Justice in The Hadith About The Man Killing 99 People But Being Forgiven – Ask Shaykh YQ #205

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Brother Mohammed from Aberdeen, Scotland emails Mashallah Aberdeen, Scotland one of the northernmost city very beautiful city I have had the pleasure of going there once in my life. I've been to Glasgow and Edinburgh many more times, but Aberdeen up north Brother Mohammed for Aberdeen emails and he says that he has a question about the famous Hadith of the one who killed 99 people, but was eventually forgiven by Allah. He says that he understands that Allah's mercy is infinite. And indeed it is possible for Allah to forgive everyone. But he says, How about the justice for the 99 families and the murdered? Where is the justice? He says, I can understand Allah's forgiveness. What about

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the people who were murdered? How can that be understood? In light of this headache? Where is there hope for the rights that were taken away from them in light of this heady? One?

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Now, this hadith is a famous Hadith is reported behind in Muslim, our Prophet salallahu it who was said I'm said There used to be a man amongst the people before you who killed 99 people. And he regretted that and he wanted to repent. So he asked Who is the most knowledgeable person so he was guided to a monk, a monk is a worshiper who doesn't have any knowledge. And he said to the monk, I have killed 99 people will a lot ever forgive me. And the man said, 99 people, how can a lot ever forgive you, you are doomed. So he became so angry that he killed the monk and made 100. And then he became a repentant again. And so he then approached a scholar, and he asked the scholar, can Allah

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ever forgive me, and the scholar said, and who can possibly come between you and Allah is forgiveness, of course, Allah will forgive you. But then he said to him, you are living in an evil land go to a righteous place. And the long story short, he went to that place and on the way he died, and eventually Allah subhana wa, tada forgave him. Now the brother is saying, he understands the forgiveness, he does not understand the concept of justice. And the response is that on the Day of Judgment, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that people, those types of people who have done wrong unto others, and especially those who have killed because our Prophet system said that a

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person is going to be in a state of ease, there's always going to be hope for a person on the Day of Judgment, unless he has shed the blood of somebody else. And our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, The first issue that Allah will deal with on the Day of Judgment is blood, if somebody has shed blood, that is going to be the first issue Allah deals within the court of the Divine on the Day of Judgment. And the long list of crimes. Number one, in terms of the crimes between mankind is, you know, the those that have killed lots of people were criminals, whatnot, you know, mass murderers, they were going to be judged, number one, and our profits of the law, why do you set them said that

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on that day of volume is going to be taken into account, and the currency between the volume and the mobile room the currency between the one who did vote, and the one upon whom it was done will be the currency of good and bad deeds. So the one who did voting will be forced to give his good deeds to the one that he did the willing to, until he runs out of good deeds, then bad deeds from the mob room will be given to the one who did the vote until all accounts are settled, and our Prophet salallahu it who was sent him mentioned the case of the one who is a bankrupt person who said, Do you know who is the bankrupt person, and they said, The bankrupt person is the one who has run out

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of all money. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No, the bankrupt person, in my on the Day of Judgment, from my own will be the one who comes with good deeds like mountains, yet he also has done very into many people, and he has killed people and hurt people and backed by the people and slandered people and stolen from people. And so on that day, the good deeds that he's done will be given to all of these other people until he runs out of all of his good deeds. He said that is the bankrupt person. So in our brother asked the question, how do we understand this headache and the response is very simple. one of two ways. Number one, that the default is that the

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sinner who does not repent, or even who repented in perfectly, shall be forced to deal with the sin that he has done unto others because, again, we're talking about the sin that was done to other people.

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By giving his good deeds, so it is possible that Allah might have forgiven this murder. And so Allah will not punish him for what he has done. But this murder might come on the day of judgment and become bankrupt. In light of the 99 or 100 claimants, he has to settle and it is possible that because of that, he might be punished, but eventually he will go to Jannah. Because how long will you remain for the punishments you know, for the sins of this world, and then there is a second alternative, and that is that Allah azza wa jal accepts the repentance of such a person to such a level, that a law will directly recompense those upon whom voting was done from his account, and not

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from the account of the one who did. So in the end, the Justice will be settled in the quarter of a law, by the rights of the most room being given to that person.

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And now whether the one who has done boom will be forgiven or not, it depends on his repentance. And this gives us hope, because there are people amongst us who have done one unto others, and those people are now gone from their lives. We don't know where they are anymore. What can we do? Well we can make to offer them give charity on their behalf, but we really are guilty, we're very repentant. What else can we do? We can turn to Allah subhana wa tada and show our remorse and regret. Make for ask Allah for forgiveness. And his sincere, sincere sincere repentance from Allah will be so powerful that on the Day of Judgment, such a person will even be forgiven the against others, but

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they will not walk away empty handed, they will walk away with rewards from a lord directly, which will be even more than what this man could have given them from his own good deeds. And so they will leave happy and a lot as though just because of the repentance of the sinner will allow the sinner to be forgiven. And this shows us that the door of Mercy of Allah and the role of Allah and the generosity of Allah is beyond our account. And the point of this is to make us feel a sense of optimism and hope. No matter what sin we have done, even against other people. The doors of mercy are still open if we turn to Allah subhana wa tada and we sincerely show Allah we are guilty where

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we are, we are turning to him with our good deeds, we're turning to him with our class and sincerity or asking for his forgiveness. The more that we do in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala the more the chances are that even those deeds will be forgiven, even if they're involved the rights of other people and in fact our profits a little off Why do you set them set Hadeeth isn't body that Allah is amazed and when Heidi Allah laughs at two people, the killer and the killed, and yet they're eating together in Jenna, they're drinking together in Jenna, each one of them in this world, their animosity and hatred was so bad that one of them kill the other. But it is possible that the one who

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killed was a non Muslim who repented he accepted Islam. So the one who was killed becomes a Shaheed the killer is forgiven because he embraced Islam. And so in general, in general, they're together in general, they're together and in this world, the one of them kill the other and that's each one will end up with the good deeds based upon what they have done. So all of this is to underscore that insha Allah to Allah if we turn to Allah and are sincere and perfect our repentance then the doors to Rama are always open. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive us and to guide us and to make us of those who are in Janata for those that either inshallah I will see you in our next episode next

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week. sekulow head was set on wanting more Mitchell law he will schedule

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