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AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and letting go of mistakes in Islam is discussed in a series of segments covering the actions of Subhanallah Jonnie during the years of war in Egypt and the importance of forgiveness in wiping out the people of the country. The court system is discussed as a distributing judgments and forgiveness, and a woman named Jonnie promises to forgive herself. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and viewers are encouraged to subscribe to A Lexy YouTube channel and Facebook pages.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. spill out of man Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam probably shining Saudi or silly embryofetal off that Emily Sani of our poly super Hanukkah la Mulana Ilana lantana in Naka Antara Lima Hakim, my brothers and sisters in stone everyone Welcome once again to lifestyle and initiative to bring back the days of ISIS. The practices of the early generations of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the companions and the best of all generations as he indicated in one of his narrations, the best of all people Hiren s, harmony, Thelma Lavina, Luna home, Thumbelina, and Luna. The best of all people is my generation,

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then the wants to follow then the ones to follow. He was speaking about the early first three generations of Islam who brought to us really the days of beauty of this deen and they brought it through the practices. Yanni they did not bring it because they individually were good people. Subhan Allah Yes, Allah subhanaw taala chose them to accompany the Messenger of Allah throughout his mission, but in they were originally people who used to do a lot of evil practices and Sao Paulo because they have changed that lifestyle Allahu Akbar, because they change that old lifestyle into our beautiful way of life, Islam, they became the best of the best, and we wanted to be with them in

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Charlotta. So this is the intention. We wanted to be with them by being like them in this dunya Allahu Akbar. Once again, we wanted to be with them because they are in alpha DOS, Allah Allah Most likely, if the Prophet salallahu Salam indicated that they are the best, and Allah subhanaw taala praise them in the Quran. They are in alpha doses Allah already Allahu Akbar. So we wanted to be with them in Jannah by being like them in dunya by bringing back those practices into our lives inshallah. And today

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we are going to talk about a laugh who, or pardoning forgiveness, forgiving others as part of our lifestyle, forgiving others as part of our lifestyle, I shall be Allah Akbar. She was talking about the manners of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to the people. So they asked her, so she said, Let me icon rasool Allah, the Prophet SAW Salem was not was not what fashion he was not a person who used to otter obscene language.

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He never uttered obscenity let me I couldn't also lie fashion Wallah would have a Haitian he was not obscene. And he was not an otter of obscenities. Yeah. And he never yield to anyone in the marketplace. So when he is in public, he will always be soft and talk nicely. And he would never return evil with evil, but rather he was pardoning, he was forgiving, and he used to overlook people mistake. So Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to overlook meaning you will not make a big deal out of people's mistakes. Of course, in some circumstances, which we may touch on, the reaction of the processor will be different. The the attitude will be different, but that's in a

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very, very different and unusual circumstances. But in general, that was his lifestyle. In general, he was ready to forgive and let go of people people's mistake. And this was one of the characteristic one of the characteristics that brought people closer to Allah brought people closer to Islam. As Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah Allah cannula configure rasool Allah, He also worked on Hassan indeed, in the example set for you, in the life of the prophet Muhammad SAW Salam, there was a pattern for you to follow. And this is why we wanted to bring those discussions into our live broadcast every day. We wanted to follow the Prophet Salah lie as Helen because that's

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the way of life that would bring us closer to Jana in sha Allah to Allah why because ALLAH SubhanA wa sensei in the same area, Lehmann carnality, Allahu Allah. So the example of the Prophet SAW Selim, if you follow its pattern, this is only meant for those people who wish for Allah subhanaw taala to reunite with and the hereafter

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meaning Jana Wada, locka Thiele, and mentioned a loss of Hannah Tala plenty mentioned Allah subhanaw taala a lot

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of other Jaakko Minh and Naka Jia calm rasuluh Mina fasiqun Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran that certainly here comes to you a Messenger from amongst yourselves as he is on Allah Hema and it to his grievous. You know He grieves when when when you suffer when you suffer he feels for you. That's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam during the last days of his life, he was weeping he was crying, and the angel Gabriel has to descend upon him telling him Jonas, what Allah what made you cry? What made you cry, what makes you cry? And he said Almighty Almighty, my people, my people, I fear for my people, I fear for them the punishment of hellfire. Subhanallah, so

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Grevious to him what you suffer, and he is concerned over you, Allah subhanaw taala continue in this area. Bill macmini In our ofone Rahim he was for the believers a very kind in a very merciful person.

