Ali Hammuda – The lives of the four Imams #04 – Imam Malik

Ali Hammuda
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What do we know about the letters of Imam Malik? There was some exchanges that happened between Malik and some of his contemporaries and there was mutual advice between them. It's a really nice study if you'd like to embark upon it. I'm going to share with you one letter, Imam Malik received a letter from somebody called Abdullah Abdullah he even Abdulaziz al Ahmadi who wrote a letter to Imam Malik, essentially encouraging Malik to distance himself from these public no gatherings of knowledge and to free himself up for more worship. Mr. Malik responded by saying to him

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in the LA CASA Magana customers are Zack my brother, Allah has distributed the actions of good deeds between people, the same way he has distributed between the brisk provisions that Imam Malik explains, there may be a person whose heart is opened by Allah towards prayer, but not so much towards fasting. And there may be another person whose heart has been opened up towards sadaqa charity, but not so much towards fasting. And there may be another person whom Allah has opened his heart towards jihad, but not so much towards prayer. And then Malik said in his letter, and the teaching of knowledge, is one of the most rewarding of good deeds. And I am satisfied with what

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Allah subhanaw taala has opened for me. And I don't believe that what I am doing is anything lesser than what you're doing. And my hope is that both of us are upon goodness. And it is incumbent that both of us be satisfied with what Allah has blessed us with.

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That was the end of the letter of Imam Malik.

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How do you summarize that Malik is essentially saying people are different. So as long as the basic requirements of Salah and fasting and the rest of it is made, as long as these minimum requirements are made, and one is to realize that Allah will open up the hearts of different people to be inclined to different matters of Islam and to excel in different matters over others. That's just the way life is. So, for example, you will find that some people, their their joy in life is fasting, they actually enjoy fasting for Allah sake, fasting maybe every other day even and they find it easy. Some people they find their joy in life in Doha, the * to have hours may pass

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by, and they don't realize they're still making Doha.

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As Mr. Maliki mentioned that it's happened before we're hammer son of Abdullah, son of Zubayr. Allah Abraham would make dua from Orisha prayer at night and would continue to measure to lose making.

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Allah opened up his heart for that. Other people they find that Allah has opened up their hearts towards establishing family ties. They're just on good terms with every family member. And, and they have amazing efforts towards them consistently. Allah has helped them do their

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other people they find that their, that their field in life is Viken. The remembrance of Allah, they're always moving their mouths in Allah, Allah subhana wa danas remembers even when they are moving from one activity to another, so And Allah Alhamdulillah so opening from Allah, other people, they find that their opening in life is in the helping of the needy, feeding the hungry, sponsoring orphans, supporting widows, visiting there in alleviating the burdens of people. It's an opening from Allah.

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This is what Malik is saying in his letter.

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Other people they find that there are openings in life are for example, amassing knowledge, teaching it to others. Some people they find that their hearts are just attached to the Quranic sciences to see here, the legal sciences, heavy sciences to do if the Arabic language is just like an ecstasy for them, they can do without it.

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Others people they find that there are openings in their lives,

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is in their opinions. Allahu Akbar, Allah allows the truth to flow from their mouths. It's like Allah just guides them to speak the truth and guides them to the best of the two or three options. Just how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about Omar he said that about him in Allah azza wa jal, haka, Ali San Jamar wakatobi. Allah has placed the truth on the tongue and on the heart of Allah. Yes.

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And that's one of the reasons why Omar Radi Allahu Anhu is rulings were so frequently in line with Allah subhanaw taala as rulings as even the Hydra he said we've come across 15 circumstances where Allah Almighty approved of the opinion of Omar How do you understand that? That is an opening from Allah Subhana Allah that other people, they find their openings in life in the enjoying of good and forbidding of evil. They don't fear repercussions on their mission. It's not about just followers, and appealing to people. No, it's about enjoying the good and forbidding the evil with courage and patience and wisdom.

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And Allah Almighty allows so much goodness to appear on the land through the works of these men and these women.

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Allah subhanho wa taala, therefore, in conclusion has opened up our hearts for different matters, making us naturally more inclined to it. Therefore, our duty is to pinpoint that passion. pinpoint it yourself or with the help of a friend or a family member or spouse, pinpoint your talent, your passion, your inclination, and then plan a way of redirecting it to the cause of Allah and the success in the hereafter. I want to share with you some of the statements of Imam Malik, may Allah have mercy upon him, Malik said,

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any statement from any human being can be accepted or rejected, with the exception to the one who lives in this grave. And he pointed to the grave Prophet Muhammad, Allah Allah who said, that is a key statement. And one of the hallmarks of a statement in the life of Informatica.

