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Ethernet Mohamad

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underlie I'm glad to be back here I was not here I was traveling and

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that's my job so I'm very happy that I'm back on time under a blonde mean so tonight on the love we have it's a great night it's

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it's a very blessed for Epic community. We have two good news to share and the details of the other program inshallah Samir will

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be giving us the details of it but

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I'm not sure how many of you attended the Jamaica today that Dr. Schiff he has recorded he will he delivered the first goodbye here today. And hamdulillah one of the two good news is the Dr. Yasir qadhi is officially with epic he started as I have said before that he will be until July 1 He will be doing some kind of part time month to month as his schedule and our scheduled fits kind of thing. So Zakka that we are so glad he made it here and

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I'm sure that we all have enjoyed I have yet to listen to his recording. So that's uh, he officially with epic

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and like be for that

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second good news is Charlotte Allah. I'm sure we all know that tonight inshallah we'll be opening officially opening the epic Community Center. I hate to say this the gym but it's a whole package the community center, inshallah tonight and the program will have will flow so I would like to request Dr. Shakey as a grantee to come forward. Actually he have his heart chakra and he came prepared with 45 minutes kartra lecture, but we told him that he needs to cut it short because of the the gym also coincided. So I don't know if he's happy or upset but we'll find out. So it's gonna be very brief brief kartra

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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so I thought it was a lecture today I didn't know the hotter so inshallah it'll be a bit harder. Don't worry inshallah.

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Okay, I'm more accustomed to the mics over here. Okay. Sevilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Ali he will be here woman whether Hammerberg the topic that has been announced and I'm gonna have to squeeze it in is a topic that actually is worthy of honestly, good two hours, we're going to do it in 1015 minutes or inshallah and that is the topic of understanding that of seed of Iota, nor an idea to know Allah Who knows, somehow it will or every Muslim has heard of it, every Muslim has listened to it recited, many muslims have memorized it. I have to know an interesting tidbit for you.

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It is the most commented verse in the whole Quran in the history of Islam. If you were to compile every book, every treaties, every wrestler written about all the other Quranic verses and one side and compile the same for one if I had to, to to know Allah, Who am I, without those treaties of Iowa to know Ruby double, then all of the treaties and IR and monographs and books written about individual ideas of other students. For some reason, this idea has captured the imagination of the ummah. And there are literally hundreds of different interpretations, dozens of specific books written about the Tafseer of this one idea. And to make it even more complicated, there are many

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multiple methodologies of trying to understand this idea. There are even different types of Tafseer there's the sheet ishaah, the Tsuru musi there's no seed of this nature to see the Balton either at the seed of

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of the the, it is called the material Athar, following the earth out of the righteous predecessors, so many different methodologies. Today short Hatha, I will employ a tafseer that is narrated from Ibn Abbas Radi Allahu Allah.

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And I find that to be one of the more authoritative methodologies of interpreting this verse. What is this verse? And why is it so much commented by so many scholars? The verse begins Allah Who knew somehow what he will Earth? Allah is the knower of the heavens and earth. What does it mean? Allah is the ruler of the heavens and earth. There are three opinions all of them are valid. Number one, the meaning of nor here is the light of Allah's guidance. The Quran is called the moon and the prophets of some is called Nora and Islam itself is called nor. So when Allah is saying he is the nor It means he is the one who guides and this is a valid interpretation. Every one of us is in

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darkness until Allah

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guides us how are we guided by the new of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is the first interpretation, the second interpretation, Allah Who nor means Allah is the One who created the lights of the heavens and earth, every light that exists beginning with the sun, and then the moon and then the fire and then everything that gives us light. If Allah had willed we would be in darkness, or a tomb Angela Allahu Allah Kuma Laila, Salma then Isla yarmulke Yama min Isla Hoon ladle lucha de Biblia if Allah had willed we will be plunged in darkness. And Allah says what God besides Allah would give you light, no false God can give us light. So Allah Who knew Allah is the

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One who gave us light. This is the second interpretation, and they're all valid as we said, the third one Allah Who knows somehow it will odd literally Allah is notice somehow what you want or how we don't think about we don't think how so of the names of Allah is notice somehow it will. We can call upon Allah and say yah Nora summer wa T will Earth and Allah azza wa jal is indeed Nauru summer wa T will ARB and like all of Allah's names and attributes, we don't think too deeply about them. When Allah says He is Semir we understand what semi means, but we don't think too deeply. How does Allah here? What does it mean Allah here we know what it means to hear, but how it's not our job to

