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Peace and greetings everyone. This is Zaid Shakir and I'd like to welcome you to my press room, my little room where we dispense information relevant to journalists and other interested parties. Our work focuses on articles, publications, books, or books, scattered pictures, treaties for the secrets of guidance, eras of the prophets, various writings and religious realm, primarily Islamic realm, but also current events, analyzing the current situation of the world and the country more particularly. And we like to just extend a hand to all of you who are interested and cooperating to make this a better world. So we're trying to do our part, to the best of our ability and resources.

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And we'd like to honor those of you who are doing the same these days where there's tremendous strife in the world, there are great, great challenges. We're in a globalized political and economic situation that marginalizes in some instances, entire populations. So there's a need for cooperation to overcome some of the vagaries of that system of globalized economic and political power. To a large extent, we have to cooperate grassroots organizations, nongovernmental organizations, interested, and motivated individuals who have a more broad and progressive social vision have to come together to cooperate in these days and times, and we just like you to know that we're going to

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do whatever we can to be a part of a cooperative effort to work for more justice, more equity, equity, more

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harmony. In this world, just as our forces working very hard for the opposite of those things. You see a resurgence of racism, you see many institutions pushing either wittingly or unwittingly towards a fascist political realities, trends. So we have to work hard for the opposite, as we said, and we're here to do our part. And we pray that collectively, we can have an impact, we can have an impact environmentally, we can have an impact economically, we can have an impact. socially and culturally, we can have an impact politically, but it's going to take a lot of work. And most important, importantly, it's going to take a lot of people coming together from many different

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societal positions to make a difference. And here, we're trying to do our best. So we thank you for logging on, and we appreciate your support. And whatever we can do, to push for a more cooperative agenda reality. And to really work towards what Jeremy Rifkin refers to in his recent book as an empathetic civilization, then we're all for that. So we wish you a good evening, good day, whatever the case may be. And hopefully, we'll be able to assist you and your endeavors and we'll reach out to you for assistance in our endeavors. To the extent reasonable and possible. This is Imams a checker. Good evening, good day.