Heart Matters #18 – Patience The Greatest Blessing

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. One

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of the most important stations of the heart if the heart wants to achieve spiritual purification is the station of suburb the concept of being patient. In fact, this concept is one of the most common motifs of the Quran. In more than 100 verses, I repeat more than 100 verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala advises us commands us in fact in more than a dozen verses, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada specifically addresses our prophets of Allah who it was said to him and tells him to be patient. That is how high this level is. Even our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah he was sending him is directly commanded in the singular by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to be patient and of the earliest revelations deals with patience

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for example, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Well, you rock bigger first, this is the second revelation and Allah says well you're not bigger Fosbury be patient for your Lord and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, was spirit one ma sub Roca illa biLlah. Be patient and your server will only come from Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada says, Yeah, are you 100 Adina Armano Spirou wasabi ru Warabi to are you who believe Be patient and advise one another to be patient and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, When our study ended in Santa Fe Hosur Illa Latina almond or Amira saw the hearty water was sold out it was also visible to wall sold the southern advising one another to have supper and as I said more than

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100 verses and as for the Hadith How many are there are simply suffice with one authentic hadith reported in the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No servant of Allah has been given a characteristic more beneficial for him than Sobor no servant has been given a hustler, a characteristic that is more beneficial than subvert This is the greatest blessing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada can give you now what is suberb, the famous Tabby recited in Juba and he said, listen to this definition of sovereign. It's a very profound psychological definition of sovereign. He said Sobor is to acknowledge all that is happening is from Allah number one. And number two, to then

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expect Allah's reward in response to what is happening. What a beautiful way to define Sabra, Sabra is to acknowledge all that is happening. It is from the divine plan of Allah, then internally, you have to have that bravery. You have to have that fortitude that I'm going to bear through this in order that Allah subhanaw taala rewards me this is a beautiful definition of suburbia that will help us cope with what we have around us. Now if you look at when Allah subhanaw taala commands to have patience in the Quran, again, there's more than a dozen specific scenarios. But to give you some examples, for example, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala commands us to have patience when we lose family when

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we lose a loved one. When we lose our wealth. What another new one Combi che in mental health, he will do very well enough we'll see a minute and why they weren't unfussy with them. All right. Well, the shooter saw it in, you're going to be tested, lives are going to be lost, your loved ones are going to be gone. Your wealth your family, your agriculture is going to be affected what a shooter saw it in. Also ALLAH SubhanA what's the other command sub one calamities befall us was spirit or sabak Be patient at all that has happened to you and Allah come on suburb during times of drought during times of general calamity of society. Allah says was saw beating a filibuster he will borrow

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a handle bus, those who show suburb when there's famine, when there's drought, when there's a general calamity and when the armies meet together Civil War suburb is required over here. Also the Quran commands us to have solver in response to how people treat us. If somebody says something nasty, somebody sarcastic, and that's what our Prophet says. And I'm said the believer who your spirit for whom he is patient at the harm, the hardship, the chitter chatter, the the negatives that people say you know, people put you down people say things, if you have somebody at that other at that nuisance he called it that is when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will bless you. And by the way, one

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of the notions or one of the reasons why Allah tells us to be patient, this is good news for us parents, Allah says for parents to be patient when they raise their children Subhanallah much needed

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Especially those that have teenage children, right? Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Quran, what more LACOB is sadati was tobira Allah, command your children to pray and be extra patience. Don't give up Allah it's so hard right waking them up every morning for Fajr for school we just give up after our Allah Allah says no while slobin it. That's our job as parents to be patient when we give to be a to our children. Allah says what slobin which is a stronger verb than Sobor was slobin Be extra patient when you do so. Now our scholars mentioned suberb can be manifested in three primary areas suburb is manifested in three primary areas, number one suburb in response to a

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calamity or a tragedy. And this suburb is done by acknowledging as individual beta cells that what is happening is from Allah subhana wa Tada and by responding to it with dignity, by not wailing, screaming by not rejecting Why is this happening to me? It is not fair. No, that is against southern suburb is to control the tongue and to control your thoughts and to control your body in the face of calamity. When you hear some news when you hear something bad you say in the law he we're in daily here on your own and you don't say things that are against Iman against Tauheed against the Kalima. It's not fair. Why is this happening? I don't deserve this. No, we make sure we don't go to that

