Yasir Qadhi – The Stories of The Prophets #14 – The Story of Adam Pt 2 – The Stages of Adam’s Creation

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the creation of Adam and the concept of "has been created for the benefit of the creation" rather than a war or purpose. The conversation also touches on the idea of "has been created for the benefit of the creation" and the idea of "has been created for the benefit of the creation" as it relates to the creation of human beings. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding one's own identity and exploring different cultures to see if they are the same.
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humulus shavon Raji

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call them all false.

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I said I want to live on a couch with hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he will be a woman who had a hammer bag, we are still doing our discussion of our father Adam alayhis salam and we're still very early on in sha Allah Allah. Allah knows how many lectures and episodes this is going to be. And when we all of you will be seeing this we are now doing this as our second episode in the series of Adam alayhis salaam. And in the first one I went over some preliminary points, we now move on from where I left off, which is we were talking about the ingredients that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah about the creation of Adam it has Salaam and I mentioned that

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the Quran mentions a number of different nouns and really they all go back to two which is water and dry sand to rob and a lot as urgent also mentioned clean and clean Illa zip. And Allah mentions out of an alum mentions salt soil and saw soccer hammam as soon as we went over all of those words in our last lecture. One thing that I didn't have time to elaborate on in the last lecture is that the word must noon hammer in must noon. That hammer is dried clay. And must noon means that it went through stages must noon means it went through multiple stages. So the term must noon implies that Allah subhana wa Taala created Adam not instantaneously but rather in a process in a process. And

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this process, we don't know the details of it. And obviously, there are going to be details that are left in the knowledge of the unseen. In fact, that is the majority of the details. It is arrogant to presume that we will know the reality of how Adam alayhis salaam was created. But what we do know is that it went through a number of different levels and that a number of stages occurred in the creation of Adam alayhis salam and this is something that is mentioned in a number of traditions. For example, there is a hadith in the musnad of Abuja, that have already mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Haleakala who tada Adam into Robin Thurman clean in some Metallica

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who had Sonic and hammer illness known. Thoma so wha hoo, wonderful coffee him. So the Hadith is a very lengthy Hadith. And it It literally goes over a number of stages. And the translation of it is as follows. That Allah created Adam from to rob, then from to rob into clean, so to rob you add water you get clean, then he left him until he was hammered in Miss noon. And we mentioned hammer is dried clay. And Miss stone is at the end of that stages. And then He created him and shaped him. And then he left him until he was Sol Sol in Cal for her. And Sol Sol we mentioned is the potter's clay. So the point being that this hadith mentions a number of these phrases. And literally Allah did this

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and then did this and then did this until that stage was reached. Now obviously, from our perspective, you know, we do not know when exactly you know, did Allah subhana wa Taala create the flesh and the veins and the organs and the blood, all of this is going to be something here in my life. All that we are, you know, told and it is enough for us to know is the overall fact that there were multiple stages that took place. And then the Hadeeth goes on, that a police would pass by him, at least would pass by the body, the shell, we cannot call it a corpse yet, because the corpse would imply that it was once upon a time alive right now. This is the initial kernel the shell of our

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father, Adam alayhis salam. And at this point in time, it was just the shell without the roof it was the outer body without the roof. And at this point in time, the organs had not yet been added. It is something that is empty. So a police would come and see this empty shell. And a police realized according to this Hadith, Emily said that you have been created for something that is very great. In other words, you are not like the other creations. So Iblees understood something new was afoot. Now remember, at this point in time, at least was still at that point in time, a righteous worshiper or we should see an outwardly righteous inside he was corrupt, but nobody knew that maybe even a police

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himself did not know that. That outwardly he was with the righteous angels and he thought himself to be the

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Best of the creation because he was in the company of the angels. And so when he saw this entire process, and he saw this outer shell of the body of Adam alayhis salaam, and he heard and he realized that a new creation is coming. So he realized that this creation is going to be different from anything else out there. And he said to himself, you have been created for a great matter, but he did not realize what that matter was. And then the Hadith goes on, then Allah blew the rule into Adam, we're gonna come back, you know, to this to this part of the story again, later on, but to finish is Heidi, then Allah blew the roof into Adam. And the first strata that the roof swam through

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the first organ that the Lord swam through was his eyes and his nose. So the row has been blown from the head down, we're going to come back to this point in more detail. So when it reached the nose of Adam, it tickled the nose of Adam. And so Adam sneezed. So his face was now alive, his body is immobile, the ruler has not yet reached the body, but the face is alive. And so Adam sneezed. And Allah subhana wa Taala call who Allah gave him the inner, the inner notion of praising him. So Adam said, Alhamdulillah so it was something that was ingrained in the nature of Adam to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. At this point in time, Allah had not said anything to Adam, Allah had not

