honest, but when the Syrian wolf was first started, again, going back to the point of practicing what you preach, I was giving a lot of hospice, I was doing a lot of fundraising dinners for the Syrian people back then. And,

00:47:02 --> 00:47:09

you know, when we raised I saw that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah was opening those, we actually have a challenge. You know, I spoke to a brother whose name is Anwar.

00:47:10 --> 00:47:52

You know, we said, Okay, let's try to do something for these people. And we tried, we actually put a limit of $100,000 in seven in seven days. And so Pamela, something happened amazing. I think just before one hour of that time limit to drop, we will I think a few $1,000 Off And subhanAllah. Someone drove onto the masjid land came with an envelope, dropped it off, we hit $100,000 within seven days, and that just blew my mind. You have to think about the sprinklers teaching me something that, Hey, wake up this off. You might be up on the member talking, you might be given a quota we might be encouraging. Look what you can, what you can do. From that time, we went overseas, we help

00:47:52 --> 00:47:59

the people, the refugees that were in Lebanon, we help Syrian refugees, that were in Turkey in other countries, and things just took off. And when I saw

00:48:01 --> 00:48:21

that the families and this this shook me in Brotherhood was with me as well. When you're talking to to widows, you know, their husbands. Basically, the heads were blown off in front of their eyes, in front of their eyes, their children that were traumatized. We even had one lady mentioned that the the certain group, you know, they chopped off her husband's head.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:57

She put a gun to her head, and they said you have to eat from his flesh. This killed me. Yeah, seeing the children in tears in tears and thinking, You know what? I can give Dawa? Which we're still giving Dawa because every time we give out we're always talking about Allah subhanaw taala and he's still giving down but practice what you preach it okay. Because we can do we do much more I can sit here every Jew manga happens Everyone say, Mashallah. MashAllah the great hotel, great copper, they walk out, it goes in one ear out the other. But we actually changing the lives of people like this. This is a totally different thing. And I found myself that you know what, I feel more

00:48:57 --> 00:49:13

energetic. I feel more any contentment. By doing this. I'm not saying that was important that 1,000% is is important. But again, practice what we preach environment. That's so so so important to me. I think one point that you also forgot to mention is just before the

00:49:15 --> 00:49:23

this, the war broke out, and you also traveled to Africa. With this, there was a famine in in Somalia at the time.

00:49:24 --> 00:49:49

And we we packed a couple of containers as well And subhanAllah we thought a 20 container will do ended up doing. I don't have any containers at the time and it was Subhanallah it was a lot of medical within the community. And just one story of a lady that we picked up from the desert area. We drove 12 hours into the desert came back just to sleep because there's nowhere to sleep. In Kenya when we went and we picked up on lady Spanish she had 12 Children imagine this future towards children.

00:49:51 --> 00:49:59

So we she was looking for husband her husband just disappeared off the face of the earth. She didn't know where he was just looking for him for four months. He was the person who's supposed to sustain

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

And the children. So she wants to get to the city to ask around.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:30

If anyone knew her has her husband was not the sort of things and asking your questions. You know, what do you eat? What do you do? How do you survive in these areas? You said, What do you think she she she sustained this off with all her life. We're not talking just about a few weeks. She said milk, the only thing she's put into her mouth is milk. She hasn't eaten vegetables, she has not eaten rice, she has not eaten meat. The only thing always is what she said to me.

00:50:31 --> 00:50:43

I've got witnesses to prevent this from milk. Imagine I tend to run to my son or daughter or my children. Yeah. And I said, Listen, this, oh, you're gonna have no sense of humor.

