The Psychology of Sin

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Tip number seven

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah, who fashioned Adam and created the creation. He beautified the earth with vegetation and he placed stars in the constellation. He said the night and day in perfect alternation, and our months and years are set in duration. He revealed to us his speech as a revelation, and he sent to us a religion for our salvation. So it is a law and Allah alone we worship and it is to him that we direct our prostration know that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has commanded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you Hello Gina Manasa Hola. Hola, tokachi watamu tuna Illa one two Muslim moon. Dear Muslims, one of the most effective tactics of our enemy shavon. One of the

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most effective tactics of shavon is to utilize the psychology of sin against us. We all commit sins, it is in our nature to commit sins. Mankind by nature is not perfect. Mankind is sinful. Every one of us falls short of our obligations in different ways. Some of us more than others no doubt, but there is no perfect human being amongst us. Allah did not create us to be perfect. Some of us have habitual sins. Some of us are addicted to certain sins. Some of us are involved in major sins. And every one of us without exception is committing minor sins on a daily basis which

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Things we shouldn't say. We look at things we shouldn't look at. We do things we should not do. we disobey Allah subhanahu, WA Tada. And shaytan comes along, and he takes those sins, and he uses it to drive a barrier, a wedge between us and our Creator. he whispers to us what's what's up? And he tells us, there's no point. It's useless. You're a sinner. Why are you even trying to repent, you're never ever going to be perfect, just give up. He encourages us to throw in the towel and to take on a much more pessimistic attitude about ourselves and our lives.

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And sometimes, he comes to us at our worst moments when we feel low, we feel our battery needs to be recharged, we feel spiritually empty. And instead of turning to Allah subhana wa tada shaitaan comes and succeeds in letting us throw in the towel and in wanting to give up. And when that happens, dear Muslims, that is the point in time that shavon has one and we have lost when we throw in the towel when we say there's no point tell us I'm never going to be perfect. There's no point I might as well just be as I am, and not attempt to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala dear Muslims, realize that we are Allah design. We are a product of a lot of other and Allah created us this is a very deep topic.

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Don't misquote me, please. Allah created us and it is in our nature to sin. If Allah had wanted, he would have sufficed with the angels. Do you not know that when Allah announced to the angels that I'm going to create mankind, even the angels question Why would you do that over law? Why would you create an imperfect species? Why would you create a species that's murdering and plundering and raping and pillaging, attach Adolphe Hammond you've Sufi? How YSP could deema and here we are a law worshipping you day and night praising you day and night doing this via day and night. Why would you create an imperfect creation? And what did Allah say? in the womb Allah tala moon, you're gonna have

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to trust my wisdom. I know why I understand what you will never understand. Allah created us by our nature to not be perfect. It is ingrained in us we are not the types of creation that the angels are, we are not the types of creations that the Sun and Moon is there are non sentience beings, we are a unique creation, we are a creation that is different from all of the others. And in our creation, there is a manifestation of many of the laws, names and attributes that are not manifested in the other creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see, dear Muslims, you see, yes, indeed it is true that we are the will of Allah, our nature is the will of Allah. But that doesn't mean that

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Allah loves sins. That is not a justification of the sins that we do know. Rather, it is to make us hopeful of the intended consequences of our sins, which is the repentance and the turning to Allah Subhana Allah. Allah does not love the sinful but Allah loves the penitent and the repentant. Ally does not love sin, but Allah loves the remorse that is the consequence of the sin. And in that many of the names and attributes that are not manifested amongst the angels or amongst the non sentient beings can be manifested in us. That is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hesitancy Muslim, amazing Hadith, Lola and now come to the new boon, Allah who become this is a shocking

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Hadith when you first hear it, were it not for the fact that you commit sins, Allah azza wa jal would take you away. The Kabbalah become, were it not for the fact that you commit sins, Allah would have taken you away and brought forth a new creation. Why does Allah love sins? No will love Oh no your head will facade, then why Allah would have brought forth a new creation that commit sins. Why? Then they would ask is still far and then Allah would forgive them.

