Heart Matters #22 Finding Happiness in the Worship of Allah

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who either early he will be a woman who Allah has.

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One of the characteristics of those that want to purify their hearts is the characteristic of the heart feeling a sense of genuine happiness in Arabic it is called Soul rule, and also the term Bushra. In fact, our chef just recited one of the verses that that Nicola dooba Shira Allahu Eva, these are the good news that Allah is giving to his servant. So if your heart is not feeling happiness, then there is a problem. If your heart is not accepting the good news from Allah, what does Bush raw mean? In fact, one of the names of the process is Bashir, what does Bashir mean? Bashir and Bushra means news is coming to you, that should make you happy. So if you are of those

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who are trying to come close to Allah and you want to purify your heart, then you shall reach a state of spiritual ecstasy. You will find genuine happiness in your hearts. Allah subhana wa Taala commands us to appreciate this happiness when he says, who will be formed the law he will be rahmati him Furby the DECA failure Ferrario Who are you remember Yajima own say, from the blessings of Allah and from the Mercy of Allah tell them they should be happy at this event. Abbas said, Allah's blessings on us is the Quran. And Allah has mercy is he sent us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the father of Allah is the Quran.

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And the Rama of Allah is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah is saying, in the Quran, and in the Prophet SAW Selim Febi, that Malika failure fronto let them rejoice, do you feel rejoice? Do you feel happiness, that you are a member of the ummah of the prophets of Allah? Who are they who was selling them, that you have this holy book as your book? If you do not, then clearly there is an issue at stake. And that's why our scholars mentioned that the Muslim the movement, the one who reaches the level of son, he will appreciate this photo. Now our scholars have demarcated three areas, three specific levels of happiness, the first level is the bare minimum, it is obligatory,

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and then you have a higher level and then you have the highest level. As for the obligatory the bare minimum, every one of us should rejoice at being a Muslim, we should genuinely feel a sense of pseudo, of Bushra of happiness that Allah has chosen us. Allah azza wa jal says, look at the man Allah who I didn't want meaning ALLAH has favored you that he's chosen you have stuff outcome, Allah has chosen you to be of this who was of outcome, Allah has chosen you. So you must be happy at being a Muslim at being a follower of the prophets of Allah who either he was selling at being a recipient of the Quran and that is a bare minimum. If you do not feel happiness at this, what are you gonna do

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below this could be a type of not even having the basics of iman. That's the minimum of iman. The second level of Eman which we strive for, is to feel happy in the worship of Allah to feel happy in the A Baba of Allah azza wa jal in listening to the Quran in Salah. We enjoy the worship of Allah and the worship of Allah brings a spiritual ecstasy to our heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that whenever a surah is revealed, whenever the Quran comes down the hypocrites say for a you consider to have the Imana whose Iman has grown because of the surah and Allah says for a Mullah Dena Armano, for zada to Iman will whom you establish you don't ask for the believers not only does their Iman go

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up, they become happy that there's more Quran to recite, there's more Quran to listen to, they become happy at the Quran. And Allah subhana wa Tada mentions that the loan will Bushra Phil had to dunya with an Acura they're going to have good tidings, what machinery but give glad tidings to those who worship me what Bashir rebored those who do mighty Bada, they should rejoice and find happiness. This is the second level of happiness. And Hassan Al Basri remarked, if you want to find happiness, find it in the vicar of Allah and in the Quran and in Salah and then he said something very scary. If you do not find happiness in the Dhikr of Allah and in the Quran and in Salah you

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will not find it anywhere else. Your heart has been closed to this word as an apostle he said if you do not

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To find happiness in these three things, then you have lost the plot. Now what if somebody says but I can't find happiness in the ABA of Allah, we say, this is a sign I'll be a bit blunt here, have a heart that is not pure. You know, when the COVID crisis came, some people they lost their sense of taste and smell, you give them sweets, I'm sorry, I can't taste it, the sweetest still sweet, but you've lost your sense of taste because of the COVID. Well, the culture has modeled, OBEY HIM model. The cult has disease. And when the cult has a disease, then it might not appreciate the worship of Allah. So then how do we cure that you must solve the problem by constantly engaging in the worship

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of Allah, the worship of Allah is the antidote to the corrupt heart. When you worship Allah, your heart will become pure and pure, and you will begin to enjoy the worship of Allah. So the second level of happiness is happiness during the worship of Allah. And then the third and the highest level is to think about and be happy at the eventual meeting with Allah subhanho wa taala. To be happy at being with Allah and being in Jannah to fit a dose and seeing Allah subhanho wa Taala and this level of happiness it has a special term in the Quran and Sunnah. It is the term choke and choke means to have a desire that overpowers you, you are desirous you are overcome with your desire

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to desire to what in the hadith of amlodipine acid and Sunnah. And our profit system would make dua to Allah so long do the phrase we're interested in Allahumma in the US Iruka led that a novel The ILA, which he called Kareem and then what was Shoka elearning or IC O Allah, I asked you the pleasure of looking at your face and I asked you the shock, the desire to be with you he wanted the desire, the shock notice that you are is asking for the desire because why when you have the desire, when you have the shock, it's going to be met when you are happy at receiving Allah's blessings when you are happy in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you are eager to meet Allah, well then

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what's going to happen? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in the Quran that in the lady Nakamura Boone Allahu Thermus Docomo, tetanus Zawadi him on Mala Iike alerta half Walter has no one Erbil Shiro Bill Jana, glad tidings will be given to you rejoice, be happy. So if you want the angels to tell you to rejoice, you must find that rejoicing right now before the Angel of Death comes you must discover that leather right now you must discover the pleasure of worshiping Allah, the happiness of worshiping Allah and we conclude with something that shareholders have been Tamia said a profound statement. He said, There is a Jana in this dunya whoever enters the Jannah of this dunya shall

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enter the Jannah of the era. There is a Jana in this world. If you can enter the Jannah of this world, you will enter the Jannah of the Ark era. What is that Jana? That Jana of spiritual ecstasy when you worship Allah, the Jana of feeling happy when you worship Allah. If your heart is happy when you worship Allah if you are looking forward to some private time in such though, if you're looking forward to Quran and vicar, if you want to worship Allah and worshiping Allah brings you peace and comfort. You have entered the Jinn of this dunya Ibn Rajab said the closest we get to the Jannah of the Ark era in the Jannah of this world is through the lens of worshiping Allah that's the

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closest we will get so we have to discover that happiness inculcated. For some people it's an acquired taste, so they have to acquire the taste and for others they have it so they need to refine it, but those who are rejoicing in the worship of Allah shall rejoice in the Presence of Allah on the Day of Judgment May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who find that pleasure in this world and inshallah will continue tomorrow with Santa Monica Rahmatullah.

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