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The Greatest Generation #22 Nuayman Ibn Amr

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Reda Bedeir

Channel: Reda Bedeir


Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Not a man of nama again, but the lava and so on Salam O Allah, Allah Han Han narrates this story and she said that a bobak for the loved one was travelling into a business trip. And he took one of the Sahaba with him by the name of sway better than harmala. And the third one was no eyeliner

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and swipe it harmala was assigned by a buck to take care of food.

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So while I was away from them doing something, No, I meant the low end felt angry. So we asked it's why would you said man give me some food he should not be for a buck comes back. said like, Man, I'm starving. I need some food. He said not be horrible. But he comes back.

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And then

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I hate man said it's time now to pull a prank on this guy. So he saw some people coming, looking for a slave. So he went to them.

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And he asked them, he said, Are you looking for a slave? They said, Yes. He said, You know what?

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I have a slave. He's very nice. Very good guy. Almost perfect. is only one problem. He argues a lot. So even if you want to go now and take him he's gonna say I'm free. I'm not a slave. Just like take him. And what are you gonna give me? They said we're gonna give you 10 candles to

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good deal. Go and take him. So they gave him the thing comics. And they went to swipe it. And they wanted to take him. He said, Look, what are you doing? They said, Oh, we bought you from your master. He's like what master like unfree, they said, We know, we know, he told us, he told us and they forced him and they took him and they left panela the liability came back. He said, what a swipe but he said what could I told him I need some food. And he didn't give me the food. So I made a good deal. I sold him look 10 camels

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was laughing out loud, like, What are you talking about? And so Allah he, you know, went to the people and he gave them the cameras back and he brought swipe it and when they came back to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam on Salama said, The Prophet and the Sahaba used to laugh every time they remember this story for a whole year.