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communicated a way to Adam, and yet Adam knew to say Alhamdulillah and that knowledge it has it is coming from something that is innate, that is intrinsic, and that is the fitrah we're going to come to that point later on. And then Allah responded to Adam, your hammock, Allah Yeah, Adam, that your LORD shall have mercy on you, oh, Adam, and this back and forth is very, very symbolic and full of meaning. The first phrase that the first human ever uttered is all praises due to Allah. And the first response that the divine said to the human the first response that Allah has or just said to Adam, your hammock, Allah The default is that Allah that Allah will encompass all of mankind. That

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is the default, as Allah says, in the hold on, what's your image equally shaped my mercy shall encompass everything. So this is a very symbolic point over here. The point being that this hadith clearly shows that there was a stage creation, there was a creation in stages, I should say, and that the room was only blown in after the outer shell had been completed after the body of Adam had been completed. And this is also mentioned in the Quran, that in the higher commercial that I'm creating a budget from Sol Sol in min hammer in bassoon, then Allah says, for either so way to who one of two female rohi for Karla huisje, then, once I have perfected his form, so wha means to

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perfect the outer form for either so way to who once I have perfected the outer form 123 himal Rafi and blown my ROI into him, then fall into prostration. This demonstrates that the roof was blown in after the outer shell had been completed. And this is something that is quite clear. Now, some of the scholars of early tafsir mentioned that there is a verse in the Quran that demonstrates this timeframe that Allah azza wa jal created the shell of Adam, and let it be, because according to one tradition, that Allah created the shell, and he let it be for as long as he wanted it to be. In other words, maybe even aeons had gone by maybe even a timeframe we cannot even imagine had gone by,

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and the shell of Adam, the outer body is lying there that we can see the structure of Adam, the face of Adam, the body of Adam, but there is no Adam yet the role has not yet been created, and there is no life in them. So the lifeless form of the outer shell of our father Adam is lying there for Allah knows how long and there is a verse in the Quran, there's many of the earliest quarters of Tafseer. And if you look up the Sila tabari. You will find this interpretation by a number of the early scholars. Allah says in Surah insaan verse one. Hello at Island in sunny Hanuman, a daddy lamblia can shade and makura Wasn't there a time when man was nothing worth mentioning? Wasn't there a time

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when man was not something that was worth mentioning? In other words, there was a time when nobody gave much attention to this creation. And some of the scholars of the series said this is when man was an outer shell but not alive. And so the angels went about their day and their time and the all of the creation. You know, anybody saw the shell but he didn't know anything about this. So how

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At Island insomnia Hey numina Daddy, that hasn't there come a time Hey, Newman, Wasn't there a timeframe lemmya Khan Shay and with Cora, he was not worth anything being mentioned. So some scholars have interpreted this to mean that timeframe and Allah subhana wa Taala knows best. Now, another point that is again, of interest and we're gonna have to gloss over this and you'll see why after a while. But this is something that we can spend many, many hours on, but I don't see the point in this particular series to do that. And that is the, the organic reality also mentioned in the Hadith, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah shaped Adam and created Adam be a day he with his two

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hands. Now this is something that the Quran is quite explicit about. In surah saw the verse 75 sort of saw the verse 75 Allah subhana wa tada challenges a police that why didn't you prostrate to that which Lima Halak to be the year that which I created with my two hands, the duality is very clear over here B day Yeah, with my two hands. And the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari are most authentic hadith, the hadith of Shiva, I want all of mankind is going to go from profit to profit to profit. And I've mentioned this hadith in my series on the other day of judgment, and the topic of chifa and other narrations, that when they go to Adam, what do they say to Adam? They say, oh, Adam, you are the

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father of all of mankind. And the law created you with his hands, Allah created you with his hands and a law cause the angels to prostrate to you. And in the hadith of Abu huraira, Allah why narrated in Bukhari and Muslim that moves and Adam they met in the borders off we don't know when and how they met in the Ottoman bazaar. And Moosa argued with his father, Adam, he had an argument with Adam. And Moses said to Adam, O Adam, you are the one whom Allah created with his hands, and he blew his room into you. And he caused the angels to prostrate to you, and he blessed you to live in Jenna, then you were the one who caused mankind to be expelled from Jenna and come down to this

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earth because of your sin. So Musa alayhis salam seems to be getting frustrated at our father Adam, and he has the right to do so because he is a prophet and he is who he is. And you know, even if Adam is their father, but he is our father, yet he is challenging and asking, How could you do that? And Adam responded, and this hadith is a very important one, and we'll have maybe an entire lecture inshallah, in this series about that Hadith is a whole different Hadeeth altogether. Point being right now we're discussing one particular issue, and that is the phrase that Allah created Adam with his hands. So the point here is that there seems to be something special and unique, that Allah azza