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think about Allah is high. We know what high art is. We know what life is, but Allah's higher we will never understand it, even as we understand Allah is high. So the third meaning Allah is indeed notice somewhat evil, as it says, and we don't think too deeply about that. And this is also valid. How do we know this? Because Hadith in Sahih, Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that he visited in a solid Mirage he went up to Allah subhana wa taala. Without if it asked him this, this phrase is in Muslim Imam and not Sahih Muslim and Muslim Imam Ahmed Abu Dhabi says hello at Rob Dhaka rasool Allah, did you see your lord or messenger of Allah? Did you see your Lord

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no. And

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there was light how could I see him? You know if you are blinded by the lights? You cannot see anything else. Right? You know if you are blinded there's a bright light you all know when you're driving you see the high beam on the other side and you just want to get angry at their their close your high beam. I can't see the road. When your light is there. You're blinded. So the Profit System is telling a Buddha refinery there was light everywhere. How could I see anything northern Anambra. Now does this mean that the Prophet system saw the north of Allah? No, because he himself said a Nowra How could I see him when he went up to the south and Mirage? It was nothing but light

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everything was light. What was that light? That was not Allah subhanho wa Taala because the to the recall absorber who usually called absorb no eyes can see Allah and Allah sees all eyes because Musa said that Rob Bedini Andre like I want to see you Oh ALLAH Tala lenta. Ronnie, you will not be able to see me know mankind have seen Allah Adam has not seen Allah Musa has not seen Allah Ibrahim has not seen Allah it is not of this world to see Allah subhana wa Tada the seeing of Allah is in the hereafter would you who in your own way then now there are either Obeah now there are on that day faces will be shining bright because they are looking at the face of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allahu

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minisite. Luca love that a novel The illogical Kadeem as the prophets have said, Oh Allah, I want the sweetness of looking at your face that's in the akhira not in this world. So what light did the Prophet system see when he went up to Israel when Mirage we learned the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that I was talking about few minutes ago, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said beautiful, long Hadith, the phrase we're interested in the phrase we're interested in hijab or who nor Allah's hijab itself is light. Subhan Allah, Allah is new, and Allah's hijab is nor Allah Himself is known. And how does Allah azza wa jal cover himself up with another type of Nora hijab? Oh, who knows? So when the

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prophets Assam was in the Presence of Allah, He was not seeing Allah He was seeing the hijab of ALLAH. So he was seeing that hijab, hijab on hijab, of course means veil, don't think of a woman's veil here, hijab in Arabic means the veil, so that's what it means. So Allah has a veil, a covering hijab, or who nor in our world, the veil is dark, it covers the light in our dunya when you have a curtain or when a woman wears the hijab, it blocks the light so that you cannot see the ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala is hijab. It doesn't block the light. It is a light hit you

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trouble when nor his hijab itself is light, low Kusha who the Hadith says if he were to lift that hijab la Harakat super hard to watch he Manta Illa he basato human healthy, if Allah were to lift the hijab of light, then the rays the Arabic word is super hot, so hot is used for example for the sun, we say the super hot ships, the rays of the sun, we say in English the rays and Eric we say super hat. So the Prophet system is saying, if Allah were to lift the hijab of nor the nor behind the hijab of nor you get that, the nor that is Allah behind the hijab that is nor that nor would destroy everything that caught it sight means everything would be destroyed. So Allah azza wa jal is

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Nora and his Maha Luke is not capable of looking at that nor so as a mercy to the creation, Allah has taken a job and the hijab itself is nor

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so Allah who notice somehow it without indeed Allah is noticed somehow it without there is nothing like that nor and we ask Allah to see that nor into Yama and in jedna that's the blessings of the Astra. So Allahu sama Watty will number one, the one who guides number two, the creator of the light number three, he is indeed notice about what to wear out and all of these are valid opinions. Method will ludie He can Sheraton fee hummus spa, the example of this of his light. Now here we have so many different methodologies of Tafseer. And one of them which has been Abbas, his methodology is that just to generically explain this metaphor, this this beautiful parable without linking every

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single object in the metaphor with another parable. So just to translate in English what it means. The example of his lights is that example of a candle or a lantern that is enclosed in a glass that is enclosed in a niche. Okay, so there's three things here, there's a lantern, there's a Misbah, which is a light source, I call it a candle called today, a lamp is a better term right? The lamp is inside glass. The glass is put inside a niche or a crevice you see if you look well not in this place, but in some older massages, you know, these these lights need to be on the outside when the light would be lit. You want it to reflect the light outward so they'd have a niche they'd have

