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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The Jinn control people in a logical way and use their knowledge of the past to create false beliefs. They also control people in a logical way and use their knowledge of the past to create false beliefs. The treatment is focused on putting individuals in drugs that give them enough drugs to achieve their goals. The use of drugs to treat mental health and ex politic treatment is also discussed, with drugs causing mental health issues and possibly leading to problems in the future.
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The struggle that goes on is external information coming,

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matching or testing the internal information which Allah is putting every human being, when he said for Allah homage foodora hahahahaha, at every human being was created, has been given an awareness of corruption and of piety. So, that evil Jin that is with that in every individual party in this gin does not die when you die. Virgin life of the gin is longer. So they may be around for a longer period of time. So what happens is that some of these, on some occasions, they may enter into the dreams of some people, children, and then they feed information into that child's subconscious of the life of that individual that they had been with.

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It could be from other sources, the Djinn, gather information and feed it into the child's mind.

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through other means, at any rate, the child will then have thoughts and ideas which it may express, where it's talking about having lived in another place.

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Having had another name, having lived another life, and the it's incidences that took place in their life, and their parents and the town that they lived in and what it looked like in the house and all these kind of details the child may give about a life far away from where they were, where people listening to this child would say, either the child is lying, or the child has been reincarnated. And when they go to the place that the child describes, they do find out yes, there was a young boy or man who live there, or woman who live there by that name. And their parents were this and that, and this happened and so often and etc.

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And it seems then to them, that these people were in fact reincarnated. So they think that but and the child doesn't realize where their thoughts are coming from. And nobody realizes around them, they just assume that these must be thoughts from their previous life, the child is just relating whatever it is in its mind. And this has been introduced by the agency of the jinn. And what happens is that if you follow the number of occurrences of this type,

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where children exhibit knowledge of a previous life,

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these tend to happen in the countries and the areas where people have this belief.

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So it will happen here in Sri Lanka, where people believe in reincarnation, it will happen in India,

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it will happen in Lebanon, where the Druze believe in reincarnation, and in other areas of the world where people have this belief. So it happens to reinforce in the minds of the people that believe, whereas you don't hear about it happening in America, you don't hear about it happening in Europe, or in England, or in other parts of the world where people don't have this belief at all.

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So this is how the Djinn tend to operate. They will do these things in the areas where people have these kind of beliefs to reinforce their beliefs.

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Then, we have of course,

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the practice of magic.

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And the general understanding is that magic is through the agency of the jinn. But they have a role to play in it.

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Some Muslims have denied any reality to magic, however, there are sufficient verses in the Quran, where a law speaks about it directly. You know, in the case of prophets with a man where they attributed magic just refer to the man and the law says there while I can Michelle pee in a cup.

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But it is the devil's who this believed. You and the moon and NASA Sahara. They taught people magic.

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And we have in the Quran, where Allah tells us to seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn Dawn from a variety of different things.

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Among them in shereena fossati feel awkward

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and I seek refuge from the evil of the witches who blow our knots.

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it has been and we also know the case of homicide Salaam, where he himself and as recorded cybercrime is a Muslim, that he was

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possessed himself by way of magic, and it affected his perception of incidents happening as well as depth perceptions were far things appeared Close, close things appeared far he thought he did something when he hadn't done it. He thought he hadn't done something when he did it, this kind of

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feeling that he had from it and then of course, Allah revealed the last two verses of the Quran, what is the what are known as the MA well that time and he instructed me to read these over himself, verse by verse, And when he did so, is the the alley described that he got up as if he had been tied up as if he was breaking the bonds that

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bound him.

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reality of magic is something that Muslims Muslim scholarship, for the most part, who follow the Quran and the Sunnah.

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As it was understood by the Sahaba, they had no problem in recognizing accepting the reality to magic. Those and there are some scholars of the past who ended up on deviant tracks. They followed Quran and Sunnah. But whenever Sunnah did not agree with some of the ideas that they held, they denied this.