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wa jal created Adam with his hands, the Quran mentions this, the Hadith mentioned this. And therefore this is not mentioned with any of the other creation. It's not mentioned explicitly with any of the other creation, also in the hadith of aborted rhodiola. One that is reported in the Mustafa baboon aim that Allah created Adam on Friday with his hands, and he blew the roof into him on Friday. So again, the notion of creating Adam with his hands, even our model, the Allah one, the son of formidable hubbub, he said, Allah created four things with his hands, he created Adam, and the pen and the throne, and Jannati Adam the highest level of agenda. Then for the rest of the

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creation, he said Kuhn, and it was Kuhn fire Kuhn. So according to this narration, which is in a dummies

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book or what other visual mercy that a daddy mentions with his it's not to even Omar that even Omar said, Allah created four things with his hands, and he mentions four things that are special, the only living entity of these four is Adam, depend the throne jannetty Adam, it is not a living entities. And therefore, the notion of Allah having created Adam with his yet with his Yeah, Dane, it is an honor to Adam and only to Adam, none of the other creation has been given this honor. And that's why Allah says in the Koran, what are called the Romney, Bernie adema. We have honored the children of Adam, Allah has honored Adam and the children of Adam, and this is one of the honors

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that has been given is that Allah created him with his hands and that's why when he believes refuse to bow down, Allah Zoysia the saying I have honored this creation, how could you not have bowed down when I have created him with my own two hands be a day yet now? I said that there's a long discussion to be had, which I'm not going to have what is that long discussion.

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Those of you that have studied a little bit of Islam, you know exactly what the discussion is. And that is, how does one understand the hands of Allah, your deen of Allah. And I'm translating it as hands. And even this translation, you know, some people would object and say it should not be translation, it should be left in the Arabic, be a Dane, B or D which is the Quranic you know, terminology that the two the two hands, I'm saying, because the word Yed, when it applies to a human, it becomes a hand and when it applies to Allah subhana wa, tada, what should be done? So this is where there's this long and detailed controversy that every single student of knowledge that has

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studied any treaties of theology is well aware, I have given an entire talk about this issue in one of my library trusts, you can look it up the origins of the sifat controversy, you can look up that library chat and go over in some detail, you know, where and why this occurred. And the fact of the matter is that this is a done deal. The debate has happened for the last 12 centuries. And I'm not going to replicate it, especially in this series. been there done that whichever method Have you follow whichever of the classical schools you follow? Really, there's not much more to add, from the many, many 1000s of books and volumes and discussions and reputations and counter reputations. How

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does one understand these attributes of a law? And I'll simply say that there are two primary schools out there. On the one hand, you have the 30 school that says that any noun or adjective or attribute that Allah zildjian mentions or the Prophet sallallahu I said, It mentions that because they have mentioned it, we understand what this word means, linguistically, and we don't think about how it exists in a law. So the phrase that

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the minor is my room and the cave is module. This is the standard Maxim that is used by this strand when Allah says he has risen over the throne, when Allah says that belia Tao, whomever so tan, when Allah says that way of Robic when Allah xojo, says, Raja, Allah book all of these attributes, we understand what he means. And when it is attributed to a human, it becomes a human hand, when it is attributed to a particular animal, we understand what it means in the animal, what it is attributed to Allah subhana wa Taala. We don't understand how we know the concept. We know the word, we don't understand how this is one philosophy or one madhhab of the theological schools, and it is the sad

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school had been to me and others championed it. And then you have the other school, which is called the School of Kalam. And within the School of Kalam you have the more it says Allah and you have the Chinese you have the metodi these you have the baldies, you have the ignatia these even because the isn't it is in this regard. They're also the School of color, and basically all of the groups of kalaam. amongst themselves, they have lots of differences. But when it comes to this attribute of the hands of Allah, they all said that, essentially it is metaphorical that clearly according to them, Allah does not have yet because if he had yet then he would be composed of body parts, etc

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structure. So all of this, you know, been there, done that back and forth. And at a younger stage of my life, I was extremely interested in these debates and I mastered in them. Pun intended my master's was about many of these topics, and time and wisdom and lots of preaching and teaching has allowed me to understand that these debates have very little fruits to them, and that the average Muslim really is not going to benefit whatsoever. these debates should remain in advanced classes of theology, where we study the history of this controversy and you can decide what you want to do at that stage. But in reality, we should not create tensions within the oma or animosity or break

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bonds, because of abstract theoretical issues of how one understands is to allow, it doesn't affect how you worship Allah in the slightest. It has no impact on your ibadah and your tahajjud and you're conforming to the shitty and your love of Allah and His messenger. All of these groups, the machetes and the authorities, they have amongst themselves pious and good people, and they have empires, their respective theologies in and of themselves did not make any one camp above the other. And in the end, insha Allah Allah what we have to all agree, which we do agree, is that Allah honored Adam, that's the main point here. Now whether you want to understand hand as being this or that, because