00:50:44 --> 00:51:00

I know what my children told me, I know what your children tell you. And I know your children and say, you know, even yourself, imagine that these these life changing things that happened to me, it changed my life a lot. I think it was more of an avalanche effect as well like, like using these two,

00:51:01 --> 00:51:48

I'd say situations or founding situations that happened that caused like a ricochet or, or avalanche effect to, to go into it further to, you know, to assist more people to span out to get to other areas and things like that. Subhanallah one, one of the one of the first areas that we traveled to as well, at the time, we went to an island in Indonesia, your share atonia used to get to this island, you shouldn't be with us. We had to travel two planes, a 12 hour boat ride. Then a canoe ride around the island motorbike, then a motorbike. We had to ride each a motorbike to get to the top of the island. Then a six kilometer hike of my essay asthma kicked in because it was like pig

00:51:48 --> 00:52:10

six in the morning for a in the high altitude. And it was crazy, crazy time. SubhanAllah. And then we had to go down the island. And to do that we had to catch at the back of a truck and it was a very bumpy truck. But you know you should every person that I've met, is thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and they're more happy living in those situations and what we're living in the woods, honestly.

00:52:11 --> 00:52:48

Yeah, that comes back to gratitude, right? Yep, I remember. Um, my story is very easy. I actually began as a fundraiser, that was my whole shtick, I left martial arts, because I wanted to be involved in Islam at work. And I saw an ad in Joomla magazine. I don't know if you guys remember Joomla magazine, it was a big magazine publication here in the States back in the day. This is this is before social media and all that. And there was an ad for a fundraising position in Daraa, salaam Masjid in College Park, Virginia. And I said, you know, asking for money, I don't have a problem doing that, because I've been running my own martial arts business for so long. And I just became

00:52:48 --> 00:53:19

very accustomed to the, you know, to the point to point sale person to person sale. I said, asking Muslims for money, I can do that. So, you know, before you can do that, you have to give you a little you can't just go and walk in the machine and be like, Give me all your money. You know, I mean, you got to actually like warm them up and talk. And so part of that was telling my story about how I came to Islam. And then that got hurt and I somebody at George Mason University asked me to do a talk that ended up being on the YouTube but very early on and that's how I became a speaker and it wasn't intended to do so. But what you were saying is I remember an incident right?

00:53:20 --> 00:53:56

I remember going to Mandela Kenya with a with a waterwheel project Mandela Kenya is like barren, right? Like this. There's nothing out there. And when we brought the water well, when the water started pumping, right, everybody was so happy except this one old lady. She was crying. And, and we went to and asked her, you know, like, you know, like, Sister, why are you crying? You know, we took the camera over and everything because we thought, you know, this is going to be a joyous moment, right? We said, Sister Why you crying? She said, Because I'm afraid that Allah is going to punish us for this water. And, and we were like, what, you know, like, Stop filming camera was going on?

00:53:57 --> 00:54:18

And we were like, What do you mean? She was like when we had to walk miles and miles each day to get muddy water. We were grateful for every drop of it, and we wasted none of it. She said, now you guys have turned on this pump and I see it just you know, spilling all over the ground. She said I am afraid that we are going to become ungrateful for this gift of water and Allah is going to punish us for it.

00:54:19 --> 00:54:40

Subhan Allah, just the mindset this is what I said if you what goes on up here determines everything. She saw what should be a very joyous occasion very differently because of her Iman because of her Eman. She knew that every drop of that water that was spilling onto the ground and soaking up to the dirt is something they would have never wasted when they had to walk miles for each and every day.

00:54:42 --> 00:55:00

How ungrateful are we you know I mean we can like when I get off with you guys I'm gonna go downstairs go to the fridge opened up this food there there's you know you saw when you came in my house has three big frigerators in the in the in the garage just in case an emergency happens like the pandemic before. Like we're so ungrateful. Imagine if that was all taken away from us and we

00:55:00 --> 00:55:09

had to go back out to, you know, hunting, you know, rabbits in the backyard or you know, like we would fall apart none of us would survive. You don't know if that's gonna come on but you don't know.

