Mohammed Hijab – Why Israel Lost

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of their tourism business due to the volatile and volatile environment and their advertising campaign was designed to crush opposition to their resistance. They have since come together to fight against their oppressors and the MACD will be based on their own image. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting one's identity and being aware of one's actions to avoid damaging others, while highlighting the upcoming holiday celebrations and the birth of Jesus.
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I'm Anil Kumar, who was alive when I cancel, the last campaign by Israel has been a utter failure. And you could even say that they lost Yes, they lost this particular offense and also called offensive, it backfired in them in the most dramatic way possible. Why? Because he could have crushed them, you could have crushed the Palestinians. What was your objectives? You only now say post at the event that all the objectives was to do x y, Zed? No, the objective was to try and crush the resistance. And you couldn't do that. Even though there were small band of people. You couldn't even do that. So no, you did not achieve your objectives. Now your tourism is going to plummet

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because no one wants to go to a place where there's too volatile volatility like this, where some guy can blow himself up or some missile can drop in your head, you don't know what's gonna happen, no one wants to go to a place like that, who's gonna want to tourism for that. So you've destroyed that stream of income, now you have a lot of money to pay. Yeah, because you've destroyed your own infrastructure with this war, and you've destroyed other people's infrastructure. In fact, in fact, when you're dropping bombs, and you notice a 30%, chance is going to hit a child, and a 50% chance is going to hit a woman or child, and probably a 90% chance is going to hit a woman or a child, or

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an elderly person. And you destroy it, you killed over 200 people in less than two weeks, using the most sophisticated technology, you kill them. And you don't even have the dignity and the self respect to reimburse those families, the families that the people you killed, why you ask about them and say, you know, what, who are you so we can reimburse? We can help you out in life, those buildings that you smashed, broken down, when you try and get money for raise money for that I'm trying and what's that got to do with your struggle? So is that really, if you if we really want us to believe that you're not going against civilians, and you're not trying to kill them and actually

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target them?

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The Why is it the case that you've left them stranded in the way that they're stranded, you haven't even offered monetary compensation, you puffins you are pastors, and you have destroyed your image in front of the international community. And you know what else you've done, you brought the Muslims together, not just to Palestinians, believe me, the Palestinians were separated in ideology, maybe or some political ideas. But now you've actually brought them together. Because when they realize who the real oppressor is, who the real monster is, who the real Goliath is, they come together, and so to the Muslims have come together, and so to the Muslims will come together, because it's in our

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apocalyptic texts.

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That in fact, at the end of days, there will be a MACD a man who brings us

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to victory. And the center stage will actually be based on luck, this factor thought if I'm on so rather saved, sec will be like death. With luck, this they'll be on the periphery of that thinking like this. Because we know we know how weak you are. And in fact, I even tells us this not all Jews By the way, of course not Jews, I'm not talking about Jews, we're talking about you oppressive, Zionists.

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And the Quran says later so where Jews and Christians in all the same.

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But having said that, the Quran also states that there will be some of them, will attach it then the last one nasya Allah hi atem wamena Latina Shaco, yo, do I have, I don't know you, I'm Maru alpha Santa tinware Maya, who will be Musa, he may not either be a Yama now one of them wishes that they can live for 1000 years, 4000 years, and they won't even be able to do avert the punishment. If even they live for that long.

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you value your life. And the mark of someone who won't take risks, and who will be limited and scared and cowardly, is that they have nothing to die for. The truth of the matter is, let's be honest, you people have nothing to die for, as we have seen with the Palestinian people, that their resolve is so strong that life

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and death for them are the same. And in fact, death is the beginning. That is the beginning. How do you defeat such an enemy? You can't and that is the reason why you have failed.

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And it's a tragedy that the civilians have died from your side as well.

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But let's be honest, you value probably one of your civilians, more than 1 million of the civilians that have been killed in Palestine, even if it's a child, because you are racist, imperialist colonialists all the bad things that anyone can say about you bastards can be set as should be said about you.

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Absolutely. Because you don't believe in all children are the same. all races are the same. Let's be honest, you don't believe in that stuff.

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And so that is in fact in many ways your weakness. It's a weakness because you you are shocked about what happened. You are shocked.

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that it didn't take an Intifada in order for you to, to have casualties and so on. You have you are shocked that there was some gonna be some uprisings from within the West Bank. You were shocked at all of those things. And you know what else you were shocked about? You were shocked about the fact that those people who you killed their families, those young and innocent children,

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that they,

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their families, and the people around the world, you moved all the people around the world, not only to tears, but action.

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You have completely failed

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and you will completely fail. Some scholars say when the verse says,

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you see a su ha come with a gelato at

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the zoo hukou. Well, he had the whole Masjid I came at the Hollywood drama.

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This is some scholars say this is talking about Israel. Because when did when did Israel have benefits? When did they have ownership over up?

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When did they have laptops, you don't have a loved one they have this corruptive ability,

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Marathi two times a second time actually is going to be an enemy that you're going to have. That's going to take you out of the place which is not even yours, which is East Jerusalem. Well, yeah, the whole Masjid Mr. Halawa will emalahleni?

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So this is while you would have been on my allotted to bill

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the day?

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Yes. But you took the role model to be around.

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So this is the situation. You have everything to fear and everything to lose. And this is the reality.

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You're no longer developing developed country, you've now put yourself back 20 or 30 years. You put yourself back

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and you've lost, you've lost the credibility in the international community lost money lost lives as because your arrogance.

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And so the Gazans do have a lot to celebrate today. And in fact, not only do they celebrate, we as the Muslims will celebrate as well. And we're happy that you had to compromise and succumb to some weakness because you are weak.

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And we are I hope, I believe that all the Muslims that are watching me today and or even those who are probably just fair minded people, not even Muslims. Hope that I see the day where we liberate East Jerusalem fully from your oppressive and occupying role, and that we go into the masjid as we went into it the first time a doctor understates and then you will know what time it is. Said I'm Ali Kumara Delilah.

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