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the machetes, generally speaking, they say it is metaphorical, that Allah created Adam in a honorable manner. And they don't say that the authorities would say that, in a way we don't know that Allah azza wa jal shaped Adam with his hands with his ear deigned because that's what Allah says, how he did it. We don't know our mind should not imagine how but they would affirm this because that is what the Quran literally affirms. And the other school would say, Well, this is metaphorical. You know, we say that I had a hand in the matter doesn't mean my hand was actually there. So back and forth, back and forth. And in the end of the day, there's no need to go into

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Have that detailed discussion in this series because this series is not about theology. For those who are interested, by the way I do teach advanced theology in my seminary, and no problem, we can do that over there, but I do not. And I refuse to talk about those subjects in a way that is going to exacerbate tensions, which unfortunately some clerics on both sides do it this is a sad reality that one one finds that you have those who wish to exacerbate the tension and you have those who understand that you know what, these discussions are useful for only a small select group of people and even amongst them, we should not divide So in any case, main point here which inshallah all

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Muslims can agree to, okay, let's get to the what is agreed upon, is that Allah subhana wa, tada, honored Adam, in the way that he created him in a way that the other creations were not honored. Let's agree to this point. That's the main point. And that's the thermo, or that's the fruit of what we have to agree to, that Allah azza wa jal has a unique creation for the Maliki setup. Now, let's move on a little bit more, but we still have to go. We're gonna have to keep our theologies in mind because there is a bit of a controversy here as well. The question here comes is that, is there a wisdom in the creation of Adam, it has said, was there a goal in why Allah created Adam? And this

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goes back to yet another controversy amongst these same groups as well. That do we characterize Allah's actions with a wisdom or a higher purpose? In other words, is there a cause? Or is there an inlet or is there a hikma for when Allah does something, or Allah does as he pleases, and we do not read in any wisdoms to do so. And so once again, you have a very philosophical discussion. And in this case, you have the group known as the martyrs on one side, and the shadows on the exact opposite side. And the authorities are kind of in the middle in this regard, and you have plenty of you know, back and forth to do these have their own fine tuning. So in fact, you have four common

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opinions in this regard. And I'm not going to go into that in this lecture here. Suffice to say that, in my own opinion, and And for the record, I am still, for the advanced students, I'm still what I call the soft devotee. 30. I still sympathize with that paradigm even as I have moved on. And I've spoken about that in my other talks. My point being has Allah created Adam for a higher purpose or wisdom, the 30 School event, Amy abdelkarim would say yes, there are wisdoms for the creation and the shoddy school would say we do not characterize Allah's actions with any wisdom because according to them, if you if you say that there is a wisdom or there's a purpose in the creation, it is as if

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Aruba, Allah, Allah has to do something for a higher cause. And so our would have been that it's as if you are diminishing the agency of Allah and the power of Allah. So they did not like that these types of terminologies be used, the famous Shadi scholar, an army, the army, the one of the great will help clean up the mess. He said that the position of the people of truth meaning his school, is that Allah subhana wa tada Haleakala de la lehighton, you standard duty of Derrida wala hickmott, in Utah, a couple Haku Allah, that Allah created the creation for no cause no for any divine purpose, there's no hikma because of which he created the creation, rather all that Allah created of hair and

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of shelter, and of good and evil than a benefit of no harm all of this lemmya coonley huddled in order who in a it was not done for any goal that caused him to do that one of the most soothing and not for any purpose that because of which he did what he did, but he simply did it because he wanted to do it. Now again, there are paradigm which is very holistic and if you really think deep about it, you know you are you understand where they're coming from, that they wanted Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, to not have to do anything for something. So they said, there is no wisdom in the purpose of what happens. We simply say Allah does does as he pleases, and there's no higher or

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there's no hikma that's a philosophy, the exact opposite the more it does the lights they, they felt that Allah created the creation for the benefit of the creation. And generally speaking, the Martha's in SGA schools are on polar opposites and usually even Tamia and the 30s are kind of in the middle in many of these of these cases. So even to me and others date, they felt that no, Allah has created the creation for wisdom and that wisdom is known to us. And we know this because Allah is an Hakeem that Allah is the all wise and Allah says in the Quran that we do nothing with Boulton Allah does not do something in vain that Allah says one Maha darkness Mr. Mr. Watanabe knows about Tila.