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And my brothers and sisters and Stan, if you look at it, why we don't forgive people, why we don't let let go of their mistakes. Because Subhanallah Aldine we always remember the mistakes, we always get stuck to the past. And we forgot one thing that is very essential and that is mistakes are part of our nature, part of who we are as human beings. That's why the prophets Allah, Allah and salam said, cool, look me Adam Hapa, the descendants of Adam, the children of Adam are bound to commit sins. Well, hydro Hatha in our wound, but the Best of those who sin are those who often repent. So instead of holding grudges against people, why don't you ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive them

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all? Why Allah said, Why? Why can't we just reflect over the fact that we also make mistakes, and we want to be able to let go of our mistakes and we want it Allah to forgive our mistakes. So why can't we forgive others Subhan Allah and all the and by the way, be the one who who is able and capable to forgive and let go is among the strongest of Allah's creation.

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The one will forgive is actually a strong man, a strong woman. Look, let us learn from the story of use of Ali salaam once again, in in the previous episode, we spoke about the story of use of a salon from the perspective of a person who was chased, who fought hard, his desires, so that he do not play displease Allah subhanaw taala and commit Zina when he was seduced hard. But the prophet use visor, he had also displayed demonstrated another quality and that is forgiving others. Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam,

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Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, he Subhanallah I mean, his brothers plotted against him to kill him or not to use of our Tahoe or the you either kill him, these are his brothers, his siblings, I want you to imagine this with me. His siblings are plotted to kill him or to throw him in the well. And that's what exactly happened. They threw him in the we'll look at the hearts Subhanallah on him. And what was the results years of struggle in Egypt years. We're not talking about one day suffering as a result of throwing him in the well maybe his leg got broken. We saw a video recently in China, a girl was trying or she throw her brother in a well And subhanAllah are the envy brought in the save

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them and all what he suffered from is broken bones. Of course, the act we are not trying to trying to belittle that act that was a heinous crime. But what we are saying is that use of iclm suffered for years. As a result of this incident Subhanallah Levine he was thrown in jail for also years, a couple of years Allah subhanaw taala mentioned but when he was given power and authority in Egypt, when Allah subhanaw taala turned the days upside down, and he became a person of authority. He became the minister of Egypt Subhanallah in charge of the treasure of Egypt at that time, and he met his brothers they recognized him he recognized them and he said what color letter three he bought a

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communium young federal law with a comb well who are other humble raw? I mean, he said today there is no blame on you. I'm not gonna now blame you for what happened years ago. Y'all federal law hooligan May Allah forgive you. Allahu Akbar. Oh, our hombre honey. Allah subhanaw taala is the Most Merciful Who am I now to hold a stick to you?

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and judge you for what you did back in the days hollows in LA or in LA or on your own whatever happened happened, maybe it happened for a good reason. And it was it was for a good reason he became a person in power not only that, but he started preaching or using his wisdom and knowledge to preach Islam to the people who used to be worship idols. This is an example a reflection that maybe we think of the what happened to us of Ali salaam was actually good was and the crochet and

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well who are hydro lecom you may hit something which is good for you. So Subhanallah Avi, those same words led to three valet Corleone there is no one is will blame you on that day are the same words used by Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he returned to Mecca victorious after again years of suffering in Medina years of wars years seeing his beloved brothers his beloved companions dying in the battlefield. After that he entered Mecca with 10,000 and some other agency even 100,000 people entering Mecca from all direction from all the directions victorious now we can wipe out now Mecca and the people of Metka completely who stolen our resources our money our wealth, killed our family

