If Everybody Has it, I Need it!

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In this mind that is considered to be one of the intellectual geniuses of our generation made. One of the points that he brought up was that we need to, according to him, destigmatize greed, he said there's nothing wrong with being greedy in and of itself. Greed, he said, is the driving force of economic growth. Another senior analyst of Wall Street, somebody who became famous because he was involved in the 2008 Wall Street crash, and in fact, the movie was made about him. He famously remarked, greed, for lack of a better word is good. Greed is right. Greed works and quote, another famous professor of economics in Boston, wrote a highly acclaimed book entitled The Spirit of

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Capitalism, in which the argument was made backed up by evidence that the reason why some countries and nations are more successful than others is because of greed, economic prosperity, this intellectual argued strength, it comes from greed. That is why America is a superpower. Because we are taught to crave to yearn to desire, we are taught to be better, we are taught to be competitive.

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Now, such Frank sentiments are politically incorrect, because religion from time immemorial has frowned upon greed. And even though it is rare to hear such blunt sentiments, the fact of the matter is that the society we live in the capitalist economy that we find ourselves in the culture that we're born into and raised in, it expresses this reality, even if it doesn't state it. And we subconsciously absorb this paradigm, even if we don't state it and preach it. In our movies, in our entertainment, in our social lives, in the experiences of our friends. We are indoctrinated to desire things we don't need and to need things we don't desire. This is the reality of our life.

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When everybody has something we never wanted. We never thought about when everybody has it. We start feeling deprived. I don't have it. Something's incomplete. We might never have even thought about it. We never saw a need for it. But this is the way our culture is heading

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