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something carved into the wall right this is what the Quran is saying methadone already he can be shot in fee Hamas by this is Muscat. Muscat is the niche. The niche inside has a Misbah Miss Ma has the lantern on Miss Ma who Fuzhou Jaja the lantern is inside, glass or pearl or crystal. So there are three things here the niche, the glass, and the actual candle or light. Ibn Abbas generically made a commentary he didn't say the niche means this the light means this the glass means this. Some of his students went beyond this and they correlated they said this means this this means that so I'll explain what they said in a nutshell before we finish off, but Allah is saying the example of

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his light is that of a niche that has within it a lantern that is protected by glass, and Miss McAfee through Georgia, a zoo Georgia, the glass itself the crystal itself, under her cold cup and Dory. It itself is like a blazing star itself is giving light. Your codomain cerato Mobile raka this candle, where does the oil come from? Because every candle has to have oil. There is a blessing tree that gives this oil man church era Tim Mubaraka zaytuna It is an olive tree la Sharqiya wonderful to be here. It is neither east nor it is West, you will not find it in this world. It's neither east nor West. That oil that gives the light to the miswak that oil itself it is so pure, that it is as

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if it is giving you light before even the candle touches it. No rune Allah nor Light upon light. Yeah de la Hooli moody human yeah sha Allah guides to this light whomever he wills while but it will law when I'm threatening us and Allah gives parables to mankind. So again, I have to be very brief here I will summarize one interpretation and only one I was planning to give a 45 minute lecture we would have over two or three opinions. Maybe another time Charlotte The good news is I say to other communities, log on to YouTube to USA make dua next month shallow, come back, so we'll do it in sha Allah Allah. So one interpretation of this is very simple, and it is by side had been job aid and

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some of his students and Ibn Abbas. This has that methodology that I'm going to summarize

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As for you, in a nutshell, even Abbas said, methadone, OD he fecal Bill movement. This whole idea is about a laws hedaya and eemaan that he has placed in the culture of the believer. So the whole verse is a parable, a metaphor, a symbol to talk about a man in the bulb of the moment. That's what the whole idea is about. Okay. So

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the niche the crevasse represents the chest.

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the lantern is Allah's Eman that He has blessed the believer with. And that lantern is protected by glass and the glass is the OLB which is inside the chest. Right. So the niche is the chest, the glass is the heart and inside the heart there is that candle there is that lantern and that lantern is the gift from Allah subhana wa Taala protected by the earlobe which is housed in the chest of the person, okay, this is that now beautifully the colored is called Glass why? Because some glass, it is transparent. You see the person and you interact and he is as it is an other glasses what? murky, double faced. So you don't know the person hypocrite, some glass it is soft, some glass it is harder

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than brick, some glass fragile, gentle, soft hearts and some glass. You can hit somebody and cause a big bruise maybe even a little bit like kill them with glass.

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Similarly the club some caliber is so soft, you hear the Quran you cry, some caliber is so soft, something happens and their hearts becomes from Metallian who julu tumakuru Allah Allah says their hearts become soft at the Dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala other hearts from

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then your hearts became hard for here calheta Rottie Oh, Asha dukkha, Sua. Some hearts are harder than rock itself than stone itself. So that's why Allah causes the cold. What does he call it? Glass. Because glass has all of these varieties. Glass can be pure, clean, transparent, you can interact with the person and he's honest with you, you can see he's a true person because his heart is pure and you see straight through him and other people murky, doubtful. Some hearts are soft, some hearts are hard. So Allah azza wa jal has called the cult like glass and there's a hadith that Kluber about the ramen. This the hearts of Allah servants, they are like Ania there are like

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basically cups and glasses, right? So he fills him as he chooses. So another Edie also has this metaphor that glasses are Allah's are the kind of Allah servants right? So another metaphor here is in the Hadith as well. So, Allah azza wa jal is saying when I guide somebody to Islam, they have the light of Eman that I've given them. It is housed in their heart of glass and the glass is protected by the chest. Now, what is the zaytoun? What is the oil what is that doing? You see every single lantern it needs the fuel source, correct? Jade, what is the fuel source for our iman? What is it the Quran? The Quran

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and that is what Allah is saying the source of their Eman that will increase that Eman that will make it bright. What is going to increase that Eman?

