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ICNA Symposium 2020


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sir Mr. Alikum everyone, this is Shaka, funnier brother from Detroit, Michigan. I would like to officially welcome you to the iqnet National Symposium. The theme for today is indeed I am near.

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So, that is the theme and inshallah we're going to have a packed seminar. So next up that we have is Chef yesterday, she has a body is the resident scholar of East Plano Islamic center. He's also the dean of the newly formed Islamic Seminary. He graduated from University of Medina and recently completed his PhD from Yale. And I promised myself that if I've ever get a chance to introduce you if he has if I do go with this is that he now has a mocktail named somewhere after him, I'm so looking where but maybe he can expand on it. How about humbleness? Zocalo service, we'll have the details. So that was salam ala. While early he will be here one word about the mocktail is called

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the shake why Q mango shake. And it is that

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a nice Halal restaurant here in Dallas, that actually we ordered from yesterday. And it's a concoction that I myself devise and hamdulillah I'm a big fan of mango shakes. And the owner was kind enough to name particular mango shake that I derived after me hamdulillah anyway hamdulillah with that

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humorous introduction.

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The topic at hand is actually one that I've spoken quite a lot about, I've even written a book about, but it becomes so pertinent especially in light of the times that we're living in. And honestly, I am still in a daze as to the realities of our Days and Night I feel as if we're watching the scene out of some type of horror movie, just walking around, you know, going to the masjid, I have to go to the mission to get my lecture to give the hook but when empty masjid, I'm still not fully recovered. And I don't know if I ever will recover, per se from what we are facing right now. The things that we literally took for granted, I never thought that walking outside and going to a

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su Cora bizarre is actually something that is something we have to be thankful for appreciative for you just take it for granted. I never thought that meeting, you know, my family, you know, we haven't met some my uncles and aunts. And you know, it's just very, you know, we've had some, you know, pass some uncle pass to as well. And I could we could not even go in this timeframe, it's just so it's a very difficult time for all of us. And along with Stan.

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That is why the topic that has been assigned to me is actually something that is extremely pertinent and extremely relevant. And it is, in a brief nutshell, the etiquettes in the manners of Dubai, the importance of dua, because when it comes to this calamity, I think I think all of us are on the same wavelength the people that I'm speaking with, I think we're all on the same wavelength, that

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this is indeed a communal calamity. It is a type of either that is meant to remind us and I've spoken about this a lot of times in a number of my previous lectures, we need to differentiate between a communal either and a personal either, and a communal either is not the same as a person or either a communal either a punishment and a calamity that comes on a society does not mean that every single member of that society is guilty. It also does not mean that every single member is going to be punished in the AF era. But it does mean that society as a whole has failed. And society as a whole has crossed the red lines that Allah subhanaw taala does not want that society to cross

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and that is something that is theologically explicit in the Quran, as I have said in previous footbeds lecture so purpose for today's Allah says in the Quran fanola If Jaya and Sunnah tell baharu Allah is asking a rhetorical question. Allah is saying that why didn't they reach out to us in prayer when our lab came to them? Why didn't they do tell all roar and Tadahiro is the highest form of dua dua has many forms. Dua has many states. And Allah says in the Quran surah bacame Calderon, we're healthier. Make dua to your LORD with double roar and with healthier and Tabara means with the utmost humility. It means you lay your soul bear in front of Allah you expose your

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innermost weaknesses and thoughts. And you tell ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You confess your sins to Allah and you beg and plead Allah subhanho wa Taala for what you want, that is terrible. It is the highest form of DUA and Allah commands us to do tabula rasa in all situations when we need something and especially it is linked with a generic i that follow hula if the sooner I tell Barbara Oh, well I can cassette Kulu boom was a analog machine. Tony Mercado Yarramalong Allah say

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As when our eyes have came down, why didn't they invoke us with humility make dua to us from the depths of their hearts. But know Allah says their hearts were sealed us have collarbone and a shape on made it pleasing to them what they were doing, and what is, you know, more terrifying to me personally than what we are seeing now. What is more terrifying to me personally, and I will tell this to and it's a very personal thing, but I will share it publicly with all of you that it is terrifying to me that society does not seem to be understanding that collectively they need to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, in previous times and plagues even 100 years ago, 1918 When the

