The Duaa that Prophet Muhammad made for you

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Allahu Akbar.

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Why do we love him?

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Because of the beautiful dua that he made for us.

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I shadowed the Allah and has said, One day

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I saw rasool Allah I saw him in a very cheerful mood. And I said yeah rasool Allah make that for me.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Allah Who Isha monitor cut them in them we have one

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woman Assam not wanna Allah, not your ALLAH forgive the etias past and future sins and all the sins she did in secret. And this is she didn't public. So our beloved mother I lay her for the Allah Allah she was very pleased, he was so happy, she started laughing.

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And said, Did you like this that the dislike make you happy? So of course he had assume Allah.

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Of course he had a soul Allah who will not be happy with such a drive from you.

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Listen, my brothers and sisters Rasul Allah I sent him he said, This is to my own in every salon. This is my to my own in every salon. This is my daughter to my own in every salon. How can we met with him? How can we not love him? How can we not give our lives sacrifice for him?

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How can we be quiet? When it hear from him is touched. vida que ya rasool Allah sadaqa