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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of the word "has" in the context of forgiveness and the importance of forgiveness for everyone. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness is seen as a goal for everyone to achieve. The use of Islam for family members and the potential for negative consequences of forgiveness are also discussed. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness is seen as a goal for healing. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and people are warned to avoid false accusations and to be aware of their actions.

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Al Hamdulillah Madhu Honister you know who want to still fiddle. Why not? Oh the Willa Himanshu Rudy unforeseen woman say Dr. Molina yeah they hinder who Fela medulla. Wilma Yulin, Hoefler ha de Allah, wa shadow Allah Illallah who don't who now shut ICA was shut down under Mohamed Abu Hora pseudo yeah you Hello Rena Amano taco la haka to call to Walter Mouton. Illa one to Muslim on you hon. Nurse with taco robber qumola The harder comin FC Wahida waka comin, huzzah. Jaha Weber Semyon humare Gernon Kathy Iran one is what hola hola de Tessa Luna be he well or ham in Allah How can I de como te Abba? Yah you hola Dena Armando taco la Hawa, Kulu colons eddied, useless La La como yo

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with an Uber calm woman, your Twitter Hola, Hawara Sula, who forgot the Pfizer photos and Alima Amma Barrett, My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. In the famous incident in this era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam known as the slander of Arusha, one of the most painful episodes in this era. One of the episodes that touched in the household of the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was selling them. There is a tertiary story that I will begin my hotbar with today. And that story involves one of the people who spread this evil slander and rumor.

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One of the people who fell prey to the hypocrites and spread to this evil vile lie was none other than a second cousin of Aisha Radi Allahu anha herself, Miss thigh, who was the son of a cousin of Abu Bakar missa. Not one of the hypocrites he was of the UN's he was of the MaHA Joon he was of the sahaba. But for whatever reason, we don't know why family politics whatever it might be, we don't know. Somebody who was a close blood relative of Isha herself fell prey and also began spreading this evil vile lie.

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And to make matters worse, Abu Bakr Siddiq before this incident would be giving him a monthly stipend. He would be helping him out financially, because Mistah was young, unemployed, single Mahajan. He didn't have a job he had left everything in Makkah. Now he had come to Medina. And Abu Bakr having some wealth began to sponsor him here, take a gift, he would regularly give him gifts.

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And, despite all of that mystery began spreading this lie. Can you imagine how Abu Bakr Radi Allahu unfelt Can you imagine not only is he blood, not only is he relative? On top of that he owes Abu Bakr so much and yet he is doing what he is doing. Not surprisingly, a robot could acidic when he heard this person was doing this. He said Wallahi I will never pay him a penny as long as I live. That is the least one could imagine. I think if any of us were in that situation, we wouldn't have just said I'm going to stop paying payments we would have gotten more than this. But Abu Bakr being Abu Bakr all he said, I'm not going to pay him anything. We're not going to give him any more gifts.

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The incident happened Allah azza wa jal revealed what he revealed. He was honored on the Allahu Allah is cleared. And then as an addendum to the story of our Isha Allah revealed a verse for Abu Bakr ears we recited to this dates in the Quran. Allah revealed a verse teaching Abu Bakr Siddiq, what it means to be acidic. While you're utterly alone. fogli min Kim was Sati and you Odle koruba Well, Maharaj Idina well Misaki Nafisa be dilla well Leah who will use for who to a bona and y'all feel Allahu La

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let not those of status amongst you and those of wealth. Yeah, but if you are a man of status, you are not an average person. And you are a man of wealth Allah has blessed you do not use the name of Allah don't bring in Allah and say, well, loi do not give a custom that you will stop giving money to your relative and the poor person and a Mahajan, three characteristics Allah mentioned of the one who slandered it sha Allah found the good in him, the one who committed this crime, this this this pernicious, vile crime. And Allah said these are three positives he had. He is your relative. He is poor, and he's a muhajir and you used

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The name of Allah. And you said Wallah, he I'm not gonna give him any sadaqa Allah is saying don't use my name to stop giving sadaqa to a relative and the poor person and the Mahajan. Yeah Baqarah Siddiq you are higher than this you are better than this. One Leon Phu Wallace file, forgive you Abubaker Sadhak and turn over a new leaf forgive, erase this from your hearts and turn over pretend it never happened. turn over a new leaf. Then, directly addressing Abu Bakr Siddiq, Allah says in the Quran, Allah to hipbone and young Pharaoh Allahu Allah.

