Can We Get The COVID Vaccine While Fasting? Ask Shaykh YQ #174

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We have SR Shazia emails and says that the COVID vaccine has come out. But they do not know when they will be scheduled for it and Ramadan is coming up. And so is it allowed to obtain the vaccine shot while fasting? Because if she turns it down Allah who I don't want the next time is going to come. And so she's worried about the short meaning is it affecting the fast or not want

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to sell me Kobe league il regionalen? No, he lay him first.

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And the response to this is very easy one, I've given a much longer q&a about the the filter fasting and whether shots break the fast or not medical shots and break the fast or not, but because of the COVID season, and because this is a question that is going to be on the minds of many people, I'll just give a very quick answer. The vast majority of modern scholars and pretty much all of the field councils in the world, including the field Council, that is based in Makkah, and the European field Council and the councils that are generally recognized as being authoritative, they all have said that injections that are non nutrients, so an injection that is numbing an injection, that is this

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type of vaccination, that those types of injections do not break the fast I repeat, those injections do not break the fast, the fast will be broken. If you take an injection that is meant for energy like glucose or something of this nature, then the fast will be broken. Therefore take the COVID vaccination shot as soon as you can. And this is something that I strongly encourage you and by the way, I myself and hamdulillah have been able to take both of the shots and you don't see any side effects at all. So please do take it and don't worry about the scheduling. As soon as you get the schedule take it even if it is the day of Ramadan. It has nothing to do with the fast and your fast

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will be valid.

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