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We did not create the heavens and the earth in vain without any purpose. And Allah subhana wa tada explicitly mentions a number of reasons of why he couldn't

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to us. So what are some of those reasons? Well of them sort of adyar to verse 56, which is one of the most explicit verses about the wisdom and the why of creation. One our high doctor surgeon will insert Illa Li our boonie that I have only created men and jinn, in order that they worship and venerate to me. So Allah negated any other purpose except the purpose of veneration and worship. We have been created for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But that worship is not something that benefits a lot. And that's why the next verse right after this one, man, what do you mean human risk? And what would you do on your turn one, I don't need anything from them any sustenance from

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them, I don't need anything from them, rather in the law who are rezac I am the one who gives them everything. So of the wisdoms of why Allah created us is that we worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And a part of that worship is to know Allah and to know his names and attributes and to recognize the majesty and the power of Allah. And this is mentioned as well in the Quran as one of the purposes of creation surah turnoff verse 12, that Allah says that he alone of the Holocaust survivor cinema watching women orderly mithila hoon, Allah has created the seven heavens and a similar number of Earths. He has done so Lita alemu, so that you may know that Allah Allah Krishnan, Kadir and Allah

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how to condition element, Allah is capable of everything, and a laws, knowledge encompasses everything. So Allah says, I have created the creation, so that you may know my power and my strength and my knowledge. Now, knowledge of Allah and knowledge of who is Allah is necessary to worship Allah as well. We cannot worship Allah without knowing who is Allah and appreciating the power of Allah. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning some wisdoms and of those wisdoms is that mankind worships Him because He is worthy of being worshiped. And of those wisdoms is that mankind recognizes his power and his knowledge. And this is explicit in the Koran and all of this is

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done not because Allah needs it, Allah needs nothing. Allah is Allah honey, but there are still wisdoms, and again, this goes back to how one understands the concept of wisdom, even though he mentions that of the wisdoms of why Allah created the creation of human beings. Why would Allah create human beings is that a sinful creation, a creation that commits sins, it manifests certain names and attributes, in a way that a perfect creation that is sinless would not manifest so the angels do not commit sins, and the animals have not been given that type of freewill where they can commit the type of sins that men do. And so by creating a creation that has the capacity to do evil,

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Allah subhana wa Taala manifests many of his names and attributes that would not otherwise be manifested. And of them is the manifestation of Allah's names pertaining to forgiveness, of who and others are far under the law, and our food. And our freedom is Allah's names and attributes pertaining to sustaining a rod nl Kareem and El Mina in a row Zack and of them is the names pertaining to Allah hearing to us and answering to us as Samir and albasini m mu g. Boone, matara, either of them is giving life and taking it away and constantly recreating life, the angels have one life, the angels do not procreate, the angels do not marry, the same angel that existed from the

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beginning of time shall exist to the end of time. So in this life and death of mankind, that constantly every few generations, every generation comes and goes, allies origin is manifesting, we know who you are, what you read, he begins and he ends and he is a more he nL mamede holla, call moto well hayata so all of this is manifesting the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And without this creation, those names and attributes would not be demonstrated in the crowd, they will still be there. A lot of soldier doesn't need anything I was a builder, and whether the creation exists or not, he remains who he is. But when this creation exists of mankind, Allah has names of Rahman and

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Rahim and so forth, and resolve and Kadeem, they are manifested in this creation in ways that are not manifested in the angels or indeed, the world of the animals and whatnot. So this is of the wisdoms that it mentions as well, of the wisdoms that some of our scholars mentioned, is to show the diversity of Allah's creation because Allah has created creations that do not think they do not think the way that animals and men do, such as the sun and the moon. They don't have that type of thought, but they still praise a

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And he has created creation with minimal intelligence and that's like animals and beasts. And he has created creation with a lot of intelligence but no freewill such as the angels that the angels do not have the capacity to commit sins. And he has created the creation with some intelligence and some freewill. And that is and by free will, we don't mean ultimately we're going to come to that point as well. But no doubt the angels do not have the same propensity to commit sins as the jinn and the human folk do. So Allah created the jinn with and the jinn have some intelligence and some capacity to commit sin. And then Allah created mankind. And he blessed mankind in a way that he did

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not bless any of the creation as we know it. He gave mankind the faculties of introspection and reasoning and thought that no other creation has been given. No creation has that level of introspection, that the that humankind has been given, along with the capacity to obey or to disobey in Medina who said be the imageshack you know, what a mecca for we have shown mankind the two ways, either you be grateful, or you'll be ungrateful we he has that choice to be made. Many are the creations of a law that have things we do not have creations fly, the angels fly, they are creations faster than us, bigger than us, stronger than us more powerful than us. And yet still, Allah blessed

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us with something that is more important and more blessings than brute strength, or even the ability to fly. And that is the ability to reason and the ability to think. And so in this diversity of creation, Allah xojo is manifesting his power, there are some creations that act on impulse, and they cannot think at all. And there are other creations that have some intelligence, and there are other creations that are at the pinnacle, and that is mankind. And so this is of the wisdoms of creation, and that is the diversity of demonstrating Allah Buddha and power, also of the wisdoms of creation of the wisdoms of creation as well is that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to reward the

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righteous and to punish the evil and there can be no reward and there can be no punishment when there is no good and sin and the angels do not have good and sin because the angels simply obey a lot without thinking ly arson Allah Hama, Amara why a fire Luna ma you mode one, they never disobeyed Allah when Allah commands them, and they do as they are told, this is the angels. That's not our realm. We listen. And we hear and we sometimes obey and we seek Allah's refuge sometimes we disobeyed. So Allah azza wa jal wanted to manifest his Rama in a way that is not manifested amongst the angels and the other creation. And that is by selecting and choosing some people to be blessed

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and honored, rewarding them for having worshipped a law and to punish those who have turned their backs and become arrogant. And that will can only be done when a creation like us humanity is created, and of the wisdoms as well of why Allah created us is that as he says, In the Quran, in the jar, I don't fill out of the califa I am creating on this earth a halifa, I am creating a Khalifa on this earth. And we will come to this notion What does it mean? That there is a halifa this is something that a lot of opinions exists.