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Don't you want Allah to forgive you? Don't you want Allah What if Allah dealt with you in the same manner? What if Allah took every sin every crime every incident and never forgotten it? What would you do? So yeah, Rebecca Cydia and through Abu Bakr all of us, don't you want Allah to forgive you when you forgive others? When Abu Bakar Radi Allahu Anhu heard this verse, He made a Farah he gave up the another he made a kuthodaw to absolve the oath. And then he said, Well, law he has Allah is my witness, I will continue to give sadaqa to him as long as I live, and he never stopped his charity as long as he lived. Even though mistype became wealthy had a job doesn't matter. He made

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the custom Abu Bakr continue to pay as long as Abu Bakr was alive. I began my topic to get today with this story to illustrate for us, one of the beautiful characteristics of our religion, one that we remind ourselves of strive to achieve, even if we cannot achieve perfection, we always have it as our goal. And that is to forgive and to have a clean heart towards our fellow believers, to forgive and to forget to forgive the grudges that we have with one another. To have a heart that is not full of nastiness of evil, of hatred, of enmity, of jealousy, of retribution, wanting to get revenge, you know, well, yeah, full well, your sphere who remove this from your heart. That's what our four means

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have no trace of that evil in your art. While you're spyhole Give the guy another chance turn over a new leaf. And this concept of forgiveness is something that runs throughout the Quran throughout the Sierra, throughout the sunnah of our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam was not our NABI. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the embodiment of virtue. Was he not the symbol of mercy? Was he not Rama to lil al Amin? How many instances in his lifetime and he kept on forgiving he kept on turning the other cheek. And this is something that is well known how many times our Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam had the opportunity to exact revenge and He forgave. And of course of the most

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obvious ones is the incident of thought if when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was literally asked by Allah, do you want to get a grip vengeance? Do you want to be gay? Having all of that anger that you have? You wanted to now be challenged and you want to destroy these people? If you do so yeah, rasool Allah, not only has Allah allowed you, he has sent the angel do as you please, the angel is now under your command, if you want, you have every right to destroy them. And at that point in time, when the blood had not even dried from his body, Sall Allahu Allah, he was setting up when he can still feel the pains of that stones. He said, No, I shall forgive them,

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perhaps from their children, Allah azza wa jal will bring Iman from their children. And that's exactly what happened. And the same goes for the incident of the conquest of Makkah, as we know, in the incident of the conquest of Makkah, we all know that when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam entered that city, and all of the people of the Quraysh that were still alive at that time, they come out trembling, they come out scared, what is he going to do to us after 20 years of persecution? 20 years of killing the Muslims 20 There's a long list of dead Muslims. There is a long list of vengeance if you wanted to starting with Hamza and what did we did with Hamza or the Allah

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Who, all through Ahmadi vinyasa then his parents, so Mejia and Yasser all through Bilal, every single Sahabi has graduates has a legitimate claim. They come out scared, they come out terrified. And he said to them, what do you think I shall do to you now they are begging for mercy. And he they said, Don't forget you are our brother, you are our brother and the son of our brother. Your father was a relative of ours. By the way, where was this brotherhood for 20 years, they forgot it themselves, but now they're begging for mercy. And so what did our prophets Allah, Allah, send them say, Go, you are free. I'm not going to take one person's life. One person's belongings go all of

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you are free. And abou Sophia and the leader of the Quraysh Augustin

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Affion was shocked and he began saying out loud ma Kurama ka ma la Monica ma Oh Farakka how generous. Are you your rasool Allah, how forgiving Are you? How kind are you he could not believe that after all of these years. And now when he has the opportunity, Abu Soufiane has been centerstage he has seen and done things he knows what exactly they deserve, if anyone knows it is Abu Sufian and now when full power is in the hands of the prophets of Allah who set it up when no one in history, whatever have accused him of injustice when he has all authority and right to do as he pleased, he turned the other cheek and even abou Sophia and could not believe it. And he began

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praising how generous Are you? Where does this generosity come from? How forgiving Are you how Karim Are you he could not accept utter his amazement out loud and that is why indeed our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent as one who was ALLAH Hello Can Allium have the best of all characteristics and no and noble manners. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran, that it is a characteristic of Eman to forgive, the movement is forgiving to one's brothers. The Mothman overlooks the false and the sins that are done and realize the stories of quoted in front of you today. Yeah, believers in Islam these stories are actual volume, religion timolol against Allah and