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He also said, I'll overload your Johanna hula Jorge through your shirt, Lisa because I like to rewire he said knowledge is essentially light which Allah places wherever he wishes stood about how much you memorize. May Allah Almighty give us from this light to see I mean

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another statement of Imam Malik he once said to a young man from Quraysh you have an ASCII dynamic other common actor can level help young man learn manners before you learn knowledge you're Allah. Where did he get that from? We know where he got that from. learn manners. Before you learn knowledge. And Imam Malik you would see Mark I love to name the elite FC walmart i love to liotta Jaya la cada Anika candidness. He said I have not acquire this knowledge for anyone but myself. I did not acquire it so that people need me. And this was the mentality of the scholars of the past.

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What do we know about the legacy of Imam Malik? Well, his school of thought would spread to Sudan. By the way, when you hear the term Sudan

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usually what is meant is not just the country we know today as Sudan. It includes all of the sub Saharan regions from Sudan eastwards to Senegal westwards and not just the boundaries of modern day Sudan.

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So his school of thought is there in the whole of Sudan with that understanding. And there also came a time when the Maliki school of thought was actually prevalent in Egypt, in Missouri, in Iraq, in the Arabian Peninsula. They were manatees and other parts of the Islamic world. In fact, almost the whole of North Africa, from Libya to Mauritania are upon the Maliki school of thought.

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And I don't know if you are aware of this Abuja for the monsoon who was a basket, Caliph Khalifa. He actually wanted to hang a copy of Imam Malik's mawatha, his compilation of Hadith and that we spoke about, he wanted to hang a copy of it within the GABA and he wanted to impose the rulings found within this book upon the whole Muslim Ummah, and to instruct the jurist to issue verdicts upon his guidance. Now, this was the perfect opportunity right for Malik to have his works standardized globally. And you know, I will Jaffa for those who read history, they know about his power, and they know about his harshness, he could have easily imposed this. But Subhanallah fame was not in

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mathematics goal, Allah in the hereafter why, and that's why Malik in his wisdom, he declined the offer, I don't want this

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and he managed to convince Abu Jaffa out of this idea and he said to him, Look, I mean, different companions of the Prophet Muhammad Salah send them have spread in different parts of the world. And they convey different parts of traditions and knowledge, which other companions may not have had access to. So if you do what you are suggesting by standardizing my work upon the home owner, this may become a means of disunity. Mashallah, and on this note of legacy, it may be worth mentioning that Imam Malik had four children.

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And subhanAllah. Most of them showed very little interest in the father's knowledge. I mean, if any of them did sit in the study circles of Imam Malik that people are coming to from all over the world. His children would come and sit in a short lived manner dip in and out. And Mr. Maliki would say in the memory you have we don't know how to share in the law what he said. What brings me solace and comfort is that I remind myself that knowledge cannot be passed down like inheritance. What can I do? I cannot pass down knowledge to them like I want them I cannot spoon feed it to them, like inheritance is passed down. His daughter, however, had memorized in mathematics and voila, She

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memorized it 1700 narrations and she would stand on the other side of the door when Malik was

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Teaching in the masjid, distancing herself from the gatherings of men listening to the readings. And if any mistake was made as the book was being read, she would knock on the door, her father would realize the mistake and he would correct it. Subhanallah so guidance of children is in the hands of Allah. And I agree many, many families were blessed with children and progenies, who pass down the baton of knowledge from generation to generation. Some families were blessed like that. The family of Imam Muhammad, a family of Imam, Abu Hatti Murase, the family of manda Sahadi, Tamia and harati for generations upon knowledge, family of a hierarchy, I Sookie and others families of scholarship

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that just pass down the baton of knowledge from one generation to another.

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But many families of scholarship if not most families, they weren't they weren't blessed with this. And that should restore some comfort to our hearts as Imam Maliki said, for example, the Greek imam of Hadith Shaba he had a son called sad meaning happiness.

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And his father would encourage him to learn from the local Imam he Shama does to our aid. But sads response would be I want to attend to my birds today. Alone, what would you do? And honestly that How about like, I want to play with my birds today. I don't want to study. So his father, he would say some later when he sad and femicide and when

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I called my son sad, meaning happiness. However, he did not end up being a happy person, nor was he successful.