00:33:30 --> 00:34:20

And we will have an entire lecture in shallow Tata in some part of this series about what does it mean when Allah says I am putting a Khalifa on earth? So this is some of the wisdoms of why Allah Subhana Allah created us. How about another question and that is, what is the wisdom of creating all of mankind from one source from one entity from one origin? Because if Allah had willed, if Allah had willed that every single creation would sprout forth from the ground and would be a unique creation. And yet Allah subhana wa tada caused all of mankind to have one common origin and this common origin of Adam and then from Adam Hawa. This common origin is mentioned multiple times in the

00:34:20 --> 00:34:59

Quran. Allah says in the Quran, woman, tea and hot alpha coming to Robin from either Anton Bashara intentar Sharon, and of His miracles is that he created you from dry dust, and lo and behold, you are humans scattered around the world. So Allah is literally highlighting that lo and behold all of you, you come from to rob you come from dust. And Allah says in the Quran, that women it Hello Kusama wa t well out of that of the miracles that he has, of the signs of Allah is the creation of the heaven and earth.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:52

And the differences in your tongues and in your colors. What enough? Well, cinetic como el one. And as we mentioned in the last lecture, just like all of the skin colors come from one and that is Adam. So to all of the languages come from one and that is Adam, and Allah is ordered is saying, the fact that there's so much diversity is a miracle and a sign from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, that all mankind worship your Lord, who created you, and all those before you. So in the common origin of mankind, and the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala made all of us from one, we find many wisdoms and benefits and of them is the amazing realization

00:35:52 --> 00:36:42

that, despite the fact that no two humans are absolutely identical, our origin is the same. Can you imagine? Have you ever thought about this point, since the beginning of time, up until now, we don't know how many humans maybe 100 billion, we don't know how many. Right now as I speak, there are around you know, 7 billion something people on earth Think about that. And no two are exactly alike. Think about the sheer power, the qudra of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In creating one creation, we're all human beings, we're all Homo sapiens, we're all you know, man, mankind. And yet, within this one creation, all of this diversity exists, different skin colors, different facial features, different

00:36:42 --> 00:37:25

languages, even identical twins, as we know they are not identical, there is no such thing as 100% identical, no two human beings are absolutely identical, then, of course, those who study biology and you study, you know, DNA and the concept of genes, you understand a little bit, you get a glimpse into the miracle of how that is possible. But still, it's even if you understand the mechanism, your mind should still be astounded at the sheer power of who put that mechanism in place. And by the way, this is one of the biggest issues of science and the arrogance of science. Just because we understand a little bit of how it means nothing and understanding why and how it was

00:37:25 --> 00:38:09

put into place, we might understand the diversity of our genes, we might understand why two human beings are different when we look at their genes, but we cannot understand the power that caused that diversity to occur, we can never understand how that was put into place. That is something that is coming from Allah subhana wa Tada. So of the wisdoms of having one common origin is to demonstrate the miracle of life and creation, that despite the fact that we have one origin, every one of us is different. And that is truly astounding. I mean, you know, when mankind mass produces, right, everything is exactly the same, this water bottle I have, okay, or this iPhone that I have,

00:38:09 --> 00:38:48

okay? Every single one of them is exactly the same when it comes out absolutely identical. It's something that is it's replicated, that's what mankind does, we cannot produce a creation that even if it's it's synthetic, unless you put a number on that's fake, that's not real. It's not an actual difference here, the actual iPhone inside is going to be exactly the same, the actual bottle of water exactly the same. That's not anything like human beings, human beings, every one of them is slightly different, character wise, personality wise, looks wise, everyone has their own unique characteristics. And so Allah mentions this is of his miracles, and of his science, also of the

00:38:48 --> 00:39:43

wisdoms of the unity of creation, the fact that we're all coming from one source of the wisdom of this is, and this is explicit in the Quran as well, that by having one source by having one common origin, that is Adam alayhis, salaam, we should eliminate all aspects of pride for things beyond our control, where we were born, the tribe that we come from, the color of our skin, the language that we speak, all of this is superficial. And anyone who thinks that they are better than another person, because of circumstances beyond his or her control, is someone who has the disease of racism, and the disease of arrogance. And by the way, racism is arrogance. And the first racist was