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His messenger and still Rasul Allah says and forgive. How about petty things that happened between me and you? How about something of the dunya that we are negotiating over? And maybe I do something that irritates you? You do something that irritates me? When it came to the hook of Allah, the of Islam, the Prophet saw some demonstrated if you're able to forgive, forgive, how about the hook of money? How about the hook of me and you and the petty trivial things between us? Should we not be even more worthy of forgiveness? Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the Quran was Sadhguru, in FIRA to Mira become we're generating our dough has somewhere to a race to have forgiveness and race to

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agenda that is as vast as the heavens and earth. And then Allah describes who are those people who deserve forgiveness from Allah Who are those people who deserve Jana who's with is as vast as the heavens and earth. Allah azza wa jal mentions that there are those who carefully mean Allah UVA Wi Fi in and in us, they control their anger and they forgive the people. They control their anger and they forgive all of mankind Oh conditions you don't just forgive those that you have some relationship with. You don't forgive those who know well are fina and in US forgiving all of mankind. Well Allah who you hit Bullmore sinning and Allah loves those who do son even more than

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this. And Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal meant or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was described when I Isha was asked, How was our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he she described him by saying he was never vulgar. He was never vile, and he would forgive those who did wrong unto him. This is the description that he gave Makana Haitian well I'm okay with the fact that he never said something bad. He never said a harsh word and he would forgive those who did volunteer unto him. And Allah subhana wa Tada mentions in the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he felt hurt that the Croatia doing what they are doing. Allah revealed in the Quran five fu was for

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who then forgive them and turn the other cheek fat for us to forgive them and turn the other cheek. And the majority of those in fact, all of the Quraysh who are alive when the Maccha was conquered, they embraced Islam, all of them other than two or three. So the entire city embraced Islam after the conquest of Makkah. If that forgiveness had not taken place in the beginning of Islam, there would be no convert at the end of Islam five fu while you're supposed to forgive and forget. And Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, regarding a group of people who broke Allah's covenant and they attempted to trick the Muslims in early Islam. Allah azza wa jal says to the Muslims at that

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time, that go ahead and forgive and overlook and Allah azza wa jal lows, those who practice Ersan even when it comes to the most heinous crime, the most evil crime that any man can do against another man, and that is the crime of murder. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran quotevalet Coming to source with will Cutler pray sauce the sauce means a life for a life the murder deserves death. This is the Islamic ruling the one who kills another person intentionally. That person deserves to be killed after trial after everything takes place in the court of law, that is the death penalty for the murder. Then Allah says in the Quran Femen roofie Allah whom in a V shape,

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but whoever forgives his brother, whoever forgives his brother should then be followed up with mouthed off and good deeds. In other words, Allah is saying

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This is a long verse to summarize, Allah is saying, I give you full permission, or family members of the murdered, you have every right to sue in the court of law, you go and take your case and you execute after the court has found guilty, you execute this person and you take the murderer and you take the death penalty upon this person. But then Allah says, but if you forgive your brother in Islam, from an roofie, Allah Who mean a key show you on this is going to be better for you. Even the murderer, Allah says, If you forgive, it is better. Because why? When you forgive, you allow this person as well. A new opportunity, a new chance, when you forgive you show you are the better of the

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two and you earn Allah's pleasure. So Allah allows the sauce, but Allah says if you forgive, it is still better for you. And realize this forgiveness is for all and especially for family. The irony, dear Muslims is that when it comes to family Wallahi we find forgiveness even more difficult, because it's understandable when our family member does something that hurts us even more understandable, but realize because it is family forgiveness should be a higher priority. And in the Quran, we have so many examples. First and foremost amongst them is the example of use of Allah His Salam, if anyone has the right to exact vengeance, if anyone has the right to not forgive, it is use

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of it. His salaam, his own brethren threw him into the wealth, his own brethren lied about his death, his own brethren left him to rot. They did not know whether he would die of starvation, or he would die of whatever and they walked in, they turned their backs, they're hearing their brother cry, they're hearing him beg and plead. And this is a child here. And these teenagers and young men walk away out of despite and anger, and then the tables are turned as we know and use who becomes the minister and the brethren come begging for food and they recognize him and they then ask for forgiveness and use of says don't worry, yo federal law hula come he made a statement of fact, Allah