00:55:11 --> 00:55:39

I'm ready for it. We know we do know from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that one day it will happen he said, because the lead the wars at the end of time would be gone back to being fought with what rocks and sticks and swords and arrow like it would go like something's going to happen. We know according the Hadith, the Prophet salallahu Salam, we're all advanced technology is going to be gone. And we're going to be back to scrounging around, like, you know, like, we were 1000s of years ago. I don't know. I hope it doesn't happen in our lifetime because I know a lot of us not gonna make it.

00:55:41 --> 00:55:53

Make it easy on all of us in our children inshallah. But yeah, it's all about perspective, perspective is key, especially when it comes to gratitude. And as we wrap it up, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:55:55 --> 00:56:29

you're low Lord is as you perceive him, that is, the way we need to see things is that your Lord is as you perceive him to be. So if we perceive Allah subhanho wa taala. And I tell this to a lot of people coming to my sessions, if you see if you perceive that Allah is always on you, punishing you, you know, always putting you to task for things that you don't think you deserve, then you're going to have a very conflicted relationship with the One who created you. But if you see all of these things as part of his divine plan, and part of His divine wisdom to get you to where you need to be in life in this world, and then get you to where you want to be in the next life, and you are

00:56:29 --> 00:56:36

cognizant of that and you treat him like that, then you'll find the Lord who is very generous and forgiving with you inshallah.

00:56:39 --> 00:57:13

I'm not sure if we have comments on your YouTube or other things maybe people have and if anybody has any questions, yeah, if you have any questions you can ask now we do have quite a common sister stitch said look at the prospective Hector Cruz, who I think is also person used to come on my YouTube a lot said that he came to Islam because of my videos and he's a jujitsu artists now. arbour said Allah does not intend to make difficulty for you but he intends to purifying please favoring you so you can be grateful that was that was a very beautiful verse And it's true. Allah says he doesn't intend difficulty for us. It's only a means to purify us so that we can be grateful so if

00:57:13 --> 00:57:29

anybody has some questions you can feel free to drop them in now because what will take them over the next few minutes and Shama who to Anna because I don't know how many I know we got some people watching on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, so if you have questions, send them over in sha Allah

00:57:30 --> 00:57:52

I'm looking forward to insha Allah getting my my visa my passport and making it back out on the road with you guys in sha Allah hopefully we eventually get me into Australia we get Mr. De Newman into all America we figured out all this global travel like catastrophe we got going on right now and we'll all we'll all because it seems like for us three to get all in the same place. We're gonna have to go back to London again

00:57:58 --> 00:58:27

it's different different Yeah, no, no offense because we might have some plans to come with you guys in sha Allah Jota Anna but yes, London I've always said that London is my my my most frequent place that I've visited in the world but it is also I have a love hate relationship with it. Like I love I love the community there the Muslims they're a very close knit there's good brotherhood there's there's decent food, but the city itself I just I can't get the small bro. They need the small they just have to show the teeth. That's it. London. Yeah, London is needed.

00:58:29 --> 00:58:49

Look at me. I'm still that look. Okay. I think I think I think is the weather room. I think it's the weather. They need they need they need some sunshine and some vitamin D supplements. Somebody said, Chris, Chris Yaqoob said, I'm working on coming to Islam converting from Christianity. But my mom doesn't approve. parents don't approve, what did they do?

00:58:50 --> 00:59:23

I'm gonna leave that one for you. I mean, you were in that on that boat. I know what my opinion is. But I guess you have to make that choice. I guess it's more appropriate. I made the choice by not telling them right away, you know, I mean, because I didn't really you know, like, if you if you will take your shahada at the masjid, right. And you know nothing about Islam, and you go home and tell your parents and they're going to ask you why and start asking you a bunch of questions you don't have the answer to. So what I did was I accepted Islam. And I started to learn about the religion. And I started to practice the religion. You know, I mean, I started to be a better person.

