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Salam Alaikum, my beloved brothers and sisters, if you look at what Allah says in Surah, two ma either when he speaks about shade bans plan against mankind, he says something very interesting. The plan of shapen includes to create enmity among you, and at the same time to distract you from two things. One is the remembrance of Allah and two is your prayer. So if you want to know if shaytan is gaining the upper hand with you, you need to ask yourself about the enemies that you have the enmity that is created amongst us, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Similarly if you want to know if shaytan is overcoming you, or to what extent

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Shaban has actually managed to tackle you, you need to look at the two things a vicar and a Salah, the remembrance of Allah. How often do you remember Allah, if you don't shake on is gaining the upper hand perhaps? And do you fulfill your five daily prayers, if you don't then shape on would be gaining the upper hand perhaps. So this is derived from pseudotumor EDA, where Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the issue of intoxicants and gambling and Allah says we have prohibited it because it is from the handiwork and the abominations the handiwork of the devil, the handiwork of shavon So Allah says, in beauty to shine upon you abena como la de la Taiwan Bow Bow a feel for me when may

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see ya also de como de la sala

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for hell,

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Tahoe part of the plan of shaytan is that he wants to create enmity between you through intoxicants and gambling and so on. And what he wants to do is distract you from the remembrance of Allah completely and distract you from prayer. Allah says, will you not stop it? Will you not put an end to it? My brothers and sisters many times we do things we are occupied in watching movies, may Allah protect us were occupied with the internet with WhatsApp with whatever else it may be. And we don't realize we've just been we've just been distracted from the remembrance of Allah. Allah is nowhere in our equation. And secondly, the five daily prayers they are nowhere in our equation. We feel lazy

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when it comes to the five daily prayers. But we feel so energized when it comes to doing something futile or even more energized when it comes to doing something prohibited. That energy is perhaps because shavon is gaining the upper hand. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. Remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in solar to the moon are br o to becoming hamasaki shopping to be cannot be any dough. It's a dua that he asks Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to make, and in turn all of us to make as well. I'd like to invite you to say this on a regular basis. Oh my hub, I seek your protection from the whispers of the shale team. And I seek your protection from them even coming

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into my presence, or be over the weekend mean hamasaki shayateen What Ruby cannot be a boon. So this is a beautiful way to be able to be protected from shape Lang. And together with the app, you must be conscious of the fact that you have asked a lot to protect you from shaytan is whispers and him even coming into your presence. So in this way, I pray that we can understand or have a little gauge as to how much shaman is affecting us in our lives. Once again, if you're distracted from prayer, perhaps shaytan is gaining the upper hand. And if you're distracted from the remembrance of Allah, the obedience of Allah means nothing to you, then perhaps shavon is gaining the upper hand. And if

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you have enmity within you against one another, in that particular case, perhaps shavon may be gaining the upper hand and creating enmity among believers among brothers and sisters, among family members, among others. And yet, there was no reason for that to happen. May Allah protect us all aku Kohli had a sallallahu wasallam Allah Baraka, Allah Nabina Muhammad