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reality of life you can pass down theory and goodness like inheritance was Eva Maliki said. Another example is the great scholar of Hadith Halamish, who had a son but Subhanallah he wasn't as bright as his father.

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Allah Hamish said his son wants to go and buy him a clothesline. So he said that how long should the line be? He said 10 cubits and then he sends it to him How wide should the line be?

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So his father said it should be as wide as my calamity is with you. That's why they should be fee are they mostly but if he could you be as wide as my calamity is with us for HUD Allah, what can you do is in the hands of Allah. And Emmanuel, Josie. We've quoted him many times in the series, the great Imam Abu Faraj. He had a son called Ali, and he followed his father's footsteps for a short while before then turning to laziness and recklessness and bad companionship and sins. And he began to speak ill of his dad. And his father said, I make dua against Ali every single morning. You're my future prayer that what can you do with this his life, usually don't hire me the laity, when you

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finish elementary to middle high as Allah said, he brings the living out of the dead and he brings it out of the living this is, this is how it is. Having said that, this does not absolve the parent, right from making every effort and to use every technique out there, to raise righteous children, to protect them, and to create reformers even. And even particularly in our times today, when the alternative to the Islamic lifestyle is the glorified status quo. You have to take every technique and not rely upon what Imam Malik and his like said, we can't pass it down. That's a valid statement to give solace if and when the children they go astray, but there are techniques. For example, take

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note of these to prevent your child, befriend him, befriend her, so that you are their first port of call as a parent, not friends. Number two by tasking them with empowering duties, which nurtures their confidence and self esteem. Number three, by leading a life of worship yourself as a parent, and high aspirations and planning, because Allah protects children by virtue of the goodness of their parents, genuinely speaking, that is the room the rule, another technique, a nightly 15 minute Islamic story that will shake the identity of your child especially if they are still young. The power of this technique number four, it cannot be overemphasized. Number five by dedicating daily

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life for your children that you never miss. These are some of the techniques that we can employ and we ask a lot to give us righteous children.

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Why do we know about the trial of Imam Malik?

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Some people thought that Imam Malik got got on pretty well with him stick officials of Medina. And this is not that true to tell you the truth.

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Imam Malik endured a trial at the hand of the Caliph at the time who is Abu Jafar al Mansour Subhanallah, the same mobile geographer who wanted to hang a copy of the mathematics works in Macau that he has now turned against him that his life only rely upon Allah and only connect to Allah.

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This started when the politically motivated question was asked to Imam Malik. The question was if a man divorced his wife out of coercion he was forced to do so with the divorce count. Imam Malik he said the divorce of the coerced person person does not take effect

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Amen, however, was forbidden by the authorities because of its political application to those who were coerced to pledge allegiance to the Caliph malecha. Saying the divorce of the coerce one does not take effect. So this must also not take effect. A spider man came into the gathering, he asked Malik the same question to test him. The Imam responded by saying the divorce of the coolest person does not take effect.

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The governor of Medina, who was the cousin of Abu Jaffa, Canada at the time, he sees medic, he lashed him until his arms dislocated, causing him to pass out.

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An imam Malik's hair was shaved off, and he was put on the back of a camel, and he was taken for a humiliating ride around the city of Medina. Malik did not waver as he continued to repeat the words, the divorce of the coerced person is null and void whether you like it or not. And when US reached Abuja for a console that Malik had this relentless stance, he decided to let him go.

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Finally, what do we know about the death of Mr. Malik Imam Malik spent his entire life in Medina, he only ever lifted once for Hajj, where he would meet the great email of Hanifa. And there were several Ambassade caliphs who tried to persuade Imam Malik to leave Medina and to live in Baghdad with them Al Baghdadi and Haruna Rashi they made this effort. Imam Malik declined it every time not wanting to prefer any city over the city of Prophet Muhammad, so I set them in the year 179. After the Hijrah, at the age of 85 years old Imam Malik would pass away in the city of Medina and he would be buried in the main graveyard of Boqueria of Medina next to the son of the Prophet Muhammad

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Sallallahu wasallam Ibrahim, Allah Allahu Akbar, our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Money stata and amo David Marina de familia more to be heard for in the ash family been able to be whoever of you is able to pass away in the city of Medina. Then let him make sure that he dies there because I will intercede for people who die in the city of Medina. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make him and Malik a recipient of this intercession and Allah mothers and fathers and ourselves and all of the Muslims were handling their head

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