00:59:23 --> 00:59:56

I changed my life. And then when my grandmother, and my father asked me, What's gotten into you that you've changed, I mean, you've changed, like within three weeks, because also, you have to understand and I don't want to talk about it, because I think that's what got me banned last time on Australia, but I was I was I had I had a pending litigation coming up and I knew I needed to fix myself very quickly in hopes that a loss of ending with Allah would favor me in that condition, which he did, but it wasn't the way I wanted, but I was trying to be a better person. And when my father and grandmother asked me what what had changed in me they could see it right. I said, it's

00:59:56 --> 00:59:59

because I've become a Muslim. And this is Islam. Islam teaches me to be at

01:00:00 --> 01:00:36

better person, it teaches me to be honest. It teaches me to be righteous. It teaches me to be good towards my parents and good towards my family. And my grandmother told me my grandmother is an old school Southern woman born and raised, Jesus is everything woman. She looked at me and said, This is what Islam has done for you, then keep at it. Keep at it, my father told me the same thing. If this is what Islam has done for you keep at it. My father is still alive at Hamdulillah. My mother passed away my grandmother passed away. But he is so even though I have not helped him come to he's not converted yet, because that's up to Allah. I've given him Dawa for 25 years, he is always very, very

01:00:36 --> 01:01:06

proud to tell people my son is a Muslim. He always tries to say he's a famous Muslim who travels the world and tells other people about the religion proselytize about his studies, she says, basically, he's a Muslim evangelic. But he's very proud about it. And whenever I've gone to my hometown TWICE, TWICE, I've been to my hometown in the past 25 years to give lectures, he's in the front row, he's in the front row, even even as a non Muslim, he's in the front row. So let them see with your actions, let them see with your actions. At the front, I think it's true what you said.

01:01:08 --> 01:01:38

If you're wanting to convert, just keep up between you and Allah convert, you know what I mean, and just go forward with it. And as you had mentioned, you know, you're naturally going to become a bit of a better person, we're not saying that you're a bad person now. And we're not saying that the Christians are bad. And we're not saying that the non Muslims are bad, but we have certain elements that you need uplift us as, as being Muslims, you know, believing in the Creator who created everything, and we can prove that scientifically, he will spend hours upon hours proving this you know, whether you look at your hand you look at your identity, that no one else has, despite that

01:01:38 --> 01:02:09

fingerprint, we can prove so many things that Allah and Allah exists. He is the one that created everything. So again, just look at those things. And you know, I'm pretty sure you are certain questions offline or you can always reach out to me I think he's on my youtube so Chris, if you want to reach out to me reach out to me, you shamans [email protected] And I'll get with you and Sean lots right on my Youtube as well. Sister stitch ask a question, right. And she's also a convert and I believe she's from Australia, sister stitches and Og supporter of mine when I started streaming on Twitch and during the pandemic, so I never forget her name.

01:02:10 --> 01:02:13

twitches online gaming platform, she said

01:02:15 --> 01:02:32

that, what advice do you have for reverts when they lose a loved one? My mom passed away eight years ago when my dad passed away three weeks ago. What advice if someone came to you? And said, you know, I'm an I'm a revert, and I lost my parents who are not Muslim? What advice would you give to me?

01:02:33 --> 01:02:47

Look, morning is natural. We're human. You know, if we see, you know, an animal, though, we feel sorry. You know what I mean? You know, if somebody did two passes away, it doesn't mean that you know, you can't mourn. Of course, you can mourn. You can feel sorry, you're allowed to cry. We're human.

01:02:49 --> 01:03:00

Unfortunate in terms of when we're talking about, you know, the burying of the of a family member, that isn't a believer, we have a few issues here and there. But then again, we have to understand why you're not I mean,

01:03:01 --> 01:03:35

if we just move away from the question, just think about in general Indian, when a person passes away, what is the worst sin meant was the worst sin on upon the person should shirk associating partners with the last pantalla or not believing in Allah subhanaw taala This is the worst thing and you'll never ever, ever be forgiven. In the in the sight of Allah, you'll never be forgiven, unless you believe in him. You could do every sin under the sun and believe in Him, eventually, what will happen? Charla you Inshallah, through the will of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will forgive you and enter you paradise. But if you don't believe in Him, and you commit Shulkin, you know, associate