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Or they did not rely on the explanations which were given by the Sahaba.

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So they focused instead on logical arguments.

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And they would use these arguments people like Sam McSherry, and others of the major mufa serine. They use these arguments to deny magic to deny possession, etc, etc. Because they're they came mainly from a logical point of view rationalists. Most of them were more tentative, like, you know, of the Russian at school. And these are the people mainly who denied jinn possession and magic.

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But those that I said, who stuck with that the Quran and the Heidi, the authentic ID, or offending ID indicates something we don't run away from it. And when this Aha, the Sahaba, and the Tabby our own, they explained, they describe they gave us the clarification of the of the details of this incident, we submit, because they knew best, what was meant by these verses, and how the prophet SAW Selim applied it.

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After that, we can use our reason, but we don't use our reason before

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taking from the explanations of the Salah, the early generations of righteous Muslims who are closest to the revelation, and who best understood what was intended by that revelation.

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as I mentioned, the practice of magic

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is related and I mentioned it because it is related to a certain degree with possession. In both cases, the agency of the jinn is involved. As one of the great scholars of Tafseer, Allah Lucy, he pointed out what is meant by magic is an act which resembles a miracle but it is not because magic is learned. And in order to perform it, the help of the devil is sought by pleasing Him with abominable acts.

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The point is, that the jinn

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may possess people

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for the purpose of aiding those involved in magic. Those involved in fortune telling and these kinds of practices, we have in the time of the companion have to live in Miss Rhodes. He pointed out that on one occasion he found his wife wearing a knotted cord necklace. And when he asked her about it, she said it was given to her by a Jewish magician that had put a spell on her to stop her eye from discharging, which it did her eyes

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Was discharging some mucus type

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solutions which are coming out of her eye and it was touching and moving, she was having difficulty with it, she went to this Jewish magician, and he gave her this knotted cord necklace. And he charmed it. And it stopped this. In fact, she was cured from it. So I believe it must already snatched it from our neck immediately.

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And told her that what she did was an act of shame is very important, because we hear of a number of cases here in Sri Lanka, for example, where people are identified as having been possessed etc. and Muslims are taking them to Christians and to, to Buddhist and to others, to exercise them. But this is wrong, because these people are involved in various acts of shirk, we cannot use their them to cure our illness because their faith is based on share. And their treatments are based on shared, shared meaning they're calling on others, besides the law, believing and others, besides the law, throughout the Bible has told her that this act on her part was shipped,

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and informed her that the discharge was caused by a surgeon

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who had simply stopped affecting her eye, once the spell was placed on her.

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So what you find is that, in some cases, some of some things which may appear as illnesses, etc, where we have people, you know, who have certain afflictions, maybe they're partly crippled, or whatever, you know, because of the effect of the jinn on them. So then they come to the Christian priest, you know, the Minister, who is one of these born again, then he puts his hand on them and says, In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you may be cured. And then the person is able to walk after that and do certain things that, you know.

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And this is the power of the Holy Ghost, this is how people are interpreting it. But in fact, it is only the jinn leaving that individual once. Sure. That is, because he's calling on Jesus as the Lord.

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Once that is confirmed, he leaves and gives the people in the impression that that is what worked.

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This is part of the delusion.

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So and as I said,

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exercise, possession can be in a number of different ways. It can be partial,

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it can be complete, when it is complete is when a person goes into what they call split personalities, or multiple personalities. And these cases are well documented by Western medicine.

