Yasir Qadhi – Does One Count Travel From Leaving One’s House or When Entering A New City? Ask Shaykh YQ #181

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a "price system" and how it impacts one's ability to count from multiple cities. They explain that anything between four and six days is considered suffering, and anything between a maximum of five and six days is considered a "price trouble." The speaker also mentions that the countdown from one city to another starts with every city, and that the countdown from one city to another is a type of trouble.
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Our next question is brother ahmadu from Senegal, Mashallah Tabata kala, he says that he travels for work, and he goes to multiple cities or countries in every trip. And he follows the position that password is done, or Gemma is done for days. Also it is done for four days. And he is saying, if he goes to multiple cities does he starts to count from when he leaves his city? And after four days, that's it, or does every city begin a new count? Okay, so the question basically, is that, does one count suffer from one's house back and forth? Or does every new city count as its own suffer? One

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Kobe league in Reja learn No, hey, lay him first.

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And the responses that Firstly, I have a much longer lecture about the number four and the four days. And I do not follow the opinion that you must do that only for four days, I have a much longer feather, you can listen to this. And I followed the position that you use your common sense, if it's five days, it's not there's not any difference. The point is that you are not living in a land that is a semi permanent living. And as you all know, this, psychologically is the type of house or the type of structure you're going to rent and the friends you're going to meet. And the services you're going to avail yourself to all of this is a psychological frame of mind. And my own position is that

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anything that is reasonably short constitutes suffering. And anything that is you know, understood that you are semi settling, you are not allowed to do

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any more. And so simple example, if you are a ITT tech, or a manager, and your company is going to send you to five different branches across the globe, okay, there's going to be a world one tour, you're going to go three, three days, one city, six days, one city, five days, one city, two days, one city, you're going to come back home. In reality, you are a musafir in all of those cities, because you know, you're going for a small quick mini project, you're going to be staying in a hotel or whatever it is just go back and forth, you're there, you're really not going to socialize and make friends and figure out you know, long term plans and hobbies and whatnot. Because that, you

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know, on the other hand, if your company said six months, we have to send you to this place, and you're going to be a general manager for six months. If you're going for six months, even if it is, you know, it's six months, you're gonna make some friends, you're gonna socialize and find the community. It's human nature. So again, there's no hard and fast rule. Now if you want to follow the four days, that's good ham, the lots of very well known opinion, a large group of them are held for days. No problem follow that. In either case, by the way, the countdown begins with every city, okay? So even if you follow the four days, every city is going to be a new four days. So from

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Senegal, they send you to London for three days, okay, then Paris for five days, you know, and then Berlin for another, you know, four days. If you follow to your four day position, then when you are when you are going to we said the Paris for five days, that would be the time when you would not do your puzzle. If you follow my opinion, then each one of those cities is actually going to be a type of trouble for you. And Allah azza wa jal knows best.

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