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that is against suburbs. This is the suburb in response to a calamity. Number two, Sauber, in withholding yourself from temptations that you want to do. We all have temptations we want to do haram somebody should come us and stop us from doing out on the story of use of Allah His Salam and his summer when he was tempted suburb against doing drugs suburb against alcohol suburb against haram and filth, anti Asia. This is the second category of suburb you withhold yourself from doing the haram. And the third category of suburb is to always renew your intention to be enthusiastic when you worship Allah patience and purpose and continuing that riba of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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worship becomes a routine Salah becomes monotonous subber comes in and you keep on making sure you're praying properly. You're praying on time you're doing your rituals, Ramadan is a routine but somebody comes in and you do it with enthusiasm. These are the three areas where Saba is manifested, number one in response to a calamity number two and withholding yourself from a sin and number three and pushing yourself forward to do good deeds. suburb has many blessings and benefits of the blessings of suburb in Allahumma sabihin. Allah is with those that are patient, when you are patient, Allah azza wa jal is with you which means he shall help you which means whatever you're

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battling will be easier to battle. Some of us are battling issues depression, hunger, poverty, when you're with Allah when you have supper, Allah will help you number two in Allah your hippo sabihin Allah loves those who have supper so Allah will love you when you are patient. Number three in nama you are for slob you want to add your own behavior is Allah shall reward you without even counting your budget when you have patience is beyond counting. Number four, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the people who are entering gender to refer those The angels will come to them and say salam Wa alaykum Bhima Sabado tomb you shall enter for those because you were patient. The highest levels of

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Jannah are given to the people of Sabah number five ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says what you are now Emerton, we made the Bani Israel leaders role models Lama Sadhguru when they had sovereign when you have suburbs, Allah raises your ranks and you shall become role models for people if no claim says no one becomes a leader except after being tested with suburb and passing the test of suburb anyone who is going to be by leader we don't mean political leader women role model leader a leader of piety a leader of Taqwa to be a role model leader you have to undergo suffer and when you undergo suburb that is when your ranks are raised up final point, how does one attain Sabha? How does one

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become sovereign? Again, many things to be said number one, learn the blessings of suburb and the verses of suburb and the Hadith about suburb. It will give you an incentive to be amongst the patient read the books that are recommended and read Osada in the chapter of suburb read these basic books so that you learn what are the blessings of suburb What does Allah say about suburb? This will give you incentive number two, studying the serum of the prophets of Allah who I knew he was selling them will give you a massive boost of sobor. When you see what he underwent, we then we have no problem compared to his

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When you see the suburb all of the prophets had and all of the Sahaba had life becomes easier for you. So reading histories of the past the Sierra the biographies of the Sahaba that's number two. Number three, how to attain Sabha make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you amongst the Serbian make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. And the final point, and perhaps the most amazing point, and this should be a point that should really cause us to reflect and think

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Allah subhana wa Taala has promised to give us suberb simply if we want to obtain it, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Woman, you're stubborn, you woman you're stubborn you Sabir Hola. Whoever desires suburb, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will grant him southern. Woman you submit, when you submit you submit of Allah sorry, whoever desires Subhan Allah subhanho wa Taala shall grant him so but what does this hadith mean? The hadith means when you are struggling with an issue, and you're saying to yourself, I don't have patience, I can't deal with it. The Prophet of Islam said, Change your attitude, desire to be patient, want to have supper, and Allah will throw supper upon you.

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Imagine if the Hadith said whoever desires to have money Allah will give him money. Imagine if the Hadith said that. What would we do with would desire desire desire? Saba is more precious than money, and it's free. All you need is to want it and Allah will give it to you the Hadith isn't Behati the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari whoever desires supper, Allah will give him supper, so nobody should ever say it's too much for me, I can't do this No, change your attitude. Allah azza wa jal will give you solver when you desire suburb say oh Allah grant me suburb and desire that suburb and Allah will give you the suburb to overcome every single issue and calamity inshallah we'll continue

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tomorrow with Santa Monica la hora castle

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