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And they have no cure for it. where a person displays another character with another name, maybe that person, normally they don't wear glasses, when this other personality seems to take over that person, they need to wear glasses to read, and they talk in a different voice. Maybe it is a female's voice coming out of a man or a male's voice coming out of a woman, you know, these kinds of experiences they have recorded documented. They call them split personalities, or multiple personality disorders is what they call them. And their treatment is basically to put the person under drugs that give them enough drugs, that they're in a kind of a stupor. So they can hardly even

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communicate, you know, just to gain some kind of control over this. And in fact, even I remember it was one case in

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Seattle, Washington, where a man who had this multiple

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personality disorder, and he had raped a woman while in the state. And his argument was supported enough by medical evidence that the man was freed of the crime, that he was not in control of himself. And he was taken over by this other personality, of course, they tried to explain it away from by using psychoanalysis of the individual from his childhood, what happened in in certain point in the childhood when certain splits in his personality took place and these kind of things. But the reality is that these explanations are just

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guesses that they're presenting as to why this took place, but really how the mechanism they have no idea

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and their treatment, as I said,

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is mainly drug treatments etc, which really do not remove these things at all.

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coming back to exorcism

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and we mentioned we I gave you the evidence

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from the Prophet Muhammad SAW silence practice, that he did

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treat that individual that child who was possessed the process of treating a person possessed and driving out that spirit, this is what is called exorcism. This is actually coming from a Greek word

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xr kizil, which means to bind with an oath to ensure

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and this is what was the practice to make that spirit make an oath and leave by God, they would leave or by Jesus, they would leave etc.

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By the chairman Arabic for it is Rukia.

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the term that it means to charm someone by invoking a law to counter a spell or to counter a possession by calling on a law, the reading of the Quran along with it, or the saying of certain statements where we are calling on a law for help in one way or another.

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It is forbidden

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in the course of treatment, to call on another gym, because some people who claim to be Muslims who are going to treat people of this who are possessed, they may call on other gyms, they're involved in certain shifts type activities, and they give the people that we you know, they call that wheeze or a job, different amulets, etc, that they were tell them to do certain things and, you know, and then they will call on a more powerful gym to drive out the gym that is in the person. And this is one way that they

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try to cure but this is not the cure, this is an illness, this is increasing the person in illness ultimately.

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So, the use and the practice of using recall.

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And this has been confirmed from the Sunnah. But it must be pure from the elements of ship. And we have an authentic narration from our Fibonacci Malik, in which he said we used to make incantations

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during the times of ignorance. So we said, O Messenger of Allah, what is your opinion on this matter? He replied, let me hear your incantations.

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For implantation of shitcan them are fine. So he clarified for us, and what are the type of

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incantations we may use, and those which have shaken them or any aspects of Cooper, this is forbidden completely.

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Even harder, Alaska, Ronnie, who is the commentator on Zion Bukhari,

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he said, that the scholars are unanimous,

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in their opinion regarding Europa,

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that it is permissible, if three conditions are met, that only allows words

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that is the Quran etc, names or attributes may be used. Secondly, it must be comprehensible. Arabic or intelligible words in another language.

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That means that the person should not be saying I'm going to use the words of Allah but what he's saying or the person

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so you can't hear any words of a lot. They're they're saying something which is incomprehensible, it's unintelligible, that this form is forbidden. And that those taking part must believe that the incantation cannot have an independent effect, but it is Allah who causes it to have effect.

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critical point that in utilizing it, one cannot believe that it is what is being said. Right, this is what is doing it so it like has magical power. So this name of allah or this particular incantation, is able to do this no, it is Allah who removes that affliction based on calling on Allah using his names or calling on him using different phrases etc, which the profit mums are seldom taught.

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Now, in terms of the actual methodology,

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We look at the method of the Prophet Muhammad Salah because we have Muslims in different parts of the Muslim world practicing exorcism and doing a variety of different things. Maybe if you go to 10 different exercises here in Sarah Lanka, the jinmao Louise, you go to 10 of them, all of them saying that we will cure by Kryon. And so now, you will find each and every one does a different thing. So, the question is,

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is it a subject

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wherein, we may treat it the way that we treat medicine in the physical world. Meaning, if a person comes to you who is ill, as a doctor, you try to judge what you think the ailment is, and you prescribe a medicine

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