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Spanish Influenza came, you find a general sense of religiosity. Even in this population, you found people going to their churches and synagogues, you found people rediscovering faith, rediscovering their belief in a higher power. Unfortunately, from what I'm seeing now, that is simply not happening. And it is as if like Allah says in the Quran, were like in concert polo boom, their hearts have become like rock solid was a an alarm was sheer volume, candle, yarn, balloon and whatever they were doing. shaytaan made it so pleasing to them that they continued in their false illusion. And to me that is more terrifying than the Coronavirus itself that people don't seem to be

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understanding that they need to wake up from this slumber and in need to reconnect with a higher power. And Allah who was done we have nothing we can do other than turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala so much rebuttal so much moral lessons we can extract How arrogant mankind was to presume they have reached the pinnacle of might and power, how arrogant all of us subconsciously work that we have gone to the moon and come back and we have done this and that. And yet look, this small miniscule virus came and not to single superpower can come between it and the color of Allah subhana wa Taala not all of our technology, not all of our medicine, not a single aspect of our science, we might

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understand a little bit of how the virus works. But we to this day, by the way, we do not have an actual solid clue as to how it gets transferred, and why it attacks certain patients other than others and how it's actually functioning to the level that we can create a vaccine and Chatelet eventually we'll get there because this is the blessing of Allah that our Prophet system said, Never does Allah reveal the disease except that he also reveals the cure. Ali Mohammed Ali Mahoba he nobleman JLo whoever knows knows whoever doesn't doesn't, but that's the beauty of our fate will lie it is so beautiful. And in all of this. In all of this I thank Allah and I hope all of you can

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really and truly be appreciative of the blessings of Eman, the blessings of fate, can you imagine having to face this crisis and spiritually a person is dead and empty? Can you imagine under trying to make sense of this world that what is going on without the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. I thank Allah we should all thank Allah hamdulillah hymnody Harada and the other one I couldn't deny the Alola Anhedonia Allah, we thank Allah for having guided us to this reality, and we would never have been guided had it not been for the guidance of Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah. So all of these aspects are really just preliminary issues that I wanted us to just get

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it I couldn't help but give a talk without, you know, talking about these other issues as well. Because I really feel strongly that this whole Coronavirus issue is a wake up call for us Muslims in particular and for all of humanity. So briefly, I only have a few minutes left and then handed back to our hosts. Briefly, the issue of dua a lot of people, they really don't understand the spirit of the Quran, the etiquettes of dua, and I'm still getting bombarded with emails and questions and tweets and Facebook's that share what is the DA I should be saying give me the

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the phrase that I should say at this time. And they say that what is the what is the specific phrase that needs to be said they want a magic formula is what they want to be brutally honest. They just want they think that if they wave a magic wand and they say these particular phrases, everything will be fine. And that's not the reality of the reality of the house much more different than this. In fact, we learn from the Quran and Sunnah, that it's not the phrasing. It's not the phrasing that matters. It is the psychological reality, the spirituality, it is your own frame of mind. In fact, the phrasing is irrelevant. You know what even Tavia says, Even TV it says when he's talking about

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dua, Ibn Taymiyyah says, By unanimous consensus of all of the scholars of Islam, if a person makes a mistake in the wording of the DUA, and he says something that is the exact opposite of what he actually intended, Allah is not going to care about the wording and Allah will care about the knee that comes from the heart. So we need to understand as is very

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Be clear in the Quran and the Sunnah, that the purpose of dua is not just to utter some magical formula and say these things 10 times that everything will be fine. The purpose of dua is to reactivate our spirituality, our connection with Allah, our humility, it is our iman and our Taqwa that is what is wanted. And that is why our profits a little off arts and have said that Allah does not accept the draw from the club that is lawful that is disconnected. Allah does not accept the DUA from the club that is disconnected from Allah that is heedless, and that is why the number one factor that causes the euro to be accepted, is towball roar. And that is a sense of humility, that

