What does it take to be a True Muslim?

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My name is Leon John. And Firstly, I'd like to thank my friend Nullah for bringing me here and giving me this opportunity to hear some wonderful teachings from you. Now I got two questions to ask. First is, what does it take to be a true Muslim? And the second question is, Muslims pray five times a day. Why don't we Catholics and other religions pray five times a day is any explanation for this?

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Brothers true question questions. First is that what does it take to be a Muslim?

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What is the requirement? And second is Why do Muslims pray five times Catholics pay less? What is the reason?

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As far as what does it take to be a Muslim? As I mentioned earlier, Muslim means a person who submits the will to God, say, if you submit your will to God, and follow the commandments of God, you are Muslim.

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The number one thing is that you bear witness that there is no God but Allah, no God, but one two Almighty God. And you bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is the third oven, and the messenger of God. This is the basic fifth. It is a fundamental creed known as Shahada. So once you say this, you enter into the basic fundamental creed, and to be a good Muslim, you should submit your will to Almighty God. So if you follow the commandments, given more than Mighty God in the Quran, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him in authentic hadith, then you will be good practicing Muslim.

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As far as the second question is concerned, why do Muslims pray five times and we Christian VPLS. The reason is, we Muslims, Salah is a sort of programming towards anxiousness. So normally people they say, pray,

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pray is not the right translation of Salah.

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Pray, Mr. Ask for help.

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In Oxford Dictionary pray Miss beseech in Salah. We don't merely ask for help. Besides asking for help, we are getting guidance from Allah subhanaw taala.

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In other religions, they only ask for help in Islam. Besides asking for help, we are getting guidance from Allah subhanaw taala for example, if the imam or to Surah Fatiha

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recited the verse of the Quran also reminder chapter number five verse number 90 Yeah You will live in harmony or you believe and number come roll my through most certainly intoxicants and gambling well on Zavala ZombiU dedication of stone divination of arrows reached the Menominee shaytan did the same thing and never forced anybody. Welcome to floon Abstain from the handout that you may prosper year we are getting guidance from Allah subhanaw taala in our Salah that don't have intoxicants. Don't gamble. Don't do fortunetelling don't do idol worship. These are central handiwork after informing that you may prosper. So besides asking for help, besides asking, we are getting guidance

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from Allah subhanaw taala and we are thanking Allah subhanaw taala. So I prefer calling Salah as programming towards righteousness. And if he unless today, the amount of evil we see around us,

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you know, bad things happening. evil thing, opportunity, cheating,

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there are high chances that we can get deprogrammed

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how a doctor tells you for a healthy body, three meals a day. So our Creator Almighty God knows that we have to be programmed five times a day.

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So that we will be on the straight track.

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So he's our Creator, He knows that. But if you're a true Christian, even you should have a five times you know why?

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Because if you read your Scriptures, the book of acts like how we do ablution. So reminder, chapter five, verse number five, that you have to wash your hands,

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wash your face, rub that with water, and wash the feet of triangle, similarly is mentioned in the book of Acts. Similarly, the book of Exodus, that Aaron and Moses, they wash their face and hands before they appear in front of the Lord. Same thing, the basic part of this da de sujood. If your Genesis chapter number 17 was number three, it says that Abraham fell on faith and pray to God

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and Numbers chapter number 20 Verse number six, Aaron and Moses, they fell on the faith and prayed to God, Joshua, chapter number five, verse number 14, Joshua fell on his face and pray to God, if you're the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number 26, that Jesus Christ peace be upon him. In the Garden of Gethsemane, he took a few steps forward and fell on his faith and pray to God.

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Can Acrobat fall on his face and pay to God better than the way we Muslims do? Maybe do sujood we put the highest part of the body the foil on the lowest part of the ground and

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The Glory be to Allah, the Most High. You want to be to Allah the most strife. So all the prophets of the Bible, they prayed the same way as the Muslims pray, and Jesus Christ peace be upon him said in the Gospel of John, chapter number 16 was number 12 to 14, I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them now for heaven, the Spirit of Truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, all that dear Shall we speak, He shall glorify me. Now Jesus Christ, peace be upon him said that wait for the Spirit of Truth, talking about Muhammad, peace be upon him. And there are various references of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the Old

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Testament, as well as the New Testament. If you read the New Testament, in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number eight, in verse number 18, in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse number 19, in the book of Isaiah chapter one and verse number 12, in the Song of Solomon, chapter number five, verse summer 16, all of the references speak about the coming of the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, even in the New Testament, Gospel of John Chapter number 14, verse number 16, Gospel of John Chapter number 15, verse number 26, Gospel of John Chapter number 16, verse number seven, Gospel of John Chapter number 16, verse number 12, to 14, all of these

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references, speak about the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So if you're a true Christian, if Christian means a person who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, we Muslims are more Christian and the Christian themselves. If you're a true Christian, you have to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and do ablution before Salah you should do food, and you should pray five times a day. Hope that answers the question. Thank you. I appreciate that.