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It is going to be coming from a blessing tree. And the blessing tree is another motif of the Quran. Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran. And I'm Tara Kay Fedorov Allah Who method and carry Mazzanti Betancur sheduled it into yerba. Allah calls the Kalamata yerba which is La ilaha illAllah. He calls it a beautiful tree and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said methadone movement. The example of the believer is like a beautiful Nakhla a beautiful tree that has a date tree. So the concept of the tree being Islam the tree being a man, the tree being a Muslim, this is something again in the Quran and Sunnah. And in this ayah the tree symbolizes the revelation from Allah

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subhanho wa taala. I should say the oil from the tree the oil from the tree symbolizes the revelation from Allah subhana wa Tada. That's why Allah says La Shakti yet and voila, HERBIE, you won't find this tree in this world. It's not to the east nor of the west. It is from Allah subhanho wa taala. It's a beautiful beautiful oil that is being given that itself is so bright, your car do say to her, you will do well, sometimes. So now

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The oil is so pure that it is going to be giving light even before the flame touches it. What oil is there that is so pure, so beautiful it is giving light even before any flame comes it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is the Quran and that's why Allah is saying No Ron, either nor the NOR of Allah's Quran and Kalam added to the NOR of Allah's gifting of the light to the caliber of the Mothman nor on either nor the nor of the Quran with the NOR of Eman in the caliber of the believer nor on either node, the both of these nodes are put together and they aid one another, and therefore the node in the caliber of the believer becomes even more strong node on other node. Yeah dilla who

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didn't owe to him and Yasha and this phrase here, yeah, dilla who needed him and Yasha clearly demonstrates that the whole idea is a metaphor for Allah's hidayah and Allah's nor and Allah's Eman that he places in the world of the believer because the ending of the verse yeah dilla who denuded him and Yeshua Allah guides when Allah guides us, Iman, Allah guides to His nor whomever he wants. So this is a beautiful metaphor or a parable that we are meant to think about to contemplate so that we want to increase the node in the culture and we want to increase its fueling from the Quran. We want to be fed the Quran more by reading it, implementing it acting upon it, we want our note to be

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even stronger. So now that we know the source of the node, which is the Quran, we will then have noodle on other node. And then once we have that, then in sha Allah Huhtala we ourselves can be of those who are guiding others to Islam, and that is of the highest levels where our blessing nor that Allah has given us is then used to guide other people, we become shining role models for other people as Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, which I'll learn in which a cleaner Imam that oh Allah make us to be of them with Tolkien, we want to be their Imams, and the Imam here doesn't necessarily mean the Imam of Salah of course the Imam is mashallah highly respected and whatnot. But

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this is not what the verse means over here, which I then will tell you mama, this verse means that oh Allah make us a role model for them. Otakon let them talk in take us as a role model and take us as somebody that they can benefit from so our dua not for the sake of ego, not for the sake of pride, but we want to be so blessed with our iman, that our image should be a light to other people. And that's why Allah is saying no to another node. Yah dilla who didn't know the man Yeshua while you're very Bula hood unfeathered in us and Allah gives parables to mankind will Allah who be coalition and him and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is indeed aware of everything. This is a short and brief

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summary of the Tafseer of it note according to one interpretation, and there are many, many others in sha Allah maybe at a future time and lecture will go into those other interpretations. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with the note of Eman in our hearts may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless our graves to be grazed full of light may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us light on the day that there is no light may Allah subhana wa Taala perfect that light on Judgement Day Allahumma X Milena neurona Oh ALLAH perfect our light on Judgment Day and allow that light to guide us to the eternal light of yourself and you're blessed at face Giselle como la Hi Ron said I'm on a rock Missoula, he was a

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what is the next step?

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Please, actually start over please remain seated. Please remain seated. The lecture was just one part of it. So we are still continuing the program.

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Splatter handle him Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah gather. I'm gonna just take a couple more minutes inshallah. So today I can explain you the flow before you walk out in the lobby as Emile Jammie Lisa mentioned, we have two big news you heard one one from Shark Yasser already. The next one is to go see what are what we have been waiting for a long time. So in order for us to do this in an orderly fashion, we're going to follow this flow the brothers we're going to make our way into the gymnasium through the multipurpose halls. We don't need to wear the shoes basically are if you have an athletic shoe, not the white sole shoe. Just an athletic shoe that will not damage the floor. leave

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marks on the floor. You can but for the most part we can walk into the gymnasium barefoot. So the sisters the brothers are going to go from the mother's side through the multipurpose halls. The sisters are going to come downstairs and they're going to go through the multipurpose hall. The sister side the doors are

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are closed right now. So we're going to do a symbolic opening in sha Allah Allah. So after this and once we go inside let the elderly brothers on the brothers side to my left will sit on the bleachers. So all of the elderly brothers can sit on the bleachers and then we have chairs for the sisters the elderly sisters can sit on the chairs and the remaining we can sit on the floor or we can stand inshallah it's a gymnasium so you're going to have to stand inshallah. So now, what I would like for us to request is just maybe slowly from the back side, make your way into the multipurpose halls and if I can ask the volunteers to open the doors and the system volunteers to

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open the doors for the multipurpose hall and you start making your way into the multipurpose hall inshallah. Zac Lohan Salam aleikum?

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Salam Alaikum, salam alaikum

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Can we can we move back a little bit, just move on