01:03:35 --> 01:04:07

partners, or you don't believe in him, this is the worst crime on the face of the earth. So that's the thing that people have to acknowledge and get a bit more knowledge in terms of okay, why why are we said we can't do XYZ. There's a reasoning for that. And sometimes that's probably your shipment. And sometimes we don't understand, but many times we do understand, but we just have to have that logic in our mind. Keep a clear mind and just understand that and take it as it is, but you know, to visit your relatives afterwards, and you know, your family. There's no problem with that. So I guess the main point here is just in terms of the burial and the servicing with the burial. There's some

01:04:07 --> 01:04:46

limitations in terms of as well as making dua for them afterwards. There's limitations on that because me myself, Sister stitch, I lost my grandmother, who was if you've watched any of my videos, she was the closest person to me in my life like that. She was my mother and my father. I lost her. After I had accepted Islam. I was 22 years old when she passed away four years of being a Muslim. And then I lost my mother. She got terminal cancer, and it ate up very quickly. And I lost her way before I thought I should she was only 44 years old one year older than I am right now. She died in my arms of cancer. Me trying to get her to take the shahada, but she was way too doped up on

01:04:46 --> 01:05:00

morphine and other things to really can't even comprehend what was what was being said. And it still hurts me to this day. I actually had to go to therapy, you know, to like, deal with that and kind of process that and realize how deeply losing my

01:05:00 --> 01:05:34

grandmother, my mother affected me because I was you know, as a men, as men were taught to just shove those things down and not, you know, talk, it's very, it's very toxic to do that. So all of these things are part of human nature to mourn, to feel sad. As long as we don't go over over the bounds and doing the things that we shouldn't do on behalf of that, then, then that's fine. Because I had to rest myself that, you know, that the affairs of my mother and my grandmother, are with Allah subhanho, wa taala. And there's not a single thing I can do for that I am. And on the Day of Judgment, I'm not really going to care, none of us are going to care about anyone else. On the Day

01:05:34 --> 01:05:37

of Judgment, we're all going to be enough see enough CNSC in the world able to care about ourselves anyway.

01:05:41 --> 01:06:11

And, again, our thoughts and our prayers are with you, as well. And it's something that is difficult. And when we understand this, we also have to be, you know, caring when we're given this advice. You know, we can't just say call a sucker up. And that's it. Anyway, we need to we understand that there's hurt, you know, what I mean, especially about parents and whatnot, can we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easier on yourself. And we ask that was granted, you know, last month and puts guidance in their hearts and to every person because we want we want guidance for every single person, you know, people that we hate, or that may be against us and all this sort of

01:06:11 --> 01:06:46

stuff. We ask a lot of God these people to Islam, I mean, in the in the thing that we should have taken from this as we wrap it up, because it's about to be migrated here. That I think the biggest thing we should always take from death that we don't take from death is that we're weird. Our time is coming. Our time is coming. We watch people die every single day, and act like we're not next. You know, I mean, like it could come in any moment I we hang in this world by a very thin thread. Like the difference between us being in this world and us being in the Africa is literally like the thinness of threads that at any moment just couldn't can just be cut, and we're gone where you know,

01:06:46 --> 01:06:47

instant gone.

01:06:48 --> 01:07:10

There was just a janazah not too long ago here for a 17 year old year old boy who recently became a half as of the Quran, did his half graduation. And now he got into a car wrecked. He's gone. He's gone. So you know, we never know when that's how old my oldest son is. You know, I mean, like, I don't know, like, you never know how Allah is going to test us. But we have to try to stay ready and shot him all the time.

