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Coming up from record in the month of Ramadan insalata Witter alum x and then I'm in Russia tick Mehta who will be banned and then we'll be in Demacia to come and try to come back to Bologna Biggie jannettek women and yaki Nima to her want to be here Elena Messiah dunya, OMA tenten, Allahu Ismail, I'm sorry. And I look forward to that everything that I hate and whether you're on set or not, I'm in one minute one. So now I live in Adana, when I took the lead to masiva, santa fe de Nina. And that's the portion of the fragment that we want to talk about today where the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Well, that's such an animal see by Tana fie de Nina. And do not make our afflictions or

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that which is a hardship upon us in regards to our religion, meaning do not make the religion something that is a burden upon us, or that which is a hardship upon us or an affliction upon us. Meaning that do not make the fact that we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and trust in him and honor him, a fitna for us. And this is what we can see some times in calamities to where the calamity will make you a person that will turn to other than Allah or you will question ALLAH SubhanA wa Dollis choice and authority. And this is easy to say. But when a person faces it, it is a real test of their faith. It tested the foundations of their faith, when they're faced with

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something that they would never anticipate. And it happens to them or happens to a loved one. So when a loved one that you cherish and honor, and that is a person that loves Allah and His messenger, Allah decides to take them away at a time that you really, really needed them. For example, that can be a masiva. In the deen when you are tested by Allah subhanaw taala. And things may come to you, psychologically, people may come to you asking you questions. There may be people that have come to you that may not look out for your best interests, and it will cause you to ask yourself crucial questions about life, about Allah subhanho wa taala. Let's say gel musi button Fe

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Deena Well, we see is going on with their brothers and sisters in Palestine, what's going on with their brothers and sisters in the Sudan. And if a lot of stung, and many places in China, where there's another concentration, and we don't ever hear about that, ever at all, and there's been a concentration camp going on there for a long time. I mean, women are forced to drink liquor, they're playing music, it's horrible, to where a person can just easily turn over to the other side and say, Look, I'm done with this fit that you saw me, I want to join you. This can be easy for them. And that's the most EBA and the dean being at the ultimate trust and Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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compromised, or it is totally eliminated, because there is a need for the dunya and that's why right after that says let's say Missy button if you didn't want to touch Allah dunya Akbar Hamina Well, I'm a blogger and Mina will talk about the next time, but this portion of the portion is very important. That tells you how to musi button Fe Deena and this is what I have to remind myself that's upon Allah. So I like seeing videos today of a woman that sees her husband passes away, and he's laying there

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Subhanallah you asked, it's a process of settlement to always remember this portion of the DUA when we pray. So lots of Janessa along with that, along with Lily to a fate to who Mina fatawa for Allah

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I an amen. Oh Allah, the one that you have chosen to take, take him in a state of Eman

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to where when when all of us not if but when Allah subhanaw taala decides to take us He takes us in a state of pure faith and trust in on an honor of him not in a state of displeasure with his choice, because he is hiking, not being displeased with whatever he is predestined. And that is a challenge for the Muslim for the human being, to accept something that they do not want or to anticipate. And they have to quote unquote, deal with it and understand it. Like right now we have to, quote unquote, understand and deal with what is happening with our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I mean, I was just at the University of Minnesota and there was youth, they were really, really

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distraught about what is happening, and rightfully so all of us. There's a portion of all of us are distraught to say, Am I doing enough? I'm sitting here in AC I'm sitting here and but then you have to understand that that's what the last one that was predestination that you put in this situation, do what is within your power at that particular time in this particular climate, situation, status, psychological health, to do what you can to show gratitude to Allah to warn you make dua that you do as accepted, but that we're not saying that's the only way. There's many other ways where one can help in their room online, to help people to send a message to educate people about what is going

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on. There is so much more we can do in the province of Allah and it was Sunday even mentioned, the Delta jet the levels, whoever, you know, whoever believes in long lasting whoever. Whoever sees an evil deed the mission change it with his hand. If they can't do so then with their tongue, if they cannot do so with their heart and that is a weakness of faith mill

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Just want to make us for those that do not let our man shake and fall to any trial and tribulations rather May Allah subhanaw taala make that a strength for us whenever the child tribulation faces us, it is a means of strengthening our way with all our loving Allah subhanaw taala by remembering his beautiful names and attributes and seeing the manifestation of that on his creation may last month Allah make us of those that ponder over his beautiful book the Quran Allah Karim and allow this Quran to be a nor in our hearts and to increase us in our closeness to his word for Villa His Word, there are no mistakes, or some Allah was saying we're not going to be in a hammock while he was

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