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Snorkeling thing has

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been so long since being a Muhammad Ali he was talking to him about

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what he decided was the chapter of

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another where Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the great news. Nested with the never means never it means can be great news. And this is where we get the term Nibi because maybe comes from the one that relays the news to the people in the great news of the message of Islam. But I want to just cover one portion of the verse or it's actually the verse and it's a very basic concept that we all know but remembering this month of Ramadan, is that what you want to attain? Allah subhanho wa Taala says after aluminium sheets on a gene in Lynwood, Tokina my further verily for the pious is the success and really looking into the concept of Taqwa and Allah subhanaw taala. Using the shore

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the form of surety, he says in the Lindenwood Tokina Mufasa Verity for the pious people is success and Mufasa comes from foes and foes is to win or to be victorious. And that is what is important in this month of Ramadan and outside of the month of Ramadan, but particularly in the month of Ramadan because Allah Subhana Allah data at the end of the verse where he talks about the legislation of fasting, he says, All you believe fasting has been written upon you as it has been written upon the nations before you lolicon.

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To own so the purpose of fasting ultimately is for you to be mindful of Allah subhanho wa taala. Many times the word Taqwa is translated as fear of Allah subhanho wa taala, which is correct, or we can even say partially correct, because there are many more manifestations of Taqwa outside of fear, or many more reasons for one to be an act of Allah subhanaw taala, outside of fear. And this is why the translation of mindfulness can be something that may be a little more accurate. Why? Because when one is mindful of Allah subhanho wa taala, that mindfulness serves as a shield away against all of the evil thoughts and deeds, which will ultimately lead to the bad actions as we know of the

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deeds. So when one is mindful of his beautiful names and attributes, and this is what is important in general for the Muslim, that they remember the beautiful names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, and how they are manifest in their life. So when we think about right now of our risk, right now, many of us are going to go out and seek the what's the risk of Allah subhanaw taala. See, when we think risk, we may be thinking that which is that which is green, maybe the money and how we obtain that money, right? But that's only one concept of risk. What about the intellect and the wherewithal that you have to go out and go and seek risk, particularly us as men, primarily, those

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are the ones that are going to go out and seek the provisions before dark or wives particularly, but when we talk about the internal risk of he Daya, the internal risk of intellect that he has given you, this is all a manifestation of risk of Allah, it's what Allah Subhana Allah has given you and he is plentiful and giving you that Liana who will fall in Alim and he is Alaska. These are other names of Allah subhana wa, when you're mindful of that, that should serve as an incentive and a push for you to do an action of higher an action of goodness. So by giving the cats by giving charity thinking of him as being the one that is the ultimate provider. So using this as a means to be

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mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to bring forth another action, along with fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala being aware of his grateful is great attributes that can shower or could be of either in this life or you can move Dahar till the next life where last month Allah may withhold the either in this life and withhold it to the next life may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from that. So when talking about the individual that is of the moon tucking, their term tuck was very comprehensive but for them is a success in the next life with Allah subhanaw taala which serves as an ultimate reason for us to remember that this life is only datalog I'm and this is Donald, I'm at

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the place of working in the place of investing in the next life and make no mistake, that we will be held accountable for every single thing that we do, every single thing that we do. So coming to Fajr and sha Allah to Allah receive 27 blessings be in Allah for coming in Jamar and many more than that be in the light. So may Allah subhanaw taala make

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is a day of success for us in this life, but particularly an investment for the next slide to be of those that will be successful with Allah subhanho wa Taala to drink from the hole of the Prophet sallallahu I knew he was

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robbing act in every dunya has no fill there has been no Allah monster almost wondering if you feel the sting out of bed alarm sort of wanting to feel the sting a little bit I mean Allah wants to get one and

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he Philistine yeah

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I mean to be muddiman indicator as

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well yeah

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alone with a bit of damage and we are behind me along with a bit of demo Mirabella

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along with them they took me along isn't there anyone? Well I'm gonna neurobiol Alameen Allah macfeather as the movie network I found this friend of mine

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some Allah was sending my medical entity in the Mohammed water Eddie he was