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shall forgive you. He didn't even say I forgive you. He put himself out of the picture. There is no I don't even have an issue with you. And because I don't have an issue with you that Allah will not have an issue with you. Because you did boom to me. I have the Huck if I have forgiven you, then Allah will forgive you. So he made it a statement of fact y'all fit Allahu Allah, Allah shall forgive you. And he said to his father, that oh my father Don't worry. It was shaped on who put issues between me and my brother man by the anassa che upon obeying your BEN equity. He didn't even blame his brothers for what his brothers did. He said it shaytans for not my brother's fault. Look

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at the other of use of look at how high manners he had. He did not even say oh those guys did this. No, no, no shaytaan caused some issues and Allah shall forgive you Subhanallah what other we have in use of it his setup to forgive what his brothers have done. And I say this Subhan Allah when they give lectures and hope that no matter what has happened in sha Allah your brother did not try to sell you into slavery and shallow your brother did not throw you into a well and left you for dead whatever your brother your cousin, your uncle Your aunt has done surely it is not worse than what the brothers have use of debt to use of and yet what did you do in return yellowfin Allahu Allah,

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Allah shall forgive you. Don't worry, there's no issues with me. Allah azza wa jal, we're being our hearts together again. And Allah reminds us in the Quran, especially when it comes to family. Yeah, you are Latina Amanu in them as well as you come why will they come? I do want to configure the rowhome We're in Tau Foo, what does for hope for in the hola hola Fouda Rahim, some of your family members Allah is saying they're going to be a type of enmity or animosity towards you meaning some of your family members will be asking you things that are haram you might be tempted to to haram for them. They want things you cannot give them so you might be tempted to do haram. You might blame

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them for this. Allah is saying no. Forgive and turn over a new leaf. Well, yeah, who will just vile forgive them and turn over a new leaf. Don't take your family as your enemies. Forgive your family. Forgive your children, forgive your spouses. That's how love will flourish in a household. Love is not going to flourish. A marriage is not going to flourish. If you never forgive you hold on to grudges everything that is said you keep it in your memory know when you're full, erase it from your heart. This is what alpha means don't even keep it as we say forgive and forget. Well yes for who give them a new chance. turn over a new leaf don't think of the past and keep on regurgitating it.

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This is an idea that is explicit for husbands and wives explicit for spouses to bring about marital harmony, Allah is saying don't keep each and every thing in your memory. Let it go and forgive for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now dear brothers and sisters, if somebody might point out that hold on a sec. Sometimes the Prophet says some did not forgive

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Did he not execute a certain of the sahaba? I'm not so certain of the Quraysh at specific timings in the Sierra, and we say indeed it is true. If you look at the whole Sierra 23 years, you will find a handful of people, you can count them on the fingers of one hand. That's it, that the prophecy assumes that these people should not be forgiven and he made dua against them. But who are these people? Are you going to make chaos of Abuja hell with some relative that might have done something wrong towards you? I say to you, categorically, you will not find a single Muslim or even a pagan who wanted to repent, who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam genuinely sorry, except

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that the Prophet system forgave that person without any conditions. The son of Abuja Hello crema. And if you know what a creamer has done, you know what a creamer has done. The son of Abuja, Hill came asking for forgiveness and the prophets of some forgive. Yes, it is true he didn't forgive Abuja. But who is Abuja hell compared to anybody who has done something against you don't bring these exceptions than make them the rule. It is true once in a while some very few people they do not deserve forgiveness, but in the entire Sierra, anybody who came asking saying I am sorry, saying I come to Islam, acknowledging their mistake, anyone from beginning to end our prophets, Assam

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always gave them a new opportunity without any exception. Now, to conclude the first football

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what I have spoken about is the ideal and the ideal. Well, yeah, who will use for who forgive and forget literally, this is in the Quran. Well, yeah, if you have a clean heart, while you're smart, I will give them a new chance. However, you see our Lord is so merciful. Our religion is so perfect will lie it is so perfect if we only studied our faith, our Eman would skyrocket. You see, Allah told us the ideal, but let us be honest, can we all live up to the ideal? No. So in Allah's Rama, he has given us a spectrum. In Allah's Rama, he has told us we have options to do. And