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is a sense of utmost, putting your trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. And understanding that none can answer dua other than Allah subhanho wa taala. And we have as well in the beautiful narration of the three who stayed behind interval. Can you remember that story? And actually mentioned in a previous football last week, or was it two weeks ago, that Subhanallah they were punished by isolation? That was the punishment of the three who remain behind it the book, remember the story, that wireless tell us that they live in a holy foo, that the three people that remain behind? When they didn't go to the Battle of taboo? What was their punishment from Allah subhana wa Taala that they have social

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isolation, everybody has to remain cut off from other and now it is as if all of us have been given that punishment of social isolation and then what was their way out? What did Allah say was their way out? Look at the Quran surah Tober while the Salah 13 Medina holy who had in the law cut it him will also be well Rahul but will balk at it him and flew home, while one new manager Mina log in, in a tag phrase, I want you to understand it. I want you to underline it. I want you to read it, read it absorb it, Toba. Allah says the three people who remain behind until they felt this world. Despite all of its vastness, this world was tight on them. Subhanallah how true that seems. Now,

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despite all of its vastness, the world seems empty the world seems something is wrong with it. Allah says despite all of the vastness of this earth, their chests felt constrained, while Dhaka tinium and footstone while one knew and then they realized, and Malaysia Amina Allah, there is no one to turn to, to protect yourself from Allah in IE, except Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the spirit of dua dear Muslims, don't worry about Phrases. Don't worry about magical formulas. Don't worry about specific words. Think of your heart. Examine your state of spirit spiritual site called psychological mentality. Lower your head, humble yourself to Allah subhana wa Tada. And then in

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words that are coming from your heart, in a language that you speak fluently. Make sure you don't need to be taught words to make dua. What you need is the proper spirituality. What you need is the absolute submission to Allah. And that is the word to adore you you need to lower and humble yourself in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then raise your hands up to Allah from the depths of your heart, in the language you know best in your mother tongue, whether it's all to do, whether it's Swahili, whether it's German or English, whether it is Latin, it doesn't matter because the DUA is not dependent on the words the DUA is dependent on the other. You use words that you know best

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and you express it in a manner that you know best. Allah is not looking at your eloquence, there is no who is more eloquent than him. Allah is not looking at fancy words put together. Allah is wanting to see your state of the heart and wanting to see your body to him from the depths of your heart, raise your hands up and then beg and plead a lot to protect you. And protect your family and protect your loved ones. And ask Allah for repentance and he Dyer and ask Allah for the good of this world and the good of the next world and ask Allah for each and every need that you have. Because if you don't ask Allah there's no one else worthy of asking. And if Allah does not will it for you, then

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none will give it to you. I conclude with that beautiful narration of activity Allah Juana which is found in an activity in which he's advised her students she said that all my students, if your shoelace breaks, if your shoelace breaks, don't be shy to ask Allah to fix your shoelace. Because if Allah is not going to fix your shoelace, no one else will. Don't be embarrassed or shy to ask Allah for anything and everything. Turn to Allah for all of your needs. And don't worry about the wording. Look at your soul in your heart and implement when Allah says in the Quran, why didn't they make the bar roar to us when our either came down? This is a communal either, we want to be saved from the

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individual either and that will be done by each and every one of us turning to Allah

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Suhana what's Allah and when enough of us turn to Allah, the criminalized of itself will be lifted up. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect me and you and my loved ones in your loved ones may Allah protect the Ummah and the beloved in the bad. May Allah xojo Live from us the weather and of our own May Allah azza wa jal live from us this plague that we have seen in our lives, may Allah subhana without a guide us and guide others through us and give us the best of this world and of the next world, which is Mala who has run a ceremony for our country.

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Does that love hair, Chef? Yes or cloudy for the beautiful reminder that is really what we all need during this time. So that I'd like to remind before I sign off and handover is an hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah that even though the convention that we all miss and love is not able to go on, you know, this work never stops. That's that's what I wanted to kind of emphasize on that. And I'm done. And now we have this symposium. We have different departments and wings of Ikana proactively out there on the frontlines taking care of the community in need. So I would really encourage and urge all of you to take some time and donate at WWW dot ignite dot orgy forward slash donate. So which is

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Ecolo care for your time