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This is one of the most important wisdoms in the creation of the bundle Adam. Allah does not love the sinful but Allah loves the repentant and in order to be repentant, you must have gone through what sin so it is not the middle stage that Allah loves. It is the final product. Many of us we get stuck in the middle

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We don't realize that's not the goal. That's not the end. We are all going to be in the middle. We are all going to be in that state of sin. That's not where we need to stop. We need to keep on striving. We need to keep on pushing forward and work our way until we become amongst the penitent amongst the repentant amongst the terroir, Boone. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained to us that Allah does not love sin, but what does he love? And it is in Bukhari and Muslim law who shall do farahan mento Bhatia haidakhan. Allah is happier at one of your Toba is one of your repentance is then he gives a beautiful example of the person who is on the camel traveling in the

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desert with no other hope except on his camel, his food and water is there, the camel runs away. He's alone. He thinks he's gonna die, starve to death literally dehydrate to death in the desert. Then he discovers his camel and he jumps up for joy and he loses his mind. And he says words that are words of blasphemy. And I'll forgive him because he lost his mind. The Prophet system said you know that man in the desert, how crazy he was of happiness. Allah azza wa jal, infinitely better and more perfect than we can imagine, is happier at one of you, not the sinner, not the one when he does the sin at one of you when you turn to Him in repentance. The angels don't repent, the sun and the

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trees and the moon don't repent, they are not sentient beings. We are the creation of Allah azza wa jal that Allah made so that the category of sins will take place and Allah does not love sins, but Allah is happier at the repentance and Allah loves to forgive. In the law, your head Butoh, bien, Allah loves the one who repents. Our Prophet system told us that there are that we make, indeed Ramadan in the car foo and to him bull Africa. This is what Allah loves. Allah loves not the sinner, but the penitent, the repentant. And the repentant person, by definition, must have committed sins in order for him to repent. Therefore, do Muslims, we need to understand that we cannot let shame on

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when we all feel down. We all have our sins. We're all battling with our own personal battles, our own inner demons. This is the reality of being a human being. But we cannot let shape on when and we stop middle of the way. No, we have to keep on pushing forward. We have to keep on trying our best and realize dear Muslim, that we should never give up hope of Allah's mercy. Even in our sinful state. We are surrounded by Allah's mercy. We are surrounded by Allah's mercy never let shavon feel that Allah has abandoned us. Allah never abandons us. Allah's mercy encompasses all of us. What are you What's your akula shave? My Rama encompasses every living being, even as we sin dear Muslims,

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even as we sin, Allah Rama is encompassing us we should appreciate and feel Allah Rama and how merciful Allah azza wa jal is even as we disobey Him Subhana Allah, how merciful is Allah we use the very blessings he has given us to disobey Him. We use the wealth he has given us, we use the body, he has given us the hands, he has given us the tongues he has given us the eyes He has given us we use those blessings, and we do things he does not like. And not only does he continue to provide not only as a result still coming forth, but he covers those sins from the eyes of other people. He is the CTO, he covers those sins, even as we commit sins, we are, we are should be aware of the mercy

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of Allah Subhana which I realized as well that the people have thought if we're sinful and jubilees offered the Profit System to destroy them. But the prophet system was more aware of Allah's names and attributes. Allah does not love that people have thought at the time of their Cofer, but Allah loves them when they repented, we are better than the people have thought if he died, we didn't reject the profits of the law. We didn't pelted with stones, yet if a law can forgive them, and Allah is happy at their repentance, then how about me and you dear Muslims, Allah forgives all sins that the brothers of use have plotted to kill their brother, they threw him in the wealth, they

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abandon him, surely me and you or we didn't try to kill our brothers and abandon them in the world. Whatever your sins are, Allah azza wa jal is merciful, even as we commit our sins, Allah allowed us to commit those sins from his other. He doesn't love those sins. But even as we committed those sins, Allah Rama was still around us. The fact that we feel guilt, the fact that our conscience is pinching us, that is a mercy from Allah. It is a blessing from Allah, the fact that we feel distanced from Allah and we feel an emptiness, that emptiness, it is a blessing from Allah because we realize we need to return back to Allah we realized that nothing can satisfy us like our

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connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. No sin, no pleasure of this world will make us as happy and as content as our connection with Allah.

