Yaser Birjas – The last ten nights – Let the competition begin

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of planning ahead for the upcoming months and not feeling tired. They advise people to stay up late, do their work, and do a daily check-in to make sure everyone is prepared. The importance of planning ahead is emphasized and avoiding distractions is emphasized. Additionally, plans are advised to avoid leaving work late and to practice using a visual diary. The speakers also mention a woman who wants to become a chef.
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The nights of the month of Ramadan will begin. So let the competition start in sha Allah Zildjian hamdulillah the first 2020 days of the month of Ramadan, it seems that it just went so quickly. And now we're getting ready right now to the last part of the month of Ramadan. This is not the time to start saying, Oh hamdulillah let's take a break. That's not the time for this. It's time for what is your ma but everything that you have and your energy and your power to make sure to go through these 10 nuts and shallow data in the best way possible. Why so? Well, the main reason for that number 100 is Rhodiola Duran had at the Prophet Salah Salem Canada last year when the last night start for at

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Cana Rasul Allah azza wa jal, hallo. First of all, he will stay up all night, stay up all night. Some of us might say, well, Chef, I've been doing that all my life, doing what doing my work, right? Working from home, or playing games or something like that. Imagine when you dedicate this time exclusively for the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he will stay up all night sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The second thing she said, God, what do you call the Allah? Not just being selfish now? No, he's worrying about his family. So what does he do? He wakes them up.

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Get up, the adults at home, you get them up, make sure that they stand up as well to Nevada, while they're tired, they're exhausted, you know, whatever that is. These are very precious moments, very precious nights. And once they're gone, they're gone color they never come back again. So they wake up and you wake up your family and help them out to shallow to Baraka Wattana the third one she says God, what kind of savasana should do me zero which means he will tighten his belt. There are two meanings for this. Number one, no more pleasure minutes into * and intimacy until the end of the month of Ramadan. Or it means he would actually like saying rolling your sleeves up and

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getting yourself in a busy doing laundry but I don't know if that

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whatever that is, the meaning of this is to put every single energy little bit of energy that you still have in you and the last night of the month of Ramadan. So the prophets that I said I'm kind of here LELO he gets up all night salaallah Salah doesn't mean he prays the entire night. Well I showed the launch he said claret Mac and fr that Salah Salem he did not spend the whole night in TM never like from the beginning to the end all of its standing and pm he never did that Salah salah. And it also mentioned a lot of Muslim male towards the end of slaughter Muslim men. In Arabic Allah Monica Docomo Adonai mantha Illa wounds for her through the watermelon Cinemark Allah knows that you

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wake up and you make your TR two thirds of the night a little bit more a little bit less. Half of the night, more or less, but it was never for the entire night. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So that means you need to diversify your river between praying between the Quran making dua making a car to be whatever that is. Get yourself busy with everybody. I know Alhamdulillah of Grameen for the past few years you've seen that mashallah, more and more people come here for the regatta and Hamdulillah this place at 1am, you can't believe it's 1am. When you see the whole place is filled that we have to close the doors and ask people to stay in the tents outside. It's full at 1am at 3am people would

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like to come however, I warn you. This guy that is very tempting. You meet people you haven't seen in a while. Oh my god, that driving all the way from Fort Worth driving from Wiley, the driver from somewhere else, and you meet them and you start spending your time socializing more than really getting ready with everybody. So make sure that you spend your time with everybody on the tire and shallow data. Get yourself prepared for that. I highly recommend starting this night in sha Allah Allah Allah put yourself a schedule. What is your plan for the last 10 nights in between the activities you have in the masjid? So from the time that Allah has over until inshallah we start our

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1am Late Night hot, the hot softeners and from two o'clock until three o'clock, what do you wanna do in this hour, and then after that after the 100 in shallow data from four o'clock until six o'clock, which is two hours almost. You have two hours block to do a better and also sohoton shallow data, make a plan for yourself, put a schedule, what do you want to finish? How do you want to finish up the Quran on your own? Do you want to do a car you want to do a battery you want to do just contemplation just go in a corner quietly and start contemplating and reflect on the under Ibadah just make sure that you have it very well planned because success is never accidental.

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You're gonna have to learn to plan it to engineer or success. So you have to plan it you have to put it out there on schedule for yourself. And these are only 10 nights you can ask people to you know kind of like hey guys, I see you after meeting Charlottetown

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make sure that you plan for this inshallah Tada Tada. Hello. Now you also bring your family on board as well too. Yes, they might get tired and I get lazy. I hear you. People have different capacities. They don't have to do what you do completely. But at least let them exercise some of that rebar that on their own. They might not be

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able to finish the Quran like you do and night and night nights, for example, but at least they can read maybe half of just one page, whatever that is, at least they're engaged in with the Quran. Maybe they can come up with 100 Maybe they cannot come for the 100 but at least they pray for themselves at home in sha Allah Tala, just make sure that your family is part of the rebirth as well too. And if you have kids, that handler of the age where they're supposed to be up and praying, help them to do that. Maybe not during the weekdays because they might be going to school the next day. But at least on the weekend, make sure that they also participate. We need them to understand and

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learn that the last and not ours very special, that they are very, very special. Well shut them Zaragoza Allah Allah wa sallam, he would also put again, shut the murder mysteries abandoned pleasure for that time.