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

a police. Police was the one who said I am better than Adam, because I was created from fire. My origin is better than the origin of Adam and Allah azza wa jal negates this concept of racism multiple times in the Quran and in the sooner It is so

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

One thing that fundamentally came with our religion, and as I have given entire talks and lectures about this, I am not aware of any philosophy or theology or thinker or theologian or anybody you know any philosopher who took on the challenge of racism, and spoke as bluntly against racism as our religion and our Prophet sallallahu. I sent him an hour Quran before the coming of the Quran. No before the relation of the Quran, no person took on the concept of racism like our Prophet salallahu it who said his love for learning how to be an either me in one or the other is whether a little bit awkward, there is no superiority of an Arab over non Arab or white over a black except with taqwa.

00:40:46 --> 00:40:55

Cool, local min, Adam. All of you are from Adam. Notice here. Notice here, the explicit linkage of

00:40:56 --> 00:41:39

eliminating racism with our common origin. And this is a very explicit point here. Anybody who believes that we are all from one source, one father and mother cannot logically be a racist, cannot be racist? How can you be a racist when we're all one family? Literally, we are one family, all of us. We are one every human you see. And this is something I want you also to think about brothers and sisters, think about this, right? And I call you brothers and sisters, because every one of you is my Islamic brother and sister, and at some level, biological, you know, in the broader sense, brother and sister, any human being on Earth, if we could trace their lineage, and you could trace

00:41:39 --> 00:42:25

your lineage back, there would be one common ancestor to every single one of you whether that answer is one generation back, that's your full Bread, bread, blood brother, or two, or five, or 10, or 50, or 100. But at some point in time, every human around you, without exception, you share one ancestor, one person that had two children, and from that eventually you to come about, and therefore How can you think you are more superior to anybody else based upon the color of your skin? And that's why, in the very last farewell address of our Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them. What did he say? He said, Allah has gotten rid from you, the fanaticism of Jai helia Allah has

00:42:25 --> 00:43:06

gotten rid of you that also be here. And also be a means to think your race is better than any other race, or your tribe is better than any other tribe. The racism of the Arabs was slightly different than our modern version, racism, our modern racism, generally speaking, it is purely based on skin color, which is frankly, even more infantile, and even more ludicrous, then the racism of the items even though the racism of the of the items was also not good, but it was tribal racism, you understand tribal racism, ie tribal racism means my tribe is better than your tribe. And every member of the tribe has the common ancestor of Croatia what not as for skin color racism, right?

00:43:06 --> 00:43:51

It's even more superficial because skin color means nothing. It is literally just the pigment or lack of the pigment of you know a particular layer of the of the skin. There is no biological correlation. But anyway, this is how racist are our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah has gotten rid of the fanaticism of the Joe Hillier, from amongst you, all of you are from Adam, and Adam was from dust. So here we have one of the most explicit wisdoms of the common origin of all of mankind. And that is the notion of eliminating racism. How can you be a racist when you're all one family? A third reason which is similar to this is beyond just eliminating racism, to feel a genuine

00:43:51 --> 00:44:37

solidarity and a genuine sympathy for all of mankind. Now, here we get to the notion is there something called the Brotherhood of mankind? Is there something called the whole world of insanity? Yeah. And the response is that yes, indeed, it can be derived directly from the Quran and from the Sunnah. As for the Quran, Allah says in the Quran, that you are not in the habit of not coming back in in one sack which are not considered Reuben rockabilly lists out of all of mankind. We created you from one couple, think about the what is Allah in and what is the point here all mankind all of you are from one couple your one family all of you and we made you sure loop and Acaba shroob is is

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

the plural of sharp and sharp means a race of people so the Chinese are a sharp so the Arabs are a sharp okay you know once upon a time let's say the Europeans even though Europeans are so divided in What does but still the European race is a sharp so a sharp is a large group of people, you know, that share something in common within a sharp you have Kaabah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

have, you know, specific tribes in our time shops are still, you know, large groups of ethnicities, instead of the Kaaba and we have nation states, right. And our time has changed now, rather than the kabita. And so let's say for example, you know, the shop of Europeans, let's say, within the shop, you have the nation states, Norwegians, and you know, Finland and Sweden, you have all the the nation states over there, they share quite a lot in common, and then they have their nation state. The same goes for the outcomes, you know, for the Africans for whatnot, you have a large shop, and then you have within them the nation states or the Kaaba, Allah says, I made them liter out of so

00:45:36 --> 00:46:13

that you can know one another, you can introduce one another, there can be something that you can bring about that is a matter of conversation. And I've said this before in other footballs and lectures, can you imagine how boring the world would be? If all mankind was the exact same culture? Wherever you want the same cuisine, the same dress code, the same language? How boring would that be? Right? And one of the things we like to do is to explore different cultures speak with people about their habits and whatnot. And some of their habits are, you know, interesting. Some of them are bizarre, some of them on Islamic, the fact that all of this diversity exists Lita out of who so