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whatever we choose amongst these options, it is permissible, but some are more rewarding than others, at a bare minimum level. At a bare minimum level, we are allowed to return evil with evil, and we shall not be sinful if we do so. But we shall also not be rewarded. If somebody cuts off with us, and we cut off with them. If somebody says something nasty to me, and I say something that's the exact same, by the way, it must be exact same, because if you go more, if he curses you once you curse him 10 times now on judgment that you have to answer to Allah for the nine by the way. So that's one other point, by the way, because you can go worse if somebody harmed you a little bit you

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harmed him in return more on Judgement date, you have to answer Allah, you went the extra mile. But let's leave that for now. Suppose somebody said something nasty and anger, you became angry? You said something similar back in the beauty and the perfection of our religion, guess what? It is allowed? You're not sinful, and you're not praiseworthy. We're just out we'll say you didn't say yeah, to me through the responsive and evil, you are allowed to give the exact same evil back, somebody cuts you off, you cut them off, okay, that is allowed better than this one level higher is that you forgive and you move on. You don't hold a grudge, but you don't necessarily come back to

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that person and mend your ways ie somebody says something nasty to you, you calm down you forgive and then that friendship is gone. That kindness that you had is gone, but your heart is now okay May Allah forgive, this is one level higher, you shall get a reward and you have done good no problem with there. And Allah says in the Quran wala tester will hasna to well as a year, good and bad are not the same. Either favorability here isin respond with the better of the two when somebody does good, somebody does bad you do good in return. So somebody says something nasty, you forgive and return Hamdulillah this is the higher level, the highest level, which is the level of of Bukhara, so

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these are the Allah one, which is the level of the prophets of Allah, the highest level is you go the extra mile, you make sure that you mend any issues that have happened, you show you are the better of the two you forgive you forget and you mend any broken bonds between them. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran, because the verse finishes, what tester will hasenhuttl what I say here, edify bility. Here I said for either lady Beynac Kobina who were to actually you and him respond to evil with good and you shall find the one who was your worst enemy becomes your best friend. This is what Abu Bakar is so liquid

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No one was being told this man did what he did respond to him with good and in fact it is said I will bucket increase the stipend a bucket increase the money after he did what he did to his own daughter our bucket paid him even more sadaqa How do you think Mr. Felt? Do you not think Mr. Would have corrected his ways become a better person so I will record a severe became the better of the two and then he helped guide Miss thought through the better of his manners as well. Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, this spectrum is there for us. Not everybody can forgive and it is true by the way, sometimes somebody has done something so evil and they are unrepentant that you don't find it

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in your heart to forgive. Okay, if that is the case, let it be. You won't you don't have to necessarily forgive but if you're able to forgive even better and if you're able to forgive and mend that is the best and that is the Macomb of profits and that is the MACOM of the significant May Allah subhana wa Tada make us amongst them vertical Lee Welcome to corral them want to find your way your company Murphy Himalaya to particular Hakeem acordo mattes Marone was staford Allahu Allah Emily welcome. What is it in Muslim equilibrium and festival guru in hula food or Rahim

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hill wa Hill had a summit Allah the Lemuria dweller Mulan welcome your caller who phoned Roberto.

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Briefly, how can we forgive if we choose to do so and again, I want to reiterate, it is true sometimes a crime has been done that has scarred you so bad that you don't find it in your heart to forgive the person who did that. The beauty of our religion we are not obliged to forgive or want to reiterate that we're not obliged to forgive. It is possible you hold a grudge until Judgment Day and it is possible that you ask Allah azza wa jal to therefore you sue in the court of Allah so and so did this. Oh Allah, I want to reward for what has happened that is legitimate, it is halal. And if anybody chooses that option, they do not need to feel guilty. But I still say that is not the best

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option. It is halal, it is justice. But the better option is to have a clean heart and to forgive. And the best option is to have a clean heart and forgive and mend your ways and make sure you have that relationship, especially if they are family if they are brother and if they are cousins and uncles and aunts, if they were close friends, then you should maintain that level. No matter what has happened. The question is how can it be done? Briefly, two points. Firstly, psychological Secondly, religious as for psychologically, realize that when you hold a grudge, when you hold animosity, when you hold resentment in your heart, the reality is, whether you like it or not, you

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are acknowledging that person has power over you.