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members, we can now revenge the prophets Allah Allah Selim use the same words led to three baalei Carl Jung, when they came approaching him Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the tall, he told them, what do you think I'm going to do to you now? That what is your expectation of me? He said, I couldn't carry more nothing Kareem, you are a generous brother. You've been always a generous brother, and a son of a generous brother. He told him later three Malecon Young is having fun to go all of you are free. No one is going to blame you. He used the same words of his beloved brother Prophet use of isrm. Of course, there are 10 people who were punished. And that's why we said that sometimes there

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are exceptions to the rule. The rule was forgiveness at all time. In all situations. Exceptions are for things that are extreme. And we don't have the time to go into the details of those 10 people. But there was some exceptions. However, the rule was let the three ballet come and yell is hobble phantom tomahawk. The rule is all of you are free. No one is going to punish you. No one is going to revenge. We just want to come to cleanse the Kaaba from the idols and worship Allah subhanaw taala as he had commanded us Allah who like

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the said to the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam, O Messenger of Allah during the time where it was harsh for them to bear the torture and the difficulties that they have faced from the disbelievers then he's they told him all messenger well why don't you make dua against them?

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Story is over.

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We will be the winning team. Once you make dua Allah will accept destroy them. The Prophet saw Sam said what I was not sent as a cursor. My boys to Lana, I was not sent to curse people. Rather I was sent as a mercy to guide people as a mercy to mankind. Allah personnel NACA Ihlara mutton Delilah mean we have not seen you O Muhammad, except as a mercy to mankind Allahu Akbar and the quality of Mercy within the quality of Mercy lies forgiveness, pardoning and so on. So may Allah Subhana Allah grant us a heart that is wide enough to forgive and let go of one another. Even the Quran said what that forgiving each other is better than sadaqa Allah and we're Colin Maru from one on Farah tune,

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hi Roman sada cutting yet bow had a kind speech, a kind of speech and forgiveness for one another are better than charity, which followed by injury like you give charity but you remind people of what you have given. So to forgive each other is even better than this type of charity. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding.

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Now my brothers and sisters Islam, this is something that I wanted to inshallah Jonnie, send as a message to one and all that I know for a fact that we have started this Ramadan with grudges, some of us young with grudges against some people, that you are still not in good terms, relatives or friends or colleagues or people of different types, different backgrounds. You are not talking to each other as we speak today, because something happened in the past and you have entered Ramadan, and you fostered Ramadan and you may die and you stood up during the night prayer and thought we read the Quran and so on. Still there are people in units there are people are

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around you who you don't talk to.

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And Ramadan is slipping away one week to go Subhan Allah and Ramadan will be over. seize this opportunity my brothers and sisters instead swallow your pride and forgive those people. You can forgive them by sending a text message. If you can't face them if you can talk to them directly, send them a text message. Tell them listen uh Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah took me a while to send you a message. But please forgive me if I wronged you, even if you did it wrong them. Even if you believe wholeheartedly that you didn't do anything wrong, swallow your pride and be an initiator. Be an initiator to reconcile with your brother or with your sister, the prophets Allah Allah And some

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said hi, Rocco, my yep that be salaam that the best of you is the one who initiate reconciliation. If there is any quarreling or any problems between you and your brothers and sisters, this is an invitation for anyone. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us a big heart to forgive, let go in sha Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran we'll call the MIA life. While our phenom The nurse will Allah who your head will Marcin in that those who restrain the angers and those who forgive others, and Allah loves those who do goodness Allah Allah loves the people who forgive each other. The man who was pointed out by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as a man from Jana, and then entered the masjid he prayed to rock on the Prophet SAW Selim pointed at him and he said he is from Jana. Abdullayev Nam Radi Allahu Allah. He went and he told him to accommodate him with him at home for three days. He lied to me, Annie

