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Wisam Sharieff reminds us to make dua’a to Allah even when times are easy insha’Allah. We should also recite some dua’a just for the purpose of praising Allah, and not only to ask for things we want. There are some examples of supplications we may recite in the video.

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Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah. This is your brother with Psalm Sharif for put on weekly. I wanted to pick up from the last video that I did. I was kind of apologizing for not doing so many videos for such a long time it's been a while.

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And we talked about

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asking less pantallas forgiveness by knowing how to say the word sorry. Now in English sorry, asking for forgiveness. But Allah subhanaw taala taught us words to ask for his forgiveness. And this comes into the second page of the second just the second part where Allah subhanaw taala says to us, fell guru knee and coo coo wash guru Li, Allah Fuu

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Remember me and I shall remember you. And that's really the message right there. Asking for Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness when you made a mistake? It's fine and dandy. It's a necessity we all make mistakes. But Today's focus is on making dua is asking Allah subhanaw taala for his mercy. And when the going gets good, not tough.

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Then why not just remember Allah subhanaw taala then, so this week's for an weekly message is going to be directly connected to directly connected to when the good happens. Fed guru Sunni remember Allah say this good thing happened to me because of Allah subhanaw taala raise your hand and say Oh Allah, I asked for that which is clean and pure. And say to Allah subhanaw taala that you are thankful for that what you have. And when you think Allah subhanaw taala when the times are good. The last panel, Darla will remember us when the times are bad. And I'm just going to end here with a small reflection. When's the last time something good happened in your life? Oh Subhan Allah, I

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thank you Allah subhanaw taala for that which you gave me once the last time you reflected on what was good and you said thanks to Allah, as compared to when the times got tough. You're like, Oh, God, I need your help. Oh, God, I really messed this thing, this thing up. So this is my, this is my, my chance to share with you that we stopped making dua under the guise of differences of opinion. And we kind of just got lost in that.

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At the end, you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for his help, so turn and asked for his help. And a couple of people are like, so brother, some what are some do ours some prayers that we can make, that are not asking for anything but just praising Allah that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did. And I read a few of them there's a sound Hadith and tirmidhi there's several Hadith Subhan Allah he would be handy he are either the whole key word you bought enough. See, he was Xena de our Sheehy huami de de Cali Mati. And then I translated that to our and someone was like, That's amazing, that blah, that was made the by the prophets of Luddism, he didn't actually ask for anything in that he

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was just praising Allah and he would say that three times in the morning three times in the evening so with that, I made a small initiative, it's not connected to any big organization. I just type in do I do a I think it's five no space, do our five into YouTube. And I just read a couple of dollars there and these are all prayers from the universe was a lie. So um, I put the, the Hadith underneath the DA, the text there, my face there, read it out to you, and just start making more. And in this, see if you don't start following the laws of Allah subhanaw taala more. If you think about God and you think him throughout the day, aren't you more likely to follow what he said, as your brother

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with some Sharif small reflection on making and praying to God, not supplicating for something that you need, but supplicating just because you love Allah Spano Dada, wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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