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Or, once again, he will just go and dedicate this all time for that particular other part of it what he did Salah Salem Attica. Now, we can't put the open the whole message for everybody to do a decaf, at least you know, for the full 10 nights, the son of that you can choose to do the entire 10 Nights, which means to do it day and night you sleep in the magic day and night. What's the purpose of the article? The purpose of the article is to try and to catch later to. That's the whole purpose of the article. Lola to call the requirement artificial, it's better than worshiping an entire lifetime. 1000 months, that's about 84 years and few months imagine Allah is harder extending your

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reward for this life and extending extension of one single one full lifetime by one single night. So definitely I would like to do my best in sha Allah Allah. Which night is that night that I need to dedicate my time for? Well, the prophets Allah Sam says the hello hello, I shall try to catch that night in the last minutes of Ramadan. Okay. How do we calculate that so that's why I said at the end of you remember when I made the announcement after Russia that if Ramadan ends at 29 days, that means the last night begins tonight.

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So could tonight could be the 21st officially of the last night, or the first night you could say if you want to calculate that way, so that could be the first night. So make sure that you don't let this night just slip away from your hand. Makes that special about afford it insha Allah Baraka, Darla. And if it finished with 30 days and Hamdulillah, then to start from the next day. Now, the Prophet saw some also he said to her roja fill water, look for the night of Ricardo. And that night in the odd numbers, 21st 22nd 23rd 25th 27th and 29. It's become very popular among people to think of laser cutter to be exclusively 27th. And that is absolutely wrong. You will miss out on a lot of

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other nights in the month of Ramadan. And the last night, it's not just the 27th it's gonna be the 23rd it could be 21st it could be 25th. And as a matter of fact, if you look if you count backward, if it ends 29 Then it could be the 24th and the 22nd and 26 as well, because that will be the odd numbers if you calculate backward. So you need to make sure that every single night I treat that as a potential later to cuddle,

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a potential threat of powder every single night. What do I do under the garden? Like we said, get yourself busy with a visual diary but is there a special dua that I need to mention? Well I need to hire is good for you as long as it comes from the heart, but the Prophet Salah some will do it dedicate one particular draft for that night I should be allowed to write in a Doctorate of color if I would catch that little cotton for sure. From what should I say? But Cooley Allahumma in Nica I for one to help build alpha for honey Allahumma in NACA and for one to help build alpha and a few words about five six words that DHA is simple which means your Allah in Nikka foo you are off

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forgiving to hibel alpha you love to pardon and forgive your servant Farfan Forgive me that's what all what we need at the end of the month of Ramadan. If you can get your sins forgiven you start the next year inshallah that clean slate you have been given a new opportunity like st you've been born again and you're ready to start fresh insha Allah Tala but we need to make sure that we deserve that forgiveness on that night. So the DUA is extremely simple in sha Allah terracotta Allah. Let's practice together in sha Allah Tala Allahumma in Nica, I feel one to help bull Alpha

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shark for Annie Allahumma in NACA alpha one to help build alpha. So alpha honey Allahumma in aka alpha one to help build alpha 400 memorises da it's very simple, very easy. Finally, a lot of people at the end of the every single night of the last night what do they do?

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They stay up to watch the sunrise.

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Why they want to make sure you see the sun is mashallah is clear. So it hamdulillah last night was that of Tada. And then when they switch that mode of lateral Tata for themselves and

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they go to sleep the next few night.

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Do not fool yourself. Don't worry about the sun. Like as if you watch the sun before that, yeah, and by the way, it goes up every single day just to let you know. But you will be sleeping probably or busy doing something else when the sun rises. And it always rise the same way as well to just to let you know, on that same time Subhanallah but we only think about this during the last two nights of Ramadan. Please don't worry about that. And I hope no one takes me says chef, did you watch the sunrise today?

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Because every single year I have people send me all these messages just like them. Stop. Don't send me any pictures. Because honestly, I don't care.

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I don't care how the sun is gonna look like the next morning or what I care about as I did I do my best and the night before. Because once you realize that was the day in the morning. What happened? You missed that night anyways. So who cares? Really just focus that every single night as if it was the night of al Qaeda. May Allah subhana wa MakeUseOf models we'll catch you later. Khedira Bella, lemme ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to give us the ability to go through the last night of Ramadan. I ask Allah subhanaw To make us some other TRUE WORSHIPERS in the last minutes of Ramadan. I'd ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to make it easy for all of us to catch the state of Colorado Bella lemon. And I ask Allah

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subhana wa to make us among those who are witnesses of God and they will be granted full forgiveness on that night or Bananaman. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for all of us to stay up in the last 10 nights of Ramadan and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to worship in the way that is most pleasing to Him in the last day of Ramadan and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa COVID to grant us a full forgiveness or a Brahmin. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala the way we got in this place that we all gather together and Genova does Allah Allah will the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Azza Masada Hain will handle a lot of ground I mean cinematic rahmatullah wa barakato

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