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The very fact that we feel guilty, the very fact that we feel empty that is a blessing and a mercy from Allah subhana wa tada because Allah wants us to come back. So he puts in us the guilty conscience he puts in us the emptiness because he wants us to come back to him and he doesn't want us to remain in that state. Therefore dear Muslims, even as we sin, realize that a lot zoa Just Mercy was always there. It was there before the sin it was there during the sin, do you think it will be lifted up after the sin? Dear Muslims, Allah does not love the sinful and Allah does not love the sin but Allah loves the repentant and once again, I keep on saying what is a repentant

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person, he is a sinner who has come back to Allah subhana wa tada so return to Allah returned to Allah subhana wa tada and constantly asked him for forgiveness for he is and indeed the food and the ramen. May Allah bless me and you within through the Quran. And the makers of those who is vs. They understand and applies head on and head on throughout our lifespan, ask Allah forgiveness, you as well ask him for he is the food and the Rockman

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Alhamdulillah all praises you to a law, the one and the unique. He it is that we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and the one who answers the drop of the week. Do Muslims realize that to give up hope of Allah's mercy, to feel that you are too sinful to be forgiven. That feeling it is a bigger sin, than any sin you could have possibly committed.

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the sin of giving up on a law is a bigger crime than any crime your body and my body could have ever done. Why is that? And by the way, this is a hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about al Qaeda era you know there's something called Kabira which is a major sin murder is that Kabira then within the Kabira there is something called the biggest of the big sins Akbar Al Qaeda. That is a very small list. A cabal cabal, number one or the SRA Kabila he to Allah you worship an idol This is a Kabbalah Kabbalah number two one una Rahmatullah to give up hope to despair of Allah's mercy. This is number two on the list. To feel like shavon wants us to feel that what's the

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point? You're too sinful, Allah is never gonna forgive you just live your life and just face the consequences. That feeling in and of itself is a bigger sin than a lifetime of all the sins that your deeds can possibly amass. Why do you want to understand why dear Muslim, because by saying that Allah cannot forgive you, you have magnified your own ego and your miniscule infinite physical presence to such a large extent that you are challenging Allah, Who are you? And what is your sins compared to man? Do you understand what it means to say Allah can never forgive me? Have you lost track of who you are and who your Creator is that you dare challenge I was Rama and a last month for

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you, mere mortal can never challenge that man. So for you to say Allah cannot forgive me, who are you to challenge Allah Allah and that becomes a bigger sin than a lifetime of sins. The despair that the sinner feels it is not from Allah, it is from shavon shavon wants you to feel hopeless. shaitaan wants you to feel useless, that is not from Allah. Allah wants you to feel guilty. Yes, and allows you to turn back to him and in that turning back and in that repentance, there lies our salvation. Dear Muslim, dear Muslim allas names and attributes are so many and the bulk of them, the majority of them centered around Allah merciful nature, the most common names in the Quran centered around

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the merciful nature of Allah. He is not a man he is not a him he is not a fall he is the food he is the man and he is the Kareem, do you not understand when you're dealing with a lord like this? How can you possibly give up all of Mo Farah and Rama? That is why Allah says in the Quran kuliah eva da alladhina Estrada and fusi him la choco Nakamura Mattila, all my servants Allah speaking to us directly me and you directly. He's speaking in the first person, he is directly talking to us in the Quran, and he's calling us Yari, by the My servants, we are the servants of Allah, and he addresses not the righteous, not the prophets. Not the best

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The best he addresses the sinful yarrabah de la Dena Asafa and fusi him, oh my servants who have done so many sins against their own soul. He is addressing the lowest of the low that's me and you the sinful and he is saying love taco not to know Rahmatullah. Don't give up hope of Allah's mercy. Don't give up hope when Allah speaks to you directly, and he addresses you by your most accurate description. This is my most accurate description, those that have committed sins against themselves. That's sort of who I am. That's me. Allah speaks to me directly. And Allah subhana wa tada says, Oh, you sinful person, do not give up hope. I shall forgive all sins. What more do you

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want? What more do you want when Allah has described you as specifically as you can? And Allah has spoken to you directly and Allah has said don't give up hope I am there and I shall forgive. In Nola ha Yo, who is the Uber Jeremy and in the hawala for Rahim. Allah forgives all sins for Allah is afford and Allah is Rahim. Have we forgotten what our prophets of the la vida sent him told us that Allah subhana wa tada has promised us a body, oh my servants, you commit sins day and night, and I forgive sins day and night. All my servants if you come to me with an earth full of sins, I shall come to you with an earth full of forgiveness. All my servants if you come to me with your sins,