01:07:13 --> 01:07:17

You guys want to wrap it up? We'll wrap it up here. But then Mr. Moon, you can

01:07:18 --> 01:07:36

what leave us leave us with some parting words of wisdom. Mr. You do not want to have? I don't I don't have any offense. But one thing I wanted to brush up one of the first questions you ask them is where we were going, and you didn't actually finish it. You mentioned

01:07:38 --> 01:07:43

the eye, cataract and the clothes. But you never actually mentioned what's gonna happen after that.

01:07:44 --> 01:07:49

So we obviously have to get back to Lebanon. And we carry up the other heating in

01:07:50 --> 01:07:52

the first week, they have an affair.

01:07:53 --> 01:08:33

We're feeding multiple people on the day of our first. Yeah, so we've organized we have our own kitchen. And obviously we're partnering with other kitchens and organizations obviously to try to maximize that they have an affair to break the fast of, of the people there and the people that are fasting and diversify in sha Allah. And then obviously following the days of David aid will be obviously carrying out quite a venture Allah. But we're not only doing it in Lebanon, I'm just happens that we're in Lebanon during that time. We're also carrying out convent in Africa, in Sri Lanka, in the Africa, in Niger, itself in particular. We also have, obviously other countries that

01:08:33 --> 01:08:38

we have as well in Sharla. Tanya, so I just wanted to complete, you know, as

01:08:40 --> 01:08:42

I complete you, that's it. That's it, that's my way.

01:08:44 --> 01:09:19

But can I just mention before we go as well? Well, lately, this is one thing that we've benefited in Newsha, as you know, from the past, and the future, Inshallah, when you start traveling with us, is when people think us, I always remind them right off for the people that donate it, even if it's $1.50, even if it's $1 that you made for a certain project to move forward and to be successful, or LA when you see their faces and when they accept or they receive this don't this donation, whether it's through food, or whether through clothing, or whether we're building a waterwell orphanage or whatever it may be, Allah the people's faces, they're so happy. Yeah. And remember, this is the

01:09:19 --> 01:09:53

point that you don't see the dog that actually make and the life changing The Body Code that he needed the changes to their lives. When this happens, you're not seeing this in our wish we could document a lot of things but then again, you have this problem again, while you're taking photos while you're doing this for a reason that you can't when you don't show photos I say with the money go you show photos I said well you're taking photos, you know, we're stuck with you know, in a really weird situations. So, so I will wrap it up with saying that we are you know this was just to have a general talk but for anyone who does want to support all the projects that are going on

01:09:53 --> 01:09:59

through Allison foundation, you have Allison and that'll be on the next screen when we end this in the chat. You'll see the two links Allison

01:10:00 --> 01:10:35

dot org.au or for people in the United States we have lsn that us you can support all of the projects that we are doing to help all the people that help people in need because that is our goal that is the goal. I think that's why we all in this is because we see how great of a need there is in the world. We traveled around the world we've been so many places, we know there is a great need and we know that we can try to help them inshallah long to Anna. And we know that the Muslim community has the ability to help, it's just about the willingness to give up what we believe is our most greatest asset, which is our money, which it is not our greatest asset is our time because it's

01:10:35 --> 01:11:09

the one commodity that once you spend it, it cannot be replaced. So saying that I want to say just a little fan and for all of the audience members who came on and gave us some of their time, their, their irreplaceable commodity and John Locke will be doing more of these live streams regularly. coming up very soon. This is we did a test run a couple of weeks ago. And now this is the more advanced version of the professional test route and we will just try to increase it from here. I will be coming back to my own personal streams on Thursday and Shama Houttuynia, from my community on YouTube look forward to that on Thursday. And I look forward to seeing you guys. Hopefully, in

01:11:09 --> 01:11:31

one of these countries as soon as my passport I'll be on the way in JAMA. Chatelet looking forward to alright when we when we stay off you guys stay here for a minute I'm just going to end I'll in the stream and then I'll come back and talk to you guys but I'm gonna mute you and then as we go, all right. All right in sha Allah we will see all of you audience members next time and until then, I said I'm on a gum or ornamental law he will better get to

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