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You are acknowledging that person has power over you. And you are still suffering as a result of the grief and the trauma that that person has inflicted. For you to be a better person, forget the other person for you to be a better person for your heart to heal. You need to let go. You need to make your heart pure for your sake, not just for the other person sake. So even psychologically forgiving brings about healing. In fact, Grover scholar said, the one who feels anger towards somebody else towards the one who does wrong, the one who wants to get revenge that person. In fact, it is like he's holding a burning coal, wanting to throw it at the person but he never throws it. He keeps on

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holding the coal and the coal is burning in his hand. It's not affecting the other person. And this is so true. When you are full of anger towards another person, you're full of resentment, you're full of hatred, you're full of vengeance, who is the one still hurting, it's you and not the other person. You're the one not going to sleep except thinking about that person. You're the one not enjoying life because of that person. This is the beauty of our religion forgive and you will become better forgive and you are the better of the to forgive and your heart will flourish and grow. So even psychologically it is better for us to forgive and then ask for religiously realize dear

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Muslims, that when you forgive others, Allah has promised to forgive you. This is the beauty Allah is telling us be selfish. Be selfish, if you really have to. Don't forgive for his sake, forgive for your sake. Don't forgive for his sake. Forgive for your sake, too. Hey Boehner, and y'all federal law hula come Yeah, Abu Bakr Siddiq, don't you want Allah to forgive you? So then forgive the other person. So therefore, when you forgive others, Allah azza wa jal will forgive you. When you have it in your heart to show mercy to others. Allah will show mercy to you

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So you use this as an incentive, you use this as an incentive. I'm not doing it for the other person, the other person, that's his business, but I am doing it for myself on Judgment Day, I will get a bigger reward, a better reward, and I will get the lion's share of Mafia, I will get the hustle and it has done to me as well as that I will get Allah's reward for forgiving him. Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, when you forgive someone, you do not give up your Hilco completely. No, you give up your coke for a prize from Allah, Allah will give you more for giving up your coke for his sake. That's the beauty of our religion. It's not as if you're going to lose anything. On the

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contrary, when you forgive you become the winner in this world. And most importantly, in the next dear Muslims, there is a famous Hadith that I conclude with this, that one of the habits in the Muslim ummah, that one of the Sahaba entered the masjid and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said that man is a man who shall enter Jannah and the Sahaba did not really recognize him. He's not one of the big shots one of the famous Sahabi and so Abdullah Muhammad that also decided to find out the story. It's a very long story. In the end of it, we learned the reason for three days he stayed with him then he said, Look, I stayed with you three days. I don't know what are you doing extra special that

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we're not doing that? Why did the process I'm say you're going to Jannah what is the special thing about you? We're doing everything your Salah Azacca I'm doing it as well. What are you doing that I'm not doing? I want to know. And so the man said the only thing I can think of every night I go to sleep. I have a clean heart and I forgive everyone. I don't hold any grudge. I don't hold any animosity. Every night I go to sleep I check my heart. I make sure there's no anger towards under another Muslim. If there's anything extra that I do. That is it. Abdullah Muhammad said that is the reason why our Prophet system said you are a man of Janna, dear Muslim brother and sister have pure

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hearts against fellow believers try to forgive try to turn over a new leaf and do so for your sanity and for the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa to Allah Allah Hama and Anita and for amino Allahu Allah azza wa jal me them but the love of Wanda Hammond Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa Kadota wala Maria on Alicia feta, whether I see Ron Illa your CELTA Allahumma fildena Willie one and Alina Saba ko neben Eman what a treasure I feel alumina Linda Linda Dina. Rob bene in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Houma is Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam our Muslim in Allah Humam and Raja Raja Islam and Muslim Ebisu and fish real hoop enough say watch out at me your

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own feet at the bat he Jaco you yo Aziz rebels Allah in Allah to Allah Amara companion by their behavior NFC within Nabi Malaika the Odyssey with her let her become a Johann Mona Manjinder he went into football as a male pardon Idema in nulla, how am I let it go to your Soluna Allah Nabi Yeah, you hola Dina, and also Lou la he was selling him with a slimmer Allahumma Salli was selling more vertical and Abdullah Kurosu to come Mohamed Anwar the early he was like a big marine rebels Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motivated with your sandwich orba wion handle 100 fracture it will Moon kariobangi Your Illumina Allah come to the karoun with Corolla Haleema come wash Kuru who yes, Zilla

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come what are the crew Allahu Allah Akbar world famous salah.