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piling all the way to the heavens, and then you worship me without committing partners, La ilaha illa Allah I shall forgive all of them. And then the Hadith says well, Oba Lee and I don't care how many Your sins are, I don't care because you are not dealing with someone like me and you who is going to count how many sins you are not dealing with somebody who is petty, who is insignificant, you are dealing without a hammer raw Hey mean you are dealing with hydro or theory you are dealing with the offer and the afore Allah doesn't care how many sins you have. He just wants you to turn back to him and to repent to him and to raise your hands and say Rob be up to them when folk fiddly

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probably isn't up to them but thankfully, is still far and tober this is what Allah subhana wa Taala once now all of this dear Muslims is not to justify sins. Please don't misunderstand me. Oh the villa. Allah does not love the sins but Allah loves the repercussions that comes from the heart of the righteous when they commit sins. So don't aim to commit sins, but once you've committed them once they're in your past, use those sins to motivate you to turn back to Allah subhana wa tada dear Muslims, if Allah wanted to create us in perfection, we would not be human beings we would be angels, but we are human beings. It is in our nature to overall be sinful. don't embrace sins,

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always fight them. always feel guilty about them, but never give up hope of Allah's mercy. Always turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. No matter what you've done, no matter how constantly you do it, even if you have a habitual sin, do not let shame on make you feel worthless and useless. Even if you have a habitual major sin. Do not let shaitan come between you and your Lord because nothing can come between you and your Lord. If you only turn to him constantly do is still fall use your sins to motivate yourself to do other good deeds. Yes, the ideal is to avoid all major sins. Yes, the ideal is to not have any habitual sins and that is the rank of the solid aim the solid hain the odr, the

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MBR they do not commit major sins and they do not have habitual sins. But if you cannot get to that rank, if you cannot get to that rank, and you have habitual sins, if you have major sins that you are doing, do not drop everything and think you are a failure. still continue to strive and struggle, repent to Allah azza wa jal, even as you're a sinner, lift your hands to Allah and acknowledge your sin. constantly make us default, no matter what you are doing, use those sins to motivate you to do good deeds that you would not otherwise do. And realize that if that happens, there is still hope for you. So many traditions in this regard, do not know the Hadith of the

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prostitute whose life was full of sin, but she knew she was a sinner. And she fed a dog some water knowing that she's a sinful person, but she wants to do something good. And just because of that, Allah forgave her. Do you not know the Hadith of the other major sinner prophets, as I mentioned, there was a man who did every sin in the book, but he would be generous with his loans. And if somebody he gave he was a rich man, plenty of money, lots of sins, but he would give people loans and he would tell his slaves His servants, hey, if they're not able to pay the loan back, don't worry, forgive them. I am more in need of a less forgiveness. On the day of judgment. Allah said to

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him, you did that I am more merciful than you. I shall forgive you like you forgive everybody else. This was a sinful person. He used his sins to do good deeds. And because of that Allah forgave him dear Muslims, do not give up hope of Allah's mercy. Do not despair of Allah hammer.

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Constantly turn to Allah constantly make us still fall, do whatever good that you can do and yes, strive for perfection but realize we're never going to get there. Allah didn't create us to be perfect. It is not in the perfection that our mercy lies. It is in the intent and the striving in that perfection. May Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of the solid hain along many mineral law method if you hadn't Jambi them and a lot of altar was nominated for Raja Weller then illa kobita what amor de la Ilaha. feta, whether I see it on Elijah Sutter, Colombo. fildena What if one in religious lacunae Be a man what a treasure luminol Hill and in Edina Armand robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah

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who is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam and Muslim in a law home and Adana, a law that is now what was seeming to be Sunni festival winner, which outed Mira who fitted bt Yakubu Aziz, hey, by the law in the law how to add American Veteran better be heavy enough say within the auto ship will sell at a big name and gender he will insofar as the McAllen Anima in the law homodimer soluna either nebby Yeah, you 100 in amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer. A llama suddenly was sending him robotic well and Abdi crosswalker Mohammed, he was a big Marine, hey, by the law in the law tada you will be able to stand with that horrible when in

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fact she won't curl your belly your code on the court of law they may come watch guru who has What a cruel law to Allah Akbar. Welcome