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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the opinion of the royal family on the d union and the importance of being fair. The royal family has a history of being conservative and liberal, but the discussion is centered around the idea that the royal family should not talk about the dams. The discussion touches on the use of the "has" in the royal family's language and the potential for the "has" to be used against the royal family. The transcript describes the discussions on the Hadith and the events surrounding them, including the importance of the Sun airline and the need for a community center. The potential for handkerchiefs to be used in the upcoming COVID crisis is discussed.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah the other day on my YouTube channel. A suggestion came up a lecture by Sheikh yesterday called the city with Abdel Hakim Murad at the Cambridge central mosque. Obviously seeing those two sit together. It was something, you know, very interesting. So, you know, so I said, Let me at least watch the introduction is about 15, six minutes, the whole video. So I said, I'm not going to watch the whole thing, but just the introduction and see what the topic is about and see what's going on. As I start to watch, the introduction, though, in the beginning is from

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Abdel Hakim Murad, and I believe he's the Imam there at that masjid.

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And he was a bit upset about the brothers talking in the masjid, putting their legs out and having a good old chat, as he said, and he said, it shouldn't be like that. And I'm going to show you what he said, watch it together, and then I'm going to comment and respond, is what he said, correct? According to the Sunnah. Let's watch what he said. And then we'll come and shadow Tala. When I first became Muslim, one of the things that most impressed me when I went to mosques was silence between the iqama

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heparin Athan and the Ikoma. Very impressive, reverent prayer for silence.

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Nowadays, what do we do? Well, we sit down, we stick out our legs, and we have a good old chat to our friends. It shouldn't really be like that. If you feel the words coming out, and you can't push them back down again, take your friend outside, exchanged the words until they're all up, then come back and try and recall that there's some people who are actually reciting port and quietly, who are doing test beer. We're preparing their hearts to talk to their Creator. Have some respect for them. In sha Allah is a part of the Sangha and part of the respect for the masjid insha Allah. So what is the problem? The brothers are probably talking about, you know, affairs of the dunya might be

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laughing and they're apparently raising their voice to a bit and he says it shouldn't be like this. And he said, it's part of the Sunnah. And part of the respect for the masjid. And he said, It's the hack of the mosque. I mean, not to not to talk like this, for us to remain silent. But is this correct according to the Sunnah? Is this? Correct? According to the opinions of the scholars? If you look at the opinion of the scholars, there is a difference of opinion, the gem hoard the majority are in agreement or an agreement with Mr. Murat that this is how it should be you shouldn't be talking about the affairs of the dunya in the masjid and you see this in the Maliki method, the

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humbly method and also the Hanafi method the Malik is in hand humbly they say it's more cruel and the Hanafi say it's more cruel to him. So this is it shows you that in a there is an opinion either so so we're always it's important that we're fair when we respond to something that he what he is saying that it is a valid opinion with many of the scholars but is it the correct opinion or not?

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Email Uh, no, we were him Hello Tala obviously want to know something is correct. Always the principal and we always, you know, remind ourselves and in our students of this is that we go back to what is in the Quran and what is in the Sunnah. And if there's something that's in the Quran and Sunnah, that's what we follow, even if it goes against the opinion of the majority of the scholars and Imam and Nui who is from the great Sheffy scholars as we know, he said, Jews at the How does Bill Hadith and MOBA he will miss God? He said it's permissible to talk about affairs that are mobile, which are allowed in the masjid and things that are halal. He said, will be a mortal dunya

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well, they have minimal Bahat he said into talk about the affairs of the dunya and other than that, he said, and he said as long as it's from the mobile hat as long as something that's allowed, that's halal. When hasslefree he pay attention when hasslefree he Buttrick wonderful, he said even if there is no laughing and and like that with it, I mean, let people are gonna be laughing, maybe raising their voices a bit. And obviously with respect and edit, we're not going to go crazy with it. But he said even if the people are laughing with it, and what have you mad dama MOBA Han as long as it stays halal, it's MOBA, the Hadith the topic they're talking about that it's permissible and there's

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no problem with that. And he said the evidence for that is the hadith of samsara. Even objective in Samara and part of the Hadith witchy mama no we did mention the beginning of it will mention it completely. That one of the narrators who is smack even help Rahim Allah, he asked the sahabi jabber even some are the Allahu and or the Allahu Anhu a koonta to Jelly Sue rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, did you use to sit in the company of the Prophet sallallahu? He said no. And that's an important part of the Hadith. That's why I mentioned it even though he might and no we didn't mention it. And then Imam No. He mentioned the rest of the Hadith from here, or what's coming

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after that when he after response of jabot where Jabba said Nam, Kathy Iran. He said yes, I was sat with him very frequently. And he said that he would sit in his masala he would sit in

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His prayer plays and he until the sunrise home after Salat al Fajr. And then he said but he said the companions and this is the the evidence for the topic that we're talking about now, so pay attention. He said that the Companions Kenyatta had the tuna. For those who don't want to be Emeril Jaya, Helia T for your help goon, Allahu Akbar. He said that the Companions would have conversations, and they will talk about the affairs of the Jaya Helia what they will do before Islam, and they would laugh about it.

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Now, I want you to picture the picture with me. We have the greatest of all of the Creation after the prophets of the Sahaba rodilla who I know they're sitting in the masjid. They're talking about the affairs of the jelly affairs of the dunya and they're laughing

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who was in their presence? Rasul Allah He said, Allahu Allah, he was selling our beloved prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. What was his response to them? Jebin said, we have tested him sal Allahu Allahu wa salam and the Prophet alayhi salat wa salam, he would smile.

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So what is the job? What is the answer then to this? Is it permissible for us to put out our feet and have a good old chat in the masjid? Say yes, it is according to the Sunnah. And right away when I heard this introduction, this Hadith from Sahih Muslim and went into my head, I remember this, what was the Sunnah says this, but when I went and researched to be fair, yes, there are many scholars who take that opinion, but the hadith is clear that it is permissible. So there's no problem with the brothers putting out their feet and having a good old chat between the event and the common Shala. In fact, this is something that we should encourage as imams in the West, because

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even in the east, honestly, but moreso in the west where the society outside is as we see it. And the masjid needs to be a community center where people can come together and to have a chat to have a cup of coffee. Perhaps and as measured there might be another area for that. But nonetheless, that even in the you know General massager which are not that big, this COVID era we have a cup of tea together we sit down and we relax we talk even if it's about the affairs with dunya as long as it's halal as Imam and always said, this is something that should be encouraged in order to encourage people to come to the mosque and Allah knows best Allahu allah sallallahu wasallam Mubarak Allah

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Nabil Mohammed was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.