Omer El-Hamdoon – Stories From The Past #16 – Make a wish with Omar ibn al-Khab

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of investing in people, rather than just building a large house. They explain that investing in people is crucial to achieving success in Islam, as it is a way to build a lifetime of wealth and profit. The speaker also mentions that investing in others is a way to create a generation of future leaders.
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be the

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or one occasion I'm gonna be Bob it'll be Allah on the second study for Islam or great man was sitting with his with his companions in a house and he you know as part of the talking and a part of their

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he said to them make a wish

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they said

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sorry we don't understand what you mean make a wish is that you just make a wish what would you wish for Tamar know, if you had a wish that you could you know, wish? Maybe they said we don't know really? We don't know what your question is. We're not sure. Is it just my foolish first simple question

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What would you wish for if you had the ability to wish for anything? What would you wish for? And it's pretty question that you could ask yourself as well you know, if you had a wish, what would you wish for? So I was on people obviously, this was a habit they're thinking Islam they're thinking, you know, the word of Allah, they're thinking about that, you know, some people said wish this house was full, you know, had a full of gold would use that goal to you know, spend in the in the path of Allah they said, We should just household full of pearls and gems, we would again, you know, use this money for the sake of Allah and so on. So they were thinking monetary terms. But um, I said,

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you know, what I wish for,

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they said, What is it? He said, I wish they had a house full of great people, great men, the likes of abour obey the Americana genre, the likes of wive, even Jebel, the likes of Salem molar Abbey Khalifa, he mentioned some of these names, and what would I do with them, I would use them to go throughout the land, to spread the word of Allah.

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And this simple narration, and this simple wish, as

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transported to us as, as it has reached us from Mr. Ravi, Allah and shows a very important reality.

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And that is the reality of

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the importance of people investing in people. You could have money, you could have wealth, you could have property, you could have massage it you could have beautiful massage, and you know, beautiful build nice carpets. But if you don't have people, quality people, not just people in terms of their physical ability, but more importantly, people with intellectual knowledge, people with knowledge with alien with rationality, people with compassion, people with enthusiasm, people who have a willpower, that is what really will change the world.

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I wrote an article you surely can find online about the pulse of leaving a legacy in Islam, the legacy that a person should think about is how do I invest in people see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he didn't invest in building a masjid. You know, yes, he built the Masjid. But the masjid was was was simple. It was basic, didn't have a minaret. It didn't have a dome. It didn't have any carpet. It lacked a roof. It was you know, when it was raining it was it was evil even didn't have any doors. Imagine a masjid like that is very basic building because it's not how big of vast or or engraved the building is. But it's really what the people inside the building. And with this basic

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simple building the profit so iclm managed to conquer the hearts and minds of the people of Arabia and allowed Islam to spread throughout the world because he invested in people invested in building a generation. And that was passed on by this wish of Mr. Ravi Allahu and so what are you investing in terms of your people around you, your family, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, yourself to start off with? And secondly, if you don't have the ability to invest, then why don't you give some money to people who are working in investing in others, especially the youth, the next generation, ceramide

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