00:46:13 --> 00:46:57

that you can get to know one another. So this is a wisdom that is explicit in the Quran. And that is to have a sense of solidarity with all human beings. And there's nothing wrong at all, with saying that, yes, of course, the oma is one Muslim Brotherhood, no question about that. There is the whole world of Islam, and that's the strongest hook. But does that mean there's no hole of insanity of insanity yet? No, there is. And this has proven not just by the verse of the Koran, but by the Hadith in Sahih. Muslim, which is a very interesting Hadith, that, in the early phase of Medina, it was recommended this this ruling was abrogated later on, it was recommended to stand when a funeral

00:46:57 --> 00:47:13

passes by. So in early Islam, in the early stages of Medina, every time there was a funeral, out of respect, the people would stand. And later on this was, you know, it was not made obligatory it is no it is not abrogate, you don't have to do that anymore. But in early Islam, it was

00:47:14 --> 00:47:49

recommended to do that. So the Prophet system would stand up and the Sahaba would stand up when the grave was walking by. Now, generally speaking, this was done, you know, for the Muslim community. Now, once a Jewish procession went by, and it is obvious that is the Jewish procession of a funeral. And that it is obvious because the Jews of that time dress differently, you know, they have a different hairstyle, a different you know, the, the Jewish garb that they're wearing is different. They have the tassels and everything. And so it is clear that you know, it is a Jewish funeral and the profitsystem site, you know, passed by the masjid, and he stood up, and the Sahaba obviously,

00:47:49 --> 00:48:31

all stood up as well. But then one of them said Yasuda Allah, it's understood, but still here, you know, some people just blurted out his Yasuda Allah, this is a Jewish funeral. In other words, I don't understand why are we standing for this one, right? And what did our prophets of Allah Why did he was sent him say, he responded, this hadith is as a Muslim, he responded, was he not also a human? Was he not also a human? Yes, it's a Jewish I know, it's a Jewish funeral. But in the end of the day, was he not an inside like us was not a butcher like us? And a mama? No worry, because it's headed. This is a Muslim. Mmm, no weak comments on this. And he says that this demonstrates the

00:48:31 --> 00:49:08

Brotherhood of all of humanity. He says, All who were to an insane the Brotherhood of all of humanity. So the fact that the Prophet system is saying, Look, he was also a human being, yes, another faith. And no doubt we are not saying all faiths are equal. I mean, this is our problem. Do you brothers decision? Well, no, we have a huge problem in our own midst of fanaticism. And I challenged this many times in my lectures and Allah has tested me with lots of critics were of that persuasion and whatnot along with Stan, my dear brothers and sisters, our religion is not a religion of hatred and evil. Yes, we have clear beliefs that we believe in one religion to be true, but that

00:49:08 --> 00:49:44

doesn't mean that we consider all other people to be evil, although the people to be inherently Yanni shell Tina, what not they have chosen to reject a London's messenger. That is the verdict of Cooper on them. We're not talking about Jenna, of anybody who rejects rejects Allah and His Messenger, but in this world, can we not live civilly with them in this world? Can we not treat them nicely in this world? Are they not? Do they not remain our brethren of humanity? Our prophets are some stood up for the Jewish funeral, you will save was abrogated. I will say it was also abrogated for the Muslims. We don't stand up for the Muslim on as well. We don't do that anymore. You don't

00:49:44 --> 00:50:00

have to do that. I'm saying it's not something that is obligatory. The point is the fact that he did that and he defended his actions, even though he doesn't have to do so. It is enough of an indication there's something called human decency. There's something called civility. You're living in a multicultural society.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

In a multi ethnic society in a multi religious society, and yes, we have our values, and yes, we have stronger connection with with our faith community, I will never ever, you know change our rubella destroyed that our strongest ties or religious ties, all other ties are secondary. I am first and foremost a Muslim. And then I can say I'm an American citizen of Pakistani heritage of Indian ancestry, no problem speaking or do like a liking Briana, although this is fine. All of that comes later. My ultimate identity is that of Islam, no question. But does that mean that if somebody is not a Muslim, there's no relationship between me and them? No, the whole of insan remains and

00:50:42 --> 00:51:21

that's a very important point. It goes back to the wisdom of the creation of Adam and all of us coming from our father Adam, it his setup. So these are some of the wisdoms of the creation overall and especially of the creation from one couple and inshallah The next topic is somewhat of a lengthy one, so I'm gonna have to cut this short I don't want to start and then do it halfway. So we'll cut it short slightly earlier than usual and inshallah we'll continue next week about when was Adam created and how aware when and where was Adam created? These are two lengthy discussions and inshallah we will do them next week with in Italia. Until then, Jews akmola hieron was set on

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wanting from rahmatullah wa barakato

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