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in a way to just get closer to him because they wanted to know the Companions wanted to know what is so special about this man, that he was actually pointed out to be amongst the people of Ghana. they too wanted to be among the people agenda. So they want to grow what was he doing? So he just told him that he's a stranger and he wanted to stay with him home. And he stayed with him for three days. And Abdullah Nam never noticed anything special about this man. Then finally he revealed his true identity. He said, Listen, I'm from here from around here. And I just said that to you because the prophets Allah Allah, Allah is Allah mentioned such and such that you are among the people of Jana,

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and I wanted to know why. And the man said, my brother, I'm no special, I don't know nothing special. Other than or except, and here's the key now if you want a key for your agenda, Inshallah, this is one of the keys of Jannah he said, except that when I go to bed, I forgive everyone. Before I sleep, I just let go of my grudges or anything that I have against anyone Allahu Akbar. That's why he was pointed at by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as a man from Jim to a point that the prophets Allah, Allah and Selim was willing to bathe the body of Abdullah in obey even said all the head of the hypocrites

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to a point that the processor was willing to wrap his body in his own clock and bury him and offer Sulaco Janessa Alma of the Hatha Raja Allah Allah was pulling the prophets of salams arm telling him after live No. Do you remember what he did? This is the man who said that Muhammad SAW someone is like a stuffed for a dog who is being fit to eat us. He's the man who said nasty things about our issues. The Allah Allah. This is the man that when he died, he was willing to actually pray for His forgiveness, of course, Allah subhanaw taala later on, prohibited Mohamed Salah Salem from praying for him or to stand upon his grave. But this is how far the prophets Allah Allah is Allah with his

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loving heart and compassionate heart was willing to go to he was willing to go the extra mile to let go of the past to let go of what happened to him as a result of Abdullah Hypnobabies salute the head of the hypocrites in Medina at the time. Now. Who do you want to forgive today today? Who do you want to call today? Who do you want to text today to say listen, we are no we are not Abdullayev to have a minister we did not harm each other in the same in that way Sao Paulo we did not harm each other like how up the line that will be even saloon have harmed the Prophet SAW Selim and the early generations you're not obliged to obey it and so you're not frowned on either. Billa Why will we not

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talk to each other for years and years and years? Because of trivial issues. Subhan Allah Allah we.

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Allah subhanaw taala was willing to send these prophets, Musa and Harun to frown, Musa and Ilona in a salon went to frown for Kula Allahu Allah subhanaw taala

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It thought hola Allahu Allah Allah Unum, la Lolita Dhaka Yaksha tell him a mind word of reminders, perhaps he will be eat and maybe feel ALLAH SubhanA Tao, Allah was willing to or Allah had willed it, actually. And he sent Musa an old frown, and was ever ready to forgive frown for what he did. And he's telling them to say a few mild words to frown. Look at this. This is the man who said, color another bucola frown is the one who said I am your lord the Most High. You are not around my brother's as you are not worse than frown, and you never be better than Musa alayhis salam. So who are we not to go and forgive each other? So those who you're who you're angry with are not like

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frown, no way. And you as an individual who was was wrong or was harm you are not better than Musa yet Musa and our own were willing to go and talk nicely to frown Ali Musa and alone Allah Hina Salam, they were willing to go to frown and talk to him nicely as advised by the prophet by Allah subhanaw taala May Allah grant us the right understanding and may Allah subhanaw taala enable us to forgive and let go of our grudges forgive and pardon each other me now blind I mean, does that mean love hate my brothers and sisters instead? Keep pushing your limits few days away, and Ramadan will be over May Allah subhanaw taala repeat the experience years and years again. I mean, Blarney, just

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up in our hand don't forget to subscribe to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel and visit our Facebook pages we are broadcasting for while Ibrahim page connect Institute Karachi connect Institute global as well as live Diem in Pakistan. May Allah bless you all Zakon Lohana once again, see you tomorrow in sha Allah Salado icon. La Habra catch